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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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*orine        Susan          244a  16  244b
Adams         Ephraim        245a  4   245b
Adams         Zebulon        239a  5   239b
Allen         Wm M           240a  5   240b
Allin         Ananias W      245a  14  245b
Allin         Charles D      245a  9   245b
Allin         Isaac J        245a  8   245b
Allin         Solomon        245a  13  245b
Anderson      Geo W          242a  29  242b
Anderson      John           238a  4   238b
Arnspiger     Stephen        246a  21  246b
Artibury      David          245a  6   245b
Artibury      Hiram          245a  20  245b
Ashing        Mary           239a  13  239b
Ashing        Wm             239a  9   239b
Attic         Elizabeth      244a  7   244b
Babbett       Loven          238a  17  238b
Baitman       Henry A        244a  5   244b
Barber        Rily           236a  29  236b
Barnett       Wm C           248a  4   248b
Barr          Andrew J       246a  2   246b
Barr          John           246a  3   246b
Baugham       William W      235a  21  235b
Baughan       Benjamin       239a  8   239b
Beason        Henry          242a  5   242b
Bebee         Samuel         236a  19  236b
Beck          William        238a  7   238b
Bell          Baily F        237a  7   237b
Bird          John T         245a  26  245b
Black         John           241a  14  241b
Boggs         Robert P       248a  11  248b
Boman         Ezekial        235a  20  235b
Bonine        Clarke         244a  4   244b
Booker        Isaac          245a  1   245b
Bordwell      Ol**zar        246a  7   246b
Bowers        Samuel         240a  16  240b
Brasham       William        235a  2   235b
Brawley       Thomas         245a  11  245b
Brewner       David          235a  8   235b
Briant        Alfred S       244a  19  244b
Briant        Archey         244a  18  244b
Briggs        Charles        239a  27  239b
Brining       Jacob          246a  25  246b
Britt         Edmund         239a  26  239b
Brochears     Wm R           242a  28  242b
Brooks        Clarkson F     241a  13  241b
Brooks        David          241a  15  241b
Brown         Samuel         243a  14  243b
Brown         Valentine      245a  27  245b
Buckler       James          236a  26  236b
Buckles       Robert         242a  16  242b
Buckles       Wm             239a  28  239b
Buirks        David          242a  15  242b
Buirks        Isom           242a  14  242b
Buirks        James          236a  8   236b
Buirks        Jeremiah       242a  13  242b
Buirks        Rial           242a  8   242b
Buirks        Rowland        242a  27  242b
Buirks        Wineford       236a  12  236b
Burgine       Johanes        245a  24  245b
Burns         John           238a  3   238b
Burns         Wm             243a  20  243b
Calkins       Daniel A       246a  20  246b
Calwell       Thomas         238a  1   238b
Capps         Jabez          235a  9   235b
Cappy         Henry H        246a  12  246b
Carper        Charles        243a  10  243b
Carper        Reuben P       243a  11  243b
Carper        Samuel         243a  9   243b
Cartwell      Nancy          243a  5   243b
Cast          James          242a  22  242b
Chineth       Noah           243a  27  243b
Christian     Peter C        237a  22  237b
Clark         Daniel         241a  11  241b
Clark         Geo            247a  11  247b
Clark         John           241a  17  241b
Clark         John W         241a  12  241b
Cline         John           243a  25  243b
Clough        John L         238a  14  238b
Coapland      Abraham        236a  25  236b
Coapland      John           236a  23  236b
Collins       Hugh           236a  4   236b
Collins       Joseph         236a  3   236b
Constant      Archibald      243a  18  243b
Coons         Lebebus        238a  15  238b
Copeland      Isaac          242a  9   242b
Copeland      Miller         242a  10  242b
Copeland      Wm             242a  11  242b
Cottingham    William        244a  14  244b
Covington     James          238a  11  238b
Cowardin      Geo M P        239a  24  239b
Cowardin      Peter G        235a  1   235b
Craig         Lewis          237a  17  237b
Critz         Peter          240a  1   240b
Critze        John           238a  19  238b
Custard       Benjamin N     235a  15  235b
Daniel        Hiram          241a  5   241b
Darneal       Caleb          239a  16  239b
David         Thomas         246a  16  246b
Davis         Andrew C       245a  30  245b
Davis         Owen           246a  10  246b
Davis         Ruth           243a  22  243b
Dement        Joseph         235a  13  235b
Demint        Henry          241a  19  241b
Demint        Samuel         241a  20  241b
Demint        Wm             240a  17  240b
Denning       James          241a  27  241b
Denon         Wm             240a  18  240b
Deskin        John           248a  21  248b
Dixon         Jesse          247a  7   247b
Donnavan      David          239a  17  239b
Dotson        Edward         241a  7   241b
Dotson        Hiram          241a  1   241b
Dotson        John           241a  6   241b
Downing       Hannah         247a  23  247b
Downing       Josiah         240a  9   240b
Downing       Robert         240a  3   240b
Dunlap        Robert         237a  21  237b
Dunn          Benj S         248a  18  248b
Dunnon        Christain      235a  14  235b
Eason         Thomas         247a  13  247b
Edwards       Hiram          237a  11  237b
Edwards       John           244a  1   244b
Edwards       John M         247a  20  247b
Edwards       Wilson M       237a  9   237b
England       John           237a  4   237b
Enslow        David          237a  23  237b
Enslow        Thomas J       244a  3   244b
Evans         Saml           247a  1   247b
Evans         Samuel         248a  9   248b
Ewing         Forde          244a  24  244b
Ewing         John           247a  12  247b
Ewing         Smith          244a  25  244b
Fenders       Sarah          243a  6   243b
Fisk          Philip         246a  17  246b
Fleming       Geo A          239a  18  239b
Fletcher      Eli            240a  14  240b
Fletcher      Margaret       240a  15  240b
Fletcher      Thomas J       237a  15  237b
Fletcher      Thomas P       244a  15  244b
Foder         Samuel         246a  30  246b
Forbes        Jesse          248a  13  248b
Ford          Saml           247a  17  247b
Foster        Samuel         243a  28  243b
Foster        Squire         242a  18  242b
Fraikes       Wm             242a  3   242b
Frakes        Robert         241a  25  241b
Frakes        Wm, Sr         240a  7   240b
Fraks         Dawson         237a  12  237b
French        Asa            248a  2   248b
Friend        Elijah         236a  14  236b
Frisby        John           247a  8   247b
Gardner       James W        237a  5   237b
Gillett       John G.        236a  30  236b
Gintman       George         235a  26  235b
Glenn         William        238a  13  238b
Goldsmith     Samuel         239a  14  239b
Gott          Robert L       242a  21  242b
Gregory       Thos E         248a  6   248b
Gulliford     William        235a  10  235b
Hainey        James          237a  8   237b
Halstead      James S        238a  25  238b
Harvy         John           241a  29  241b
Haws          John           244a  21  244b
Haws          John W         244a  23  244b
Hayden        Wm             246a  18  246b
Heaton        Annias         237a  2   237b
Hedrick       Hiram W        236a  22  236b
Hedrick       John E         239a  22  239b
Hendrickson   Elijah         240a  24  240b
Hendrickson   Thomas         240a  25  240b
Herringman    James          245a  7   245b
Hildreth      McCarty        241a  2   241b
Hobbitt       John           238a  24  238b
Hobbs         Jesse          239a  7   239b
Homer         Truce H        238a  16  238b
Houchins      Preston        246a  9   246b
Houchins      Wm             246a  13  246b
Howser        Aaron          246a  24  246b
Howser        John           244a  17  244b
Howser        Joshua C       246a  22  246b
Howser        Mary           246a  23  246b
Howser        Solomon        244a  22  244b
Howser        Thos J         246a  26  246b
Hubbard       Alfred         243a  21  243b
Huchins       Jefferson      246a  1   246b
Hucking       William        245a  28  245b
Huffman       Hannah         247a  2   247b
Hurt          John C         248a  19  248b
Husinnetter   John C         237a  25  237b
Huston        Andrew         236a  13  236b
Huston        John           236a  16  236b
Hutchins      Wm             246a  8   246b
Irving        Samuel R       238a  12  238b
Isenheart     Jacob          237a  24  237b
Jackson       James          240a  8   240b
Jackson       Wm             242a  1   242b
Johnson       Elizabeth      246a  29  246b
Johnson       Henry          247a  15  247b
Johnson       Levi           247a  16  247b
Johnson       Nathaniel P    246a  28  246b
Jones         John M         245a  21  245b
Jones         Samuel         238a  20  238b
Jones         Stephen        246a  14  246b
Jones         Wm             246a  6   246b
Jorden        Seyrus         237a  1   237b
Judy          Daniel H       245a  18  245b
Kelley        Alexander      235a  25  235b
Kelly         Jeremiah       236a  15  236b
Kelso         Robert         237a  14  237b
Kerr          Wm             242a  2   242b
Key           Vina           239a  29  239b
Knapp         Colby          237a  28  237b
Knapp         Moses L        237a  29  237b
Knowles       Elijah         246a  4   246b
Landstone     Jaconiah       239a  15  239b
Lantis        Daniel         244a  10  244b
Lantis        Martin K       244a  12  244b
Latham        Richard        243a  19  243b
Laughery      David          240a  10  240b
Laughery      Nathaniel W    240a  11  240b
Laughlin      John C         243a  7   243b
Laurence      John           243a  13  243b
Laurence      Robert P       243a  17  243b
Laurence      Theodore       243a  12  243b
Leeland       Abner          247a  14  247b
Longworth     Wm             247a  5   247b
Low           Ivan           238a  21  238b
Lowery        David F        238a  8   238b
Lowery        Joseph         238a  9   238b
Lucas         Abraham        242a  4   242b
Lucas         Elijah         248a  10  248b
Lucas         Geo M P        239a  1   239b
Lucas         George B       236a  1   236b
Lucas         Hannah         236a  2   236b
Lucas         Jesse          235a  18  235b
Lucas         John           235a  16  235b
Lucas         Nancy          247a  19  247b
Lucas         Thomas         236a  7   236b
Lucas         Wm             242a  25  242b
Lynkins       Isaac          236a  24  236b
Mann          Abraham L      235a  23  235b
Mann          John           236a  20  236b
Mann          Michael        235a  22  235b
Martin        Drury          236a  10  236b
Martin        John, Jr       247a  26  247b
Martin        John, Senr     239a  19  239b
Martin        Samuel         247a  25  247b
Martin        Samuel G       238a  29  238b
Martin        Samuel H       241a  23  241b
Mason         Trueman        247a  6   247b
Mason         Wm             247a  28  247b
Mathews       Thos D         247a  30  247b
Mathews       Wm             248a  1   248b
McAfee        Charles        245a  29  245b
McAfee        Jacob          248a  5   248b
McAfee        Philip         237a  18  237b
McCarlisle    Lewis          238a  6   238b
McGarvey      Alexander      238a  5   238b
McGraid       William        248a  17  248b
McKinley      William        237a  26  237b
McKinney      Daniel F       241a  30  241b
Melton        Robert A       238a  10  238b
Midcalf       John           237a  20  237b
Miles         Mary Ann       244a  27  244b
Miles         Philip         244a  26  244b
Miller        Wilbury        245a  10  245b
Miller        William        245a  17  245b
Mitchell      Wm             241a  24  241b
Moore         Moses L        241a  21  241b
Moore         Nicholas       241a  8   241b
Moore         Stephen        248a  22  248b
Morgan        John           244a  29  244b
Morrow        James          241a  28  241b
Mountjoy      Edmund         245a  5   245b
Musick        Abraham        239a  4   239b
Musick        Herod          235a  7   235b
Musick        John           235a  6   235b
Musick        John G.        238a  22  238b
Musick        Robert         235a  4   235b
Musick        Samuel         238a  18  238b
Myars         Geo            239a  30  239b
Myers         Michael        243a  8   243b
Neal          Nathaniel R    241a  4   241b
Nelson        Isabell        237a  13  237b
Newel         Adison         238a  28  238b
Nicholson     Annas          242a  24  242b
Norton        Lucius         240a  6   240b
Norton        Solomon        241a  22  241b
Owendorf      Joseph         245a  25  245b
Parke         Elisha         240a  4   240b
Patterson     Moses L        247a  27  247b
Paulk         John S         240a  29  240b
Pence         Conaway        239a  2   239b
Pence         David          239a  20  239b
Pence         John           238a  30  238b
Pence         Joseph         239a  21  239b
Pendleton     Champa***      235a  28  235b
Philips       William        245a  22  245b
Philipson     Abraham        248a  16  248b
Powel         William        245a  19  245b
Powers        James          242a  6   242b
Prenteras     Preston        248a  12  248b
Primm         James          248a  25  248b
Provin        William W      236a  17  236b
Randolph      Brooks         240a  28  240b
Randolph      Frances        240a  27  240b
Randolph      James          240a  20  240b
Rankin        Edmund         239a  12  239b
Rea           Mary           244a  11  244b
Redsicker     Catharine      237a  27  237b
Reed          John           244a  9   244b
Reese         John D         241a  26  241b
Ridgeway      Anthony        243a  16  243b
Righten       Alexr          243a  4   243b
Rigway        William        235a  17  235b
Roberts       Philip         241a  3   241b
Robinson      Barton         235a  11  235b
Robinson      John           237a  3   237b
Rode          Frederic W     243a  26  243b
Roudolp       Peter          248a  8   248b
Rucker        Joshua C       239a  10  239b
Russell       William        235a  3   235b
Ryan          William        245a  23  245b
Sams          Edmund         237a  19  237b
Sams          John           248a  3   248b
Scroggins     Carter         242a  12  242b
Scroggins     John           242a  20  242b
Scroggins     Leonard        243a  3   243b
Scroggins     Thos J         242a  17  242b
Shoup         John           240a  2   240b
Shoup         Thomas J       237a  16  237b
Shylings      William        236a  21  236b
Simmons       Smith          247a  4   247b
Simms         David          236a  9   236b
Sink          John J D       248a  15  248b
Slater        George         241a  9   241b
Smaulby       Azariah        241a  10  241b
Smith         David          248a  23  248b
Smith         Henry D        246a  19  246b
Smith         Isaac H        248a  20  248b
Snider        Geo            241a  18  241b
Snider        John           238a  2   238b
Southern      Wm             247a  29  247b
Sparks        John           238a  27  238b
Sparks        Samuel         238a  26  238b
Starn         Hiram W        236a  28  236b
Starn         Shelby         236a  27  236b
Steepleton    John           235a  19  235b
Steepleton    Jonas          248a  14  248b
Stenrod       Solomon        241a  16  241b
Stroud        peter          247a  3   247b
Stroud        Rabrown        247a  9   247b
Stroud        Thomas         244a  28  244b
Sullivan      E P            245a  3   245b
Sullivin      John           245a  15  245b
Surley        Geo W, Sr      243a  1   243b
Surley        John           242a  19  242b
Sutten        David S        244a  2   244b
Sutten        Elizabeth      243a  30  243b
Sutten        John C         238a  23  238b
Suttle        John           244a  13  244b
Taylor        Woodford       247a  10  247b
Thompson      Catharine      245a  2   245b
Thompson      David G        244a  30  244b
Thompson      John           240a  26  240b
Thompson      Lewis D        245a  16  245b
Thompson      Roderick       244a  6   244b
Tinley        Sarah          236a  6   236b
Turley        Elizabeth      243a  15  243b
Turley        George W, Jr   237a  10  237b
Turley        James O        237a  6   237b
Turner        Alba           242a  7   242b
Turner        John           235a  24  235b
Turner        Walter         236a  18  236b
Turner        William        235a  27  235b
Vandeventer   Abraham        235a  5   235b
Vandiventer   John           247a  24  247b
Vandiventer   Thos J         247a  22  247b
Vandiventer   Wm             247a  21  247b
Vansandt      Elijah         239a  6   239b
Wade          Geo W          243a  2   243b
Wade          James          242a  26  242b
Wade          Samuel         242a  23  242b
Warrick       Jacob G        247a  18  247b
Waters        Samuel         246a  27  246b
Weaver        Elijah E       239a  11  239b
Wheeler       John           248a  24  248b
Whitaker      Bland B        240a  13  240b
Whitaker      Levi T         240a  12  240b
Whitelaw      Jason          239a  25  239b
Whitelaw      Nathaniel M    235a  12  235b
Whitman       George         245a  12  245b
Wiley         Hannah         243a  23  243b
Wiley         John P         243a  24  243b
Wilkins       Briant         244a  8   244b
Williams      John           236a  5   236b
Winn          Charles        246a  11  246b
Winn          John           246a  5   246b
Winsor        Abraham        246a  15  246b
Woodard       David T        240a  23  240b
Woodard       James          248a  7   248b
Woodard       James W        240a  19  240b
Woodard       Jesse G        240a  22  240b
Woodard       Lemuel         240a  21  240b
Woods         Solomon        239a  3   239b
Wover         Charles        236a  11  236b
Wright        Godfrey C      243a  29  243b
Wright        James          239a  23  239b
Yeomans       John W         244a  20  244b
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