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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Cain          John           202a 19 0202b
Calahan       John           235a 4  0235b
Cale          John           207a 20 0207b
Cameron       Duncan         225a 23 0225b
Campbell      Charles        207a 17 0207b
Campbell      Garick         199a 14 0199b
Campbell      James C        229a 24 0229b
Campbell      James E        238a 2  0238b
Campbell      William        221a 25 0221b
Campble       Jesse          216a 15 0216b
Cannon        Jabez          210a 21 0210b
Cantrell      John           219a 20 0219b
Cantrell      John, Jr       224a 12 0224b
Carlisle      Colman         232a 2  0232b
Carlisle      Edmund         232a 6  0232b
Carmack       Cornelius      196a 14 0196b
Carr          Robt T         209a 16 0209b
Carr          Wm             202a 21 0202b
Carroll       Alfred N       198a 5  0198b
Carroll       Daniel         196a 19 0196b
Carroll       John D         236a 23 0236b
Carson        Andrew         216a 3  0216b
Cary          Benj           214a 7  0214b
Casey         John F         231a 22 0231b
Casey         John S         187a 24 0187b
Casey         Saml           212a 7  0212b
Cash          John           195a 1  0195b
Castell       R W            237a 9  0237b
Catterton     Robt           215a 24 0215b
Caufield      John           227a 21 0227b
Chamber       Edward O       196a 6  0196b
Chandler      John           234a 5  0234b
Chareb        Morgan         217a 7  0217b
Cheatham      John           224a 10 0224b
Chetham       Christopher    226a 10 0226b
Childress     David          229a 6  0229b
Childress     Thomas         207a 11 0207b
Chisholm      Alex           198a 25 0198b
Chisholm      John           235a 21 0235b
Chisholm      John           237a 10 0237b
Chissel       Izard          200a 10 0200b
Choulders     Wm             192a 8  0192b
Christ        John B         208a 14 0208b
Chun          Nathan         237a 7  0237b
Clark         Sary           214a 13 0214b
Clark & Bragg .              203a 16 0203b
Clarke        David          242a 7  0242b
Clarke        James H        240a 20 0240b
Clements      Adam           240a 2  0240b
Clements      Stephen        238a 19 0238b
Clements      Thomas         239a 10 0239b
Clements      William        220a 23 0220b
Cloer         Elizah J       192a 13 0192b
Cloer         George W       189a 22 0189b
Cloer         Jacob          192a 17 0192b
Closewell     R W            237a 19 0237b
Clure         John           205a 22 0205b
Coalter       George         219a 1  0219b
Coapland      Auston         236a 16 0236b
Coapland      John           221a 6  0221b
Coble         Adam           215a 8  0215b
Coburn        Caney          221a 15 0221b
Coburn        Francis        228a 23 0228b
Cock          Randolph       220a 10 0220b
Cockburn      Charles        211a 21 0211b
Cockburn      Wm             200a 3  0200b
Cockran       John           216a 26 0216b
Cockran       Robert         237a 11 0237b
Cockran       Robt           217a 14 0217b
Cockran       William        218a 13 0218b
Cockran       William        228a 12 0228b
Cockran       William        239a 21 0239b
Coffee        John           228a 25 0228b
Coffee        Joshua         191a 4  0191b
Coffee        Richd          191a 6  0191b
Coffee        Thomas         231a 15 0231b
Colliar       Wiley          239a 13 0239b
Colliar       Wilson         228a 19 0228b
Colliar       Wyatt          226a 14 0226b
Collins       Joseph         197a 3  0197b
Colter        Richd          207a 10 0207b
Compton       Thomas         232a 4  0232b
Cook          George         215a 26 0215b
Cook          James W        188a 1  0188b
Cooke         Alexander      229a 19 0229b
Cooke         Robert         229a 20 0229b
Cooke         Thomas         229a 21 0229b
Cooper        John           191a 18 0191b
Cooper        Robert         232a 25 0232b
Cooper        Saml           197a 13 0197b
Cooper        Stephen        212a 6  0212b
Cornelius     Mathew         241a 25 0241b
Cornish       John           202a 10 0202b
Cornish       Thos           196a 20 0196b
Coulter       James          225a 3  0225b
Cowle         William H      207a 4  0207b
Cowles        Gideon         203a 24 0203b
Cox           Aron           240a 4  0240b
Cox           Charles        188a 25 0188b
Cox           Drury H        191a 10 0191b
Cox           Jacob          195a 25 0195b
Cox           John           207a 18 0207b
Cox           Sidney         207a 21 0207b
Craddock      Burrell        213a 12 0213b
Craft         Saml           192a 18 0192b
Craig         John           230a 1  0230b
Craig         Samuel, Esq    229a 3  0229b
Cranford      Danl           202a 16 0202b
Cranford      Elias          230a 20 0230b
Cranford      James          231a 11 0231b
Critenden     Eliz           230a 17 0230b
Crittenden    Thos           231a 8  0231b
Crittenton    H P            190a 20 0190b
Crocker       Nancy          206a 7  0206b
Cross         Benjamin       189a 1  0189b
Crow          Charles        216a 25 0216b
Crow          Isaac          188a 13 0188b
Crow          Isaac F        189a 13 0189b
Crowe         Elisha L       239a 5  0239b
Crowson       Jacob          190a 7  0190b
Cunningham    J P            193a 15 0193b
Cunningham    Thomas         232a 12 0232b
Curtis        Hilary         199a 18 0199b
Curtis        Jas W          201a 1  0201b
Cushenby      Patsy          189a 4  0189b
Dancy         Wm E           202a 22 0202b
Dansey        William        216a 20 0216b
Darby         Ben            213a 15 0213b
Darby         Bossell        212a 10 0212b
Darby         Henry          210a 19 0210b
Darby         Josiah         202a 20 0202b
Darby         Richd          210a 22 0210b
Darby         Samuel         220a 4  0220b
Darby         Thomas A       228a 1  0228b
Davis         Burrel         190a 10 0190b
Davis         Gabriel        210a 11 0210b
Davis         John           210a 2  0210b
Davis         Magniss        188a 14 0188b
Davis         Nathan         220a 8  0220b
Davis         Rheuben        221a 20 0221b
Davis         Rheuben        242a 24 0242b
Davis         Thomas         212a 4  0212b
Davis         Thomas         238a 18 0238b
Davis         William        212a 1  0212b
Deane         Bryant         231a 21 0231b
Dement        Charles        193a 12 0193b
Dement        John           233a 26 0233b
Dement        Josiah B       221a 13 0221b
Dement        Reuben         234a 1  0234b
Dement        Rheuben        238a 26 0238b
Dement        Thos M         191a 20 0191b
Dickerson     Abram          192a 12 0192b
Dickeson      Thos           193a 7  0193b
Dickison      John           191a 1  0191b
Dickson       James E        205a 17 0205b
Doane         Hugh           201a 7  0201b
Doane         John           202a 7  0202b
Dobbins       John S         193a 22 0193b
Doherty       Isaac          210a 16 0210b
Domey         Jesse          192a 21 0192b
Donahoo       John           229a 10 0229b
Donohoo       Henry          203a 3  0203b
Doudey        David          219a 14 0219b
Doudey        James          230a 2  0230b
Doudie        Thomas         241a 24 0241b
Douglas       John           230a 14 0230b
Douglas       Levy           222a 2  0222b
Douglas       Thomas         230a 11 0230b
Douglass      James          189a 3  0189b
Douglass      Jonathan       227a 8  0227b
Doyle         R D            194a 14 0194b
Duberry       John           210a 10 0210b
Duberry       William        210a 9  0210b
Ducket        John           208a 13 0208b
Duff          N J            216a 16 0216b
Dumeste       Jacob S        223a 6  0223b
Duncan        James          207a 9  0207b
Duncan        Jonathan       236a 22 0236b
Duncan        Mary           206a 22 0206b
Duncan        Moses          236a 15 0236b
Dunn          Allan          231a 18 0231b
Dunnoway      Chs            194a 24 0194b
Durrett       Francis        194a 15 0194b
Dussell       John           199a 6  0199b
Easley        Drury          218a 11 0218b
Edie          John           204a 2  0204b
Edwards       B W            203a 26 0203b
Edwards       Lewis          206a 6  0206b
Elliott       Joseph Y       212a 22 0212b
Elliotts      James          208a 15 0208b
Ellis         John           188a 8  0188b
Ellis         Joseph D       201a 4  0201b
Ellis         Zach           197a 23 0197b
Ellison       Anne           236a 10 0236b
Elms          Daniel         205a 7  0205b
English       Abram          199a 25 0199b
English       William        237a 4  0237b
English       Wilson         200a 4  0200b
Evens         David A        222a 19 0222b
Eves          Dogherty       219a 22 0219b
Ezhill        Lewis          238a 20 0238b
Faires        Elias          213a 6  0213b
Faires        Saml           210a 18 0210b
Fanning       William        217a 4  0217b
Farrar        Brazell        224a 22 0224b
Farrar        Brittain       225a 11 0225b
Farras        Cornelius      232a 3  0232b
Farrass       Margaret       238a 12 0238b
Farress       Cornelius      237a 23 0237b
Farress       Richard        235a 6  0235b
Farress       Richard        237a 20 0237b
Farris        James A        213a 4  0213b
Farris        John           215a 22 0215b
Feemster      Saml           203a 21 0203b
Ferguson      James          224a 15 0224b
Ferrell       Bennett A      212a 20 0212b
Ferrell       John           212a 5  0212b
Fickle        Isaac          232a 9  0232b
Fiddes        John           231a 24 0231b
Fielder       Daniel         216a 6  0216b
Fielder       John S         215a 6  0215b
Fielder       William        214a 25 0214b
Fields        Fielding       204a 25 0204b
Files         James          208a 23 0208b
Fisher        Bailey         224a 16 0224b
Fisher        Bailey         229a 15 0229b
Flemming      John           231a 7  0231b
Flint         Stanton        205a 19 0205b
Floyd         John           236a 4  0236b
Foley         W G L          189a 17 0189b
Folles        Gillen         196a 22 0196b
Folles        William        228a 8  0228b
Forden        Meredith       218a 25 0218b
Fort          Wiley          202a 23 0202b
Foslin        Asa            240a 6  0240b
Foster        James          193a 2  0193b
Foster        Seeford        190a 6  0190b
Fowler        Jeremiah       226a 22 0226b
Fowler        Thomas         210a 8  0210b
Fraton        Duncan         211a 16 0211b
French        Jacob          202a 4  0202b
Fulks         William        187a 6  0187b
Fuller        Isaiah D       204a 6  0204b
Fuller        John           196a 12 0196b
Fullerton     James          222a 13 0222b
Fullerton     William        211a 9  0211b
Fuqua         Archibald      193a 1  0193b
Fuqua         John C         191a 17 0191b
Furman        Thomas         225a 8  0225b
Gaines        H M            200a 19 0200b
Gaines        Nicholas       217a 16 0217b
Gaines        William R      220a 12 0220b
Gaitwood      John F         241a 10 0241b
Garner        John           211a 10 0211b
Garranes      Joseph         229a 23 0229b
Garrard       Henry          187a 2  0187b
Garrard       W W            204a 24 0204b
Garrett       James          222a 16 0222b
Garrett       Thomas         224a 1  0224b
Garrett       William, Sr    209a 22 0209b
Garthright    William S      205a 4  0205b
George        William        205a 10 0205b
Gerrard       Joseph         238a 1  0238b
Gerrard       Lewes          218a 20 0218b
Gest          Joseph         201a 26 0201b
Gest          Joshua         201a 25 0201b
Gibson        Anderson L     225a 2  0225b
Gibson        Benjamin       231a 25 0231b
Gibson        John           233a 22 0233b
Gibson        Susanah        234a 9  0234b
Gill          Paton R        222a 26 0222b
Gleason       John           233a 14 0233b
Glen          Walter         206a 5  0206b
Gleyson       Redding        224a 17 0224b
Glover        Benjm          204a 12 0204b
Glover        Henry          225a 24 0225b
Glover        James          227a 16 0227b
Good          Halbert        190a 3  0190b
Goodall       John A         239a 23 0239b
Goodnight     Henry          200a 8  0200b
Goodridge     Henry          206a 10 0206b
Goodwin       James          240a 12 0240b
Goodwin       T H            205a 8  0205b
Gordon        James          189a 8  0189b
Gordon        James F        237a 18 0237b
Gordon        Robert         219a 6  0219b
Gowen         Frid           206a 24 0206b
Grace         John           238a 16 0238b
Grace         William S      210a 3  0210b
Gracie        Sarah          229a 25 0229b
Gracy         George         221a 3  0221b
Gray          James          230a 4  0230b
Gray          Rheason        221a 23 0221b
Gressim       Oliver         238a 10 0238b
Griffin       Albert         208a 7  0208b
Grimes        George         224a 19 0224b
Grisom        Samuel         236a 11 0236b
Grissel       Joel           200a 7  0200b
Grissom       Edward         211a 2  0211b
Grissom       Jessee N       239a 11 0239b
Grissom       John           197a 20 0197b
Grissom       Thos           195a 16 0195b
Grissom       William        188a 11 0188b
Grissum       Philliman      212a 14 0212b
Groves        Elizabeth      212a 18 0212b
Gutary        Polly          234a 26 0234b

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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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