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Covington County, AL 1830 Federal Census Index
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The free display of the 1830 Covington County, Alabama, census images
was made possible by Clark Solomon at his
Clark's Deep South Genealogy web-site 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the width of the census form each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Archilus     Charles         236a  27  236b
Bagget       Lewis           234a  9   234b
Banett       Joiner D.       233a  12  233b
Barefield    Miles           235a  11  235b
Barrow       John            238a  16  238b
Bass         Willson         234a  26  234b
Biggs        Eliza A.        232a  3   232b
Biggs        Joel            238a  4   238b
Boyette      Arthur          236a  17  236b
Boyette      Bennett         232a  25  232b
Boyette      Burrill         238a  7   238b
Boyette      Cullin          236a  8   236b
Bozeman      Lewis           236a  3   236b
Bozeman      Rachel          236a  2   236b
Bradly       James H.        232a  6   232b
Bradly       Josiah W.       232a  9   232b
Bradly       Mary            232a  7   232b
Bradly       Mathew          232a  8   232b
Bradly       William         237a  9   237b
Branum       Samson          232a  28  232b
Brewer       Henry           235a  6   235b
Briggs       Eli N.          232a  5   232b
Briggs       Simeon          236a  15  236b
Brily        Jacob           234a  15  234b
Bryant       Jesse           233a  16  233b
Buchanan     Samuel          232a  22  232b
Bullard      Benjamin R.     235a  7   235b
Burgan       John M.         236a  21  236b
Butler       Loyd            232a  26  232b
Carrol       Noah            236a  7   236b
Carter       Daniel          237a  17  237b
Carter       Jane            234a  19  234b
Carter       John            235a  21  235b
Carter       Moses           236a  9   236b
Carter       Nancy           237a  8   237b
Carter       Shadrach        235a  20  235b
Carter       Silas           235a  23  235b
Cauley       Bartholemy      233a  1   233b
Chesher      Thomas E.       233a  17  233b
Cobb         Stephen         237a  5   237b
Daffin       Darling         236a  18  236b
Daffin       James           237a  1   237b
Davis        Mathew          238a  19  238b
Devereux     Julien L.       239a  4   239b
Diamond      Reuben          232a  18  232b
Dixon        Jerimiah, Sr.   232a  19  232b
Dixon        Jerrimiah, Jr   235a  3   235b
Dixon        Seth            232a  20  232b
Donelly      James G.        233a  27  233b
Donelly      John            234a  5   234b
Donelly      William         233a  2   233b
Dosier       Daniel          235a  22  235b
Feagan       George          232a  27  232b
Finklea      James K.        238a  27  238b
Finklea      Thomas, Jr      237a  26  237b
Finklea      Thomas, Sen.    238a  14  238b
Fleming      Laird B.        238a  18  238b
Foster       William         235a  9   235b
Franklin     Nancy           234a  14  234b
Franklin     Solomon         235a  5   235b
Franklin     Willson         238a  20  238b
Fugua        Absolom         237a  3   237b
Glidewell    Archibald       232a  13  232b
Gordon       Alexander       238a  25  238b
Hale         Saml            238a  22  238b
Hall         James           234a  1   234b
Harman       Margaret        235a  14  235b
Hart         *               232a  2   232b
Hart         Moses, Sen.     237a  24  237b
Hart         Robert          237a  25  237b
Hart         William         236a  12  236b
Harville     Joseph          238a  1   238b
Hase         Benjamin        235a  10  235b
Hays         William         232a  16  232b
Henly        Thomas          233a  14  233b
Hodges       James D         232a  15  232b
Hogg         Holland M.      234a  23  234b
Holland      James           237a  6   237b
Holland      John            234a  18  234b
Holly        Calvin          236a  10  236b
Holly        Eli             237a  14  237b
Holly        Hosea           237a  2   237b
Holly        William         238a  9   238b
Holmes       Elijah H.       235a  2   235b
Horn         Isaac H.        236a  23  236b
Howard       James           232a  21  232b
Howard       King W.         232a  4   232b
Howard       Vining          238a  15  238b
Jasser       Byrd            233a  9   233b
Johnson      Jacob           234a  25  234b
Johnson      Silas           236a  26  236b
Jones        Charles         238a  10  238b
Jones        Henry           236a  19  236b
Jones        James           238a  6   238b
Jones        John            233a  10  233b
Jones        Joseph, Sen.    235a  8   235b
Jones        Josiah, Jr.     236a  20  236b
Jones        Samuel          233a  11  233b
JOnes        Samuel          237a  16  237b
Jones        Thomas          237a  12  237b
Jordon       Henry, Jr       233a  20  233b
Jordon       Henry, Sr       233a  21  233b
Jordon       Horatio M.      233a  22  233b
Jordon       James           233a  26  233b
Jordon       Peoples C.      232a  24  232b
Jordon       William         232a  23  232b
Knowles      Edmund          234a  11  234b
Knowles      James           234a  4   234b
Lane         Henry S.        233a  18  233b
Long         Short, Jr.      237a  11  237b
Long         Short, Sen.     237a  23  237b
Long         Solomon         237a  13  237b
Long         William         237a  22  237b
Lowndsberry  Zaza            233a  13  233b
Loyd         Thomas          238a  23  238b
Lucas        Daniel          236a  5   236b
Luker        Berry           236a  6   236b
Luker        Isaac           233a  23  233b
Luker        William         236a  4   236b
Maloye       Daniel          233a  3   233b
Mancill      Edward, Jr      233a  25  233b
Mancill      Edward, Sr      233a  24  233b
Martin       John            239a  3   239b
Mason        Coleman         234a  20  234b
Maxy         John            232a  1   232b
Mcbride      Archibald       234a  3   234b
McDanell     Thomas          238a  17  238b
Merill       Jacob           237a  18  237b
Merrill      Benjamin        236a  24  236b
Merrill      William         235a  18  235b
Miller       Richard         238a  8   238b
Mitchell     David           232a  10  232b
Mitchell     John            239a  2   239b
Moody        Asa             233a  5   233b
Moody        Levi            233a  7   233b
Morris       Giles           235a  4   235b
Neal         Elbert          237a  27  237b
Neal         Gunn            238a  2   238b
Neal         John G.         238a  3   238b
Neal         Rachel          238a  5   238b
Nellson      James           233a  19  233b
Nichols      Joel            235a  1   235b
Ogden        Jesse           237a  7   237b
Oglesby      William         233a  8   233b
Owen         John            233a  15  233b
Padget       William         234a  21  234b
Parker       Benjamin        232a  14  232b
Parker       Needham         233a  4   233b
Pollard      Charles         234a  7   234b
Powell       John            232a  11  232b
Powell       Thomas          232a  12  232b
Ramer        Daniel          238a  13  238b
Ramer        John            238a  12  238b
Roggers      Littleberry     235a  25  235b
Rombo        Linsey          236a  14  236b
Sanford      Jerrimiah       235a  13  235b
Sanford      Jesse           235a  12  235b
Sasser       Howell          237a  10  237b
Smith        Abram           234a  10  234b
Smith        Armstrong       238a  24  238b
Smith        Job             238a  26  238b
Smith        Richard         233a  6   233b
Snowden      George A.       234a  27  234b
Spencer      Elias           236a  22  236b
Spencer      William         237a  21  237b
Sperlin      William         237a  19  237b
Steele       Peter H.        234a  6   234b
Straughn     Travis          237a  15  237b
Sumerford    William         234a  22  234b
Taylor       Jacob           235a  26  235b
Taylor       James           235a  27  235b
Taylor       John            235a  19  235b
Taylor       Windell         235a  24  235b
Taylor       Zachariah       236a  1   236b
Tiel         John            232a  17  232b
Tiry         John L.         236a  13  236b
Trickey      Giles           239a  1   239b
Wall         Absolom         235a  17  235b
Wall         Thomas          235a  16  235b
Wall         Wright          235a  15  235b
Ward         Eli             234a  12  234b
Ward         Elijah          234a  8   234b
Ward         James           234a  24  234b
Welldon      Robert          236a  11  236b
Wiggins      Edmund          234a  2   234b
Willden      Jacob, Sr.      234a  13  234b
Willdon      Jacob, Jr.      237a  4   237b
Williams     Aley            238a  21  238b
Williams     Cinthia         238a  11  238b
Williams     Samuel          236a  25  236b
Williams     Wiley           237a  20  237b
Williamson   Needham         234a  17  234b
Williamson   Sarah           236a  16  236b
Willson      John            234a  16  234b

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