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Because of the many age‑range columns, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

If you find a name of interest, click on the LEFT‑PAGE "a" column link to view the name in the image file of the microfilmed original census page in the USGenWeb Archives. Then click the BACK button on your Internet Browser to return to this index. To see the remaining age‑range columns for that same name, click on the RIGHT‑PAGE "b" column link.

Alsenburg      William          17a   26   17b
Angus          John             14a   25   14b
Ayres          Frederick        18a   29   18b
Baragh         Frederic         14a   5    14b
Bauncier       Joseph           17a   23   17b
Bazinet        Michel           15a   25   15b
Bellain        Francois         15a   13   15b
Bellecous      Jean B.          17a   7    17b
Bellinger      Jean B.          15a   14   15b
Bellinger      Joseph           15a   18   15b
Billand        Henry C.         18a   21   18b
Boilinn        Clement A.       14a   28   14b
Bosquet        Michel           14a   8    14b
Bosup          Charles W.       14a   24   14b
Branell        Louis            17a   14   17b
Brebart        Alexis           14a   20   14b
Brissett       Nucgek           14a   30   14b
Brown          Joseph R.        17a   21   17b
Bruce          Charles Jasper   18a   1    18b
Bushwell       Daniel P.        14a   27   14b
Cadotte        Achille          14a   6    14b
Cadotte        Antione          15a   29   15b
Cadotte        Benjn            15a   10   15b
Cadotte        Charles          18a   30   18b
Cadotte        Michel           14a   7    14b
Campbell       John             18a   18   18b
Cavier         ***n B.          14a   16   14b
Chabrillez     Charles          15a   4    15b
Chalous        Charles          15a   23   15b
Chevallier     Francois         18a   20   18b
Chevet         James R.         18a   8    18b
Ciebessa       Peter            16a   4    16b
Comeyer        Antione          15a   17   15b
Connor         Thomas           15a   8    15b
Cotte          Pierre           16a   6    16b
Crowe          W.               17a   19   17b
Dafault        Lewis            15a   21   15b
Davenport      William          16a   3    16b
Davis          ***rain          14a   19   14b
Dechomault     Francois         14a   29   14b
Degerlais      Menos            17a   6    17b
Denomme        Jean B.          15a   11   15b
Descote        Jacques          18a   19   18b
Diragon        Ambrose          14a   13   14b
Dupuis         Hypolise         17a   25   17b
Ely            Edmond F         18a   28   18b
Evans          William          18a   15   18b
Fairbanks      John H.          16a   2    16b
Falstram       Jacob            17a   15   17b
Felia          Peirre           17a   22   17b
Gea            Baptiste         17a   11   17b
Genereaux      Arlaire          15a   2    15b
Goddin         *** B.           14a   23   14b
Goslin         Baptiste         15a   28   15b
Gregrich       Joseph           17a   16   17b
Hall           Thomas           14a   11   14b
Haskell        Joseph           18a   26   18b
Henderson      George           15a   7    15b
Herrington     Alvah            17a   20   17b
Hill           Thomas           17a   4    17b
Jarwier        Simon            14a   14   14b
Jervais        Benjamin         18a   4    18b
Koma           Alwis            14a   2    14b
LaBissoneirre  Joseph           18a   17   18b
LaBlanc        Francois         18a   5    18b
Lafebou        Jean B.          15a   27   15b
Lahoze         Charles          14a   1    14b
Landre         Joseph           17a   13   17b
Lapointe       Joseph           15a   26   15b
LaPrairie      Joseph           18a   31   18b
LaPrairie      Susan            17a   2    17b
Laudne         Jean B.          15a   20   15b
LeClaire       Michael          18a   22   18b
Lecomble       Seraphim         15a   3    15b
Lemieux        Francois         14a   18   14b
Lemoreaux      Francois         15a   5    15b
Lepissir       **vella          14a   9    14b
Lesartte       Louis            18a   16   18b
Lisout         Joseph           14a   21   14b
Louis          Francois         15a   24   15b
Mackey         Andrew           18a   23   18b
Massie         Louis            17a   8    17b
McCoy          Francois         18a   6    18b
McDonald       Gerald           18a   11   18b
McGinnis       John             14a   17   14b
McHattie       Alexander        18a   12   18b
Mencke         Henry C.         18a   13   18b
Mendenhall     Cyrus            14a   10   14b
Moaers         Hazen            17a   27   17b
Montrielle     Joseph           16a   5    16b
Morrin         Joseph           15a   1    15b
Morris         Robert           14a   12   14b
Morrison       Allan            15a   6    15b
Morrison       Joseph           15a   12   15b
Moujean        Joseph           18a   24   18b
Nassan         Francis          18a   10   18b
Norris         James S.         18a   27   18b
Oakes          Charles A.       16a   1    16b
Parrant        Peter            17a   5    17b
Penner         Antione          14a   3    14b
Perret         Abraham          18a   7    18b
Perret         Charles          18a   9    18b
Petite         Michel           15a   16   15b
Phalen         Edward           18a   14   18b
Prescotte      Philander        18a   25   18b
Robertson      Andrew           17a   28   17b
Robideaux      Ignace           15a   22   15b
Robideaux      Jean B.          15a   9    15b
Roi            Francis          14a   22   14b
Roi            Narcisse         14a   31   14b
Rondae         Joseph           18a   3    18b
Rowlliard      Pierre           17a   29   17b
Russell        Jeremiah         17a   3    17b
Sanfacon       Joseph, Jr.      18a   2    18b
Sanfacousias   Joseph           17a   10   17b
Sayer          Jean             15a   15   15b
Scott          Jas P.           15a   19   15b
Seveloxy       Hiram            17a   12   17b
Sitts          William S.       17a   9    17b
St Amand       Edward           14a   15   14b
Suttlegrath    C. A.            17a   18b  17b
Taylor         James            17a   24   17b
Taylor         Jessee           17a   1    17b
Thomas         E. W. &          17a   18a  17b
Walker         Orange           17a   17   17b
Willett        George           14a   4    14b
Wood           John             14a   26   14b
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