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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Ashabrand    Cyrus        71a   17   71b
Ashburn      Bird         73a   2    73b
Bard         William      77a   7    77b
Barrington   Susannah     74a   28   74b
Bass         Jordan       77a   23   77b
Bate         Thos T.      77a   29   77b
Baugh        Robt         75a   12   75b
Berford      Simeon       76a   10   76b
Bibb         William      71a   22   71b
Binkley      John         77a   21   77b
Blakemore    Geo W.       76a   25   76b
Bollton      Tilla        74a   27   74b
Booth        Henry        73a   30   73b
Bowan        John         77a   15   77b
Bowen        Chas G.      77a   17   77b
Bowen        John         71a   1    71b
Bracken      Edward       76a   19   76b
Bracken      John         76a   23   76b
Braden       Reuben       76a   6    76b
Braden       William      76a   5    76b
Bradley      William      71a   23   71b
Brown        William      75a   11   75b
Buckner      John W.      74a   9    74b
Bunch        Martin W.    73a   20   73b
Butlar       Seaman       76a   7    76b
Butler       Jessie       75a   7    75b
Camell       Elizabeth    73a   1    73b
Carington    Judy         73a   18   73b
Cheek        Jeremiah     76a   1    76b
Chism        Wm R.        77a   12   77b
Cotton       Drew         76a   18   76b
Cowser       Mathew       77a   4    77b
Crinister    Philip       76a   27   76b
Daniel       Edwd M.      76a   3    76b
Daniel       Thos L.      74a   29   74b
Dark         Dilla        73a   6    73b
Dawitt       John W.      77a   13   77b
Dean         Jas          75a   16   75b
Dean         R. C.        75a   26   75b
Dehart       Joab         75a   6    75b
Dickens      Thos         75a   22   75b
Dillard      John         71a   20   71b
Dillaugham   Hiram        77a   10   77b
Dillekay     William C.   77a   22   77b
Dills        Disey        71a   13   71b
Dillskay     Sterling     77a   5    77b
Donalson     Geo          71a   11   71b
Edin         W.           73a   5    73b
Edrington    *. P.        77a   8    77b
Elder        Hubbard      75a   30   75b
Elder        Richard L.   75a   18   75b
Ellison      John         71a   19   71b
Ervin        Mathew       75a   13   75b
Evans        G. A.        75a   9    75b
Evins        Newton       74a   10   74b
Ferrill      John         76a   22   76b
Fletcher     Elliott H.   73a   28   73b
Foreman      Chas A.      75a   23   75b
Friend       Leonard      74a   1    74b
Gardner      G. J.        76a   4    76b
Garner       Thos         74a   26   74b
Garrison     William      71a   21   71b
Gibson       John         74a   11   74b
Gill         John M.      73a   11   73b
Gleason      Susannah     75a   8    75b
Gobb         William      76a   28   76b
Gobler       John         77a   3    77b
Grason       Peter        74a   23   74b
Hall         Willis       71a   4    71b
Harrings     Joseph       77a   26   77b
Harris       Daniel       73a   17   73b
Harris       Daniel       75a   14   75b
Harris       Silas M.     73a   15   73b
Harrison     Leonard      75a   29   75b
Harrison     Thos         76a   12   76b
Hatchin      Martin K.    73a   21   73b
Hawkins      Welbour      71a   14   71b
Heard        Martin       76a   20   76b
Hector       William      74a   17   74b
Henderson    Jas L.       76a   9    76b
Henry        Charles      75a   10   75b
Herrington   Whitmell     74a   5    74b
Hickman      Elliott      71a   9    71b
Hill         Elliott      77a   31   77b
Hixon        Payton       76a   26   76b
Hollowell    Whitby       77a   11   77b
Hopper       Joel         73a   10   73b
Hopper       Robt P.      77a   30   77b
Hotton       Jas          75a   31   75b
Howe         John         76a   21   76b
Hughes       Joseph       76a   2    76b
Huser        Frances      75a   19   75b
Hutchison    Joseph       74a   6    74b
Hutchison    Robert       77a   9    77b
Johnson      Ann          73a   24   73b
Johnson      Isadore      73a   23   73b
Johnson      John         74a   2    74b
Jones        Edwin        77a   28   77b
Kincade      Alexander    74a   4    74b
Knight       John W.      74a   16   74b
Knowles      David        76a   14   76b
Lanaer       Isaac        73a   12   73b
Latham       Purdy        74a   31   74b
Lawson       John         74a   18   74b
Liles        Jonas B.     74a   30   74b
Littleton    Soloman      73a   31   73b
Loving       David        75a   4    75b
Loving       Tennessee    75a   5    75b
Lyles        R. B.        75a   1    75b
Lynch        Demis        77a   19   77b
Malone       Lewis        76a   8    76b
Maroon       Joab         76a   11   76b
Mattox       John         75a   15   75b
McClung      A. J.        73a   4    73b
McDaniel     James        74a   13   74b
McDowd       Martin       76a   16   76b
McPeak       Jas          76a   17   76b
Meaks        John         74a   7    74b
Mickleberry  R. Y.        73a   14   73b
Mills        Thos J.      77a   20   77b
Monahan      Aron         76a   30   76b
Nelson       Robt C.      76a   31   76b
Nelson       William      76a   13   76b
Nicholas     Thos A.      77a   16   77b
Owen         Jas          75a   2    75b
Page         Jas P.       73a   8    73b
Parness      John W.      73a   16   73b
Patterson    Mathew       71a   10   71b
Pattison     Thos         74a   3    74b
Phillips     H. A.        77a   1    77b
Phillips     William      71a   7    71b
Pints        Nancy        74a   22   74b
Pride        William      73a   29   73b
Purall       Isaac W.     77a   14   77b
Ramsay       William      71a   24   71b
Randle       Lorenzo      74a   12   74b
Randolph     Thos         71a   15   71b
Rellams      Thos         77a   6    77b
Robinson     Chas M.      76a   29   76b
Rogers       Abraham      73a   26   73b
Ross         Nathan       73a   13   73b
Ruffner      Elias        77a   18   77b
Russell      Hiram        75a   20   75b
Scott        William      71a   25   71b
Sears        Thos         74a   20   74b
Shumake      Landy        74a   14   74b
Simpson      Richard L.   75a   17   75b
Smith        B. B.        74a   19   74b
Smith        S.           75a   3    75b
St Clair     Geo          77a   24   77b
Summers      John         71a   16   71b
Swain        P. A.        71a   2    71b
Swisher      Noah         75a   25   75b
Taylor       John         74a   21   74b
Vanzant      Mary         73a   9    73b
Walk         Samuel       73a   7    73b
Walker       Mark         71a   8    71b
Wallace      Elizabeth    73a   27   73b
Wallace      Robt         73a   25   73b
Ward         Briton       71a   6    71b
Ward         W. L.        71a   3    71b
Ware         Henry        77a   2    77b
Weller       Frederick    75a   28   75b
Wevi         John         75a   24   75b
Whitely      D.           73a   3    73b
Whitely      James        74a   8    74b
Whitworth    Abraham      71a   12   71b
Whitworth    John W.      76a   24   76b
Wilkerson    Soloman J.   77a   27   77b
Williamson   Amos         74a   24   74b
Williamson   Benj F.      73a   19   73b
Williamson   James        74a   25   74b
Williamson   Jas, Snr     71a   18   71b
Wilson       Jas W.       75a   21   75b
Woodburn     Robt         73a   22   73b
Woodburn     Thos         77a   25   77b
Yost         William      74a   15   74b
Young        Andrew       75a   27   75b
Young        Jas          76a   15   76b
Young        Jas, Snr     71a   5    71b
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