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Allen       Charles       5    Wisconsin       112a--15
Allen       Charlot       4    Wisconsin       112a--16
Allen       Edward        3    Wisconsin       112a--17
Allen       Henry         9    Wisconsin       112a--13
Allen       Hiram S.      43   Vermont         112a--11
Allen       Jackson       25   Illinois        108a--15
Allen       Laura         7    Wisconsin       112a--14
Allen       Mary          30   Red River       112a--12
Allen       Mary          1    Wisconsin       112a--18
Ammon       Henry         44   Germany         114a--05
Amorry      James S.      50   Canada          112a--23
Amorry      Man N.        25   Canada          112a--24
Archer      Isaiah        33   Pennsylvania    107b--40
Armon       Lorenzo       25   Pennsylvania    113b--10
Armstinger  George        18   Wisconsin       111a--20
Armstinger  James         45   Canada          111a--18
Armstinger  James, Jr.    5    Wisconsin       111a--24
Armstinger  John          16   Wisconsin       111a--21
Armstinger  Madaline      2    Wisconsin       111a--25
Armstinger  Margaret      11   Wisconsin       111a--23
Armstinger  Mary          14   Wisconsin       111a--22
Armstinger  Nancy         38   Red River       111a--19
Avance      Francis       45   Canada          112a--22
Bacon       Joseph        21   Wisconsin       108b--06
Baland      Daniel        30   Ohio            110b--21
Baldwin     Henry G.      31   New Hampshire   107a--34
Ball        John          24   Missouri        108a--42
Ball        John          30   Vermont         113a--09
Ball        Philander     29   Vermont         109a--29
Balton      Martha J.     16   New Hampshire   107a--37
Balton      Willard       50   Massachusetts   107a--35
Bankston    Joseph        25   Ohio            112b--10
Barnum      Hiram         38   Ohio            113b--17
Bateman     John          35   Canada          112a--34
Bayer       Alexander     27   Kentucky        112b--12
Beaurgan    Francis       18   Wisconsin       113a--32
Beaurgan    John          50   Canada          113a--31
Belangier   James         4    Red River       112b--02
Belangier   Joseph        35   Canada          112a--41
Belangier   Joseph        3    Wisconsin       113a--34
Belangier   Louisa        25   Red River       112a--42
Belangier   Louisa        20   Red River       113a--33
Belangier   Louisa        2    Wisconsin       113a--35
Belangier   Mary          6    Red River       112b--01
Belile      Charles       35   Canada          112b--14
Belile      Laura         30   Red River       112b--15
Belile      Louisa        5    Wisconsin       112b--17
Belile      Rufus         8    Wisconsin       112b--16
Bennet      Alvarin       21   Ohio            112b--13
Benson      Joseph        37   New York        111b--39
Bernard     William       30   England         112b--19
Berry       William       35   Maryland        107b--42
Besan       Antoine       3    Wisconsin       112b--06
Besan       Baptiste      10   Wisconsin       112b--05
Besan       Joseph        34   Canada          112b--04
Besan       Josette       3    Wisconsin       112b--07
Betts       Aaron         26   Ohio            112b--18
Bicaud      Augustus      23   Red River       112a--28
Blanchett   Edward        40   Canada          112a--36
Blanchett   Francis       12   Wisconsin       112a--38
Blanchett   George        3    Wisconsin       112a--40
Blanchett   Margaret      30   Red River       112a--37
Blanchett   Mary          7    Wisconsin       112a--39
Bloom       John          26   Germany         109a--39
Boardwine   Francis       10   Wisconsin       112a--32
Boardwine   Margaret      3    Wisconsin       112a--33
Boardwine   Peter         35   Red River       112a--30
Boardwine   Sally         30   Red River       112a--31
Bolles      Charles       24   New York        109b--02
Bourgard    Francis       22   Canada          112a--27
Brady       Dennis        35   Ireland         108b--33
Brinkly     John          26   Missouri        108b--22
Brown       Elisha        45   New York        107b--03
Brown       James         30   England         113b--29
Brown       Jesse         22   Pennsylvania    110b--23
Brown       Louisa        1    Wisconsin       107b--06
Brown       Martha        2    Wisconsin       107b--05
Brown       Phebe         37   New Jersey      107b--04
Brownworth  Michael       30   Germany         112a--25
Bruley      Joseph        50   Canada          112b--09
Brunett     Ambrose       25   Wisconsin       112a--35
Brunett     John          65   France          112b--11
Brushon     Zera          22   Canada          108a--07
Buchanan    James         24   Virginia        112b--20
Bucher      Abram M.      28   New York        113b--02
Buchon      Godfrey       21   Canada          112a--26
Buckey      Thomas R.     28   New York        110b--22
Bullard     Clarence E.   7    Ioway           114a--12
Bullard     Lorenzo       41   New York        114a--09
Bullard     Mary V.       16   New York        114a--11
Bullard     Sophrona      38   New York        114a--10
Burns       Marquis D.    30   Canada          112b--08
Burns       William       25   Illinois        112a--29
Burton      Stephen       25   Ohio            107a--33
Bush        Henry         24   Pennsylvania    112b--03
Buzy        Frederick     25   Germany         113a--12
Cabe        Alexander     23   Missouri        110b--35
Cady        William       36   Vermont         107b--19
Cain        Peter         45   Ireland         107b--18
Caldwell    Robert        23   Ohio            108a--11
Calhoun     Lawrence      26   Ireland         111a--03
Call        John          31   Ohio            110b--41
Callahand   Larra         20   Ireland         109a--24
Calton      Edward G.     34   Maine           110b--25
Campbell    James         20   Scotland        109a--36
Campbell    James         19   Scotland        111a--05
Campbell    John          20   Virginia        110b--27
Cantrall    William B.    27   Ohio            110b--28
Carson      Jessie V.     2    Wisconsin       108a--40
Carson      Mary E.       23   Vermont         108a--39
Carson      William       35   Scotland        108a--38
Cartie      Thomas        24   Ireland         108b--24
Casey       John          31   Ireland         111a--04
Casmer      Joseph        23   New York        108a--01
Cayzeff     Marshal       30   France          110b--26
Chaffee     William       26   New Jersey      108b--36
Charnett    Henry         28   Canada          112b--42
Chase       Acary         6/12 Illinois        109a--19
Chase       Alvira        34   New York        109a--16
Chase       Isaac P.      44   New York        110b--31
Chase       Jessee        12   Illinois        109a--17
Chase       Josiah D.     42   Vermont         109a--15
Chase       Malan         13   Wisconsin       110b--32
Chase       Rodina        4    Illinois        109a--18
Chase       Susan A.      9    Illinois        110b--33
Cheney      Henry         35   New York        113a--05
Cheney      Henry         7    Iowa            113a--08
Cheney      Rosetta       30   Wisconsin       113a--06
Cheney      Walter        12   Iowa            113a--07
Cherry      Francis       25   France          111a--02
Chevalier   Sophia        6    Wisconsin       113a--24
Clark       Patrick       18   Ireland         107a--32
Clark       William       28   New York        110b--34
Clause      William V.    30   New York        107a--36
Clement     Andrew        26   Canada          111a--01
Coalby      James         30   Ireland         110b--39
Cochrane    Sanders       26   Scotland        108b--19
Coduza      John          20   Germany         113b--35
Coduza      Peter         23   Germany         113b--36
Coffee      Lewis         24   Virginia        110b--36
Colburn     Amos          40   New York        108b--05
Collier     Hamilton      21   Pennsylvania    112a--01
Collier     John          33   Pennsylvania    113b--01
Collier     Robert        22   Tennessee       110b--38
Collin      Alexander     24   Pennsylvania    111b--42
Collin      James         35   England         111b--37
Collison    George        21   Canada          110b--29
Columbus    George        33   Germany         112b--39
Cook        Robert        30   Canada          110b--30
Corvanet    John          40   Massachusetts   108b--37
Cowden      Joshua        31   England         111a--06
Cowels      Joel          21   Pennsylvania    110b--40
Cox         Nathaniel     25   Ohio            113b--15
Crawford    Samuel        64   Deleware        109a--26
Criswald    Archibald     21   Iowa            113b--41
Criswald    William       23   Iowa            113b--40
Crosley     John          26   New York        113b--37
Crowsmith   Josiah        22   Indiana         109a--35
Cummings    John          21   Virginia        110b--37
Curtis      Cordelia      19   Ohio            108a--09
Curtis      Jane          1    Wisconsin       108a--10
Curtis      Perry         33   New York        108a--08
Curtis      Truman        29   New York        108a--06
Dailey      Patrick       30   Ireland         111a--09
Dailey      Patrick       35   Ireland         111a--13
Damarsuis   Narcis        23   Wisconsin       112a--03
Dameron     Francis       23   Illinois        108a--18
Damsil      Adolph        24   Germany         108b--34
Daugherty   James         30   Ireland         113b--11
Day         Isaac         30   Ohio            111a--07
Delevier    Peter         28   Canada          111a--15
DeMarias    Joseph        28   Red River       107b--02
Demarrias   Angelio       40   Red River       113a--27
Demarrias   Antoine       24   Red River       113a--28
Demarrias   Baptiste      15   Wisconsin       113a--29
Demarrias   Louis         60   Red River       113a--26
Denetier    Baptiste      35   Ireland         111a--11
Dentist     William       22   New York        112b--27
Divine      James         35   Ireland         111a--10
Dix         Horatio       66   Vermont         109a--33
Dixon       Peter         22   Scotland        109a--23
Donelson    Francis       30   Missouri        111a--14
Donnell     Anthony       35   Canada          111b--08
Dorathy     Francis       18   Wisconsin       108b--07
Dougall     Peter         35   Canada          111a--08
Drury       Jacob         26   Illinois        108b--20
Duaine      Isadore       25   Red River       113a--30
Duane       Issalon       35   Canada          111a--16
Dugard      Eustus        30   Red River       111b--09
Duncan      Joel H.       35   Canada          111a--12
Eaton       Alvin         1/12 Wisconsin       107b--17
Eaton       Henry         38   New York        107b--11
Eaton       Jane          36   Louisiana       107b--12
Eaton       Ruel          2    Wisconsin       107b--16
Elliott     Jethro        24   Pennsylvania    111a--17
Elliott     Mason B.      22   Pennsylvania    111a--27
Ewing       Matthew       40   Ohio            111a--26
Faye        John          28   Ireland         113b--31
Faye        William       26   Ireland         113b--30
Finley      James         3    Ohio            111a--32
Finley      John          32   Illinois        111a--29
Finley      John          2    Wisconsin       111a--33
Finley      Katherine     28   Ohio            111a--30
Finley      Mary          7    Ohio            111a--31
Fisher      William       40   New York        113b--42
Fitzgerald  John          35   Ireland         111a--36
Fitzpatrick Patrick       22   Ireland         107b--38
Fletcher    Amanda        1    Iowa            108b--04
Fletcher    Eliza         4    Pennsylvania    108b--03
Fletcher    Elizabeth     23   Pennsylvania    108b--02
Fletcher    Henry         31   Pennsylvania    108b--01
Flusher     Henry         30   Pennsylvania    111b--31
Fortney     Cevair        30   Canada          111a--28
Francis     Lewis         24   Red River       111a--35
French      James         22   Ireland         108b--25
Frisbie     John          22   Illinois        107b--31
Fulton      Lewis         28   Illinois        111a--34
Gallagher   Patrick       23   Ireland         107b--39
Galloway    Alexander     28   Missouri        111a--37
Ganier      Thomas        23   Canada          111a--38
Gary        Patrick       19   Ireland         113b--32
Gates       Daniel        35   New York        107b--34
Gaye        Jessee J.     37   Vermont         109a--06
Geignier    John          27   Canada          107b--41
Gidings     James         28   Ohio            113b--39
Gilbert     Dallam        7/12 Wisconsin       109a--04
Gilbert     James J.      26   Wisconsin       107a--28
Gilbert     John W.       1    Wisconsin       107a--38
Gilbert     Martha        17   Wisconsin       113b--27
Gilbert     Mary F.       4    Minnesota       109a--03
Gilbert     Philothita    53   New York        113b--26
Gilbert     Samuel        53   Kentucky        113b--25
Gilbert     Samuel, Jr    24   Kentucky        109a--01
Gilbert     Sarah J.      20   Indiana         109a--02
Gilbert     Susan A.      23   New Hampshire   107a--29
Gilbert     Washington D. 21   Wisconsin       109a--05
Gilbert     William D.    22   Wisconsin       107a--31
Gillham     William       18   Illinois        114a--20
Gilmore     Joseph C.     35   Vermont         111a--40
Gilmore     William       25   Vermont         111a--41
Glenn       Samuel        35   Pennsylvania    111a--39
Glover      David         25   Ireland         107b--33
Glover      Myra          18   Pennsylvania    108a--41
Gothier     Nicholas      24   Missouri        111b--01
Goult       Isaac         19   Canada          111a--42
Gray        Alonzo        2    Maine           108a--33
Gray        Frank         1    Maine           108a--37
Gray        Irvin         27   Maine           108a--30
Gray        Julia         19   Maine           108a--36
Gray        Lucetta       1    Maine           108a--34
Gray        Olive         23   Maine           108a--31
Gray        Philina J     5    Maine           108a--32
Gray        Sheldon       32   Maine           108a--35
Green       James         24   New York        112a--09
Greyhart    John          21   Pennsylvania    114a--08
Guchey      Francis       36   Canada          112b--38
Harnon      James         24   Germany         112b--40
Harris      Jacob         22   Indiana         108a--16
Hatch       Anderson      25   Vermont         111b--04
Hatch       John          23   Vermont         111b--05
Hawke       Thomas        53   New Jersey      111b--02
Hawkins     Jeremiah      28   New York        107b--22
Hawsworth   Isaac         25   Pennsylvania    112a--10
Henry       Morris        28   France          111b--06
Herrick     Henry         40   New York        109a--27
Hervey      Abram         22   Illinois        114a--18
Hickman     David         23   Indiana         107b--37
Hicks       George        2    Wisconsin       107a--22
Hicks       Helena        8    Missouri        107a--21
Hicks       Isiah         25   Illinois        113a--41
Hicks       John H.       45   Ireland         107a--12
Hicks       Joseph        5    Illinois        107a--14
Hicks       Katharine     64   Ireland         107a--17
Hicks       Lydia         1    Wisconsin       107a--15
Hicks       Mary          26   England         107a--20
Hicks       Phebe         30   Illinois        107a--13
Hicks       Robert        25   Ireland         107a--16
Hicks       Samuel        42   Ireland         107a--19
Hicks       William       26   Ireland         107a--18
Hinds       John          40   Ireland         114a--02
Hoag        Abner         24   Illinois        114a--15
Hoag        James         23   Illinois        108a--24
Hoag        Lewis         1    Wisconsin       114a--17
Hoag        Malinda       19   Illinois        114a--16
Hoag        Mary          20   Pennsylvania    108a--25
Hoag        William       5    Wisconsin       108a--26
Hoffman     William       24   Pennsylvania    108b--42
Hollman     Betsey        1    Wisconsin       108a--23
Hollman     Henry         11   Wisconsin       108a--21
Hollman     Susan         30   Red River       108a--20
Hollman     William       30   Missouri        108a--19
Hollman     William       4    Wisconsin       108a--22
Holmes      Joseph        21   Virginia        111b--07
Hoover      Peter         26   Pennsylvania    107b--32
Hope        William       26   Indiana         108b--17
Hulburt     John          27   Pennsylvania    108b--21
Hunter      Samuel        25   New York        107b--24
Hurley      Timothy       35   Ireland         111b--03
Inman       Luke          46   Rhode Island    114a--25
Isham       Ira           19   Illinois        113b--12
Jacobs      Rueben        21   Iowa            108a--12
Jarvis      James         28   England         112a--06
Johnson     George        20   Pennsylvania    114a--04
Knapp       Caroline      18   Massachusetts   111b--29
Knapp       John H.       24   New York        111b--28
Lachapelle  Baptisa       23   Iowa            111b--19
Laduc       Peter         40   Canada          109b--14
Lamertine   Louis         35   Canada          110b--08
Lamertine   Robert        5    Wisconsin       110b--10
Lamertine   Sally         30   Canada          110b--09
Langervan   Joseph        26   Canada          110b--24
Lankhart    George        18   Illinois        107b--07
Lankhart    Henry         9    Illinois        107b--08
Lankhart    Mary          6    Wisconsin       107b--09
Lankhart    Timothy       7    Wisconsin       107b--10
Larush      Francis       34   Canada          111b--13
Larush      Margaret      28   Red River       111b--14
Larush      Mary          4    Wisconsin       111b--16
Larush      Peter         6    Wisconsin       111b--15
Larush      Suzette       1    Wisconsin       111b--17
Lavice      Louis         38   Canada          110b--01
Lavice      Margaret      30   Red River       110b--02
Lavice      Peter         6    Wisconsin       110b--03
Ledrey      Francis       23   Canada          109b--12
Lee         Edward        40   Ireland         114a--01
Lee         Niles         25   Illinois        113b--05
Lee         William       20   Virginia        108b--27
Lemery      George        45   Canada          107b--23
Lemon       Anthony       35   New York        113b--18
Lemon       Anthony       4    Wisconsin       113b--23
Lemon       Harriett      13   Wisconsin       113b--20
Lemon       Henriett      30   Red River       113b--19
Lemon       Madaline      9    Wisconsin       113b--22
Lemon       Nicholas      1    Wisconsin       113b--24
Lemon       William       11   Wisconsin       113b--21
Lennox      Abram         28   Canada          109b--13
Lessard     Baptiste      40   Red River       111b--11
Little      James         23   Scotland        107a--25
Little      Mary          16   Pennsylvania    107a--26
Lowe        James         35   Scotland        111b--10
Lowe        Thomas        24   Virginia        108b--39
Lup         Balsa         21   Indiana         110b--05
Lup         James         24   Indiana         110b--04
Luther      Henry         24   New York        111b--12
Lynch       Cornelius     32   Ireland         111b--18
Lynn        Charles F.    22   Maine           107b--35
Lynn        Jacob         20   Maine           107b--30
Lyons       Cornelius     30   Ireland         111b--20
Mahan       Patrick       24   Ireland         109b--42
Manning     Nathaniel     43   Massachusetts   107b--21
Marshall    Clauson       45   Vermont         113a--10
Marshall    John          10   Wisconsin       113a--11
Martin      John          24   Missouri        110a--12
Matthews    Asa           19   Indiana         113b--33
Matthews    Thomas        24   Indiana         113b--34
May         Thomas        28   Canada          110a--11
Mayon       Francis       24   Canada          110a--09
McBrady     Sarah         22   Ireland         109a--21
McBrady     Sarah         1    Wisconsin       109a--22
McBrady     William       30   Ireland         109a--20
McCann      Alice         3    Wisconsin       109b--29
McCann      Arthur        9    Wisconsin       109b--26
McCann      Barbara       5    Wisconsin       109b--28
McCann      Benjamin      1    Wisconsin       109b--30
McCann      Daniel        15   Iowa            109b--24
McCann      Daniel        35   Ohio            109b--31
McCann      Daniel        3    Wisconsin       109b--35
McCann      John          7    Wisconsin       109b--33
McCann      Malumphy      40   Ohio            109b--22
McCann      Margaret      25   Red River       109b--32
McCann      Margaret      1    Wisconsin       109b--36
McCann      Martha        7    Wisconsin       109b--27
McCann      Stephen       12   Wisconsin       109b--25
McCann      Stephen S     42   Ohio            109b--21
McCann      Suzette       5    Wisconsin       109b--34
McCann      Thomas        19   Ohio            109b--23
McCauley    Hugh          15   Scotland        113b--09
McCauley    John          50   England         113b--07
McCauley    Mary J.       30   Scotland        113b--08
McDonald    William       22   Pennsylvania    107a--30
McFarlane   Daniel        27   Scotland        114a--19
McFarlane   Joseph        50   Kentucky        110a--01
McGowan     James         23   Ireland         108a--05
McKane      John          36   Pennsylvania    107a--01
McNab       Daniel        30   Ireland         110a--03
McPherson   William       26   Canada          109a--28
McReynolds  Samuel        38   Kentucky        113b--38
McTeyre     Washington    26   Illinois        110a--05
Meacham     Alfread       35   Pennsylvania    110a--08
Mead        Eliza         18   Illinois        113a--40
Mead        Henry         21   Pennsylvania    113a--39
Michaels    George        40   Pennsylvania    109b--18
Michaels    George        10   Pennsylvania    109b--20
Michaels    Mary          38   Pennsylvania    109b--19
Michler     George        35   Canada          109b--37
Michler     James         4    Wisconsin       109b--39
Michler     Margaret      25   Red River       109b--38
Michler     Mary          2    Wisconsin       109b--40
Miller      Christian     25   Germany         114a--07
Miller      Jacob         35   Germany         111b--32
Miller      Joseph        24   Pennsylvania    110a--07
Minon       David         19   Pennsylvania    111b--35
Minon       Joseph        22   Pennsylvania    111b--34
Money       Katharine     18   France          113a--15
Montra      Lewis         22   Red River       110a--02
Mooney      James         28   France          109b--15
Morin       John          26   Ireland         109b--41
Morkodout   John          18   Switzerland     107a--24
Morrow      Lewis         35   Canada          110a--04
Mullen      Albert        22   Ohio            109a--40
Mullen      Charlotte     4    Wisconsin       109a--41
Mullen      Mary          2    Wisconsin       109a--42
Murphy      Eli           28   Vermont         110a--06
Murphy      Patrick       25   Ireland         110a--10
Murray      John          28   Ohio            114a--26
Murray      Louisa        20   Wisconsin       114a--27
Myers       Daniel        28   Germany         112b--41
Myers       George        30   Germany         109b--16
Myers       John          30   Germany         108b--15
Myers       William       34   Germany         109b--17
Netsir      James         23   Kentucky        109a--30
Newcomb     Eliza         13   Pennsylvania    107a--09
Newcomb     Hester        22   Virginia        107a--05
Newcomb     Isaac M.      21   Pennsylvania    107a--07
Newcomb     Jeremiah      9    Iowa            107a--10
Newcomb     John          21   Pennsylvania    107a--08
Newcomb     Mary          57   Pennsylvania    107a--03
Newcomb     Saml S.       23   Pennsylvania    107a--06
Newcomb     Samuel        60   Pennsylvania    107a--02
Newcomb     Thomas        5    Iowa            107a--11
Newcomb     William B.    26   Pennsylvania    107a--04
Nichols     Isaac         35   Ohio            110a--13
Nogovias    John          24   France          110a--15
Northrop    Nehemiah      28   New York        113b--06
Nowland     Lewis         30   Red River       110a--14
Nutt        Jeremiah      21   New York        109a--31
O Donnell   Constantine   33   Ireland         111b--38
Ogleby      Charles       26   Scotland        107b--27
Olotalier   John          40   Canada          110a--16
ONiel       Henry         35   New York        110a--21
ORieley     Hugh          6    Pennsylvania    110a--19
ORieley     Margaret      25   Ireland         110a--18
ORieley     Matthias      24   Ireland         110a--20
ORieley     Michael       30   Ireland         110a--17
Oron        Michael       30   Ireland         110b--42
Ortin       Calvin        46   New York        110a--22
Page        Anthony       54   Canada          110a--31
Parsons     Ann           30   Pennsylvania    110a--24
Parsons     Irena         34   Vermont         113a--17
Parsons     Jame          3    Pennsylvania    110a--26
Parsons     John          6    Pennsylvania    110a--25
Parsons     Louisa        6/12 Wisconsin       113a--19
Parsons     Mary          3    Illinois        113a--18
Parsons     Park          35   Main            113a--16
Parsons     Parker        35   Pennsylvania    110a--23
Passaweau   Peter         40   Canada          110a--33
Paul        Joseph        26   Canada          110a--30
Pawn        Lewis         22   Germany         110a--32
Peircale    Margaret      30   New York        112a--08
Peircale    Thomas        25   Indiana         112a--07
Pelchier    Michael       28   Canada          110a--29
Pellijohn   Jerome        21   Illinois        113b--04
Perrygoer   John          26   Canada          108b--41
Peters      John          25   Pennsylvania    107b--25
Philips     George        20   Kentucky        108b--08
Pierce      Henry         40   Vermont         110a--28
Portor      William       22   Maine           107b--26
Pratt       William       30   Indiana         108a--29
Pugh        Elizabeth     22   Iowa            108b--30
Pugh        Hugh          22   England         108b--29
Pugh        Samuel        2    Iowa            108b--31
Purtelancy  Joseph        27   Canada          110a--27
Ragan       James         20   Ireland         111b--36
Ramsey      Leroy         26   Pennsylvania    108a--28
Ramstay     Jacob         28   Pennsylvania    112a--02
Randall     George        27   Maine           108b--11
Randall     George        1    Wisconsin       108b--13
Randall     Mary          22   Wisconsin       108b--12
Randall     Simon         31   Maine           109a--32
Reed        James         26   Virginia        109a--34
Reston      James         20   New Jersey      107b--28
Reynhars    George        19   Illinois        113a--36
Reynhars    John          4    Illinois        113a--38
Reynhars    Timothy       9    Illinois        113a--37
Reynolds    John          21   New York        108b--28
Rider       Joseph        20   Pennsylvania    107b--29
Roallin     Martin        36   Isle of Man     110a--34
Roberts     Hiram         21   New York        108a--03
Roberts     John          46   Wales           110a--38
Rogers      Jeptha        28   Ohio            113a--14
Rowland     William       36   Ohio            110a--37
Rusean      Peter         38   Canada          110a--36
Ryans       Moses         27   Maine           110a--35
Saunders    Robert        25   Ireland         109a--38
Schemerthor Sullivan      40   Pennsylvania    110b--19
Scott       Grace         23   Scotland        114a--14
Scott       Thomas        28   Scotland        114a--13
Scott       William       24   Pennsylvania    108b--16
Selkin      Joseph        51   Canada          110b--16
Shaw        James         35   Ireland         108a--04
Shaw        John          26   Illinois        110b--07
Shaw        Joseph        33   Pennsylvania    114a--03
Shay        James         24   Ireland         110a--39
Shay        John          24   Ireland         110b--17
Shay        Quinlan       21   Ireland         110b--11
Sher        John          27   Germany         113b--13
Sherman     Reuben        30   New Hampshire   110a--40
Sherman     Zelpha        11   Ohio            110a--41
Short       Thomas        26   Ireland         112b--21
Slunt       Christopher   27   Germany         114a--06
Smith       Charlotte     10   Pennsylvania    109a--11
Smith       Frances       1    Illinois        109a--14
Smith       Franklin      36   Pennsylvania    109a--07
Smith       George        20   Massachusetts   108a--02
Smith       John          3    Illinois        109a--13
Smith       John R.       27   Pennsylvania    111b--33
Smith       Jonathan      53   Massachusetts   110b--18
Smith       Katherine     8    Pennsylvania    109a--12
Smith       Mariah        40   N. Hampshire    109a--08
Smith       Mary          17   New York        109a--09
Smith       Peter         26   Ireland         110b--14
Smith       Thomas        24   New York        110a--42
Smith       William       25   Germany         108b--23
Smith       William       12   New York        109a--10
Snagvose    Henry         22   Germany         109a--25
Snider      Thomas D.     24   Pennsylvania    113b--14
Stater      Alexander     35   Red River       110b--15
Staters     William       23   Illinois        110b--13
Stickney    Harrison      26   New Hampshire   111b--40
Stone       John          8/12 Wisconsin       114a--24
Stone       Lizett        22   Wisconsin       114a--22
Stone       Madaline      17   Iowa            108b--10
Stone       Madline       4    Wisconsin       114a--23
Stone       Philo         33   Vermont         108b--09
Stone       Roswell       30   Vermont         114a--21
Strong      Alonzo        24   Ohio            110b--12
Sulkie      Thomas        30   England         108a--27
Swartsworth Joseph        26   Pennsylvania    110b--06
Sweeeney    James         30   Canada          113a--13
Sweeney     David         24   Ireland         109b--11
Sweeney     Robert        22   Germany         108b--35
Sweeney     Simon         33   Ohio            110b--20
Swine       Alexander     28   Kentucky        108b--14
Tainter     Andrew        26   New York        111b--30
Thomas      Jeremiah C.   40   New York        109a--37
Tinffany    Pettis        60   New York        113a--42
Trepanier   Andrew        24   Canada          112b--23
Trepanier   Joseph        30   Canada          112b--22
Trowbridge  Jonathan      27   Missouri        112b--24
Trukiser    Francis       36   Michigan        113a--20
Trukiser    Gabriel       4    Wisconsin       113a--22
Trukiser    Joseph        2    Wisconsin       113a--23
Trukiser    Rosella       35   Red River       113a--21
Usabaviller Francis       33   Canada          107b--36
Vail        John          45   New York        108b--32
Vail        Mary E.       18   Wisconsin       113b--28
Vance       Agnes         2    Wisconsin       107a--42
Vance       Julia         1    Wisconsin       107b--01
Vance       Leora         29   Ohio            107a--41
Vance       Levi          30   Canada          107a--40
Vanier      Baptiste      5    Wisconsin       113a--25
Vetis       William       21   Illinois        107a--27
Viantion    Joseph        19   Canada          112b--26
Viantion    Levi          50   Canada          112b--25
Wales       George Ann    14   Wisconsin       107b--15
Wales       James         9    Wisconsin       107b--14
Wales       Samuel        22   Wisconsin       107b--20
Wales       Thomas        17   Wisconsin       107b--13
Walton      Isaac         22   Indiana         112a--04
Warner      Abagail       8    Wisconsin       109b--07
Warner      Calvin        2    Wisconsin       109b--09
Warner      Elisabeth     6    Wisconsin       109b--08
Warner      Jane          13   Wisconsin       109b--06
Warner      Lizette       30   Red River       109b--04
Warner      Louisa        16   Wisconsin       109b--05
Warner      William       39   New York        109b--03
Warren      George        26   Wisconsin       112b--28
Warren      Jabez         40   Massachusetts   109b--01
Warren      Jabez         40   Vermont         112b--34
Watson      Andrew        27   Canada          108a--17
Weaver      David         26   Indiana         112b--29
Webb        Isaac         22   New York        112b--31
Wherry      Charlott      5    Illinois        113a--03
Wherry      Eliza         25   Virginia        113a--02
Wherry      James         30   Virginia        113a--01
Wherry      Mary          2    Illinois        113a--04
White       James         28   Pennsylvania    107a--23
White       Nathaniel     22   Maryland        113b--16
Whitney     Thomas        50   Main            112b--32
Wickham     Wilber        28   New York        113b--03
Wiles       Jacob         35   Maryland        112a--19
Wiles       Margaret      30   Maryland        112a--20
Wiles       Mary          11   Pennsylvania    112a--21
Willes      Elosias       36   Maryland        112b--33
Williams    William       24   Canada          108b--40
Williamson  George        35   Scotland        109b--10
Wilson      Angeline      36   Ohio            111b--22
Wilson      Eliza         15   Pennsylvania    111b--24
Wilson      George        25   New York        111b--41
Wilson      Jane          6    Iowa            111b--26
Wilson      Martin        8    Iowa            111b--25
Wilson      Mary          3    Wisconsin       111b--27
Wilson      Thomas B.     18   Pennsylvania    111b--23
Wilson      William       42   Pennsylvania    111b--21
Wilson      William       35   Pennsylvania    112b--37
Wishard     Solomon       25   Red River       112b--30
Wist        John          34   Germany         108b--18
Wolf        Charles       24   Pennsylvania    108b--26
Working     Jacob         22   Pennsylvania    112a--05
Wright      Madison       33   Missouri        107a--39
Young       David Z.      36   Pennsylvania    108a--13
Young       Harriet       19   Pennsylvania    108a--14
Young       Hugh          26   Illinois        112b--35
Young       James         34   New York        108b--38
Young       William       22   Illinois        112b--36
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