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Press Release 2001-04 

Subject: Application for Service Mark 
For Immediate Release, February 16, 2001 
Approved for release by: The USGenWeb Census Project Board of Directors 

There is a new look to the logo posted on each page of The USGenWeb Census
Project website which some of you may have noticed. 

After considerable discussion, a decision was made by the Board of
Directors to apply for the registration of a service mark (SM) of THE
USGENWEB CENSUS PROJECT with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The application was made in the name of the nonprofit organization that was
established to ensure the perpetual continuance of the project as a
volunteer-centered venture. 

A primary reason the Board of Directors chose to apply for service mark
protection was the recent decision of the Archives Census Project (ACP) to
drop "Archives" from that project's name. By applying for service mark
protection, we hope that there will be less confusion among volunteers and
genealogical researchers as to the identities of each respective census
project. The USGenWeb Census Project has always been recognized as the
standard-bearer in the transcription of historical census information. The
service mark protection will ensure that the researcher and transcriber
alike will now be able to easily identify those transcriptions produced by
the volunteers of The USGenWeb Census Project. 

The continual pursuit of our mission at The USGenWeb Census Project remains
the primary focus of our actions. We exist to provide genealogical and
historical enumerations for public research needs freely available on the
Internet. The efforts of every volunteer associated with this great project
are the reasons we can continue to go forth with this activity. With the
service mark protection, those efforts are protected. 

We welcome others to join us as we go forward in our efforts to transcribe
the historical documents of the past into usable formats for use in the
Copyrighted: USGenWeb Census Project 2001 Permission to forward is granted only if entire statement is included in forward.

The Press Release Number 2001-03 was not used.

USGenWeb Census Project Bylaws Adopted
Press Release 2001-01
Released by Wayne Duncan on behalf of the Board of Directors
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 5:20 AM

On January 8, 2001, the USGenWeb Census Project made a tremendous step
forward in its endeavor to be known as the premier Internet census
transcription project. After six months of intense work following the non-
profit incorporation of the project, the Bylaws of the USGenWeb Census
Project have been completed and adopted by the USGenWeb Census Project Board
of Directors.  The Bylaws are now available for viewing by following the link
from the project's World Wide Web site homepage, located at:

The combination of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws now set the
foundation for the continued existence of the USGenWeb Census Project.  No
organization can exist without guiding principles and legitimate, achievable
goals. These documents ensure that everyone involved in the USGenWeb Census
Project is focused on the same principles of operation.

The intent of the Bylaws is to provide the governing guidelines of operation
for the USGenWeb Census Project.  An important aspect of the Bylaws is the
inclusion for both a Board of Directors and Officers for the project.  Each
group has distinctly different responsibilities and duties within the
project.  Also, the creation of a "check and balance" system ensures that
every individual involved in the project will have representation and a voice
in the operation of the project. The USGenWeb Census Project exists through
the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. Every individual in the project has
an important role and is respected for that role.  Through the continued
positive actions of every volunteer associated with the USGenWeb Census
Project, the goals of the project will be accomplished.

Along with the adoption of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors elected the
initial officers of the project.  Those individuals will serve in their
respective elected positions until the first regular election provided for by
the bylaws.  Those elected are: Wayne Duncan as President, Ron Eason as Vice-
President, Veda Mendoza as Secretary-Treasurer and Ellen Horner as Membership
Secretary.  Even though some of the names and positions have changed, the
daily operation and mission of the project has not changed.
That mission is to provide Internet access to census transcriptions free of
cost.  The entire project membership is committed to this mission.  It is the
central driving point of operations and will continue to be the reason for

Join the USGenWeb Census Project and see what a difference you can make.  You
will be surprised to see how individual efforts of many people produce such
great results!

Copyrighted: USGenWeb Census Project 2001
Permission to forward is granted only if entire statement is included in