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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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Adams         Joel            264a  28  264b
Adams         John            264a  6   264b
Adams         John            265a  4   265b
Adams         John, Jun       257a  31  257b
Adams         Pleven          267a  22  267b
Adams         Sarah           267a  29  267b
Adims         Jarvis          268a  9   268b
Akeman        John            258a  22  258b
Allan         Sally           257a  28  257b
Allen         Edmond          260a  28  260b
Anderson      Ezekiel         263a  21  263b
Anderson      Jas             260a  7   260b
Arbuckle      Wm              260a  21  260b
Asher         Robert          265a  25  265b
Bailles       R D             265a  20  265b
Bailles       Saml            265a  26  265b
Baker         Andrew          264a  25  264b
Baker         James           265a  1   265b
Baker         Wensley         266a  25  266b
Barnes        Robert          265a  7   265b
Baugh         Abraham         267a  26  267b
Benge         John            266a  28  266b
Black         David           258a  7   258b
Black         William         258a  12  258b
Blakely       Beng            263a  12  263b
Blakely       Wm              259a  19  259b
Bleavins      John            257a  5   257b
Bowlin        Russell         268a  17  268b
Bowman        William         257a  12  257b
Box           Saml            264a  17  264b
Branson       Jeremiah        262a  12  262b
Broche        Joshua          257a  26  257b
Brotten       Jobe            268a  26  268b
Brotten       Woodard         268a  21  268b
Brotton       Deadrick        264a  8   264b
Brummet       William         265a  22  265b
Bullock       David           259a  24  259b
Bunton        James           261a  28  261b
Bunton        Willis          259a  10  259b
Burnett       James           257a  24  257b
Busten        David           268a  13  268b
Bustle        John            267a  10  267b
Butcher       William         264a  11  264b
Campbell      Beng            263a  25  263b
Camplin       William         264a  10  264b
Cannafax      Calvin          260a  16  260b
Cannifax      Calvin          256a  1   256b
Carner        Thos            265a  16  265b
Carpenter     James P         267a  4   267b
Carrigan      H               260a  13  260b
Carson        David           259a  25  259b
Caststeel     John            266a  21  266b
Chesnut       Abraham         259a  18  259b
Chesnut       Jacob           268a  20  268b
Chesnut       John            259a  16  259b
Chesnutt      Edward          257a  8   257b
Cobb          Martin          268a  25  268b
Cornelius     Eli             266a  12  266b
Cornelius     William         266a  13  266b
Cottingham    William         257a  22  257b
Cottingim     Dan'l           264a  18  264b
Cromer        David           261a  6   261b
Cromer        Joseph          261a  9   261b
Crossman      Josiah R        261a  17  261b
Daniel        William         260a  25  260b
Davies        Gabriel         268a  2   268b
Davis         James           267a  18  267b
Dees          John            257a  30  257b
Dees          John            258a  14  258b
Dees          Mark            258a  15  258b
Dees          William         258a  13  258b
Denham        William         257a  17  257b
Denny         John            257a  29  257b
Denson        John            267a  12  267b
Dickerson     David           261a  21  261b
Dolton        Vollentine      266a  4   266b
Doubty        Wm J            264a  7   264b
Duck          Mary            266a  9   266b
Duwees        Jane            261a  4   261b
Edwards       Clinton         263a  9   263b
Edwards       William         263a  16  263b
Eliott        Jesse           262a  26  262b
Elkin         James           258a  6   258b
Elkins        Henry           263a  8   263b
Elkins        John            264a  21  264b
Elliott       Daniel          263a  2   263b
England       Allen           262a  13  262b
Enman         Elijah          266a  23  266b
Erwin         Francis         262a  14  262b
Erwin         Larkin          262a  23  262b
Evans         Audreck         265a  6   265b
Evans         Elijah          260a  3   260b
Evans         John, Sen       267a  11  267b
Everly        Henry           267a  7   267b
Fanbush       Hirum           266a  22  266b
Fanbush       Isaac           267a  23  267b
Fanbush       John, Senr      258a  19  258b
Fanbush       William         266a  24  266b
Faris         Esam            259a  27  259b
Faris         George          259a  7   259b
Faris         Isaac           264a  9   264b
Faris         Isam            263a  28  263b
Faris         James           264a  1   264b
Faris         John            259a  8   259b
Faris         Wm              259a  15  259b
Farris        Hiram           259a  22  259b
Fielder       William         266a  5   266b
Frasher       Wyat            261a  24  261b
Freeman       Aaron           262a  5   262b
Freeman       George          258a  10  258b
Freeman       George W        260a  12  260b
Freeman       James           261a  20  261b
Freeman       John            261a  25  261b
Freeman       John            263a  7   263b
Freeman       Rebecka         260a  14  260b
Freeman       Thomas          256a  4   256b
Freeman       Thos            260a  6   260b
Freeman       William, Jr     263a  14  263b
Freeman       Wm R            261a  18  261b
Graves        William         259a  4   259b
Gray          G G             260a  4   260b
Green         G               261a  3   261b
Green         James           261a  14  261b
Green         Saml            268a  5   268b
Green         Thomas          260a  15  260b
Griffin       Saml S          260a  17  260b
Grills        Isaiah          259a  23  259b
Hale          Harrison        262a  17  262b
Hale          James           264a  14  264b
Hammons       Jesse W         262a  6   262b
Hamplin       Jeffry          261a  27  261b
Harkin        Morgan          265a  9   265b
Hatcher       John            265a  21  265b
Hatcher       Jonathan        265a  23  265b
Hays          Alexander       266a  8   266b
Hays          Tabner          266a  7   266b
Hazlewood     Thos            265a  15  265b
Hazlewood     Wyat            266a  27  266b
Henry         Bluford         262a  2   262b
Henry         John            267a  6   267b
Henson        George          266a  26  266b
Hibbard       Judiah          259a  21  259b
Hide          Dottson         263a  11  263b
Hide          Jesse           263a  26  263b
Hill          Brannum         256a  3   256b
Hill          Brannum         259a  13  259b
Hillard       Henry           266a  20  266b
Hodge         James           264a  3   264b
Hodge         John            257a  27  257b
Hodge         Shadreck        264a  2   264b
Hodges        Polly           263a  4   263b
Holeman       James           262a  27  262b
Holeman       John            262a  20  262b
Hood          John            261a  1   261b
Hopkin        Alexander       262a  3   262b
Hubard        Lemuel          258a  18  258b
Isaacs        Gabriel         268a  3   268b
Jackson       Abraham         262a  16  262b
Jackson       John, Jr        261a  15  261b
Jackson       John, Sen       261a  16  261b
Jackson       R               264a  19  264b
Jackson       Stephen         262a  7   262b
Jackson       Umphry          267a  27  267b
Jackson       William         260a  18  260b
Johnson       Aaron           266a  1   266b
Johnson       Joseph          265a  28  265b
Johnson       Washington      263a  1   263b
Johnstone     John            268a  18  268b
Johnstone     William         268a  19  268b
Jones         Darling         257a  16  257b
Jones         Ephraim         262a  21  262b
Jones         Ephraim R       262a  8   262b
Jones         Evan            257a  13  257b
Jones         John            264a  16  264b
Jones         Robert, Jun     257a  14  257b
Jones         Robert, Sen     257a  18  257b
Jones         Shugar          263a  13  263b
Jones         Solomon         268a  28  268b
Jones         Thomas          268a  10  268b
Jones         Wm R            261a  19  261b
Keen          Henry           262a  11  262b
Kemper        Isaac           260a  8   260b
Kennedy       Paul H          263a  10  263b
Kethers       Edward          258a  2   258b
Kirby         Charles         262a  9   262b
Kirby         Milley          268a  27  268b
Kitchen       Bengaman        260a  22  260b
Langly        James           268a  8   268b
Larrence      Charles         262a  25  262b
Larrence      Jacob           264a  15  264b
Law           Joshua          259a  5   259b
Lewis         R H             264a  4   264b
Linvill       William         261a  8   261b
Linvill       Wirley          259a  3   259b
Loveiny       Isaac           261a  10  261b
Loveiny       Nimrod          261a  11  261b
Loviny        Joshua          261a  12  261b
Malone        Alfred          267a  20  267b
Mardis        William         267a  30  267b
Martin        Polly           257a  11  257b
May           John            258a  25  258b
McCammon      John            258a  16  258b
McFadden      Jesse           257a  9   257b
McFarland     Bengaman        263a  20  263b
McHargue      Saml            263a  17  263b
McHargue      Wm              263a  15  263b
McHargue      Wm              267a  16  267b
McKee         Wm              259a  11  259b
McNeal        James           259a  6   259b
McNeal        Jane            259a  9   259b
Mershon       Titus           258a  24  258b
Metcalf       James           258a  28  258b
Metcalf       William         258a  8   258b
Miller        John            267a  19  267b
Moor          James           260a  23  260b
Moor          Moses           258a  21  258b
Moor          N D             260a  11  260b
Moore         Jesse           258a  26  258b
Moore         Thomas          257a  10  257b
Moppin        Nancy           268a  16  268b
Moran         John            264a  24  264b
Morgan        David           268a  1   268b
Morris        James           266a  6   266b
Morris        John            257a  25  257b
Morris        Mark            266a  11  266b
Needham       A               260a  19  260b
Needham       Lemuel          260a  20  260b
Nix           John            259a  14  259b
Nix           Lennard         263a  3   263b
Norris        John            265a  11  265b
Norris        Joshua          268a  4   268b
Norvill       Carvin          260a  24  260b
Owens         John            262a  15  262b
Owens         John            264a  13  264b
Owens         Saml            268a  23  268b
Owens         William         268a  24  268b
Paris         Elijah          266a  14  266b
Paris         Ezekiel         266a  16  266b
Paris         Joshua          266a  17  266b
Paris         Moses           266a  15  266b
Paris         Wm              266a  19  266b
Paris         Wm, Senr        266a  18  266b
Parker        A               267a  2   267b
Parker        Alfred          265a  27  265b
Parker        Edward          265a  14  265b
Parker        Joseph          258a  17  258b
Parker        Pleasant        258a  23  258b
Parris        John            257a  32  257b
Pearl         John            265a  13  265b
Pearl         John, Sen       267a  15  267b
Pearl         William         265a  12  265b
Phillips      John            258a  27  258b
Pierciful     Thos            262a  4   262b
Pitman        Ambros          268a  14  268b
Pitman        Fielding        268a  12  268b
Pitman        Lawson          268a  11  268b
Pitman        Lewis           267a  28  267b
Pitman        Lot, clk        264a  23  264b
Pitman        Lyda            259a  1   259b
Pitman        William         268a  15  268b
Porter        Polly           258a  3   258b
Porter        William         267a  24  267b
Prewit        John            267a  9   267b
Price         Betsy           263a  24  263b
Price         Gabriel         259a  12  259b
Reams         Harrison        258a  1   258b
Reams         James           258a  5   258b
Reed          Thomas          267a  3   267b
Ren           Henry           267a  14  267b
Reynolds      Nancy           263a  23  263b
Richards      Mary            267a  8   267b
Robinson      Thos            259a  2   259b
Roe           William         265a  5   265b
Sammons       William         263a  6   263b
Saucer        Henry           268a  7   268b
Scott         Francis         262a  19  262b
Seaburn       Jacob           265a  17  265b
Seaburn       Thos            266a  2   266b
Seales        Joseph          259a  17  259b
Sellers       Lewis           258a  4   258b
Shotwell      Eddy            263a  27  263b
Simpson       John            267a  1   267b
Smallwood     Hezekiah        268a  22  268b
Smith         George          257a  23  257b
Smith         Jerremiah       260a  27  260b
Smith         Mitchel         260a  26  260b
Smith         William         256a  2   256b
Smith         William         259a  26  259b
Smith         William, Esqr   260a  2   260b
Southerland   D.              263a  5   263b
Stallions     John            264a  20  264b
Stansberry    Betsy           263a  19  263b
Stansberry    Sally           263a  18  263b
Stansberry    Saml            259a  20  259b
Stansberry    Sollomon        259a  28  259b
Stayley       Fredreck        261a  13  261b
Steel         Hezekiah        258a  20  258b
Steward       William         260a  10  260b
Stow          M               261a  22  261b
Stuart        James           257a  21  257b
Stuart        John            257a  15  257b
Taylor        James           262a  1   262b
Taylor        Stephen         267a  13  267b
True          A               262a  22  262b
Tudas         John            265a  10  265b
Tugman        Edward          262a  24  262b
Tuttle        William         262a  18  262b
Umfleet       Barney          262a  10  262b
Umfleet       John            262a  28  262b
Underwood     Agusta          263a  22  263b
Ward          James           261a  23  261b
Watkins       Chapman         257a  6   257b
Watkins       George          257a  7   257b
Watkins       Luke            267a  17  267b
Watkins       Mark            265a  8   265b
Weaver        David           257a  20  257b
Weaver        Hezekiah        257a  19  257b
Wells         Ransom          267a  5   267b
Westerfield   John            266a  10  266b
Wever         Peter           260a  5   260b
Wever         Saml            260a  1   260b
Whitaker      Jiles           264a  26  264b
Whitaker      John            264a  27  264b
Wigans        James L         260a  9   260b
Wiggins       Morris          267a  21  267b
Wiles         Henry           265a  24  265b
Wiles         John            258a  9   258b
Wilkerson     William         264a  5   264b
Williams      John            261a  2   261b
Williams      John            264a  12  264b
Williams      Nathan          264a  22  264b
Wilson        Saml            267a  25  267b
Wood          Allison M       261a  26  261b
Wood          George          261a  7   261b
Wood          John            261a  5   261b
Woodall       James           265a  3   265b
Woodall       James, Jr       265a  2   265b
Woodson       G W             268a  6   268b
Wyat          James           266a  3   266b
Young         John, Jr        265a  19  265b
Young         John, Sr        265a  18  265b
Young         Pleasant        258a  11  258b
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