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Irwin County, GA 1840 Federal Census Index
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The free display of the 1840 Irwin County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Joy Fisher and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Adams         Miles            13a   2  13b
Adams         William B        06a  17  06b
Alexander     John H           04a  17  04b
Anderson      Jacob            08a   6  08b
Baker         Benjamin         04a  24  04b
Baker         Jeremiah, Jr     04a  26  04b
Baker         Jeremiah, Sr     04a  29  04b
Baker         Nicholas         04a  27  04b
Baker         Thomas           05a  12  05b
Ball          Sarrah           12a  28  12b
Barentine     Jacob            11a  11  11b
Barentine     William          12a  13  12b
Benifield     James            09a  20  09b
Bennefield    John             03a   2  03b
Bennifield    Mary             09a  21  09b
Benton        John             09a   5  09b
Bowen         William          11a  10  11b
Boykin        Tobias           03a   3  03b
Bradford      Jacob A          09a   1  09b
Branch        David            04a  16  04b
Brown         Barney           12a  27  12b
Brown         Frederic         14a   1  14b
Brown         James            13a  17  13b
Brown         Philip           13a  26  13b
Brown         Samuel           13a  24  13b
Brown         William          10a  29  10b
Brunch        James T          07a   6  07b
Chesnut       Charles          06a  12  06b
Chesnut       Harry W          06a  16  06b
Clanton       Samuel B         08a  14  08b
Clements      Abraham          04a   1  04b
Clements      Joseph           03a   8  03b
Covington     Silas            12a   2  12b
Crawford      John             12a  11  12b
Daniel        Aaron            09a  11  09b
Davis         Josep            04a  22  04b
Dial          Thomas           09a  13  09b
Dixon         Robert H         10a  28  10b
Dixon         Robert L         11a  15  11b
Dixon         Simon            03a  14  03b
Dormany       John, Jr         03a   1  03b
Dormany       John, Sr         03a   6  03b
Dorming       James H          03a  24  03b
Downing       Samuel           10a  11  10b
Drawdy        Daniel           03a  16  03b
Drawdy        Thomas           03a  19  03b
Dulton        William F        05a   2  05b
Duram         Joab L           12a  23  12b
Easter        Iley             05a   7  05b
Faircloth     Thomas           06a  23  06b
Fitzgarrell   David            14a   3  14b
Fitzgarrell   John             14a   4  14b
Fitzgarrell   Miles            13a  11  13b
Fletcher      Jehu             04a  12  04b
Fletcher      Joseph           04a  15  04b
Fletcher      Joseph           11a   2  11b
Fletcher      William          04a  13  04b
Fortner       James            08a  25  08b
Fussell       Catharin         10a   8  10b
Fussell       James            10a  18  10b
Fussell       William          10a  13  10b
Gaff          Samuel, Jr       12a   1  12b
Gaff          William          12a   9  12b
Galff         Samuel           03a   9  03b
Garrett       Thomas H         10a  25  10b
Gay           James            06a  29  06b
Gay           Reuben           05a   3  05b
Gibbs         Allen            12a  24  12b
Gibbs         James            03a   5  03b
Gibbs         John             12a  22  12b
Gibbs         Reddin           12a  17  12b
Gibbs         Samuel           12a  25  12b
Gibbs         Thomas, Jr       12a  21  12b
Gibbs         Thomas, Sr       12a  19  12b
Giddins       George W         10a   9  10b
Gizzett       George           10a  12  10b
Grantham      Daniel, Jr       09a  19  09b
Grantham      Daniel, Sr       09a  18  09b
Grantham      Elijah           08a  11  08b
Grantham      John             09a   7  09b
Gray          Zachariah        05a   8  05b
Grey          Gipson           09a   6  09b
Grey          Joshua           09a  23  09b
Griffin       Benjamin         09a  12  09b
Griffin       Civil            09a   8  09b
Griffin       William          09a   3  09b
Hall          Abjah            03a  29  03b
Hall          Calvin A         03a  28  03b
Hall          Elinder          03a  22  03b
Hall          Francis          11a   3  11b
Hall          Jacob            03a  27  03b
Hall          James M          08a   3  08b
Hall          James, Jr        03a  26  03b
Hall          James, Sr        11a  23  11b
Hancock       Jourdan          04a  28  04b
Harper        Henry            09a  29  09b
Harper        John L B         09a  14  09b
Harper        Leonard          09a  15  09b
Harper        Lewis L C        09a  25  09b
Hart          Harris B         06a  20  06b
Hays          Thomas           12a  14  12b
Henderson     John             09a  27  09b
Henderson     Manassa          04a   9  04b
Henderson     Sarah            09a   4  09b
Henly         Elmur            08a  23  08b
Hester        Allen            04a  25  04b
Hester        Stephen B        11a  19  11b
Hobby         Alexander        14a   2  14b
Hobby         Andrew           07a   4  07b
Hobby         Jesse            04a   5  04b
Hobby         Marmaduke        06a   2  06b
Hodges        James            06a   6  06b
Holinsworth   Valentine        11a   7  11b
Horn          Michael          06a  21  06b
Horn          Michael J        06a  19  06b
Horn          Rowlin L         06a   3  06b
Hornsby       William J        06a  14  06b
Hunter        Elijah           12a   8  12b
Hunter        Hardy            13a  16  13b
Hunter        Redding          10a  27  10b
Jenkins       David J          11a  12  11b
Jenkins       Luke M           06a  31  06b
Jenkins       Thomas M         13a   4  13b
Jernigan      Aaron            11a  18  11b
Jones         James            12a  20  12b
Journigan     Elias            03a  17  03b
Keen          Josiah           13a  13  13b
kinnon        Solomon H        11a   9  11b
Kirsey        David J          11a  13  11b
Land          Frederic         12a  15  12b
Land          Green            06a  28  06b
Laud          John             06a  30  06b
Lewis         William J        06a  22  06b
Luke          Daniel           03a   4  03b
Luke          Daniel M         13a   8  13b
Luke          Jasper M         13a  21  13b
Luke          Jesse J          04a  14  04b
Luke          John W           13a  19  13b
Luke          Joshua A         13a  12  13b
Marsh         Reubin           09a   2  09b
Marshell      Henry            08a  21  08b
Matchell      Jacob            10a   7  10b
Matchell      Wells            10a  20  10b
Mathis        Jeremiah         11a  14  11b
Maulds        Abraham          06a   5  06b
McAlly        David E          13a  20  13b
McCall        Abraham          12a  12  12b
McCall        Jehu             13a  14  13b
McCleland     Gabriel          04a  20  04b
McCleland     John             05a  10  05b
McCrutchen    Arnold           05a   9  05b
McCrutchen    Robert           05a   6  05b
McDermitt     Duncan           11a   8  11b
McDermitt     John             11a   6  11b
McDuffin      Abigail          10a  30  10b
McGee         James            12a  18  12b
McInis        John             03a  21  03b
McKinnis      Flora            11a  17  11b
McLeland      Andrew           08a   2  08b
McMillan      Archibald        11a  22  11b
McMillan      John             08a  18  08b
McMillan      Malcom           08a  20  08b
Merchant      Isaac, Jr        04a  11  04b
Merchant      Isaac, Sr        04a  10  04b
Merchant      Mary             07a   5  07b
Merritt       Berryan          08a  10  08b
Merritt       Burrell          10a   1  10b
Merritt       Frederic, Jr     10a   4  10b
Merritt       Frederic, Sr     10a   6  10b
Merritt       Luke             10a   5  10b
Merritt       Mathew           10a  16  10b
Merritt       Paten            10a   2  10b
Miller        Alis             13a  30  13b
Miller        Buzzle           13a  29  13b
Miller        Nicholas         13a  31  13b
Mitchell      Hartwell         08a  24  08b
Mixon         James            11a   4  11b
Moley         Nancey           10a  10  10b
Moore         Whillington S    10a  21  10b
Motley        George           08a  12  08b
Munk          Malan            06a  10  06b
Muzzlewhite   Asa              13a  15  13b
Newberry      Jabez W          10a  23  10b
Newberry      Robert           10a  22  10b
Nichols       Elias, Jr        05a   4  05b
Nichols       Elias, Sr        05a   5  05b
Nichols       William W        05a   1  05b
Noles         Emanuel          08a   8  08b
Noles         John             08a   9  08b
Parker        Right            10a  14  10b
Paulk         Elijah           09a  16  09b
Paulk         George           09a  24  09b
Paulk         Jacob            08a   1  08b
Paulk         James            03a  10  03b
Paulk         John             08a  30  08b
Paulk         Micager, Jr      08a  19  08b
Paulk         Micager, Sr      08a  31  08b
Paulk         Thomas           08a  26  08b
Pervis        Godfrey          09a  22  09b
Pervis        William          04a  18  04b
Peterson      Mary             08a  28  08b
Philips       Rebecca          10a   3  10b
Pierce        Allen            12a   5  12b
Polan         William W, Jr    06a  24  06b
Powlan        John             06a  26  06b
Powlan        William B        06a   8  06b
Powlan        William W        06a   4  06b
Pridgeon      Moses            09a  10  09b
Pridgion      William          09a   9  09b
Ratliff       Allen            06a  18  06b
Ratliff       Mary             06a  25  06b
Reed          George R         13a  23  13b
Roads         Jacob A          13a  22  13b
Roberts       John             08a  27  08b
Roberts       Jowel            09a  26  09b
Roberts       William          09a  28  09b
Roberts       William          12a   6  12b
Roe           Henry            08a  22  08b
Rook          Frederic         04a  19  04b
Rutherford    James            03a  23  03b
Ryerden       Jeremiah D       11a   5  11b
Sheppard      Benjamine        13a  28  13b
Simpson       Dexter           06a  27  06b
Simpson       Thomas           04a  30  04b
Sloune        William          10a  19  10b
Smith         David            13a   1  13b
Smith         Jonathan         12a  31  12b
Smith         Thomas           12a  30  12b
Spivey        Moses            13a   6  13b
Spivey        Solomon          13a  10  13b
Spring        George           07a   3  07b
Stone         James            12a  29  12b
Stone         Leonard          13a  25  13b
Stone         Samuel           12a   7  12b
Sumner        Gordon           07a   1  07b
Sumner        Jesse C          06a   9  06b
Sumner        Joseph           06a   1  06b
Sumner        William          06a   7  06b
Taylor        Dennis           12a   4  12b
Taylor        Lemuel           13a  18  13b
Taylor        Seaborne         12a   3  12b
Tiler         Claiborne        06a  15  06b
Tillis        Sapty A          08a   7  08b
Tison         Cornelius        08a  15  08b
Tison         Wiley            08a  16  08b
Tison         William          08a  17  08b
Tomberlin     John             13a   3  13b
Tomberlin     Thomas           13a   9  13b
Tomberlin     William          12a  10  12b
Torrence      Thomas           13a  27  13b
Tourte        Sarah            11a  20  11b
Troup         David            10a  24  10b
Tucker        Davis            03a  12  03b
Tucker        Elisha           03a  15  03b
Tucker        John             08a  13  08b
Tucker        Richard          03a  11  03b
Tucker        Thomas           11a  16  11b
Turner        David            04a  21  04b
Turner        James            05a  11  05b
Turner        Joseph A         03a  13  03b
Turner        Smith            04a  23  04b
Vickers       E                08a   5  08b
Vickers       Wiley            08a   4  08b
Walker        Hezekiah         03a  25  03b
Walker        James            13a   5  13b
Walker        James, Sr        04a   2  04b
Walker        John             04a   4  04b
Walker        Jonathan         04a  31  04b
Walker        Washington       04a   3  04b
Warren        George L         12a  26  12b
Welch         Michael          07a   2  07b
Whitley       Wiley            09a  17  09b
Whitton       Elias B          04a   8  04b
Whitton       Lott             04a   7  04b
Willcox       George           11a   1  11b
Willcox       James L          13a   7  13b
Willcox       Thomas           10a  31  10b
Williams      Lazarus          10a  17  10b
Williams      Mary             10a  26  10b
Williams      Mathew           10a  15  10b
Willis        Benjamin         06a  11  06b
Willis        John             06a  13  06b
Willis        William          03a   7  03b
Worth         James            08a  29  08b
young         Isaac            03a  30  03b
Young         Jacob            03a  18  03b
Young         Jacob C          04a   6  04b
Young         Madison          03a  20  03b
Young         Richard          12a  16  12b
Young         Thomas           11a  21  11b
The free display of the 1840 Irwin County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Joy Fisher and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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