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The free display of the 1830 Glynn County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family           LEFT-----RIGHT
Abbott         Mary              266a   6  266b
Abraham        Isaac             264a   6  264b
Anderson       John              264a   9  264b
Armstrong      William           264a   7  264b
Baisden        McGregor          267a   2  267b
Beckham        Simeon            267a  11  267b
Bell           John G            268a  19  268b
Bell           Nathaniel         265a  25  265b
Bell           Noble             265a  12  265b
Bliss          James             268a  13  268b
Bliss          Saml              267a  25  267b
Blunt          Luke              268a  24  268b
Bowers         Jonathan          266a  21  266b
Boyce          Mary              267a  20  267b
Brailsford     Danl H            266a   2  266b
Brailsford     Mrs               266a   1  266b
Brockington    Duncil            269a  16  269b
Burnett        Christopher       269a   5  269b
Burnett        John, Col         264a  26  264b
Burnett        John, Jr          269a   2  269b
Burney         Wm                268a  11  268b
Butler         Pearce, Est       266a  14  266b
Button         Walton            267a   6  267b
Cain           Lucinda           267a  13  267b
Capps          Moriah            265a  15  265b
Cator          Benj T            266a  20  266b
Cooper         C C               267a  17  267b
Cooper         James H           264a  19  264b
Cooper         John, Jr          264a  23  264b
Cooper         John, Sr          266a  17  266b
Cupree         Geo               266a  10  266b
Dart           Ann               265a  19  265b
Davis          John              267a   8  267b
Delaroche      A                 267a  22  267b
Demine         Ramond            266a  18  266b
Dilestine      T G               264a  22  264b
Dover          Thos              264a  18  264b
Dubignon       Henry             269a  10  269b
Dubignon       Jos, Mrs          269a  13  269b
Ellis          Thos              265a   7  265b
Findley        Mary              267a   3  267b
Flinn          John B            264a  12  264b
Franklin       Christopher       266a  24  266b
Franklin       John, Jr          267a   7  267b
Franklin       John, Sr          265a  11  265b
Fraser         John              264a  24  264b
Gibson         John              265a   1  265b
Gignelat       Henry             268a   7  268b
Gignilat       John              265a  13  265b
Gignilat       Norman            265a  14  265b
Gilkie         Jas H             268a  23  268b
Gould          James             268a  20  268b
Gowen          B B               264a   5  264b
Grant          James             266a  19  266b
Grant          Robt              266a   5  266b
Green          Wm                268a   3  268b
Haggard        Wm & T T          268a  22  268b
Hall           John              264a   4  264b
Hamilton       L (Est of)        264a  20  264b
Harris         M B               269a   3  269b
Harrison       Susan             265a  23  265b
Harry          Henry A           266a   8  266b
Hazzlehurst    Robt              269a   9  269b
Head           John              264a  16  264b
Hendricks      Elizabeth         267a   9  267b
Hendricks      John              268a   4  268b
Higginbotham   Sarah             269a   7  269b
Hineman        Emanuel           265a   5  265b
Holtand        John              265a  10  265b
Hornsby        John              268a   2  268b
Hornsby        Wm                268a   1  268b
Hurston        Isaac             265a   3  265b
Hurston        Sarah             265a   2  265b
Ingerille      Henry             264a   8  264b
Jones          James             269a  17  269b
King           Roswell, Jr       266a  15  266b
King           S C               269a  12  269b
King           Thos              269a  11  269b
Lamb           Celia             266a   9  266b
Lamb           John              265a   9  265b
Lawnner        James             266a   7  266b
Loure          Wm                264a  25  264b
Massie         Peter             264a   2  264b
Matthews       E, Est            266a  25  266b
Maugham        Ann               264a  10  264b
Maugham        James C           268a  12  268b
May            James             265a  16  265b
May            John T            265a  17  265b
Mayo           John              266a  16  266b
McCanaliss     Wm                267a  19  267b
McDonald       George            267a   5  267b
McLeod         John              264a  17  264b
Miller         Charles F         268a  17  268b
Moody          Robt              268a  14  268b
Moody          Solm              267a  16  267b
Moor           Jacob             265a  24  265b
Moore          Wm                266a  13  266b
Morrison       John              264a  15  264b
Myers          James             268a  18  268b
Nicholas       Barnard           267a  23  267b
Nicolass       Pascal            269a  15  269b
Orr            Abram             268a  25  268b
Palmer         Francis           264a  13  264b
Palmer         Martin            267a  26  267b
Parland        John              269a  18  269b
Parrott        Daniel            267a  12  267b
Payne          Louisa            267a  10  267b
Payne          Robt              265a   8  265b
Payne          Wm                266a  23  266b
Peck           Michael           265a  21  265b
Piles          John              268a   8  268b
Piles          R S               269a   8  269b
Powell         Michael           266a  11  266b
Pritchard      John B            269a   4  269b
Pritchard      Robt              268a   9  268b
Purdis         William           264a  11  264b
Putnam         C E               265a  20  265b
Ratcliff       James             268a  16  268b
Ratcliff       Martha            267a  21  267b
Ratcliff       Rich              267a  24  267b
Ringold        Sarah             266a  12  266b
Rump           Jacob             265a  18  265b
Scarlett       Francis M         264a   1  264b
Scott          A C               264a   3  264b
Simmons        Zach              267a  15  267b
Simon          Jos               269a  14  269b
Smith          Baxter            264a  14  264b
Smith          John Y            267a   4  267b
Smith          Thos D            267a  14  267b
Stewart        D M               269a   1  269b
Stockton       R T               264a  21  264b
Summerlin      Henry             268a   5  268b
Summerlin      Wm                265a   6  265b
Taton          Rigdon            268a  10  268b
Tison          Sianah            265a  22  265b
Tomster        Baile             266a  22  266b
Troup          Jas               266a   1  266b
Truin          James             267a   1  267b
Turner         John W            268a   6  268b
Wiggins        Jos               268a  15  268b
Williams       Elizabeth         265a   4  265b
Winn           Eliza             267a  18  267b
Wright         James B           266a   4  266b
Wright         Saml,Moses,Abhm   266a   3  266b
Wylly          Alex              269a   6  269b
Wyly           Alex C            268a  21  268b
The free display of the 1830 Glynn County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Amy Hedrick and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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