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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census,
each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page
which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the
remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Adams          Matthew        198a   7  198b
Adcock         Ansel          192a   2  192b
Adkison        Terry          192a   6  192b
Alexandria     John           195a  18  195b
Allan          Mellinton      201a  25  201b
Anderson       Benjamin       200a  22  200b
Anderson       George H       191a  10  191b
Anderson       William        188a   8  188b
Armstrong      James D        190a  13  190b
Arnet          John           188a  20  188b
Aulguer        William        194a   2  194b
Austin         Joseph         197a  12  197b
Baker          Andrew         202a  10  202b
Baker          Jacob Jr       202a   6  202b
Baker          Jacob Sr       202a   5  202b
Baker          James          200a   6  200b
Ballard        Wm B           187a   4  187b
Barlow         Elizabeth      191a  26  191b
Barlow         James          191a  27  191b
Barlow         John N         199a  27  199b
Barlow         Joseph         199a  20  199b
Barlow         William        199a  26  199b
Barnes         Jeremiah       201a  19  201b
Barnett        James          198a  13  198b
Barry          John           204a  10  204b
Barton         Bently B       197a  23  197b
Beard          George         198a  20  198b
Beck           John Jr        192a  26  192b
Beck           John Sr        195a  24  195b
Beedle         John           192a  16  192b
Bell           Bazel          203a  19  203b
Bell           John           203a  26  203b
Bennet         Moses R        203a  22  203b
Bennet         Richmond       194a  13  194b
Bennet         Samuel         191a  24  191b
Bennian        John           190a   2  190b
Berry          George         189a  25  189b
Blackburger    C D            187a  13  187b
Blair          Colbert Jr     193a   9  193b
Blair          Colbert Sr     193a   8  193b
Blair          Enos           193a  13  193b
Blair          James          192a  19  192b
Blair          John           195a  22  195b
Booker         John           193a  12  193b
Bostwick       Ezra           191a   7  191b
Bostwick       James          190a  21  190b
Bostwick       John           191a   2  191b
Bradford       Samuel         197a   6  197b
Bradly         Lawrence       197a  16  197b
Bradly         Richard        197a  19  197b
Brewer         Meredith       187a  17  187b
Briggs         Robert         202a  12  202b
Briggs         Thomas         191a  20  191b
Brockman       Thomas         195a  23  195b
Brooks         Fanny          204a  17  204b
Brooks         William        204a   9  204b
Brown          Daniel         196a  25  196b
Brown          James          189a  18  189b
Brown          John           196a   3  196b
Brown          John M         187a  21  187b
Brown          Richard        196a  10  196b
Brown          William Jr     198a  12  198b
Browning       Joseph Sr      194a   8  194b
Bryance        Henry          200a  19  200b
Bryance        James          200a  21  200b
Bullock        Samuel         203a  24  203b
Burke          Andrew         198a  10  198b
Burke          John           200a  23  200b
Burnap         George         201a  22  201b
Butlan         John           203a  27  203b
Buzan          Jesse          192a   1  192b
Buzan          William        189a  26  189b
Bybee          Jonathan       204a   2  204b
Bybee          Serad          204a   1  204b
Canada         Robert         204a   5  204b
Cander         Peter          193a  14  193b
Cannon         Charles        191a  16  191b
Cannon         John           189a   5  189b
Cannon         William        189a   7  189b
Cardwell       Caleb W        189a  10  189b
Carter         Joseph         194a  16  194b
Casey          Aaron          194a   5  194b
Chapman        Eliphalet      202a   4  202b
Chard          James          196a  17  196b
Cherry         Pleasant       201a   9  201b
Christy        Thomas         190a  27  190b
Cline          William        200a  17  200b
Coffey         Colbert        193a   7  193b
Coffey         Newton         193a   4  193b
Coffey         Thomas         197a   7  197b
Coffey         Walter         195a  20  195b
Combs          H L W          192a  15  192b
Conniers       George W       197a  21  197b
Cragg          William        197a  27  197b
Craigg         Thomas Jr      201a  27  201b
Craigg         Thomas Sr      198a   1  198b
Craigg         Thomas Sr      201a  26  201b
Craigg         Windsor Jr     198a   2  198b
Crass          Jacob          201a  24  201b
Crass          Joseph         190a  17  190b
Crawford       James          202a   7  202b
Crow           Robert         189a  22  189b
Cruthers       Joseph         197a   8  197b
Cumpton        James          187a  20  187b
Cumpton        Kenneth        198a  21  198b
Curlew         John           192a   9  192b
Curlew         Philip         199a   5  199b
Cypert         Wm T           192a  17  192b
Davis          George         196a   4  196b
Davis          Israel         196a   5  196b
Davis          Israel         199a  19  199b
Davis          Jacob          201a   6  201b
Davis          James          196a  14  196b
Davis          John           190a  18  190b
Davis          Jonas          202a  25  202b
Davis          Thomas         196a  18  196b
Davis          William J      196a  15  196b
Day            John           199a  11  199b
Dean           Jacob          203a   7  203b
Dean           William        192a  27  192b
Denham         Phillip R      198a   9  198b
Dennis         James          205a  14  205b
Denton         Jonas          205a   2  205b
Denton         Susanna        199a   9  199b
Derben         Christopher    203a  18  203b
Derben         Joseph         203a  14  203b
Derben         Joseph P       203a  17  203b
Derben         Matthew        203a   9  203b
Derben         Phillip        203a  12  203b
Derben         Sylvester      203a  16  203b
Derben         Thomas         203a   8  203b
Derben         William        203a  13  203b
Deshane        Levi           200a  13  200b
Dolaston       Moses          195a  16  195b
Doltan         John           199a  14  199b
Donnald        John M         193a   1  193b
Dotson         Willis         195a  17  195b
Dover          Abraham        187a   7  187b
Dover          Isaac          189a  24  189b
Draband        Levi           204a  12  204b
Dryer          John L         192a  24  192b
Dryer          William        190a  19  190b
Duff           George D       187a  22  187b
Duke           Joseph M       200a  10  200b
Duncan         George         199a   1  199b
Duncan         Jesse          199a   2  199b
Eakle          Amos           194a   4  194b
Early          Nathan         188a   1  188b
Early          Thomas         193a   5  193b
Edwards        Thomas         188a   7  188b
Elder          John           188a  10  188b
Elliott        Travis D       203a   2  203b
England        William        193a  24  193b
Evins          John           200a  12  200b
Evins          Thomas         200a  11  200b
Ewing          James          204a  16  204b
Feast          David          205a  15  205b
Fennis         Mary           202a  11  202b
File           Jacob          190a   6  190b
Fisher         Frederick      188a  11  188b
Fogleman       Elizabeth      192a  12  192b
Forehand       David          192a   8  192b
Forehand       Jarvis         192a   4  192b
Forehand       John           192a   3  192b
Fosset         John M         203a   3  203b
Foxwell        William        199a  18  199b
Freeman        Richard        197a  17  197b
Frost          Jedediah       188a  24  188b
Garrison       Delila         200a   9  200b
Garrison       John W         200a   8  200b
Garrison       Zebulon        200a   2  200b
Garrott        Asbel          195a  11  195b
Gass           John           197a  20  197b
Goodman        Hardin         199a  21  199b
Goodman        Hosea          199a  23  199b
Goodman        L              199a  22  199b
Goodman        Washington     199a  25  199b
Goodnight      John           188a  13  188b
Gorden         Benjamin       196a   8  196b
Gossage        Edward         189a  23  189b
Grantham       Ezekel         190a  26  190b
Grantham       Isaiah         190a  25  190b
Grantham       James          191a   1  191b
Grantham       John           190a  20  190b
Grantham       Thomas         190a  24  190b
Grantham       William        191a   3  191b
Grater         John           197a   5  197b
Grater         Samuel         197a   4  197b
Gray           James          198a   8  198b
Greear         William        192a  21  192b
Grey           Andrew         202a  20  202b
Grey           Thomas         202a  18  202b
Griffith       John           198a  14  198b
Griffith       William        192a  18  192b
Grisham        Austin         200a   4  200b
Grisham        Spartan        198a  16  198b
Gunter         Joel           188a  27  188b
Hambrite       Benjamin       189a   4  189b
Hammond        John           189a   2  189b
Hampton        Andrew         203a  21  203b
Hampton        Johnston       197a  18  197b
Hanly          Thomas         191a   4  191b
Hannah         John           199a  15  199b
Harleigh       Josiah         202a  17  202b
Harman         John B         199a   4  199b
Harman         Lewis          189a  14  189b
Harman         Nathan         196a  19  196b
Harris         Ansel          195a   7  195b
Harris         Benjamin Jr    195a  10  195b
Harris         Benjamin Sr    194a  15  194b
Harris         Zachariah Sr   195a   6  195b
Hart           John           188a   9  188b
Hays           Gabriel        195a  21  195b
Helsabeck      Frederick      205a   9  205b
Henderson      John           199a   6  199b
Hendrix        David          195a  27  195b
Hiaton         Ransom         195a   5  195b
Hightower      Hugh M C       187a  11  187b
Hill           Bazzel         194a  18  194b
Hill           David          198a  25  198b
Hill           Henry Jr       194a  17  194b
Hill           Henry Jr       196a   2  196b
Hill           Henry Jr       198a  24  198b
Hill           John           194a   7  194b
Hill           John           198a   5  198b
Hill           Robert Jr      201a   8  201b
Hill           Robert Sr      198a  23  198b
Hind           James          197a  13  197b
Hinton         Hardy          194a  21  194b
Hodle          Pleasant       204a   8  204b
Holliday       Elliott Jr     190a  16  190b
Holliday       Elliott Sr     190a  15  190b
Holt           Billy          197a  10  197b
Holt           John           197a   9  197b
Holt           Thomas         198a  27  198b
Hoops          Charles        194a  26  194b
Horn           George         205a   3  205b
Horn           Jesse          201a   4  201b
Hughet         Joseph         199a  13  199b
Hughs          Thomas         202a  24  202b
Human          James          189a  16  189b
Hutchingson    Wm M           187a   6  187b
Hutson         Wiley          203a  23  203b
Isaacs         James          189a  17  189b
Isaacs         Samuel         189a  13  189b
Ishmael        Samuel         205a   7  205b
Ishmael        Thomas         187a   9  187b
Jackson        David B        187a  12  187b
Jenkins        John           190a   5  190b
Johnston       James          190a   4  190b
Johnston       Jesse          188a  15  188b
Johnston       Thomas         188a  16  188b
Jones          Allan          194a  27  194b
Jones          Hugh           188a  21  188b
Jones          James          200a  25  200b
Jones          John           200a  18  200b
Jones          Jonathan       193a  18  193b
Jones          Joseph         201a   2  201b
Jones          Martain        193a  10  193b
Jones          Samuel         188a   3  188b
Jones          Thomas         188a  17  188b
Jones          William        188a   2  188b
Jordan         James          200a   3  200b
Jordan         John           198a  17  198b
Jordan         William        192a  13  192b
Killingsworth  Stephen        187a   5  187b
Kilpatrick     David          191a  22  191b
Kilpatrick     Samuel         201a  11  201b
Kirk           Nicholas       194a  19  194b
Kirkland       James          200a  14  200b
Kirkland       Robert         200a  15  200b
Kirkpatrick    Joseph S       202a  14  202b
Knapp          Aaron          204a  21  204b
Knight         Joel           190a  22  190b
Knight         William        191a   8  191b
Landers        Henry          194a  22  194b
Landers        Simon          194a  25  194b
Large          Thomas         204a   7  204b
Lay            William        201a   7  201b
Linch          Micajah        196a  13  196b
Lockerman      Nicholas       201a   1  201b
Long           Catharine      200a  16  200b
Lott           Robert         204a  14  204b
Loven          William        189a   6  189b
Lovett         John           204a  15  204b
Lowe           Caleb          193a   3  193b
Macafee        Isaac          204a  20  204b
Macartney      Andrew         196a  26  196b
Maccan         Cleveland      190a  11  190b
Maccan         James          188a   5  188b
Macclary       Nancy          188a  19  188b
Maccullough    John           188a   4  188b
Maccullough    Robert         188a  23  188b
Maccurry       John           192a  14  192b
Macky          Gilbert        201a  18  201b
Madaris        Austin         192a  20  192b
Madlin         Nathan         202a  22  202b
Magee          Andrew         187a  19  187b
Man            John           191a  11  191b
Man            Robert         191a   9  191b
Mansfield      Horrace        189a  11  189b
Mansfield      Ward Jr        205a   4  205b
Mansfield      Ward Sr        188a  26  188b
Marshel        John           201a  15  201b
Martain        Joshua         202a  26  202b
Mason          Mark           195a  19  195b
Mayfield       Sutherland     197a   2  197b
Mayfield       William Jr     196a  27  196b
Mayfield       William Sr     197a   1  197b
McDavid        William        197a  22  197b
McDowel        George         198a  26  198b
McKinsey       Alexandria     197a  14  197b
Mcwhurter      Rufus W        188a   6  188b
McWilliams     Alexandria     198a  11  198b
McWilliams     David          201a  12  201b
Meadows        Joseph         199a   3  199b
Meadows        Thomas         189a   1  189b
Mearry         Edward         196a  22  196b
Mearty         John           196a   6  196b
Mearty         Nicholas       196a  24  196b
Mearty         William        196a  23  196b
Medlin         Reuben         203a   1  203b
Meedes         Joseph         203a  11  203b
Meedes         Soloman        203a  10  203b
Mephail        John           192a   5  192b
Merriman       Charles        195a   2  195b
Merriman       Dempsy         195a   4  195b
Merriman       Malaki         195a   1  195b
Michaels       Barnabas       193a  15  193b
Miller         Benjamin       191a  19  191b
Miller         Joseph         187a   2  187b
Milroy         John           205a  13  205b
Misenhammer    John           189a  27  189b
Mitchel        Mathew         191a  13  191b
Mitchell       William        204a  24  204b
Moore          Robert         205a   6  205b
Morgan         John           193a  25  193b
Morris         Miles          195a  12  195b
Morton         Lloyd          187a  16  187b
Moulder        Daniel         205a   8  205b
Nash           Andrew         190a   1  190b
Neal           Thomas C       188a  14  188b
Nelson         John S         204a  22  204b
Nelson         Samuel         192a   7  192b
Neusman        Ellison        192a  23  192b
Neusman        John           192a  22  192b
Nicholas       Josiah         195a  25  195b
Nicholas       Stephen        195a  26  195b
Orsband        Isaac          189a  15  189b
Orsband        James          191a  17  191b
Pace           David          190a  23  190b
Pacely         John           189a   8  189b
Pacely         Joseph         188a  18  188b
Painter        Elisha         200a  26  200b
Painter        John           200a  27  200b
Painter        Nathan         203a  15  203b
Painter        Samuel         198a  18  198b
Parish         Guilford       198a  19  198b
Parks          Minerva        199a  24  199b
Parmer         Robert         199a  12  199b
Payne          William        197a  11  197b
Pearson        Nathaniel      197a  24  197b
Phillips       Thomas         192a  11  192b
Piatt          Henry          194a  14  194b
Pool           Isham P        200a   7  200b
Porter         Joseph         199a  16  199b
Potter         James          201a  16  201b
Potter         Thomas 3d      202a  21  202b
Potter         Thomas Jr      201a  14  201b
Potter         Thomas Sr      201a  13  201b
Potter         William        201a  10  201b
Powell         William        205a   5  205b
Price          William        191a  15  191b
Putnam         George W       198a  15  198b
Raleigh        Isaac          202a   8  202b
Ray            Robert         199a  10  199b
Reaves         John R         187a  10  187b
Renfro         Joshua         194a  24  194b
Renshaw        Abraham        196a  12  196b
Revis          John           194a   6  194b
Revis          William        194a   3  194b
Reynolds       Millinton      188a  12  188b
Rice           Barberry       203a  20  203b
Richardson     Richard        195a  15  195b
Robb           Abraham        193a  16  193b
Robb           Eli            193a  20  193b
Roberts        Aaron          202a  15  202b
Roberts        Benjamin       194a   1  194b
Roberts        John           202a  23  202b
Roberts        Josiah         188a  22  188b
Rodes          Anderson       195a   9  195b
Rodes          Thomas         195a   8  195b
Rogers         Hardin D       204a   4  204b
Rogers         John           204a   6  204b
Rolston        Edward         203a  25  203b
Roose          Benjamin       191a  12  191b
Roose          Henry          191a  14  191b
Roose          Willis         189a   3  189b
Rosse          Thomas         190a  14  190b
Rosse          William B      190a  12  190b
Rountree       Hiram          187a   1  187b
Rowe           Henry          193a  27  193b
Ruby           William        191a  18  191b
Russel         John           196a   1  196b
Rutledge       James M        187a  14  187b
Rutledge       Mark           191a   6  191b
Sanders        Asa            204a  19  204b
Sanders        Jesse          201a   5  201b
Sanders        Joel           204a  26  204b
Sanders        John           197a  25  197b
Sanders        Julius         204a  27  204b
Sanders        Moses M        203a   5  203b
Sanders        Phillip        204a  18  204b
Sanders        Samuel         201a   3  201b
Sanders        Triplet        198a   4  198b
Sands          James          203a   4  203b
Sands          Wm             187a   8  187b
Sanford        John B         202a   3  202b
Scott          John           199a   8  199b
Scribner       Curtis         195a   3  195b
Sears          Henry          194a  10  194b
Seward         Israel         201a  20  201b
Seward         John           201a  21  201b
Seymore        Wistly         191a  21  191b
Shepherd       Pleasant       196a   9  196b
Shirly         William D      202a  19  202b
Sights         Jacob          205a  11  205b
Slayback       David          205a  12  205b
Smith          James          203a   6  203b
Smith          Joel           192a  10  192b
Smith          John           200a   5  200b
Smith          Malaki         200a   1  200b
Smitty         John           196a  21  196b
Starr          David          191a  23  191b
Steele         Catharine      191a  25  191b
Steele         John           189a   9  189b
Steele         Luke Lee       189a  12  189b
Stephenson     Robert         187a  18  187b
Stephenson     Robert         205a  10  205b
Stephenson     William        189a  19  189b
Stergeon       David          196a   7  196b
Stilins        Alford         200a  24  200b
Stone          John           204a  13  204b
Stout          Richard        189a  21  189b
Street         James          199a  17  199b
Street         John           198a  22  198b
Street         Nimrod         204a  25  204b
Stringer       Dennis         187a   3  187b
Sweeney        Michael        204a  23  204b
Talett         C C J          193a  22  193b
Tilson         John Jr        187a  15  187b
Tindal         Jeremiah       190a   3  190b
Townsand       William S      201a  23  201b
Varner         George         200a  20  200b
Verdin         Radford        196a  16  196b
Verdin         Sairy          196a  11  196b
Waddle         George         189a  20  189b
Walker         Alford W       198a   3  198b
Walker         James Sr       204a   3  204b
Walker         Joel           199a   7  199b
Walker         Michael H      193a   6  193b
Ward           Asa            204a  11  204b
Watkins        A C            194a  11  194b
Weble          William        197a  15  197b
Wells          Solomon        192a  25  192b
Wheat          Joseph         194a  12  194b
White          Ambrose        193a  11  193b
Whitesides     Samuel         193a  17  193b
Whitten        Eastin         194a  20  194b
Whitters       Austin         197a   3  197b
Wiley          Aquilla        190a   8  190b
Wiley          Aquilla C      190a   9  190b
Wiley          James          191a   5  191b
Wiley          Zachariah      190a  10  190b
Wilkison       Thomas         202a   9  202b
Willeby        Vincent        204a  28  204b
Williams       Benjamin R     195a  14  195b
Williams       David          195a  13  195b
Williams       George W       197a  26  197b
Williams       Joseph         193a  23  193b
Williams       William        202a  27  202b
Williamson     Thomas A       205a   1  205b
Williford      Jordan         194a  23  194b
Wilson         James          188a  25  188b
Wilson         James Snr      190a   7  190b
Wilson         John           198a   6  198b
Wilson         Joseph W       202a  16  202b
Wire           Benjamin       202a   2  202b
Wire           Obadiah        202a   1  202b
Witt           Hutchingson    196a  20  196b
Wood           Bennet         202a  13  202b
Wood           Thomas Sr      193a  26  193b
Wright         Charles        193a   2  193b
Wright         Joseph         194a   9  194b
Yoakham        John           201a  17  201b
Young          Henry          193a  19  193b
Young          James          193a  21  193b
This index was transcribed by Laura Ann Flanders
and proofread by Bridget Miller

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