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The free display of the 1830 Macon County, Illinois census images in
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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Abraims       Levi            125a   9  125b
Adams         William         122a  19  122b
Anderson      Matthias        125a  17  125b
Armstrong     Hosea J         123a  23  123b
Austin        Benjamin R      121a  20  121b
Baker         Elisabeth       127a  20  127b
Baker         William D       124a  21  124b
Ballard       John            121a  14  121b
Ballard       Philip          121a  28  121b
Beardin       Lambert S       122a  12  122b
Bell          Elizabeth       127a   7  127b
Bell          William         127a  13  127b
Biatt         James A         125a   5  125b
Black         Jacob           127a  10  127b
Black         Jacob           127a  17  127b
Blankenship   John            126a  23  126b
Bovel         Elias           125a   3  125b
Boyd          William         122a   5  122b
Brown         Jacob           122a  23  122b
Brown         Reuben          122a   6  122b
Brown         Wiley           124a  20  124b
Bryant        Elisha          124a   6  124b
Burrell       Nathan          125a   7  125b
Butler        Elisha          121a   5  121b
Campell       James           126a  13  126b
Carver        Abram           125a  11  125b
Cauk          Jacob           122a  10  122b
Clark         James D         126a  20  126b
Clifton       John            122a  24  122b
Clifton       Josiah          122a  20  122b
Cole          Burris          123a  13  123b
Cole          John            123a   9  123b
Cole          Thomas          123a  20  123b
Coppenbarger  George          121a   6  121b
Coppenbarger  Jacob, Jr       121a   3  121b
Coppenbarger  Jacob, Sr       121a   8  121b
Coppenbarger  John            121a   2  121b
Cordill       David           125a   6  125b
Cordill       William         127a  23  127b
Cordill       William, Sr     125a   1  125b
Cox           Ephraim         126a   4  126b
Craden        Samuel          126a  11  126b
Cuningham     James           126a  26  126b
Daniel        Hiram           122a  27  122b
Davidson      John            126a  12  126b
Davidson      John            127a   3  127b
Davidson      Samuel          127a   1  127b
Davidson      Samuel          127a  25  127b
Davis         Andy            126a  14  126b
Davis         David           127a  21  127b
Davis         Joseph          124a  22  124b
Davis         Nelson R        127a  22  127b
Devenport     Thomas          124a   8  124b
Dicky         John            125a  27  125b
Dicky         William         125a  13  125b
Draper        John            123a   4  123b
Edwards       Jones           121a  18  121b
Everett       Wingfield       124a   3  124b
Ewing         Henry           122a  11  122b
Fauber        Henry           126a  25  126b
Finley        James           126a  21  126b
Flora         John, Sen       127a  18  127b
Florey        David           123a  27  123b
Florey        Henrey          123a  10  123b
Florey        Jonathan        123a  15  123b
Foren         Nancy           126a   2  126b
Foren         William         123a  25  123b
Foster        Anthony         126a  10  126b
Foster        David           127a   8  127b
Foster        Robert          124a   7  124b
Frasier       Banjamine       125a  26  125b
Freeman       Elisha          122a   7  122b
Freeman       William         122a  15  122b
Hall          Squire          124a  16  124b
Hanks         Charles         124a  19  124b
Hanks         Dennis          123a   1  123b
Hanks         James           126a   8  126b
Hanks         John            126a   7  126b
Hanks         William         123a  17  123b
Hanks         William, Sen    121a  13  121b
Hanly         Abram           125a   2  125b
Harall        Sanda           127a  26  127b
Hawks         George          125a  16  125b
Henderson     John            121a   9  121b
Herald        Henry           123a   5  123b
Herald        Moses           123a  24  123b
Hill          Frances G       122a   9  122b
Hill          James           126a  28  126b
Hill          Jamima          125a  21  125b
Howel         James           124a  24  124b
Howel         John            125a   8  125b
Howel         William         124a  25  124b
Hunting       Luther          124a  18  124b
Ingram        John            124a  14  124b
Jenkins       Thomas          121a   7  121b
Johnston      James           121a  11  121b
Kenshaw       James           123a   6  123b
Kincade       William         121a   4  121b
King          William         125a  24  125b
Lacy          William         127a  14  127b
Lane          Joab            124a  13  124b
Langdon       Philip          121a  15  121b
Lewis         Charles         124a  27  124b
Lincoln       Thomas          124a  15  124b
Mackey        Samuel          127a  12  127b
Mackpeach     Tory            124a  28  124b
Martin        James           122a   2  122b
Martin        John            125a   4  125b
Matthias      Hamilton        123a   3  123b
McCall        Daniel          123a   7  123b
McDaniel      Edmund          127a   5  127b
McDaniel      Eldridge        121a  19  121b
McGines       James           125a  18  125b
McMenaway     John            122a  13  122b
Miller        David           122a  14  122b
Miller        David           126a   1  126b
Miller        James           123a  11  123b
Miller        John            121a  10  121b
Miller        John            123a   8  123b
Miller        Jonathan        124a   4  124b
Miller        Samuel          121a  12  121b
Miller        William         123a  12  123b
Mosis         Leonard         124a  26  124b
Mourry        Frederick       124a  23  124b
Mowery        John            127a   9  127b
Myres         Jacob           127a  15  127b
Myres         James           127a  16  127b
Myres         Levi            126a  19  126b
Myres         Michiel         122a   3  122b
Nelson        Charles         125a  12  125b
Nelson        Joseph          124a  10  124b
Olin          Josiah          126a  18  126b
Owens         David           123a  28  123b
Ownes         James           121a  16  121b
Pacard        Silas           124a   2  124b
Pain          Mason           122a  26  122b
Pettyjohn     Thomas          125a  10  125b
Pope          Demsey          124a  11  124b
Praten        Zenos           127a   4  127b
Presgrove     John M          126a  16  126b
Query         Elisha          127a  19  127b
Reed          Mary            125a  19  125b
Revis         Hiram           123a  21  123b
Robertson     Amos            124a  17  124b
Rose          Berry           122a   4  122b
Rose          John            122a  16  122b
Rose          Randolp         126a   9  126b
Saunders      Edward          122a  21  122b
Saunders      James           124a  12  124b
Scott         Alexander       121a   1  121b
Sennitt       Seth            123a  18  123b
Shaw          Milo C          123a  16  123b
Sheppard      Stephen R       127a  27  127b
Shingles      David           125a  25  125b
Smallwood     Parmenious      124a   1  124b
Smith         Andrew M        125a  22  125b
Smith         John            122a  25  122b
Smith         John            126a  22  126b
Smith         Robert          122a  28  122b
Spain         Solomon D       124a   9  124b
Stevens       Buel            123a  26  123b
Stevens       Dorus           122a  17  122b
Stevens       Luther          122a   1  122b
Stuart        Robert          125a  14  125b
Tery          Jeremiah        127a  24  127b
Thompson      Richard         126a  27  126b
Tomison       John C          127a   2  127b
Travis        Olin            127a   6  127b
Travis        Rebecah         126a  15  126b
Travis        Thomas          126a  17  126b
Tuttle        Hannah          125a  28  125b
Walker        John            122a  18  122b
Walker        Peter           122a   8  122b
Walter        John            127a  11  127b
Ward          Catharine       125a  23  125b
Ward          James           123a  22  123b
Ward          Jeremiah        121a  27  121b
Ward          John            126a   5  126b
Ward          Mary            121a  22  121b
Ward          Thomas          121a  24  121b
Warnick       John            121a  23  121b
Warnick       William         121a  21  121b
Webb          William, Jr     126a   3  126b
Weed          John            123a   2  123b
Wheeler       James           121a  26  121b
Wheeler       William         121a  25  121b
White         Nely            125a  15  125b
Whitman       Martha          123a  14  123b
Widick        John            123a  19  123b
Widick        Samuel          126a   6  126b
Williams      Philip D        124a   5  124b
Willson       Robert          121a  17  121b
Wilson        Andrew          126a  24  126b
Wilson        Benjamine       125a  20  125b
Yong          Larkin          122a  22  122b
The free display of the 1830 Macon County, Illinois census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Joy Fisher and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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