1850 Census of Lewis County, OR
transcribed by Phil Beshear

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Barbee, Albert
Barbee, Augustus
Barbee, Cintha
Barbee, Edgar
Barbee, Jonathan
Barbee, Jonathan Jr.
Barbee, Norman
Barbee, Ralph
Barst, Joseph
Baskaw, Mary
Baskaw, O.N.
Baskaw, Oliver
Baskaw, Susan
Basteon, Louis
Basteon, Louis Jr.
Basteon, Mary
Basteon, Nancy
Basteon, Nancy Jr.
Basteon, Zacray
Bercier, Bayzeal
Bercier, Cecelia
Bercier, Esadore
Bercier, Filoma
Bercier, Francisaway
Bercier, Harriett
Bercier, Julia
Bercier, Julia Ann
Bercier, Louis
Bercier, Louis Jr.
Bercier, Marcell
Bercier, Pairre
Bercier, Peter
Bradley, John
Breshears, Joseph
Burnie, Julian
Burton, Wm
Bush, George
Bush, Henry S.
Bush, Isabella
Bush, Jenuary J.
Bush, Louis S.
Bush, Rail B.
Bush, Talbert
Cariers, Lezim
Cariers, Mary
Catman, Exerva
Catman, George
Cattonair, Cecelia
Cattonair, Davetit
Cattonair, Edward
Cattonair, Isabella
Cattonair, Marie
Cattonair, Mary
Cattonair, Michel
Cattonair, Michel Jr.
Cattonair, Sophia
Colvin, Igneshes
Counce, Barton
Counce, Grundy
Counce, Henry
Counce, John N.
Crocket, Samuel
Cushman, Orienten
Defenny, Adelia
Defenny, Batiece
Defenny, Benjamin
Defenny, Catherine
Defenny, Joseph
Defenny, Oliver
Devona, Delight
Devona, Lewis
Devona, Mary
Devona, Mary Jr.
Easterbrooks, Lorenso
Eaton, Charles
Eaton, Nathan
Edgar, Betsy
Edgar, Jane
Edgar, John
Edgar, John Jr.
Edgar, William
Ferron, Angelique
Ferron, Dominique
Ferron, Dominique Jr.
Ferron, Elizabeth
Ferron, Narciss
Ferron, Rachel
Forde, Angeline
Forde, Elizabeth
Forde, Fernando
Forde, Missouri
Forde, Nancy
Forde, Sidney Jr.
Forde, Sidney S.
Forde, Thomas G.
Furguson, Jesse
Gardau, Benjamin
Gill, Mary
Gill, Simon
Gill, Simon Jr.
Gourds, H.A.
Gourdsborough, H.A.
Gravell, Franswey
Gravell, Joseph
Gravell, Louis
Gravell, Mary
Gravell, Narceiss
Guarae, Joseph L.
Jackson, John R.
Jackson, Mary E.
Jackson, Matilda N.
Jayob, Akin
Johnson, John
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Gabriel
Jones, Kesiah
Jones, Moses
Laplant, Catherine
Laplant, Catherine Jr.
Laplant, Joseph
Laplant, Peter
Larama, Benjamin
Larama, Francisawas
Lature, Betsy
Lature, Ellen
Lature, Eunis
Lature, Laurie
Lature, Louis
Leask, Alonso
Lecleine, Louis
McCloud, Catherine
McCloud, John
McGomary, John
McGomery, Daniel
McGomery, John
Mouett, John
N.S., N.N.
Ney, John W.
Plemondo, Angelique
Plemondo, Baptiste
Plemondo, Francisway
Plemondo, Genavive
Plemondo, Lucy
Plemondo, Mayese
Plemondo, Simon
Plemondo, Simon Jr.
Porter, John
Pow, A.M.
Pretots, Jean Baptiste
Provo, Baptiste
Provo, Harriett
Provo, Isaac
Provo, Isabell
Provo, Matilda
Rabinson, A.B.
Rail, Baptiste
Rail, Catherine
Rail, Margaret
Raine, Ann
Raine, Charles
Raine, Elizabeth
Reid, John
Roberts, Emma
Roberts, Frances
Roberts, George
Roberts, George B.
Roberts, Martha
Saunders, Eliza
Saunders, Sirles
Shaw, B.F.
Simmons, B.F.
Simmons, C.C.
Simmons, Charlotte
Simmons, David K.
Simmons, Elizabeth
Simmons, Francis M.
Simmons, George W.
Simmons, McDonald
Simmons, Michal
Smith, C. Hart
Smith, T. A.
St. Germain, Joseph
St. Germain, Mary A.
St. Germain, Peirre
St. Germain, Rozella
St. Martine, Andrew
St. Martine, Andrew Jr.
St. Martine, Catherine
St. Martine, Francisaway
St. Martine, Lazedore
St. Martine, Pairre
Sumner, C.W.
Sutherland, John
Wauch, George
Wauch, George Jr.
Wauch, Harriett
Worbus, E. D.