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McIntosh County, GA 1830 Federal Census Index
with links to the image files of the microfilmed census pages.
The free display of the 1830 McIntosh County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Amy Hedrick and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page
has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the
Head-of-Household name is the "a" page, and the right-side of the
 same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Amos          Jonathan        125a   3  125b
Armestrong    Sarah           123a  10  123b
Atwood        Henry           126a   1  126b
Baggs         Archa G         131a   4  131b
Baggs         William         131a   3  131b
Baker         Cyrus O         121a   3  121b
Baker         Edward B        128a   2  128b
Bandy         Luke            131a   1  131b
Bandy         Mary            124a   1  124b
Bell          John G          121a   1  121b
Bell          William S       128a   3  128b
Bennet        Richard         131a   5  131b
Blanchard     William         121a   2  121b
Bond          Edward H        121a   4  121b
Bond          Saml M          124a   3  124b
Bradwell      James S         124a   2  124b
Brailsford    Danl H          128a   1  128b
Brooker       Joseph          121a   5  121b
Burgess       Moses           131a   2  131b
Caldwell      Isabella        128a   7  128b
Caldwell      Robert          128a   8  128b
Caldwell      Rosaline        131a   7  131b
Cannon        Henry           128a   6  128b
Cannon        Wm J            126a   2  126b
Capps         Cason R         124a   4  124b
Carrol        Gideon S        128a   5  128b
Carter        George          131a   8  131b
Caulder       Alex H          121a   8  121b
Caulder       Henrietta       130a  10  130b
Caulder       James           128a  13  128b
Caulder       Jas M           128a  11  128b
Caulder       John            128a   4  128b
Church        Mary Ann        121a   9  121b
Clark         Abigal          121a  11  121b
Clark         Eliza           121a  10  121b
Clark         Saml            131a   9  131b
Clensy        Sarah           128a  12  128b
Cochran       John            131a  10  131b
Cole          Allen J         121a   7  121b
Cone          Stephen         124a   5  124b
Cook          William         128a  10  128b
Cooper        Mary            121a  12  121b
Crawford      William         131a   6  131b
Crocker       John            128a   9  128b
Cunningham    Ann             121a   6  121b
Davis         Enoch           126a  27  126b
Davis         Josiah          131a  15  131b
Delegal       Jane            128a  17  128b
Delegal       William         128a  16  128b
Delespilen    Wm E            124a   8  124b
Deshare       John            124a  10  124b
Deverger      James           128a  14  128b
Dodge         Charles         121a  14  121b
Dodge         Theodore        121a  13  121b
Dogget        Jno R           126a   5  126b
Donnelly      William         126a   4  126b
Drigors       Ann             131a  12  131b
Drigors       John            131a  14  131b
Drigors       Jonas           131a  11  131b
Drigors       Nancy           131a  13  131b
Dudly         Oliver          124a   9  124b
Dunham        Wm A            124a   7  124b
Dunwody       James           124a   6  124b
Durant        Francis         126a   3  126b
Dyall         Elizabeth       128a  15  128b
Dyall         George          124a  11  124b
Eilands       David           124a  13  124b
Eilands       Lydin           124a  12  124b
Eilands       William         121a  15  121b
Fitzpatrick   Eliza           131a  21  131b
Flint         Robert F        127a   4  127b
Forbes        John            128a  18  128b
Forrester     Fulcher         121a  16  121b
Fraser        William         121a  17  121b
Fulcher       Francis         121a  18  121b
Gant          Jane            121a  19  121b
Geiger        John W          121a  23  121b
Geiger        Philip          121a  24  121b
Gerrald       Susan           123a  11  123b
Gibson        Patrick         126a   7  126b
Gill          Dazi            131a  18  131b
Gill          John            131a  17  131b
Gill          Lucinda         131a  19  131b
Gordon        William         131a  20  131b
Gould         John            128a  19  128b
Gould         Thos K          126a   6  126b
Graybill      Philip          121a  22  121b
Green         Benjamin        121a  20  121b
Green         William         121a  21  121b
Groom         Benjamin        131a  16  131b
Hall          Henry T         121a  27  121b
Ham           William         131a  25  131b
Hamilton      David           128a  21  128b
Hand          Bayard E        121a  25  121b
Harrard       Wm S            122a   1  122b
Harris        John Junr       128a  22  128b
Harris        John Senr       128a  23  128b
Harrison      Gilbert         128a  24  128b
Hill          John            124a  14  124b
Hobrendorf    Mahala          122a   2  122b
Holmes        James           121a  26  121b
Hope          John            131a  24  131b
Hopkins       Benjamin        126a   9  126b
Horn          Richard         131a  23  131b
Houston       Robert          128a  25  128b
Houston       Tho A           128a  26  128b
Howard        Henry           131a  22  131b
Howell        Solomon         131a  26  131b
Howland       Stephen D       128a  20  128b
Huginon       Edwd D          128a  27  128b
Hutson        James           126a  11  126b
Hutson        John, Junr      126a  10  126b
Hutson        John, Senr      124a  15  124b
Jennings      Gilliam         126a   8  126b
Jones         Samuel          131a  27  131b
Keating       Richd T         127a   1  127b
Kell          Margory         129a   4  129b
King          Reuben          122a   3  122b
King          Roswell, Junr   124a  20  124b
King          Samuel          129a   3  129b
King          Thomas          129a   1  129b
King          William J       129a   2  129b
Lafiles       Armand          122a   5  122b
Law           Charles         129a   6  129b
Le Chartier   Placide         122a   6  122b
Lester        Jeremiah        126a  12  126b
Lewis         William         122a   4  122b
Lord          John            122a   7  122b
Low           Ann             129a   7  129b
Lowrey        Thomas          129a   5  129b
MacMaster     Wm              124a  19  124b
Mandechi      Nichols         122a  12  122b
Marchmont     John            127a   3  127b
McDonald      Alexr           129a  13  129b
McDonald      Danl            124a  18  124b
McDonald      George          126a  13  126b
McDonald      Margaret        126a  14  126b
McDonald      N J             124a  17  124b
McDonald      Wm              124a  16  124b
McDonald      Wm R            129a  16  129b
McDonald      Wm, Junr        129a  15  129b
McDonald      Wm, Senr        129a  14  129b
McGrigor      Charles         122a   8  122b
McIntosh      Alex S          129a  11  129b
McIntosh      Elsy            129a  12  129b
McIntosh      Jno N           129a   9  129b
McIntosh      Lachlan         129a   8  129b
McIntosh      Wm J            129a  10  129b
McIntyre      Archa C         126a  17  126b
McLeod        Angus           122a   9  122b
Middleton     A G             132a   1  132b
Middleton     Margaret        129a  17  129b
Middleton     Robt            132a   3  132b
Middleton     Wm              132a   2  132b
Miller        Isaac           126a  15  126b
Mitchell      John            122a  10  122b
Morgan        John J          126a  16  126b
Myers         Mary            122a  11  122b
Noble         Jno G           129a  18  129b
Obery         James R         124a  22  124b
Obery         John            132a   6  132b
Obery         Reuben          124a  21  124b
Obery         Solomon         132a   4  132b
OBryan        Jesse           129a  19  129b
OBryan        Susannah        129a  20  129b
Odena         John            122a  14  122b
Odena         Peter           122a  13  122b
Ogden         Jacob N         122a  15  122b
Oglesby       Anthony         126a  18  126b
Oliver        Sophia          124a  23  124b
Oneal         Charles         129a  21  129b
Overstreet    John            132a   5  132b
Owings        Saml            132a   7  132b
Page          Joseph S        122a  17  122b
Palmer        Samuel          122a  16  122b
Pepper        Caroline V      123a   9  123b
Philson       Thomas          126a  19  126b
Pope          Sarah           124a  24  124b
Popwell       George          132a   8  132b
Portell       Edwd P          129a  22  129b
Powell        Allen B         129a  23  129b
Proudfoot     Hugh W          122a  18  122b
Ralph         Hiram           122a  21  122b
Reed          Josiah          129a  26  129b
Rees          Eben S          122a  20  122b
Rentz         George          129a  24  129b
Robuck        Benjamin        129a  25  129b
Rockenbaugh   Jacob           124a  25  124b
Rodgers       Charles W       126a  20  126b
Rogers        George T        122a  19  122b
Rowe          Fredrick        127a   2  127b
Rowe          Samuel          130a   9  130b
Rozar         Saml            132a   9  132b
Ryals         Henry, Junr     132a  12  132b
Ryals         Henry, Senr     132a  11  132b
Ryals         Herbert         132a  14  132b
Ryals         Jno             132a  13  132b
Ryals         Jurdan          132a  10  132b
Ryals         Lewis           132a  15  132b
Sallet        William         126a  25  126b
Sayres        Fredrick        124a  27  124b
Scarbrough    William         122a  22  122b
Smith         James           124a  26  124b
Smith         Leah            122a  24  122b
Smith         Thomas          126a  24  126b
Snow          Isaac           122a  25  122b
Spalding      Thomas          126a  21  126b
Spier         James           126a  22  126b
Stephens      Cader           132a  17  132b
Stewart       William         132a  16  132b
Stiles        Jno C           126a  23  126b
Street        George          122a  23  122b
Sulivan       John            122a  26  122b
Swanston      Henry           122a  27  122b
Tateham       Thomas          132a  18  132b
Thomas        David           132a  19  132b
Thomas        Jonathan        130a   4  130b
Thomas        Nancy           132a  20  132b
Thomas        Sarah           123a   3  123b
Thorp         Chas W          130a   1  130b
Thorp         Saml J R        129a  27  129b
Todd          John            130a   2  130b
Todd          William         130a   3  130b
Tommason      Wm V            123a   4  123b
Trizevant     Margaret J      123a   1  123b
Troup         James           123a   2  123b
Tunns         John C          125a   1  125b
Usher         Able            123a   5  123b
Wallace       Martha          130a   6  130b
Wiley         Eleanor         132a  22  132b
Wiley         Enoch           132a  23  132b
Wiley         John            130a   5  130b
Wilkins       Henry F         123a   7  123b
Williams      John            123a   6  123b
Winn          Jos J           132a  21  132b
Wood          Jacob           125a   2  125b
Yonge         Philip R        123a   8  123b
Young         Moses           126a  26  126b
Young         Moses, Senr     130a   7  130b
Young         William         130a   8  130b

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