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The free display of the 1830 Rabun County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Dawn Watson and the permission of S-K Publications. 
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family       LEFT-----RIGHT
Ables          Ezekiel       231a  21  231b
Adams          Richard       223a  15  223b
Allen          Jas           222a  14  222b
Allen          Robt          232a  26  232b
Allen          Wm            232a  15  232b
Anderson       John          233a   6  233b
Anderson       Joseph        230a  12  230b
Anderson       Moss G        234a  25  234b
Anderson       Noble         227a  16  227b
Anderson       Wm            226a  19  226b
Arnol          Thos          224a  24  224b
Ballard        Wyly          234a   5  234b
Barnett        Calvin        230a   1  230b
Barrett        Jas           232a  11  232b
Barrister      Harmon        226a  16  226b
Barron         Bevely        227a  26  227b
Beck           Jas           232a   1  232b
Beck           Samuel        228a  18  228b
Beck           Solomon       230a  25  230b
Bevit          Wm            223a  19  223b
Birch          Jarrat        226a  12  226b
Birch          John, Jr      226a  14  226b
Birch          John, Ser     226a  15  226b
Bishop         John          233a  14  233b
Black          John          223a  20  223b
Black          Wm            231a   8  231b
Blackston      Richard       224a   8  224b
Blair          George        230a  19  230b
Bleckley       Jas           223a   6  223b
Boling         Thos          223a  12  223b
Brady          Elijah        230a   7  230b
Bramblett      Jesse         225a  18  225b
Bramblett      Reuben        225a  17  225b
Brown          Joseph        235a   2  235b
Brown          Robt          227a   9  227b
Byers          Robt          231a  26  231b
Calahan        Josiah        231a  19  231b
Campbell       Robt          229a  14  229b
Cannon         Ellis         231a   3  231b
Cannon         Henry         231a   6  231b
Cannon         Hiram         224a   6  224b
Cannon         Isaac F       223a   4  223b
Capehart       Jacob         231a  16  231b
Capps          Sampson       235a   3  235b
Carnes         Hubbard       234a  22  234b
Carnes         Ruth          235a   6  235b
Carons         Jas           229a  24  229b
Carson         John          232a  14  232b
Carter         Edward        233a   7  233b
Carter         Jesse         233a   8  233b
Carter         Josiah        232a  19  232b
Carter         Josiah H      226a  10  226b
Carver         Thos          228a   3  228b
Carver         Wm            227a  25  227b
Chasteen       Edward        230a  10  230b
Chasteen       Elijah        225a  26  225b
Chasteen       Hannah        225a  25  225b
Chasteen       Jahugh        232a  13  232b
Clardy         Elliot        224a  11  224b
Cleveland      Wm            231a   4  231b
Cline          Danl          229a  20  229b
Cline          Jas           230a   4  230b
Cody           Jas           232a  10  232b
Coffee         Cleveland     225a  22  225b
Coffee         Edward        233a  10  233b
Coffee         Elijah        225a   9  225b
Coffee         Elisha        226a  21  226b
Coffee         Joel          222a  21  222b
Coffee         Joel          225a  15  225b
Coffee         Nathan        225a  23  225b
Collins        George W      228a  20  228b
Collins        Watson        225a  13  225b
Cook           Wm            222a   9  222b
Copeland       Wm            234a  15  234b
Cornett        Cullen        234a   4  234b
Coward         Elihugh       233a  24  233b
Crane          Elijah        224a  16  224b
Crane          Jesse         233a  13  233b
Crawford       Margaret      231a  15  231b
Credleton      Eleanor       225a  14  225b
Crow           Jas           233a  22  233b
Crown          Lurence       233a  23  233b
Culberson      Martin        223a  25  223b
Darnol         Sarah         229a   4  229b
Daves          Green         224a  18  224b
Davis          Wm            222a  25  222b
Dawson         Benj          231a  27  231b
Dawson         Enoch         232a   3  232b
Dawson         Jonas         223a  17  223b
Dawson         Jonas         228a  26  228b
Dawson         Wm A          228a   1  228b
Dedman         Wm            234a  18  234b
Denny          Elwood        233a  15  233b
Denton         Elijah        224a   2  224b
Denton         Jonas         223a  26  223b
Derrick        John          229a   9  229b
Dickerson      Obediah T     229a  19  229b
Dilda          Polly         222a   3  222b
Dildy          Elias         232a  17  232b
Dilingham      Hiram         232a  12  232b
Dillard        Jas           232a  23  232b
Dillard        John          232a  21  232b
Donovan        Abel          232a  25  232b
Dotson         Thos          231a  18  231b
Dover          Baily         222a  12  222b
Dun            John          223a  11  223b
Dun            John          229a   7  229b
Dunlap         Jonathan      234a  12  234b
Dunlap         Matthew       231a  12  231b
Ellard         Amos          224a  13  224b
Ellard         Jas, Jr       224a  14  224b
Elliot         Ephraim       231a  20  231b
Ellis          Elijah        230a   8  230b
Ellis          Wm            229a  15  229b
Ellor          Joseph        232a  27  232b
Ellord         Jas, Ser      233a  12  233b
Evans          David         231a  10  231b
Fariss         Saml          223a  14  223b
Fitzgerald     Ambrose       223a  22  223b
Forister       Amos          234a  20  234b
Forister       John          228a  22  228b
Forister       Thos          228a  16  228b
Foster         George        222a  24  222b
Foster         Thos          226a   7  226b
Fowler         David         229a   1  229b
Fowler         Elizabeth     234a  23  234b
Fowler         Jeremiah      231a   5  231b
Fowler         John          228a   5  228b
Fowler         Moses         225a  11  225b
Fricks         Michael       229a  26  229b
Gains          Allen R       229a  23  229b
Gains          Elizabeth     226a   2  226b
Gains          Henry S       226a   3  226b
Gains          Hiram         225a  27  225b
Gains          Jas           228a  12  228b
Galiway        Wm F          222a  13  222b
Gassaway       Obedience     225a  12  225b
George         Arthur        227a   6  227b
George         Isaac         225a   6  225b
George         Jas           226a  26  226b
George         Jesse         231a  11  231b
Gilaspie       Wm            223a  13  223b
Gilleland      Allen         231a  14  231b
Gilleland      Elizabeth     229a   8  229b
Ginn           Ruffin        222a  15  222b
Goble          Cornelius     228a  25  228b
Goble          John          228a   6  228b
Godfrey        Ansel         227a  22  227b
Godfrey        Thos          223a  16  223b
Gooch          Tilman        230a  16  230b
Grantham       Wm M          225a  16  225b
Green          John          235a   1  235b
Grice          Isaac         222a   6  222b
Ham            Ezekial       227a  14  227b
Hamby          Wm            228a  10  228b
Harris         John L        231a   1  231b
Heady          George        233a   5  233b
Henson         Andrew B      231a  23  231b
Henson         Isaac         233a   1  233b
Henson         Jas B         232a  18  232b
Henson         Thompson M    233a  17  233b
Henson         Wm N          231a  24  231b
Hicks          Henry         233a  20  233b
Hide           Isaiah        223a  21  223b
Hide           Reuben        228a  27  228b
Higginbottom   Frances G     224a   9  224b
Holbrooks      Alexander     222a  19  222b
Holden         Isaac         233a  21  233b
Hopkins        Wm            234a  27  234b
Hunter         Richard       232a   8  232b
Hunter         Robt          229a   2  229b
Jackson        Wm            222a  16  222b
Jarratt        Jas           224a  27  224b
Johnston       John          229a  21  229b
Johnston       Thos          222a  18  222b
Jones          Jas M         223a  10  223b
Jones          Joseph        224a  17  224b
Jones          Martin        223a  24  223b
Jones          Wm            224a  26  224b
Jones          Wm            225a   1  225b
Keener         Abraham       226a   8  226b
Kelly          George        233a  25  233b
Kelly          John          228a   4  228b
Kelly          John          234a  11  234b
Kelly          John L        232a  16  232b
Kelly          Thos          234a  13  234b
Kelly          Thos, Red     234a   7  234b
Kelly          Wm            230a  18  230b
King           Isaac         228a   8  228b
Langston       John          233a  27  233b
Ledbetter      Jas           234a  10  234b
Lilly          Lewis         223a   3  223b
Loots          George        229a  13  229b
Loots          Joseph, Sen   230a   5  230b
Lovelady       Davis         232a   2  232b
Lovelady       Solomon       231a  17  231b
Lovelady       Thos          229a  10  229b
Lovell         Isaac         223a   9  223b
Lunceford      George        222a  10  222b
Lunceford      Wm            225a  24  225b
Martin         Jas           229a  18  229b
McCane         Thos          234a   3  234b
McClain        David         222a  11  222b
McClain        Ephraim E     223a   8  223b
McClain        Jas N         223a   7  223b
McClain        John          222a   5  222b
McClain        John          222a  22  222b
McClure        Andrew        230a  13  230b
McDaniel       David         230a  20  230b
McDaniel       David L       226a   6  226b
McGuire        Wm S          233a   4  233b
McKeney        Thos          233a   3  233b
McKeney        Wm            233a   2  233b
McKenzie       Chesley       224a  25  224b
Middleton      Thos          224a   3  224b
Miler          Sally         223a  23  223b
Miller         Andrew        222a   1  222b
Miller         John C        222a   2  222b
Mires          Elizabeth     226a  18  226b
Moody          Martin        234a   2  234b
More           Eli           225a   2  225b
More           John B        231a  22  231b
More           Jordan        225a   8  225b
More           Wm            232a   9  232b
Morgan         Rebecca       233a  11  233b
Morris         John          225a  20  225b
Morris         Thos          223a  27  223b
Moss           Jas           229a   3  229b
Mozley         David         229a  11  229b
Nevell         Jas B         227a  19  227b
Norris         Wm            232a   4  232b
Norton         Messer        229a  12  229b
Oakes          David         222a  26  222b
O'Bryant       Caleb         234a   6  234b
Odell          Benjamin      223a  18  223b
Oliver         Michael       226a   9  226b
Owen           Wm            225a  19  225b
Page           Cary          225a   7  225b
Page           David         227a  11  227b
Parkes         John          222a  17  222b
Patterson      George        226a   1  226b
Patterson      John          230a  21  230b
Patterson      Joseph        234a  17  234b
Patterson      Roley         227a   7  227b
Pell           Wm            230a  11  230b
Penroy         John          230a  17  230b
Pinson         Curtice       226a  13  226b
Pinson         Joseph        226a  11  226b
Powell         Edley         222a  27  222b
Powell         Jas B         223a   1  223b
Powell         Jefferson     223a   5  223b
Powell         Plesant       226a   4  226b
Powell         Tilman        225a  21  225b
Price          Ervin         222a   7  222b
Price          Jas B         226a  23  226b
Price          John B        226a  24  226b
Qualls         Hubbard       224a  10  224b
Quarles        David         226a  20  226b
Quarles        Robt          233a  19  233b
Ramy           Eleanor       230a   3  230b
Ramy           Isaac         228a  15  228b
Ramy           Jas           227a  20  227b
Ramy           Thos          227a   5  227b
Ramy           Thos, Ser     227a  18  227b
Ramy           Wm            227a  21  227b
Redman         Richard       226a   5  226b
Richards       Wm            227a  15  227b
Roach          Jas           227a   2  227b
Roberts        John          229a  22  229b
Roggers        Jas           228a  21  228b
Roper          Thos          227a  10  227b
Russell        Elisha        222a   8  222b
Russell        George        232a   7  232b
Sammon         Groves        232a   6  232b
Sanders        Isaac         233a  16  233b
Scarlet        Lewis D       234a  16  234b
Scoggins       Charles       231a  25  231b
Scrugs         Jas           228a  24  228b
Selvey         Joel          228a  23  228b
Sharley        Benjamin      224a  12  224b
Shaw           Wm            231a  13  231b
Shayrs         Thos          228a  17  228b
Shayrs         Wm            234a  19  234b
Shayrs         Wm, Ser       228a  11  228b
Shed           John          235a   5  235b
Shelton        Benjamin      229a   6  229b
Singleton      Henry         226a  27  226b
Singleton      Jas           234a   8  234b
Singleton      Wm            227a   1  227b
Slaten         Zebedee       224a  23  224b
Smith          George        234a   1  234b
Smith          Hampton       228a   7  228b
Smith          Jas           230a  23  230b
Smith          John          224a   5  224b
Smith          Joshua        235a   4  235b
Smith          Robt          223a   2  223b
Smith          Wm            230a  15  230b
Spivy          Wm            233a   9  233b
Steel          Richard       229a  16  229b
Stone          Aaron         227a  23  227b
Stone          Thos          227a  13  227b
Stonecypher    Jas           222a  23  222b
Strand         John          230a   2  230b
Strother       Jas           228a  19  228b
Sutton         Ambrose       232a  22  232b
Syms           Joseph        225a   4  225b
Tally          Cration       228a   2  228b
Tally          Evan          228a  14  228b
Taylor         Robt          234a  26  234b
Taylor         Wm            224a   4  224b
Tilley         Lazarus       231a   7  231b
Tirpen         Jas           226a  17  226b
Tirpin         Elias         233a  26  233b
Tredaway       Wm            229a  27  229b
Visage         Wm            230a  14  230b
Walker         John          224a   1  224b
Wall           Drewry        228a  13  228b
Wall           Etheld        233a  18  233b
Wall           Jesse         225a   3  225b
Wall           Wm            228a   9  228b
Wammack        Elizabeth     225a   5  225b
Watkins        Thos          234a   9  234b
Watts          Joseph        231a   9  231b
Watts          Pleasant      229a  25  229b
Webb           Jeremiah      232a  24  232b
Wever          Koonrod       227a  27  227b
Wever          Martha        234a  24  234b
White          John          232a   5  232b
Williams       Amos          227a   8  227b
Williams       Caliway       224a   7  224b
Williams       Edward        226a  22  226b
Williams       Etheld        227a  12  227b
Williams       Jonathan      227a  17  227b
Williams       Joseph        227a   4  227b
Williams       Martin        231a   2  231b
Williams       Wm            226a  25  226b
Williams       Wm, Ser       227a   3  227b
Willson        Robt          229a   5  229b
Willson        Wm            222a   4  222b
Willy          John          234a  21  234b
Wimpy          Daniel        230a  24  230b
Woodall        Drewry        224a  19  224b
Woodall        Joseph        225a  10  225b
Woodall        Morgan        224a  15  224b
Woodall        Wm            224a  22  224b
Woods          Robt          232a  20  232b
Woods          Thos          230a   6  230b
Wootten        Chaney        227a  24  227b
Wootten        Dudley        224a  21  224b
Wootten        John          224a  20  224b
Word           Saml L        229a  17  229b
Worley         Wm            222a  20  222b
York           Jeffrey       230a   9  230b
York           Jeremiah      230a  22  230b
York           Semore        234a  14  234b
The free display of the 1830 Rabun County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Dawn Watson and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Laura Flanders
and proofread by Bridget Miller

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