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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census,
each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page
which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the
remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Adair       Phillip           238a  16  238b
Allen       Enos T.           238a   1  238b
Allen       James             233a   8  233b
Allen       Robert            245a  22  245b
Allen       Sophia            246a  12  246b
Allen       Susan             240a  10  240b
Allen       William           243a  13  243b
Allen       William, Senr.    238a   3  238b
Allen       Zackariah         243a  14  243b
Anderson    John              238a  21  238b
Arrowwood   William           247a  23  247b
Atkinson    Joseph T.         234a   5  234b
Atkinson    Mathew            238a   4  238b
Barker      Jacob             243a  20  243b
Barker      John              244a  17  244b
Barker      Thomas            244a  14  244b
Barnes      James             234a  24  234b
Barns       David             237a   1  237b
Beccard     Tobitha           238a   5  238b
Beckham     James             247a   4  247b
Bennan      Eli               239a  20  239b
Bickerstaff Westley           238a  11  238b
Bigerstaff  Alfred            237a  25  237b
Bigerstaff  Elizabeth         237a  21  237b
Bigerstaff  Hiram             235a   3  235b
Bigerstaff  Samuel            237a  20  237b
Billings    Arden             242a  13  242b
Black       Levi              246a   5  246b
Blevins     Elijah            245a   2  245b
Bond        Martin            239a   2  239b
Book        Thomas            242a  20  242b
Booth       Isaac             247a  10  247b
Borden      John              242a   8  242b
Bowlin      James             239a  12  239b
Boyd        Solomon           241a  24  241b
Braden      Thomas, Senr.     244a   9  244b
Bradford    Samuel            233a  17  233b
Brady       Jacob             244a  12  244b
Brady       John              243a  24  243b
Brady       Thomas, Jr.       244a  20  244b
Brown       Isaac             240a  16  240b
Burrass     Elijah            235a  11  235b
Burton      John              240a  21  240b
Campbell    Eleander          246a  19  246b
Campbell    John              237a  16  237b
Cantrell    Sampson           242a  26  242b
Chaddock    John              240a   9  240b
Chapman     John              236a   6  236b
Chitwood    Shadrack          247a  13  247b
Clanter     Isaac             241a  22  241b
Clark       Jacob, Junr.      239a   5  239b
Clark       Jacob, Senr.      238a  20  238b
Clark       John M.           246a   4  246b
Clark       Willam            241a  19  241b
Clench      Thomas V.         246a  27  246b
Coic        Alexander         247a   8  247b
Collins     Joseph            244a  22  244b
Collins     Martin, Sr.       237a   8  237b
Collins     Solomon           235a   6  235b
Cook        John              246a  22  246b
Cook        Stephen           246a  23  246b
Coons       John              239a  18  239b
Coons       Martin, Jr.       235a   7  235b
Copeland    Anthony           243a  12  243b
Crecil      Henry             236a  14  236b
Cricle      George            239a  15  239b
Cross       Asahel            241a  25  241b
Cross       John              243a   8  243b
Cross       William           246a  18  246b
Crouch      Adam              238a  22  238b
Crown       Samuel            247a  26  247b
Dabney      John              233a  25  233b
Dailey      William           239a  28  239b
Daily       Anderson          237a   3  237b
Dale        John              242a   3  242b
Dale        Lisle             237a  13  237b
Davenport   John              233a   4  233b
Davenport   Ortha             236a  25  236b
Davis       Azariah           240a  13  240b
Davis       John              244a   5  244b
Davis       Joshua            236a   9  236b
Davis       William           241a   7  241b
Deats       Samuel            233a  10  233b
Denny       William           239a   9  239b
Dobbs       Josiah            240a  12  240b
Douglass    Daniel            243a  10  243b
Dragoo      John              247a  24  247b
Drew        Langston          234a  26  234b
Dudley      Ambrose           242a  10  242b
Dudley      Butler            245a  25  245b
Dudley      William           245a  17  245b
Duvace      Archibald         242a   9  242b
Ellis       William           242a   1  242b
Enatnip     Jacob             238a  14  238b
Enatnip     John              238a  13  238b
Enatnip     Joseph            239a  21  239b
Epley       John              240a  25  240b
Eubanks     William           245a   5  245b
Eudalie     John              237a   9  237b
Eudaly      Vincent           235a   8  235b
Everett     Elijah            245a  23  245b
Everett     John              245a  18  245b
Ezra        Abner             245a   4  245b
Ezra        George            244a  11  244b
Ezra        Thomas            244a  24  244b
Farmer      John              235a  20  235b
Ferris      David C.          246a   7  246b
Flannagan   Samuel            244a   2  244b
Flint       John              244a  15  244b
Ford        Abraham           247a  22  247b
Foster      Samuel            244a  28  244b
Fuller      John              237a  28  237b
Galcher     James C.          246a   2  246b
Gambie      Thomas            238a  28  238b
Garner      Moses B.          234a  23  234b
Garrison    Samuel            233a  14  233b
Garvin      John B.           234a  14  234b
Gatlin      Edward            236a  16  236b
Gatlin      Sarah             236a  18  236b
Gattin      James             240a  11  240b
Gavison     David             239a   8  239b
Gholson     Eli               243a  15  243b
Gholson     James             243a  18  243b
Gholson     Nathaniel         246a  17  246b
Gholson     W. W.             245a  20  245b
Gholson     William           243a  17  243b
Gill        Joseph            246a  20  246b
Gordon      Elisha            233a   9  233b
Gottingham  Thomas            236a  20  236b
Greathouse  Hiram             246a  15  246b
Green       Henry             235a  18  235b
Green       Lewis             237a  10  237b
Green       Richmond          238a  17  238b
Grider      William           236a  19  236b
Grimes      Adonijah          246a  21  246b
Grimes      Stephen           246a  11  246b
Grindstaff  John              235a  22  235b
Gunter      Hezekiah          234a   4  234b
Hagg        Samuel, Jun.      240a  28  240b
Hagg        Samuel, Senr.     240a  23  240b
Hall        Isaac             240a  26  240b
Hall        James             242a  21  242b
Hall        John              241a   9  241b
Hall        Thomas            236a  15  236b
Hall        Vine              236a  17  236b
Ham         John              244a  26  244b
Hamilton    David L.          247a   7  247b
Hanks       Moses             245a  10  245b
Hardiste    Christopher       246a   6  246b
Hardiste    Jesse             246a  10  246b
Hardiste    William           247a  20  247b
Harris      James             245a   6  245b
Haster      Samuel            244a  10  244b
Heard       Stephen           245a  13  245b
Hencison    James             243a   6  243b
Hencison    Thomas            243a   7  243b
Hencison    William           242a  28  242b
Hiatt       Settle P.         240a   3  240b
Hill        Richard           234a   8  234b
Hollick     Andrew            234a  15  234b
Holliman    Tobias            234a  17  234b
Holliway    Thomas            247a  27  247b
Holly       Christopher       236a   4  236b
Hood        Benjamin          238a  19  238b
Hopkins     John              239a   3  239b
Hopson      James             236a   5  236b
Hopson      Jesse             241a  17  241b
Hornbeck    William           237a   7  237b
Howard      Joseph            246a  16  246b
Hudson      John              243a  25  243b
Hudson      Moses             233a  12  233b
Hudson      Revedence         243a  11  243b
Huffstuller John              242a   5  242b
Hughes      Sarah             247a  15  247b
Hungate     Mayor             234a  16  234b
Hustand     Abraham           235a   5  235b
Hustand     Henry             235a  26  235b
Hyatt       James             241a   8  241b
Hyatt       Jesse             240a  14  240b
Iron        Henry             242a  16  242b
Irving      Abraham           234a   1  234b
Irving      Jane              234a  12  234b
Irving      Josheph           238a   8  238b
Irving      Ranior            234a   2  234b
Irving      Robert            234a  19  234b
Janny       Nathan            246a   1  246b
Jenkins     Wid.              233a  21  233b
Johnson     Alexander         244a   7  244b
Johnson     Enoch             245a  12  245b
Johnson     Hezekiah          241a  10  241b
Johnson     Isaac             243a  27  243b
Johnson     Isaac, Jun        245a  15  245b
Johnson     Isaac, Senr.      244a   3  244b
Johnson     Jesse             241a   2  241b
Johnson     John              244a  23  244b
Johnson     Kesiah            233a  27  233b
Johnson     Robert            244a  27  244b
Johnson     Samuel            240a   6  240b
Johnson     Samuel            244a  16  244b
Johnson     William           239a  26  239b
Johnson     William           245a   1  245b
Johnson     William, Jr.      237a  11  237b
Jones       Asa               241a  13  241b
Jones       Leonard           238a  18  238b
Jones       Pleasant          243a  19  243b
Kandefer    Job               240a   4  240b
Keizer      Daniel            247a   6  247b
Kelsey      Samuel A. P.      247a  25  247b
Kid         Susan             233a  18  233b
Kimsey      Elijah            236a  11  236b
Kimsey      John              240a   2  240b
Kimsey      Robert            241a   3  241b
Kirkendale  James             233a  23  233b
Laine       Levin             238a  25  238b
Lancaster   James             238a   2  238b
Lane        Daberry           244a  13  244b
Lane        Ezekiel           235a   4  235b
Lane        James             236a  23  236b
Lane        Lewis             236a  22  236b
Lane        Lewis             244a  18  244b
Lane        Thomas            241a  12  241b
Lane        Thomas            241a  20  241b
Lane        William W.        241a   5  241b
Langhorn    John              247a  14  247b
Lasley      Francis           239a  25  239b
Laswell     Isaac             243a   1  243b
Laswell     William           243a   3  243b
Lee         Charles           242a  27  242b
Lewis       Jeremiah          237a  29  237b
Locke       Jonas G.          235a  12  235b
Lockhart    John              243a   4  243b
Lockwood    Jesse C.          233a   1  233b
Long        Henry             233a   6  233b
Lowe        John              235a  27  235b
Lowry       John              241a   1  241b
Mabaugh     Frederick         245a  19  245b
Maberry     Frederick, Sr.    245a  16  245b
Maberry     George            234a  18  234b
Maberry     Jacob             246a   3  246b
Maberry     Jesse             247a  16  247b
Maberry     Job               245a  24  245b
Maberry     Solomon           246a   8  246b
Malone      William           236a   7  236b
Mancel      Ira               237a  19  237b
Marshall    Daniel            233a   5  233b
Mauldin     Ennis             240a  24  240b
Maulding    Ambrose           242a   4  242b
Maulding    James             241a  18  241b
Maulding    William           239a   4  239b
Mauldins    John              237a  12  237b
McCallister Hector            240a  17  240b
McClenny    James             243a   9  243b
McCollister Anguish           235a  10  235b
McGongal    Eli               241a  16  241b
McKensie    Alexander         247a   2  247b
McKenzie    George            246a  25  246b
McKenzie    James             246a  26  246b
McNemar     Jeremiah          235a  14  235b
McPike      Richard           242a  12  242b
Miller      William S.        246a  13  246b
Minus       John              234a  10  234b
Mitchell    Ichabod           239a   1  239b
Moore       Alfred            239a  19  239b
Moore       Greenberry        244a   4  244b
Moore       Isam              244a   6  244b
Moore       James             234a  21  234b
Moore       John              234a  22  234b
Moore       Robert            234a  20  234b
Moore       Samuel            243a  29  243b
Morris      Edmund            246a  24  246b
Morris      Mason             241a   4  241b
Morris      Messhach          247a   9  247b
Morrow      Thomas            243a  28  243b
Moseley     James             237a  22  237b
Moseley     Marvel            237a  23  237b
Mulligan    James             244a   1  244b
Mushgrove   Moses             235a  16  235b
Mushgrove   Robert            235a  19  235b
Mushgrove   Samuel            235a  24  235b
Nelson      Willis H.         236a   8  236b
Newman      William P.        233a   2  233b
Norman      William           233a  15  233b
Ogle        Uriah             245a   3  245b
Oglesby     Relvill           241a  27  241b
Onstot      William           233a  16  233b
Owen        Wiley             242a   6  242b
Owens       John              240a   1  240b
Page        Joel              234a  11  234b
Page        Robert            234a  13  234b
Pedigo      Levi              246a   9  246b
Perry       Leroy             241a   6  241b
Perry       Redman            244a  19  244b
Phelps      Charles           233a   7  233b
Phips       Benjamin          238a   6  238b
Pierce      Abner             239a  27  239b
Pierce      Esethie           239a  22  239b
Plaster     Joseph            245a   9  245b
Porter      Robert            237a  24  237b
Porter      Tounson           243a  16  243b
Priest      John              242a  17  242b
Prince      John              237a  15  237b
Prince      Nathan            237a  14  237b
Proctor     Jane              235a  15  235b
Proctor     John              235a   2  235b
Proctor     John              239a  17  239b
Proctor     Joseph            242a  22  242b
Proctor     Little F.         236a  12  236b
Proctor     Nicholas          240a  18  240b
Proctor     Reuben            239a  23  239b
Proctor     Thomas            242a   7  242b
Rathbone    Lorenzo           233a   3  233b
Read        Jane              236a  10  236b
Read        William           246a  14  246b
Reigh       John              238a  12  238b
Reily       William           239a  10  239b
Rickey      James             233a  24  233b
Roberts     David             243a   5  243b
Robinson    John              245a   7  245b
Rodgers     Abigail           233a  11  233b
Ross        Mary              233a  22  233b
Ross        Patrick           234a   3  234b
Rust        William           245a  27  245b
Schoolcraft John              243a  26  243b
Scott       Daniel            247a  11  247b
Scott       Theodorick        233a  13  233b
Scott       Thomas            234a  27  234b
Sexton      Nany              235a  28  235b
Sexton      Samuel            236a   1  236b
Shain       James             247a   5  247b
Shelton     Joseph            240a   8  240b
Shelton     William           233a  19  233b
Shirley     Moses             239a  16  239b
Shirley     Nimrod            238a  15  238b
Shoemaker   Pleasant          242a   2  242b
Shomate     John              237a  26  237b
Shomate     John Thomas       237a  27  237b
Short       Joel              238a  27  238b
Short       Joshua            240a  27  240b
Simpkins    George            234a   7  234b
Simpkins    John              234a  28  234b
Sims        Martin            236a  21  236b
Sinks       Joel              235a   1  235b
Smith       Daniel            242a  19  242b
Smith       Elisabeth         242a  25  242b
Smith       John              242a  24  242b
Smith       Richard W.        234a  25  234b
Smith       Solomon           238a  24  238b
Snelling    Hugh              245a  14  245b
Statsman    John              239a  24  239b
Stevens     Fanny             236a  13  236b
Stewart     Daniel            235a   9  235b
Still       Thomas            242a  14  242b
Stilt       Samuel            245a  11  245b
Stone       Hiram             234a   6  234b
Stult       Nicholas          233a  20  233b
Sturman     William           233a  26  233b
Sweeter     Reuben            244a  21  244b
Taylor      Charles           244a  25  244b
Taylor      Chenas            243a  23  243b
Taylor      Cornelius         247a  17  247b
Taylor      Frederick         243a  22  243b
Taylor      Jesse             234a   9  234b
Taylor      Samuel            247a  19  247b
Taylor      William           247a  18  247b
Thompson    Adam              236a   2  236b
Tolly       Daniel            242a  11  242b
Townsend    Hiram             237a   2  237b
Townsend    John              240a  15  240b
Townsend    John, Sr.         242a  23  242b
Tramel      Nicholas          238a  10  238b
Trammel     Jarrett           242a  15  242b
Trammel     Jarrett, Junr.    241a  26  241b
Trigg       James             243a  21  243b
Trotter     Archibald         241a  15  241b
Tucker      James             243a   2  243b
Van         Willam            235a  23  235b
Vandeventer Robert            241a  11  241b
Veach       William           241a  21  241b
Vickers     James             245a  21  245b
Vinyard     Jeremiah          247a   1  247b
Waldridge   Levi              239a   7  239b
Waller      Richard           244a   8  244b
Ward        Samuel            238a   9  238b
Warfield    John              241a  14  241b
Watson      Arthur            239a   6  239b
Watson      Horister          238a  23  238b
Weaver      Joshua            247a  21  247b
Webb        Henry             245a  26  245b
Wells       Phillip           240a  20  240b
Wheeler     Henry             239a  11  239b
Wheeler     James             236a  24  236b
Wheeler     John              239a  14  239b
Wheeler     Thomas            235a  13  235b
Wheeler     William, Jr.      240a  22  240b
Wheeler     William, Senr.    241a  28  241b
Wheeler     Willis            238a  26  238b
White       Absalom           240a  19  240b
White       John              237a   4  237b
White       Thomas            235a  25  235b
Wilkes      John S.           236a  28  236b
Williams    Charles           238a   7  238b
Williams    John              241a  23  241b
Willis      Hardy C.          239a  13  239b
Willis      Mine              240a   5  240b
Wilson      John B.           237a  17  237b
Wilson      Robert            237a   6  237b
Wilson      Solomon           245a   8  245b
Wilson      William B.        237a  18  237b
Wiseman     William           237a   5  237b
Witheroe    Jane              235a  21  235b
Witt        Robert L.         236a  26  236b
Woodruff    Fielding          242a  18  242b
Woods       Thomas            247a   3  247b
Woodward    Macejah           240a   7  240b
York        Eli               236a  27  236b
York        Isam              236a   3  236b
York        John              235a  17  235b
Young       James             247a  12  247b
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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