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Muscatine County, IA 1840 Federal Census Index
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The free display of the 1840 Muscatine County, Iowa census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Kimberly Hanfelt and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Susan Soden
and proofread by Cathy Labath
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has
two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the
Head-of-Household name is the "a" page, and the right-side of the
same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Abel           John D.        239a  31  239b
Adams          Asa            234a   1  234b
Alger          Pierson        234a  27  234b
Allen          James          235a   4  235b
Allen          Jas.           238a   4  238b
Allen          Jeremiah       234a   4  234b
Allen          Rich'd         242a  15  242b
Allen          T.             236a   6  236b
Anderson       J.             239a  27  239b
Asher          Wm.            233a  25  233b
Austin         H. N.          233a  14  233b
Ayers          Wm S.          237a  22  237b
Baggeley       Simon A.       234a  13  234b
Baggrely       Lois           234a  11  234b
Baker          David          240a  15  240b
Baker          Jacob          233a  11  233b
Baker          Wm.            236a  24  236b
Banks          A.M.           232a  21  232b
Barkherst      .              238a  28  238b
Barnford       Robt.          231a  21  231b
Barns          Enos           234a  12  234b
Battell        T. L.          238a  15  238b
Bayorth        Volentin       234a  18  234b
Bear           Solomon        237a   5  237b
Beatty         Jas            240a  10  240b
Beeson         A.             237a  21  237b
Bell           Elisha         236a  11  236b
Belot          Peter          232a  18  232b
Bennett        Mr.            236a  26  236b
Berkshire      Mr             238a  27  238b
Berry          Benj.          233a  24  233b
Bishop         Thomas         240a   6  240b
Blanchard      Aaron          242a  14  242b
Blanchard      Ahimas         242a  12  242b
Blaydes        W. H.          237a  12  237b
Bloomer        Fred           233a   6  233b
Bloomer        Henry          233a   7  233b
Boggs          Anthony        235a   8  235b
Boulin         Sarah          233a   1  233b
Branderberry   N. H.          233a  26  233b
Bratt          Saml           240a   4  240b
Brewer         .              231a  13  231b
Bridgman       J.             237a  30  237b
Briggs         John           242a   4  242b
Briggs         Mary           242a   5  242b
Brook          Ben            240a   5  240b
Brown          Mathew         233a  28  233b
Brownell       Wm             237a  17  237b
Bruis          Elias V.       231a  23  231b
Bruland        .              238a  24  238b
Bryant         Wm.            240a  19  240b
Buckmaker      .              238a  30  238b
Bumgardner     Geo.           231a  26  231b
Burditt        Thomas         242a  19  242b
Burns          Christopher    239a  10  239b
Carns          William        234a  10  234b
Cawkins        A. C.          239a  20  239b
Chamberlain    Levi           231a   7  231b
Chamberlin     Aaron          235a  26  235b
Chambers       Jas            239a  23  239b
Chambers       Wm             231a   9  231b
Champ          J. W.          242a  11  242b
Childers       Hiram          242a   7  242b
Chinn          Thomas         239a   7  239b
Clark          J.             237a  29  237b
Clark          Timoth T.      235a  23  235b
Clark          William        234a  15  234b
Cline          Jacob          235a  20  235b
Cloud          David          238a  10  238b
Coleman        Chester        234a  22  234b
Collett        Charles        233a  17  233b
Collier        Joel           239a  29  239b
Collier        Saml           239a  28  239b
Combs          Mrs.           231a  22  231b
Comstock       Samuel C.      239a   9  239b
Conklin        John           235a   3  235b
Conklin        Peter          233a   9  233b
Corothers      Mary           234a   6  234b
Corrothers     John           234a   7  234b
Couch          Moses          238a  11  238b
Coulter        Joseph         233a  30  233b
Covell         Dr             239a  19  239b
Cox            Joseph         233a  21  233b
Crane          John           241a   7  241b
Crial          George M.      236a   3  236b
Cullen         Mr             238a  23  238b
Daniel         Wm.            236a   8  236b
Darlington     Thos           238a  29  238b
Davis          Jas            238a   5  238b
Davis          Robt           237a   1  237b
Denarnander    T. A.          236a   5  236b
Denning        Horace         233a  15  233b
Dennison       John           234a  26  234b
Denny          Hood           233a   2  233b
Dewebber       W. F.          238a  16  238b
Dibble         Mrs            237a  23  237b
Dinsmore       .              241a  18  241b
Dollarhide     .              231a  12  231b
Dory           I. C.          237a  14  237b
Downs          Joseph         237a  27  237b
Duesenbery     .              239a  25  239b
Dunn           Francis A.     242a  17  242b
Dusenbery      H.             231a  10  231b
Eagleson       Allen          234a  29  234b
Edgington      James          233a  31  233b
Edgington      Joseph Jr.     233a  29  233b
Edgington      Joseph Sr.     233a  27  233b
Edginton       Danl           237a  16  237b
Edginton       Margery        237a   7  237b
Fairchild      Dr.            238a   1  238b
Farnsworth     Asael          231a  19  231b
Fay            Pliny          242a  13  242b
Fay            R. R.          237a  15  237b
Fich           Dr.            236a  16  236b
Fields         Nelson         236a  12  236b
Fink           Henry          237a  26  237b
Fish           C.             238a  26  238b
Fish           Wm             233a  10  233b
Fletcher       J. R.          231a  27  231b
Franklin       .              231a  14  231b
Fread          Mr.            236a  30  236b
Fryberger      Wm             240a  16  240b
Fullington     Norman         233a  12  233b
Gadden         Wm.            235a   6  235b
Galleland      David          235a   5  235b
Gates          Joel           238a   9  238b
Gilbert        Mr.            231a  25  231b
Godden         Gallathen      234a  24  234b
Goodbury       Silas          232a  23  232b
Gordon         Major          236a  13  236b
Graham         Eli            232a  16  232b
Graham         Robt.          232a  14  232b
Green          Gabriel J.     242a   1  242b
Green          Michael        233a   8  233b
Green          Michael        234a   8  234b
Green          Nathan         232a  22  232b
Gregg          Asa            234a  14  234b
Grosen         G.             241a  14  241b
Hadley         Stephen        231a  20  231b
Hallock        Nathl.         234a  30  234b
Hardgin        Jarvis         231a  24  231b
Harris         John           239a  22  239b
Hartyell       Michael        236a  10  236b
Head           James T.       238a  21  238b
Healy          Danl. L.       235a  22  235b
Henderson      Charles        235a  19  235b
Hendrickson    John           235a   9  235b
Hendrickson    Saul           234a  25  234b
Hendrickson    William        235a  10  235b
Hesser         John           231a  17  231b
Hesser         Peter          231a  16  231b
Hethington     Richd.         232a   9  232b
Hide           Clark          240a   3  240b
Higley         Osias          241a  16  241b
Hill           Joshua         239a  13  239b
Hocker         John           241a  11  241b
Holliday       John           232a  26  232b
Holliday       Saml.          232a  20  232b
Holt           J. W.          235a   7  235b
Hone           Luther         239a  17  239b
Hoops          J. J.          241a   3  241b
Hoper          Jacob          232a  17  232b
Hote           Jacob          240a  18  240b
Hotten         Jonah          235a  15  235b
Howard         Michael        238a  20  238b
Huber          Jahiel         242a   3  242b
Hugh           Asa            235a  18  235b
Hunt           Geo W.         240a   8  240b
Hunt           John           240a  11  240b
Hushman        .              240a  22  240b
Hustead        M.             231a   8  231b
Husted         John           240a  21  240b
Jean           Joseph         233a  22  233b
Jennison       U. Q.          242a  16  242b
Johnson        T. B.          237a  28  237b
Jones          George         232a  15  232b
Kinkead        George         242a   2  242b
Kinney         Saml           237a  18  237b
Kinsley        G.             238a  25  238b
Knap           Daniel         235a  29  235b
Lagrone        Jas.           239a   2  239b
Lakin          John L.        238a  22  238b
Lancaster      Cornelius      234a  23  234b
Lane           John G.        234a   9  234b
Lathrop        Silas          242a   6  242b
Laughlin       Robt           237a  25  237b
Lee            Barton         237a  10  237b
Leffingwell    William        234a  28  234b
Leoverich      Wm.            235a  27  235b
Levitt         A. B.          239a  18  239b
Lewis          A.             238a  17  238b
Lillibridge    .              231a  15  231b
Lilly          M.             238a   7  238b
Long           Jacob          232a   6  232b
Long           Ware           239a  14  239b
Lord           Richd.         233a  23  233b
Love           William        232a  25  232b
Low            R. P.          238a  14  238b
Lucus          Saml.          233a  13  233b
Ludlow         Benj           240a   7  240b
Mackenner      Mr.            236a  27  236b
Mackmore       .              231a  11  231b
Magoon         Isaac          237a   3  237b
Manen          Mrs            239a  26  239b
Marble         John           241a  17  241b
Marsy          Henry          231a   6  231b
Mathews        Dorance        241a  10  241b
Mathews        Hiram          238a  19  238b
Mathews        John M.        235a  14  235b
Mathews        Joseph C.      241a   8  241b
Mathews        Mathew         241a   9  241b
McCardy        John H.        232a  13  232b
McCarthy       Andrew         232a  24  232b
McCla***       Wm             232a  30  232b
McCormick      John           240a  20  240b
McGee          Chas.          239a   4  239b
McGrew         Lewis T.       232a   8  232b
McInerow       E.             241a   6  241b
Mice           Mary           234a  19  234b
Miller         John           233a  16  233b
Moorehouse     **             236a  14  236b
Morford        Thomas         233a   3  233b
Mulford        John P.        241a   2  241b
Nichols        Samuel         234a   5  234b
Nucomb         Daniel T.      236a  22  236b
Nye            Benj.          236a   9  236b
Nye            Stephen        236a   2  236b
Odel           Thos.          235a   2  235b
Ogelvie        Adam           238a   3  238b
Olds           B. S.          237a  11  237b
Olds           Gamaliel       234a   2  234b
Olmstead       Mr.            236a  29  236b
Pace           Joseph         236a  21  236b
Pace           Michael        236a  20  236b
Panin          John A.        238a   2  238b
Parmer         Capt           238a  12  238b
Parrott        Susan          237a   9  237b
Parvin         Josiah         241a   1  241b
Parvin         Wm.            241a  12  241b
Patmore        James          232a   7  232b
Patterson      John           240a   2  240b
Patterson      Wm             231a   5  231b
Paulson        J.             239a  21  239b
Perrin         Moses          241a   5  241b
Philips        Andrew         234a  20  234b
Philips        Ben            232a   5  232b
Philips        James          232a  19  232b
Pigman         P*             236a  28  236b
Purges         Saml.          235a  13  235b
Purse          J. R.          236a  18  236b
Reed           John           241a  13  241b
Reynolds       Addison        239a   5  239b
Reynolds       Eli            239a   8  239b
Reynolds       Esther         240a  17  240b
Richarson      Silas          232a   1  232b
Richason       Fifield        234a  16  234b
Richie         John D.        236a  19  236b
Richman        John           239a   1  239b
Right          Edward         231a   4  231b
Ruce           Mrs            237a  24  237b
Rufaler        James          235a  28  235b
Ruscow         Anthony        235a  17  235b
Saltmarsh      Lyman          239a  12  239b
Sams           Mr.            239a   3  239b
Sells          William        236a   1  236b
Shannon        Francis        235a   1  235b
Shelly         John M.        231a   2  231b
Sherfey        John           231a  18  231b
Shortridge     Saml.          242a   9  242b
Silverthon     Mr.            236a  25  236b
Simpson        James          233a  20  233b
Simpson        Thomas         233a  19  233b
Skinner        Robt           237a  19  237b
Smalley        A.             242a  10  242b
Smith          D. S.          238a   6  238b
Smith          Egbert         234a  21  234b
Snider         J. D.          238a   8  238b
Spurgen        Lios           235a  12  235b
St. John       Wm.            237a  13  237b
Standard       Lonzo          239a  11  239b
Stark          Thomas         232a  31  232b
Stark          Wm Jr.         232a  32  232b
Stark          Wm Sr.         232a  29  232b
Stell          Jas            231a   3  231b
Stenns         Geo. W.        235a  21  235b
Stewart        Robt.          234a  17  234b
Storms         George         232a   2  232b
Storms         Samuel         232a   4  232b
Stull          Wm.            236a  23  236b
Suem           James          237a   6  237b
Sutherland     M.             239a  24  239b
Tatham         Thos.          235a  16  235b
Teahon         William        233a   5  233b
Thompson       James          235a  11  235b
Thornton       Es             232a  10  232b
Thornton       Martha         232a  11  232b
Tracy          V.             232a   3  232b
Trusville      O. L.          241a  15  241b
Vanatta        John           242a   8  242b
Vanhagen       Isaac P.       234a  31  234b
Vanhorn        N.             239a  30  239b
Vanlaningham   Mrs.           242a  20  242b
Velie          Mrs.           236a  15  236b
Velie          Wm.            236a  17  236b
Wallaker       Jacob          233a   4  233b
Walling        Jerome B.      239a  16  239b
Walling        John           239a  15  239b
Walling        Lewis          236a   4  236b
Walton         Amos           239a   6  239b
Wamack         Wm. H.         235a  25  235b
Warfield       Charles        237a   4  237b
Warfield       David          242a  18  242b
Webster        Asa            236a   7  236b
Weed           Benj Dr.       237a  20  237b
Welch          James          238a  18  238b
Wells          Henry          240a  12  240b
Wells          John           240a  13  240b
Wells          Justin         240a   1  240b
Whicher        Stephen        238a  13  238b
White          Mathew         235a  24  235b
Wiley          Holliday       232a  28  232b
Williams       Henry          233a  18  233b
Williams       Hon J.         241a  19  241b
Wills          Nicholas       240a  14  240b
Wilson         John           235a  30  235b
Wimple         .              240a   9  240b
Winchester     Hubbard        234a   3  234b
Witters        Wm C.          231a   1  231b
Woodward       Wm G.          241a   4  241b
Wright         Felge          232a  12  232b
Wright         Linda          232a  27  232b
Young          Nehemiah       237a   2  237b
Zeuglier       John           237a   8  237b
This index was transcribed by Susan Soden
and proofread by Cathy Labath

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