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McIntosh County, GA 1840 Federal Census Index
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The free display of the 1840 McIntosh County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page
has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the
Head-of-Household name is the "a" page, and the right-side of the
 same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family       LEFT-----RIGHT
Achehart      Dinah           90a   1  90b
Adams         Joseph          84a   3  84b
Allen         Amos            81a   1  81b
Allen         David           90a   2  90b
Amos          Jonathan        84a   1  84b
Atwood        Henry           84a   2  84b
Baccus        Thomas          84a  11  84b
Baggs         William         90a   4  90b
Baker         Edward B        88a   4  88b
Baker         John B          81a   9  81b
Bandy         Luke            84a   7  84b
Barrett       C L             81a   8  81b
Bennett       Civility        84a   8  84b
Benton        Gillman         90a   6  90b
Bggs          Archer J        90a   8  90b
Bggs          Ester           90a   7  90b
Blanchard     William         81a   3  81b
Blount        Aaron H         81a   5  81b
Blount        Edmund M        81a   4  81b
Blue          James           81a   2  81b
Bond          Edward H        81a   6  81b
Bond          Saml M          84a   4  84b
Bradbury      John            84a  13  84b
Bradley       John            81a   7  81b
Brailsford    Jane            88a   3  88b
Broughton     D S             84a   6  84b
Brown         Rigdon          84a  14  84b
Bryant        Jesse           88a   1  88b
Bryant        Susan           88a   2  88b
Bryant        Thomas F        84a  10  84b
Buck          Henry L         84a  12  84b
Burch         Edward          90a   5  90b
Burgess       Moses           84a   9  84b
Burney        David           90a   3  90b
Butler        Pierce          84a   5  84b
Calder        Henry M         88a  10  88b
Calder        James           88a   9  88b
Calder        John            88a   7  88b
Calder        Nathn M         81a  10  81b
Caldwell      Robt            90a   9  90b
Caldwell      Thomas          88a  12  88b
Calker        James V         88a  13  88b
Campbell      Thomas          81a  13  81b
Cannon        Henry           88a   5  88b
Cannon        William         81a  21  81b
Cannon        William         88a  11  88b
Carpenter     N W             81a  17  81b
Carter        George, Jr      90a  12  90b
Carter        George, Sr      90a  11  90b
Chartier      Pe Le           81a  12  81b
Chick         Thomas C        81a  11  81b
Church        Mary Ann        81a  14  81b
Churchill     W W             81a  20  81b
Clarke        Charles         84a  15  84b
Clarke        N H             88a   8  88b
Coburn        Justice         81a  15  81b
Coffren       John            81a  24  81b
Collins       S Z             81a  19  81b
Cook          William         88a   6  88b
Cope          John            81a  16  81b
Crane         H A             81a  18  81b
Crawford      Ezekiel         84a  18  84b
Crawford      Reuben          84a  17  84b
Crawford      William         84a  16  84b
Cribbs        Frances         84a  19  84b
Cunningham    Ann             81a  23  81b
Curry         Norman          90a  10  90b
Cuthbert      Sarah           81a  22  81b
Davis         Charles         90a  24  90b
Davis         Isaac           90a  22  90b
Davis         Joseph          84a  25  84b
Davis         Josiah          90a  23  90b
Davis         Lytle           90a  26  90b
Davis         Neil            90a  25  90b
Davis         Young           90a  21  90b
Delegall      Edward          88a  14  88b
Demere        John            84a  24  84b
Devergin      John            84a  23  84b
Dodd          Charles S       84a  22  84b
Donnaldson    Francis         84a  20  84b
Donnally      William         81a  27  81b
Donnelly      John            84a  21  84b
Driggors      Isaac           90a  18  90b
Driggors      Jackson         90a  14  90b
Driggors      Jacob           90a  19  90b
Driggors      John            90a  17  90b
Driggors      Jonas           90a  13  90b
Driggors      Martha          90a  15  90b
Driggors      Simeon          90a  16  90b
Durant        Francis         88a  15  88b
Durfee        Madison         81a  26  81b
Dyal          Betsey          81a  25  81b
Dyal          John            90a  20  90b
Ecker         William B       84a  26  84b
Eilands       Lydia           81a  28  81b
Flowers       James           90a  28  90b
Floyd         Reese           90a  27  90b
Forbes        Margarie        88a  16  88b
Frohock       Charles         81a  29  81b
Gignilliat    Wm R            84a  29  84b
Gignilliet    N P             84a  28  84b
Gill          Days            84a  27  84b
Gill          John            90a  29  90b
Gordon        William         90a  30  90b
Gould         Thomas K        88a  17  88b
Green         Benjamin        81a  30  81b
Green         John F          82a   1  82b
Grooms        Benjamin        91a   2  91b
Groventhin    J L             91a   1  91b
Hall          Hy T            87a   2  87b
Hamilton      James           88a  23  88b
Harmond       J M             82a   3  82b
Harris        John            88a  19  88b
Harris        M M             88a  22  88b
Hatheway      Martin          82a   6  82b
Heild         M C             88a  20  88b
Holland       James           82a  10  82b
Holmes        James           82a   9  82b
Holmes        Robert          82a   8  82b
Hopkins       Chas H          84a  30  84b
Hopkins       O H             85a   1  85b
Houston       Thomas          88a  18  88b
Howard        Henry           85a   3  85b
Howard        Henry, Jr       88a  21  88b
Howard        John            88a  24  88b
Howard        Simon           85a   2  85b
Howell        Nancy           91a   3  91b
Hudnall       H W             82a   4  82b
Hughey        John            82a   5  82b
Hundrickson   J               82a   2  82b
Hutson        John            82a   7  82b
Johnston      Geo H           85a   4  85b
Kell          Mary S          85a   6  85b
Kennedy       Joseph          88a  28  88b
Kernels       Edward          85a   5  85b
Kin           Michael         91a   4  91b
Kin           Reuben          88a  25  88b
King          Samuel          88a  26  88b
King          Wm J            88a  27  88b
Lane          John            85a   7  85b
Lassier       Mary            82a  11  82b
Lefils        Armand          82a  13  82b
Lewis         William         82a  12  82b
Long          Sarah           91a   5  91b
Lord          John            83a  19  83b
Lowe          John            88a  30  88b
Lowrie        James           88a  29  88b
Marchman      Elizabeth       89a   3  89b
Martin        Levi            85a  19  85b
Marvin        Aaron           85a  12  85b
Mason         Asa F           82a  16  82b
McArty        Alexander       82a  20  82b
McDonnald     G W             85a  17  85b
McDonnald     Geo A           85a  14  85b
McDonnald     Jane            85a  18  85b
McDonnald     Mary            85a  15  85b
McDonnald     N J             85a   9  85b
McDonnald     Peter           82a  21  82b
McDonnald     W A             85a  13  85b
McDonnald     William         85a  16  85b
McDonnald     Wm B            89a   1  89b
McDonnald     Wm J            89a   2  89b
McDougald     Daniel          82a  23  82b
McGregor      Charles         82a  22  82b
McIntire      George          91a   6  91b
McIntosh      Alex            89a   7  89b
McIntosh      J N             85a  10  85b
McIntosh      Wm A            89a   4  89b
McIntosh      Wm H            85a  11  85b
McIntosh      Wm J            89a   6  89b
McKay         John            89a   5  89b
Merril        A H             82a  14  82b
Middleton     Alex            91a   9  91b
Middleton     James           91a   8  91b
Middleton     Robert          91a   7  91b
Middleton     William         91a  10  91b
Mints         Robert W        82a  17  82b
Mitchel       Alexander       82a  19  82b
Mitchel       John            82a  18  82b
Moore         Lorenzo D       85a   8  85b
Mount         Benzant         82a  15  82b
Oberry        James R         85a  20  85b
Oberry        John            85a  23  85b
Oberry        Polly           85a  24  85b
Oberry        Prudence        91a  14  91b
Oberry        Reuben          85a  21  85b
Odena         John A          87a   3  87b
Oliver        Sophia          85a  22  85b
Oneal         Charles         89a   8  89b
Owens         Allen           91a  12  91b
Owens         Andrew          91a  11  91b
Owens         Samuel          91a  13  91b
Palmer        Samuel          82a  26  82b
Parker        Wm H            91a  19  91b
Parlan        Robert          91a  17  91b
Parris        Polly           91a  16  91b
Patterson     J P             85a  27  85b
Penny         Elijah          85a  25  85b
Penton        Thomas          82a  28  82b
Philliph      J C             85a  26  85b
Picket        C H             89a   9  89b
Pitts         Lewis           82a  27  82b
Popwell       James           91a  18  91b
Popwell       Robert          91a  20  91b
Powell        Allen B         82a  25  82b
Powers        Alex W          85a  28  85b
Pringle       james           91a  15  91b
Proudfoot     H W             82a  24  82b
Reese         Eben S          82a  30  82b
Robson        Wylly           86a   5  86b
Rockenbaugh   Jacob           82a  29  82b
Rodgers       Chas W          85a  29  85b
Roebuck       Benjn           89a  11  89b
Rosier        Elias           91a  26  91b
Rosier        James           86a   6  86b
Rosier        Luke            86a   7  86b
Rosier        Samuel          86a   8  86b
Rowe          Frederick       89a  12  89b
Rowe          Nicholas        89a  10  89b
Rowe          Saml, Jr        91a  23  91b
Rowe          Saml, Sr        91a  22  91b
Rowe          William         91a  24  91b
Ryals         Jourdan, Jr     91a  25  91b
Ryals         Jourdan, Sr     91a  28  91b
Ryals         Lewis           85a  30  85b
Ryals         Lewis           91a  27  91b
Ryals         Martin          91a  21  91b
Ryals         Mary            86a   2  86b
Ryals         Nicy            86a   3  86b
Ryals         Rebecca         86a   1  86b
Ryals         Vicy            86a   4  86b
Sallet        William         86a  10  86b
Sawyer        Gorham          86a  13  86b
Sexton        Lewis           86a  16  86b
Shavers       William         89a  13  89b
Sherman       Benjamin        83a   3  83b
Smith         James           86a   9  86b
Smith         James           86a  11  86b
Smith         John E          86a  15  86b
Smith         John Y          83a   7  83b
Smith         Laban M         83a   5  83b
Snow          Isaac           83a   4  83b
Snow          John            83a   2  83b
Spalding      Thomas          86a  14  86b
Starr         Joseph          83a   8  83b
Stevens       Charlotte       89a  24  89b
Stewart       Barnett         86a  17  86b
Stewart       Danl M          91a  29  91b
Stewart       William         86a  18  86b
Street        Saml M          83a   6  83b
Street        Watregrave C    86a  12  86b
Sutphin       Eliza M         83a   1  83b
Tatus         Thomas          86a  19  86b
Thomas        Jonathan        89a  15  89b
Thomas        Nelson          86a  20  86b
Thomas        William B       83a   9  83b
Thorpe        Chas W          89a  16  89b
Todd          Geo W           91a  30  91b
Todd          William         86a  21  86b
Townsend      J E             83a  10  83b
Townsend      J R             89a  14  89b
Trezvant      Chas            86a  23  86b
Trezvant      George          86a  24  86b
Trezvant      Margaret        86a  25  86b
Troup         James           86a  26  86b
Tunns         J C             86a  22  86b
Wallace       Mather          89a  17  89b
Wallace       William         89a  18  89b
Warren        Caleb           92a   3  92b
Waters        Daniel S        83a  15  83b
West          Charles         87a   1  87b
Williams      John            83a  13  83b
Williams      John F          83a  12  83b
Williams      Saml N          83a  14  83b
Wing          Joseph M        83a  11  83b
Winn          John            86a  28  86b
Worley        Francis         86a  27  86b
Wragg         John A          86a  30  86b
Wylly         Alex W          86a  29  86b
Wylly         Enoch           92a   1  92b
Wylly         John            92a   2  92b
Wylly         Nelly           92a   4  92b
Young         Daniel          89a  23  89b
Young         George          89a  22  89b
Young         Henry           83a  16  83b
Young         Moses, Jr       89a  21  89b
Young         Moses, Sr       89a  20  89b
Young         Phillip R, Jr   83a  18  83b
Young         Phillip R, Sr   83a  17  83b
Young         William         89a  19  89b

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