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Laurel County, KY 1840 Federal Census Index
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This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
If you find a name of interest, click on the (LEFT) page link to view the
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***ery        Jesse            04a  31   04b
**kins        Alexander        02a  31   02b
Adams         James            12a  12   12b
Adams         Joel             12a  6    12b
Adams         William          10a  25   10b
Akeman        John             02a  5    02b
Altum         Robert           06a  24   06b
Anderson      Rufus            15a  22   15b
Arthur        Ambrose          12a  26   12b
Arthur        Samuel           12a  16   12b
Bailes        Saml             02a  10   02b
Baker         Andrew           12a  13   12b
Baker         Jesse P.         12a  14   12b
Baker         Wensley          14a  2    14b
Barnard       Gilbert          16a  30   16b
Barnard       James            12a  28   12b
Barnes        William          12a  9    12b
Baugh         Abraham          06a  7    06b
Bean          Andrew           05a  25   05b
Black         Saml.            14a  13   14b
Black         Samuel           16a  5    16b
Black         William          14a  10   14b
Blair         William          08a  16   08b
Blair         William B.       15a  18   15b
Blakely       Benj.            02a  29   02b
Blakely       Charles          05a  23   05b
Blakely       Chas, Sr         02a  14   02b
Blankenship   McNess           02a  20   02b
Blevins       John             10a  11   10b
Bodkin        Hugh             09a  14   09b
Bodkin        William          09a  6    09b
Bodkins       James H.         09a  4    09b
Bone          Adam             13a  5    13b
Bone          James            13a  18   13b
Boone         George           02a  25   02b
Boston        James            07a  14   07b
Boston        Jonas, Jun       07a  21   07b
Bowling       Thomas           13a  3    13b
Bowling       William          11a  16   11b
Box           Saml             03a  30   03b
Box           Zimby            03a  29   03b
Brakebill     William          02a  3    02b
Branson       John             02a  7    02b
Brinkley      Jeremiah         16a  14   16b
Brock         John, Jr         03a  5    03b
Brock         John, Sen        05a  3    05b
Brock         Ragan            03a  6    03b
Broughton     Dred             10a  20   10b
Broughton     Job              10a  19   10b
Brown         John C.          05a  1    05b
Brown         Polly Ann        09a  13   09b
Brown         Thos             12a  7    12b
Brown         William          12a  8    12b
Browning      George           06a  15   06b
Bryant        Allen            10a  16   10b
Bryant        John             06a  8    06b
Bullock       Francis          11a  9    11b
Bunda         Thomas           03a  3    03b
Bunton        Andrew           06a  27   06b
Bunton        James            07a  1    07b
Burges        John             17a  8    17b
Burk          Isaac            11a  23   11b
Burk          Joseph           12a  11   12b
Burk          Thos.            13a  11   13b
Burnet        Elias            15a  4    15b
Burnet        Francis          10a  3    10b
Burnet        James            05a  2    05b
Burnet        John             09a  12   09b
Bush          George           09a  26   09b
Buster        David            06a  1    06b
Bustle        John             06a  23   06b
Butcher       John             05a  4    05b
Camplin       William          16a  27   16b
Cannafax      Calvin           17a  10   17b
Caplinger     Falsby           14a  3    14b
Carpenter     James P.         04a  7    04b
Carpenter     William          04a  4    04b
Carrier       John             03a  8    03b
Carrier       Stephen          07a  17   07b
Carrier       Thomas           05a  16   05b
Carrier       William          05a  17   05b
Cassedy       John             15a  9    15b
Cast**l       James            04a  30   04b
Casteel       Hiram            14a  17   14b
Casteel       John             13a  25   13b
Casteel       John             14a  15   14b
Casteel       Lemuel           06a  12   06b
Catcher       Benjamin         11a  31   11b
Champlin      Catharine        08a  17   08b
Chesnut       Abraham          11a  6    11b
Chesnut       Andrew           11a  7    11b
Chesnut       Edmund           11a  20   11b
Chesnut       Evan             02a  13   02b
Chesnut       Jacob            11a  8    11b
Chesnut       John             11a  4    11b
Chesnut       William          05a  7    05b
Clark         John             16a  19   16b
Clark         William          12a  22   12b
Cole          George           03a  23   03b
Cottingim     William          03a  25   03b
Cox           A. Jackson       15a  14   15b
Cox           Allen            03a  19   03b
Cox           John             15a  15   15b
Crawford      John             09a  24   09b
Crews         Edward           04a  13   04b
Cromer        David            10a  26   10b
Crossman      Joseph           13a  12   13b
Davis         Gabriel          13a  7    13b
Davis         George           12a  18   12b
Davis         James            12a  21   12b
Dees          John             07a  19   07b
Dees          Mark             16a  22   16b
Dees          William          14a  11   14b
Denny         Nancy            10a  8    10b
Denson        John             07a  27   07b
Derham        Isaac            13a  13   13b
Derham        Isham            03a  17   03b
Derham        James            05a  21   05b
Derham        Saml.            15a  11   15b
Derham        William          02a  4    02b
Derham        William          06a  16   06b
Dewees        Jane             06a  18   06b
Dickinson     David            08a  5    08b
Doughty       James            05a  11   05b
Doughty       Jefferson        08a  21   08b
Dunsmoore     Samuel           17a  16   17b
Dunwooddy     William          16a  29   16b
Early         George           12a  17   12b
Edwards       A.               06a  26   06b
Edwards       John             16a  20   16b
Edwards       William          04a  1    04b
Edwards       William          16a  21   16b
Elam          William          15a  1    15b
Elliott       Daniel           15a  25   15b
Elliott       James            16a  16   16b
Elliott       Jesse            15a  24   15b
Elvin?        Peter            05a  18   05b
Ervin         Absolem          15a  5    15b
Evans         Elijah           10a  24   10b
Evans         John             02a  9    02b
Evans         John G.          14a  31   14b
Fanbush       John             13a  24   13b
Fanbush       John, Jr         14a  1    14b
Fanbush       Joseph           14a  4    14b
Fanbush       Polly            16a  24   16b
Faris         James            07a  5    07b
Faris         James O.         02a  16   02b
Faris         John             07a  4    07b
Faris         Patsy            07a  8    07b
Faris         Thos.            07a  31   07b
Farmer        Bolling          02a  21   02b
Farris        Hiram            05a  14   05b
Fedicks       John             02a  8    02b
Forbush       Hugh             04a  11   04b
Forbush       Isaac J.         04a  17   04b
Forbush       William          04a  15   04b
Frazer        Alexander        09a  11   09b
Frazer        Saml.            09a  10   09b
Freeman       Aaron            08a  14   08b
Freeman       John             06a  10   06b
Freeman       John, Jr         13a  23   13b
Freeman       Louisa           08a  2    08b
Frye          Jacob            02a  1    02b
Fugate        Jabile           17a  1    17b
Fugate        Martin           13a  17   13b
Gabbard       Jacob            13a  27   13b
Gideon        Andrew F.        15a  10   15b
Gideon        Isham            13a  15   13b
Gideon        James            03a  4    03b
Godsy         John             02a  19   02b
Godsy         Thos.            02a  18   02b
Gray          Stephen          10a  10   10b
Green         John             16a  7    16b
Green         Melinda          06a  29   06b
Green         Thomas           05a  27   05b
Gregory       John             10a  6    10b
Griffin       Addison          10a  2    10b
Gumstock      John             16a  25   16b
Gumstock      William          16a  26   16b
Hackney       Jacob            07a  24   07b
Hackney       Lilburn          17a  21   17b
Hale          Jack             09a  22   09b
Hale          James            09a  23   09b
Hall          Bethany          02a  24   02b
Hampton       Laben            06a  28   06b
Hardin        Powell           08a  4    08b
Harp          Thomas           16a  31   16b
Harper        Drury            11a  30   11b
Harrison      John             14a  21   14b
Heath         Amos             11a  27   11b
Henry         John             14a  14   14b
Heran         William          12a  5    12b
Hibbard       Judiah           05a  19   05b
Hibbard       Lemuel           07a  20   07b
Hickey        James            12a  23   12b
Hide          Doston           15a  17   15b
Higgins       William          08a  7    08b
Hodge         F. J.            15a  30   15b
Hodge         James            16a  4    16b
Hodge         Mary             16a  2    16b
Hodge         Shadrick         08a  12   08b
Hodge         Shadrick         16a  17   16b
Holeman       James            04a  2    04b
Holeman       John             07a  28   07b
Hood          Jesse G.         10a  23   10b
Hood          John             11a  5    11b
Hopkins       Edward           15a  19   15b
Howell        Gideon           08a  15   08b
Howell        John W.          08a  13   08b
Howell        John W.          16a  9    16b
Huff          Pleasant         13a  21   13b
Hunter        Abraham          17a  14   17b
Hurst         William          13a  16   13b
Isaacs        Andrew           04a  18   04b
Isaacs        Godfrey          04a  22   04b
Isaacs        Isaac            04a  25   04b
Isaacs        Jacob            04a  26   04b
Jackson       Humphrey         06a  17   06b
Jackson       Isaac            03a  12   03b
Jackson       Isaac D.         15a  3    15b
Jackson       Jarvis           05a  24   05b
Jackson       John             03a  2    03b
Jackson       John H.          17a  20   17b
Jackson       Levi             07a  29   07b
Jackson       Reuben           03a  10   03b
Jackson       Stephen          07a  23   07b
Jackson       William          03a  1    03b
Johnson       Aaron            10a  18   10b
Johnson       Gray             07a  2    07b
Johnson       Joseph           10a  22   10b
Johnson       Joseph           14a  20   14b
Johnson       Washington       08a  10   08b
Johnson       William          10a  21   10b
Johnson       Wm               04a  12   04b
Johnson       Zion             10a  28   10b
Jones         Allen            15a  12   15b
Jones         Charles          05a  6    05b
Jones         Darling          08a  20   08b
Jones         Darling, Sr.     10a  4    10b
Jones         David            04a  5    04b
Jones         David            06a  21   06b
Jones         Ephraim          08a  30   08b
Jones         Evan             10a  7    10b
Jones         John             09a  3    09b
Jones         John, H.         05a  13   05b
Jones         Robert           05a  9    05b
Jones         Robert           08a  19   08b
Jones         Soloman          03a  20   03b
Jones         Thomas           17a  9    17b
Jones         William          09a  5    09b
Jones         William          10a  5    10b
Keen          Henry            05a  5    05b
Kennedy       Paul             08a  18   08b
Kerby         Charles          16a  11   16b
Kethers       Edward           07a  16   07b
Kirby         Absolem          10a  13   10b
Kirby         James            10a  17   10b
Kirtus        David            17a  7    17b
Lambert       John             06a  20   06b
Langford      Stephen          17a  19   17b
Langley       James            10a  12   10b
Langley       Milly            10a  15   10b
Lare          Thomas           10a  31   10b
Laws          Meshack          12a  10   12b
Lawson        John             04a  10   04b
Leathers      John             06a  31   06b
Leeklyter     William          03a  15   03b
Lewis         Robert           02a  15   02b
Litton        Caleb            07a  11   07b
Lloyd         John             05a  20   05b
Logan         James            17a  3    17b
Logan         John             17a  2    17b
Long          Jacob            03a  21   03b
Long          Tennessee        06a  19   06b
Lovie         Nancy            16a  15   16b
Loving        Isaac            12a  4    12b
Loving        Joshua           11a  26   11b
Loving        Nimrod           12a  3    12b
Mardis        William          06a  2    06b
Martin        Job              16a  3    16b
Mason         Elizabeth        06a  30   06b
May           John             11a  21   11b
McCarty       William          10a  1    10b
McClure       Daniel           08a  22   08b
McFadden      Jesse            10a  9    10b
McFarland     Geo. W.          15a  29   15b
McGill        Isaac            07a  26   07b
McHargue      Andrew           16a  6    16b
McHargue      James            07a  6    07b
McHargue      Saml.            07a  25   07b
McHargue      Samuel           16a  1    16b
McHargue      William          08a  23   08b
McHargue      William          15a  21   15b
McKee         William          11a  2    11b
McNeal        James            05a  31   05b
McWhester     Thos J.          06a  14   06b
Mershan       Titus            12a  31   12b
Mershan       Warden           14a  7    14b
Mershan       William          13a  1    13b
Metcalf       James            14a  8    14b
Miller        G. W.            05a  26   05b
Mink          Nicholas         06a  22   06b
Moore         Azariah          15a  6    15b
Moore         Hiram            14a  27   14b
Moore         Isaac            17a  4    17b
Moore         James            07a  7    07b
Moore         James, Sr        11a  24   11b
Moore         James, Jr        11a  25   11b
Moore         Lemuel           04a  9    04b
Moore         Maria            13a  22   13b
Moore         Moses            15a  7    15b
Moore         Thomas           15a  8    15b
Moreland      D.               05a  10   05b
Morgan        Daniel           12a  27   12b
Morgan        Stephen          05a  15   05b
Morris        John             09a  19   09b
Mourn         John             07a  18   07b
Mullins       John             06a  6    06b
Mullins       Joshua           06a  5    06b
Mullins       Welcome          06a  3    06b
Nicholson     Elijah           09a  18   09b
Nicks         John             02a  27   02b
Nicks         Nancy            02a  28   02b
Norvel        Carvin           09a  15   09b
Norvill       Edward           15a  13   15b
Nun           John             07a  22   07b
Ohler         Reuben           15a  23   15b
Owens         Allen            09a  25   09b
Owens         John             08a  6    08b
Owens         John             14a  26   14b
Owens         Rachel           07a  13   07b
Owens         Reuben           11a  18   11b
Owens         William          11a  13   11b
Owens         William          13a  31   13b
Parker        Alexander        14a  18   14b
Parker        Edward           13a  26   13b
Parker        P. L.            04a  28   04b
Parker        White            14a  19   14b
Parris        Hiram            04a  24   04b
Parris        John             04a  21   04b
Parris        John             04a  23   04b
Parris        Moses            04a  20   04b
Parris        William, Jr      04a  19   04b
Patterson     John             03a  9    03b
Patterson     Thomas           08a  3    08b
Pearl         Alexander        10a  29   10b
Pearl         Henry            05a  30   05b
Pearl         John, Jr         13a  30   13b
Pearl         John, Sen        05a  12   05b
Pearl         William          13a  20   13b
Philips       Aaron            06a  9    06b
Philips       Caleb            12a  2    12b
Philips       John             06a  11   06b
Pitman        Ambrose          07a  12   07b
Pitman        Fielding         11a  3    11b
Pitman        Lawson           17a  18   17b
Pitman        Lydia            07a  10   07b
Points        John             17a  5    17b
Pope          Thomas           05a  22   05b
Porter        Harrison         04a  14   04b
Porter        William          06a  13   06b
Potete        Benjamin         05a  28   05b
Prewett       John             04a  3    04b
Price         Gabrael W.       17a  15   17b
Randals       William          17a  13   17b
Ray           Daniel           11a  29   11b
Reams         Bartlett         07a  15   07b
Reams         James            13a  4    13b
Reems         Harrison         14a  6    14b
Reems         James            14a  16   14b
Robinson      Mary             07a  9    07b
Robinson      Thomas B.        12a  30   12b
Runnels       John             09a  27   09b
Sammons       Wilson W.        16a  28   16b
Sasser        Adin             08a  31   08b
Sasser        Henry            09a  1    09b
Sauser        Josiah           16a  12   16b
Scofield      Samuel           15a  20   15b
Scott         Francis          16a  13   16b
Seaburn       George           13a  29   13b
Seaburn       Robert           14a  22   14b
Seburn        Thomas           11a  22   11b
Sexton        William          08a  25   08b
Shatwell      Westly           07a  30   07b
Shaver        Jacob            07a  3    07b
Simpson       John             04a  27   04b
Slaughter     John H.          17a  12   17b
Smith         Alexander        09a  8    09b
Smith         Alexander F.     02a  11   02b
Smith         Andrew           14a  5    14b
Smith         George           09a  28   09b
Smith         Jeremiah         17a  6    17b
Smith         Perry            08a  8    08b
Smith         William          06a  25   06b
Soaper        Dennis           14a  9    14b
Sopen         James            13a  28   13b
Southerland   Alfred           16a  10   16b
Southerland   Danl.            16a  8    16b
Spivy         William          04a  29   04b
Stallions     John             11a  10   11b
Stansberry    David            11a  1    11b
Stansberry    Ira              08a  24   08b
Stansberry    Saml.            13a  9    13b
Stansberry    Soloman          02a  22   02b
Stansberry    Soloman, Jr      02a  26   02b
Stansberry    William          13a  10   13b
Steward       John             15a  2    15b
Storms        Isaac            12a  19   12b
Storms        Jacob            12a  24   12b
Storms        James            12a  20   12b
Sullivan      William          15a  27   15b
Summers       Allen            04a  16   04b
Summers       Joseph           15a  16   15b
Suttle        Mark             10a  30   10b
Suttle        Thornton         04a  6    04b
Sutton        James            16a  18   16b
Sweet         Alexander        03a  18   03b
Sweet         Owen             03a  16   03b
Sweet         Polly            10a  14   10b
Taylor        Isaac            09a  2    09b
Taylor        Sally            04a  8    04b
Taylor        William          12a  1    12b
Tibbs         Jane             16a  23   16b
Tilbery       Nicholas         03a  31   03b
Tompkins      Eli              17a  17   17b
Trosper       James            12a  25   12b
Trosper       James            15a  28   15b
Tudas         George           15a  26   15b
Tuttle        Elizabeth        09a  7    09b
Tuttle        James            09a  21   09b
Tuttle        John             11a  19   11b
Tuttle        Thomas           08a  29   08b
Tuttle        William          11a  17   11b
Umfleet       Edwin            09a  31   09b
Umfleet       John             08a  28   08b
Unfleet       Barney           08a  27   08b
Vance         Patrick          14a  30   14b
Vaughn        William          02a  17   02b
W***ht        George           02a  30   02b
Waggoner      Thos.            08a  26   08b
Walters       Joel             09a  16   09b
Ward          James            13a  14   13b
Warren        Powell           13a  19   13b
Waters        Joel             03a  24   03b
Waters        Pleasant         03a  13   03b
Watkins       Chapman          11a  12   11b
Watkins       George           11a  14   11b
Watkins       Luke             13a  6    13b
Watkins       Mark             05a  8    05b
Watkins       Riley            11a  11   11b
Watkins       Sally            02a  23   02b
Weaver        Daniel           09a  17   09b
Weaver        David            03a  22   03b
Weaver        Elizabeth        09a  30   09b
Weaver        Joel             09a  29   09b
Weaver        Joseph           13a  8    13b
Weaver        Peter            02a  2    02b
Weaver        William          11a  15   11b
Westerfield   Jesse            17a  11   17b
Westerfield   Margt.           09a  20   09b
Whitaker      Giles            12a  15   12b
Whitehead     Reuben           03a  14   03b
Whitehead     Wiley            03a  7    03b
Wiggins       Austin           08a  9    08b
Wiggins       Morris           05a  29   05b
Wilgus        James            02a  6    02b
Wilkinson     M.               08a  11   08b
Williams      David            03a  11   03b
Williams      David            03a  28   03b
Williams      Elijah           03a  27   03b
Williams      John             03a  26   03b
Williams      Lawson           14a  28   14b
Williams      Sarah            14a  29   14b
Wilson        Samuel           06a  4    06b
Wiltburn      Charles          14a  12   14b
Wood          Augusta          02a  12   02b
Woodall       James            11a  28   11b
Wyatt         Edward H.        08a  1    08b
Wyatt         James            13a  2    13b
Wyatt         Samuel           12a  29   12b
Yeager        Joseph           09a  9    09b
Young         Hiram            10a  27   10b
Young         John             14a  24   14b
Young         John, Sr         14a  25   14b
Young         Pleasant         14a  23   14b
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