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Rabun County, GA 1840 Federal Census Index
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The free display of the 1840 Rabun County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Dawn Watson and the permission of S-K Publications. 
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family        LEFT     RIGHT
Alexander     James           215a   6  215b
Allen         James           211a  22  211b
Arendale      Charles         216a   4  216b
Arrendal      Thomas          218a  15  218b
Avans         William         206a  16  206b
Banfield      Henry           211a  21  211b
Barnes        Nineba          209a  23  209b
Beck          Gideon          218a  14  218b
Beck          James           215a   3  215b
Beck          Samuel          210a   1  210b
Belote        Edmonod         217a  23  217b
Billingley    James           210a  12  210b
Billingsly    Andrew          210a  21  210b
Blaylock      Alfred          211a   5  211b
Blaylock      Celia           219a  10  219b
Blaylock      Willborn        219a   9  219b
Bleckley      James           215a   1  215b
Bonfield      Absolem         212a   1  212b
Bottoms       Parker          215a   8  215b
Brablet       A. L.           211a   9  211b
Bramblet      Jesse           212a  14  212b
Bramlet       Reuben          212a  21  212b
Brown         Andrew          210a  15  210b
Brown         James C.        215a  14  215b
Brown         William         210a   8  210b
Burch         Janet           213a  15  213b
Burch         John            213a  14  213b
Callahan      Josias          215a  24  215b
Cannon        Henry           218a   3  218b
Cannon        Hiram J.        217a  30  217b
Cannon        Horace W.       218a   4  218b
Cannon        Isaac F.        212a  12  212b
Cannon        McKenzie F.     211a  30  211b
Capehart      Jacob           216a   3  216b
Capehart      Thomas          215a  26  215b
Cardin        Julian          216a  15  216b
Carnes        Jackson         217a  17  217b
Carnes        Matison         218a   7  218b
Carnes        William         211a  23  211b
Carson        John            219a   2  219b
Carter        Isabel          214a   5  214b
Carter        Jesse           213a  23  213b
Carter        Josiah H.       219a  12  219b
Carver        Thomas          210a  20  210b
Coffee        Cleveland       211a  28  211b
Coffee        Edward          206a  22  206b
Coffee        Elijah          207a   2  207b
Coffee        Elijah          214a  12  214b
Coffee        Ivory           212a   9  212b
Coffee        Jesse           219a   1  219b
Coffee        Joel            207a   6  207b
Coffee        John            206a  11  206b
Coffee        John            214a  13  214b
Coleman       Thomas          219a   6  219b
Crawford      Martin          215a   4  215b
Croan         Jacob           215a  15  215b
Croan         Laurance        215a  10  215b
Crow          James N.        211a   7  211b
Crow          Peter           211a  18  211b
Curtis        Amos            213a   3  213b
Davis         William         216a   6  216b
Deaton        A. B.           212a  17  212b
Derrick       Joseph          215a  17  215b
Dickerson     O. T.           213a   1  213b
Dillard       James           214a   3  214b
Dillard       John            213a   6  213b
Dilligham     William         213a  11  213b
Dillingham    Hyram           213a   8  213b
Dillingham    John            213a  16  213b
Dockins       Alfred          218a   8  218b
Dover         Bailey          211a  26  211b
Dover         Frederick       211a  25  211b
Dover         Rial            212a   7  212b
Duncan        Daniel          207a   5  207b
Dunlap        Johathan        219a  15  219b
Elarod        James           217a   7  217b
Eller         Jacob           213a  13  213b
Elliot        Ephraim         215a  28  215b
Ellor         Joseph          213a  20  213b
Evans         Pleasant        209a  18  209b
Evans         William         218a  16  218b
Forister      Amos            210a  24  210b
Forister      Fieldon         219a   5  219b
Forister      John            219a  25  219b
Forister      Mary            209a  13  209b
Forister      Samuel          213a  28  213b
Forister      Thomas K.       210a  13  210b
Foster        John            218a   5  218b
Fowler        Anthony         209a   8  209b
Fowler        David           209a   2  209b
Fowler        John            209a  27  209b
Fuller        Ransom          212a  11  212b
Gaines        Hiram           219a  27  219b
Gains         A. R.           215a   2  215b
Garland       Daniel          214a   1  214b
Garrison      Thomas M.       211a  27  211b
George        Jesse           217a   4  217b
Gillispie     William         213a   2  213b
Gining        Stephen         219a  22  219b
Goble         Cornelius       209a  25  209b
Goble         John            209a  17  209b
Godfrey       Ansel, Jun      206a  13  206b
Godfrey       Ansel, Sen.     206a  30  206b
Godfrey       Jesse           206a   9  206b
Godfrey       William         207a  11  207b
Godfrey       William, Sen.   207a   8  207b
Green         David           215a  21  215b
Greenwood     Alfred          214a   8  214b
Grice         Mason           213a   9  213b
Gunter        John W.         211a  15  211b
Halcom        Benjamin        209a  19  209b
Hall          Ann             219a  16  219b
Hall          John            216a  10  216b
Hallcom       Joshua          210a  30  210b
Hamby         William J.      210a  14  210b
Harris        Sampson         209a   3  209b
Hedon         George          219a  28  219b
Hedon         Joel            210a   6  210b
Hefner        Ephraim         218a   2  218b
Hefner        Samuel          218a   1  218b
Heinicutt     James           216a   5  216b
Hemphill      Joseph          214a  10  214b
Henley        John S.         216a   7  216b
Henson        Henry           210a   3  210b
Hide          Charles W.      217a  29  217b
Hide          Isaiah          215a  29  215b
Holbrook      Alexander       206a  27  206b
Holden        William         216a  13  216b
Holt          James           209a  24  209b
Hoolafield    Daniel          219a  18  219b
Hopper        Charles         213a  31  213b
Hopper        Samuel          214a  11  214b
Hunter        Richard         215a  11  215b
Irrons        John            214a  14  214b
Jackson       William         211a  12  211b
Jarrard       David           211a  13  211b
Jones         Abraham         206a  19  206b
Jones         Berryman J.     206a   7  206b
Jones         Jesse           217a   1  217b
Jones         Lewis N.        217a   2  217b
Jones         Martin          217a   3  217b
Jones         William         206a  17  206b
Jones         William         215a  31  215b
Jordan        John O.         217a  13  217b
Justice       Isaac           219a  19  219b
Justice       Lorenzey        215a   9  215b
Justice       Moses           219a  20  219b
Justice       Nancy           219a  21  219b
Justice       Thomas          213a  25  213b
Justice       William         213a  19  213b
Keener        Abraham         219a  11  219b
Keener        David           213a   5  213b
Keener        John            215a  27  215b
Kell          Hanah           209a  29  209b
Kell          James           209a   6  209b
Kell          James, Sen.     210a   9  210b
Kell          William         209a   5  209b
Kelley        James B.        209a  11  209b
Kelley        John            214a  16  214b
Kelley        Thomas          214a  18  214b
Kelley        William         215a  23  215b
Kerby         Morgan          215a  22  215b
King          Isaac           209a  20  209b
Langston      William D.      210a  29  210b
Love          David G.        206a   4  206b
Lovel         Andrew          211a  20  211b
Lovel         George          211a   8  211b
Lovel         George          212a  10  212b
Lovel         Isaac           218a  13  218b
Lovel         Jesse           211a  16  211b
Lovel         John            211a  14  211b
Lovless       James           210a  18  210b
Marshal       Jesse           214a   2  214b
Martin        A. J.           213a  30  213b
Martin        Ann             214a   9  214b
Masensgill    Robert          206a  20  206b
Massongill    Dread           208a   3  208b
Mathiss       John            218a  10  218b
McCurry       Amos            213a   7  213b
McDaniel      James H         219a  13  219b
McKenny       William         213a  27  213b
McLain        David           212a  20  212b
McLain        James           212a   5  212b
McLain        John            212a   8  212b
McLendon      Haley           206a  29  206b
McLoud        James H.        219a  14  219b
McLure        Andrew          211a   2  211b
McLure        Andrew          219a   8  219b
McLure        John            211a   1  211b
McLure        Walter          219a   7  219b
Moor          John P.         213a  21  213b
Moor          William         214a  15  214b
More          Eli             217a  15  217b
Morris        James           217a   6  217b
Morris        Thomas          217a  19  217b
Morton        Robert          209a   7  209b
Moseley       Henry T.        215a  16  215b
Murry         George          208a   2  208b
Myers         Elizabeth       206a  24  206b
Myers         Henry           209a  26  209b
Nichols       Wiley           217a  27  217b
Nicholson     Evan            210a  17  210b
Nicholson     Jane            210a  16  210b
Norris        Andrew M.       216a   9  216b
Oliver        Thomas W.       213a  29  213b
Owins         William         212a  13  212b
Page          Cary            207a  13  207b
Page          Harmon          206a  18  206b
Page          Richard         210a  11  210b
Parks         Alfred          211a   3  211b
Parks         Linchfield      212a  19  212b
Pelfrey       William         209a  30  209b
Pell          William         213a  17  213b
Powel         Eley            211a  29  211b
Powel         T. J.           211a  11  211b
Price         Rebecca         207a   9  207b
Price         Silas B.        207a   3  207b
Price         William C.      216a   2  216b
Pruett        Army            216a  16  216b
Qualls        Hubard          217a  10  217b
Qualls        Robert          217a   8  217b
Queen         Henson          210a  26  210b
Queen         William         216a  12  216b
Ramey         Elender         207a  12  207b
Ramey         Isaac           210a  19  210b
Ramey         John P.         206a  15  206b
Ramey         William         210a  22  210b
Redmond       Nancy           214a   6  214b
Reed          Robert          210a   5  210b
Reese         Lewis           209a  16  209b
Rich          Robert          206a   3  206b
Riche         Eli             213a   4  213b
Rodes         Abraim          212a  15  212b
Russell       John            207a  10  207b
Russell       William         217a   5  217b
Scruggs       John            213a  24  213b
Scrugs        James           208a   1  208b
Sharyer       William         210a   2  210b
Shaw          William         215a  12  215b
Shed          James           219a  26  219b
Shed          John            218a  18  218b
Shelton       Benjamin        209a   9  209b
Shirley       Berrymon        218a  12  218b
Shirley       Beverly         218a  19  218b
Simson        Shadrick        209a  14  209b
Singleton     James           206a  23  206b
Sitton        Ambrose         213a  12  213b
Sitton        Jonathan        212a  18  212b
Smith         Ambrose J.      217a  20  217b
Smith         Christopher     217a  11  217b
Smith         Elizabeth       212a  16  212b
Smith         George          217a  12  217b
Smith         Hezekiah        212a   4  212b
Smith         Joshua          218a   6  218b
Snider        Arvel           209a   1  209b
Spead         Terrell         209a  12  209b
Spicer        John            215a   7  215b
Stafford      William         210a  25  210b
Steel         John            213a  26  213b
Steel         Richard         215a   5  215b
Stephens      Naamon          211a  19  211b
Steward       Rosanna         214a   7  214b
Stone         Aaron           217a  22  217b
Stone         Thomas          217a  24  217b
Stonecypher   James           211a  31  211b
Stonecypher   Joseph          211a  10  211b
Swafford      Elihue          206a  31  206b
Syms          Joseph          206a  14  206b
Talley        Evan            210a   7  210b
Taylor        William A.      218a   9  218b
Teague        John            210a  23  210b
Teague        Manley          209a  21  209b
Teams         Adam            212a   2  212b
Teams         Daniel          212a   3  212b
Teams         George          211a   6  211b
Teams         Israel          211a  17  211b
Teams         Peter           211a   4  211b
Thomas        Eliha           214a   4  214b
Thomas        Rebecca         216a  14  216b
Tilley        Lazarus         211a  24  211b
Tramall       Hugh            213a  18  213b
Visage        Elizabeth       210a  27  210b
Waddall       John            215a  13  215b
Wafford       Benjamin        217a  18  217b
Wall          Burrell         210a  28  210b
Wall          David           210a   4  210b
Wall          Jesse           206a   6  206b
Wall          Miles           209a  10  209b
Wallace       Dinah           215a  30  215b
Wallace       Jesse           206a   5  206b
Wammac        Elizabeth       206a  28  206b
Watkins       Tolivar         209a  22  209b
Watts         Jacob           215a  19  215b
Watts         James           216a  18  216b
Watts         John            217a  28  217b
Watts         Joseph          215a  18  215b
Webb          Jeremiah        213a  22  213b
Weever        Coonrod         210a  10  210b
Weever        Joshua          209a  28  209b
Wellborn      Thomas          214a  17  214b
White         Robert          215a  25  215b
Whiteworth    Joseph T.       218a  17  218b
Whitmire      Stephen         206a  26  206b
Wilborn       Elisha          216a   8  216b
Wilkinson     Lemuel          216a  17  216b
Williams      Aaron           218a  11  218b
Williams      Abel            207a   7  207b
Williams      Amos            206a   8  206b
Williams      Calaway         217a  14  217b
Williams      Edward          207a   4  207b
Williams      Ethel D.        206a  10  206b
Williams      Joseph B.       217a  21  217b
Williams      Joseph B.       217a  26  217b
Williams      Martin          217a  25  217b
Williams      Riley           217a  31  217b
Williams      Thomas          206a   1  206b
Williams      William         206a   2  206b
Williams      William         212a   6  212b
Williamson    William, Sr     206a  12  206b
Willson       George          209a   4  209b
Willson       George          219a  23  219b
Willson       Philip          219a  24  219b
Willson       Rebecca         209a  15  209b
Wooddall      Joseph T        206a  25  206b
Wooddall      Morgan          207a   1  207b
Wooddall      Pinckney        206a  21  206b
Wootten       Chainey         219a  17  219b
Wootten       Gabriel         216a  11  216b
Worley        Silas           217a  16  217b
Worley        Woodson         217a   9  217b
Write         Jesse           213a  10  213b
York          Jeffrey         219a   3  219b
York          Jeremiah        219a   4  219b
York          John            215a  20  215b
York          Simon           216a   1  216b
The free display of the 1840 Rabun County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Dawn Watson and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Laura Flanders
and proofread by Bridget Miller

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