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Nassau County, FL 1840 Federal Census Index
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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
If you find a name of interest, click on the (LEFT) page link to view the
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Bagsby        Charles F       128a  24  128b
Bailey        Ann             127a  10  127b
Barber        William         128a  3   128b
Beryallis     Joseph          125a  12  125b
Bex           John            127a  21  127b
Bissent       C. C.           124a  20  124b
Blitch        James           128a  27  128b
Blount        W. S.           128a  7   128b
Booth         Hugh            127a  13  127b
Braddock      Alexander       124a  24  124b
Braddock      John D.         126a  2   126b
Braddock      John S          126a  10  126b
Braddock      William         126a  12  126b
Bradley       John            126a  18  126b
Brown         Vanay           124a  3   124b
Buford        W. G.           126a  16  126b
Calwell       Hugh C.         124a  7   124b
Canon         Reddy           127a  22  127b
Canter        Marcelo         125a  14  125b
Capa          Gertridos       125a  15  125b
Cardons       Turocuites      125a  23  125b
Carter        Allen           125a  2   125b
Casey         William         124a  19  124b
Cavedo        John N.         125a  11  125b
Colding       James B.        127a  2   127b
Coldon        Abraham         127a  29  127b
Colson        Elija           127a  3   127b
Cooper        Amad            124a  8   124b
Cooper        James G.        125a  25  125b
Cotta         Domingo N.      125a  7   125b
Crosin        James           128a  22  128b
Crosin        William         124a  11  124b
Cross         Joseph          125a  18  125b
Cumy          William         128a  26  128b
Dabold        J. W.           124a  29  124b
Darby         Daniel          126a  24  126b
Deleilleline  F. G.           125a  1   125b
Diaz          Antonio         125a  8   125b
Draughan      John            126a  1   126b
Erder         Ebenezur        127a  14  127b
Fernandez     Mary            125a  4   125b
Frink         William         127a  8   127b
Futch         O.              128a  6   128b
Geyer         Allen           126a  22  126b
Geyer         Felix           126a  20  126b
Geyer         John M.         126a  28  126b
Geyer         John M.         126a  30  126b
Geyer         Joshua          126a  15  126b
Goodbread     A. S.           127a  6   127b
Green         Benj            126a  17  126b
Green         John            128a  14  128b
Green         John J.         127a  19  127b
Gruer         Lewis           126a  3   126b
Haddock       Joseph          124a  1   124b
Haddock       William         128a  20  128b
Hagans        Ruben           128a  15  128b
Hamson        Ephriam         125a  28  125b
Hamson        Robt            125a  26  125b
Harden        John            128a  9   128b
Higinbotham   Joseph          124a  22  124b
Hudson        Saml            127a  12  127b
Hyginbotham   James           126a  11  126b
Hyginbotham   John            128a  21  128b
Hyginbotham   Thos            124a  9   124b
Hyginbotham   Thos J.         124a  25  124b
Inman         John, Jr        127a  15  127b
Johnston      John            124a  28  124b
Jones         Anah            126a  29  126b
Jones         John            128a  10  128b
Kelly         William F       125a  3   125b
Kirkland      R. W.           129a  1   129b
Lane          Judith          124a  23  124b
Lane          William         124a  4   124b
Lang          David           127a  27  127b
Lang          James           125a  21  125b
Latham        Amie S          125a  16  125b
Latham        George          125a  17  125b
Lee           Vincent         124a  2   124b
Lewis         Josiah          127a  16  127b
Long          Jessy           128a  18  128b
Lord          James           124a  26  124b
Lowe          Allen           128a  1   128b
Lynce         Jackson         128a  30  128b
Martin        M. H.           126a  26  126b
McCulley      Ann             124a  21  124b
Moor          John C.         127a  7   127b
Moore         Francis         129a  7   129b
Moorhee       W. F.           129a  5   129b
Motes         Henery          127a  25  127b
Motez         John            127a  24  127b
Mott          Abram           127a  26  127b
Mott          Richard         127a  28  127b
Nettles       George          127a  5   127b
Nettles       John            126a  27  126b
Nettles       Martha          127a  4   127b
Norton        Nathan          127a  30  127b
Octull        Henry           126a  8   126b
O'Neill       James L.        129a  9   129b
Pace          George          128a  8   128b
Parke         Wm              128a  11  128b
Pearce        James           124a  10  124b
Pendains      William         128a  13  128b
Pens          F. D.           125a  10  125b
Peoples       John            127a  11  127b
Philips       John            128a  5   128b
Powel         James           127a  20  127b
Prevatt       Joseph R.       127a  1   127b
Price         Patrick         125a  27  125b
Rain          Cornelius       126a  23  126b
Ramas         Margaret        125a  29  125b
Rigs          Stephen         126a  25  126b
Roberts       James           128a  2   128b
Roberts       Saml            128a  16  128b
Roberts       Ueria           128a  17  128b
Ronde         Sarah           124a  15  124b
Rosa          Mary            125a  13  125b
Roux          A. F.           125a  30  125b
Ruiz          Maria           124a  18  124b
Rurland       John            129a  4   129b
Russel        William A       126a  4   126b
Russell       Saml            129a  2   129b
Saindus       Susana          126a  19  126b
Salearinger   Saml            126a  13  126b
Salianger     Wayn            124a  13  124b
San***        A. B.           124a  30  124b
Sap           James           128a  29  128b
Saunders      Saml            128a  19  128b
Seton         Matilda         125a  9   125b
So*uss        Isaac H.        127a  18  127b
Stewart       George          125a  5   125b
Suger         Jacob           129a  6   129b
Thigpen       J. L.           128a  4   128b
Thomas        Rohn            127a  23  127b
Tines         Elija           128a  25  128b
Tison         Joel            128a  23  128b
Tompkins      Francis         124a  17  124b
Tompkins      James           124a  16  124b
Triaire       Isadore         125a  22  125b
Tyson         James           128a  28  128b
Underhill     Joseph          126a  21  126b
Underwood     Thomas          127a  17  127b
VanSant       Wm              124a  6   124b
Vaughan       Daniel          125a  24  125b
Villalonga    John            125a  6   125b
Villalonga    Magdalan        125a  20  125b
Waldon        Sarah           126a  14  126b
Walker        Saml            124a  12  124b
Welks         Cornelius       128a  12  128b
Wells         George W.       127a  9   127b
Wilas         George          126a  6   126b
Wilds         Charles         124a  5   124b
Wilds         Nathl           124a  27  124b
Wilson        Charles L.      129a  8   129b
Wilson        James           129a  3   129b
Wingate       John            126a  7   126b
Wingate       Oulen           126a  5   126b
Wingate       William         126a  9   126b
Woodtree      James           124a  14  124b
Wygrus        Nancy           125a  19  125b
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