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                              LEFT       RIGHT
Abbat          John            04a    9    04b
Abbet          Joseph          04a   10    04b
Abbot          Sinkler         04a    3    04b
Adair          William         05a    2    05b
Adwill         Addam           04a   21    04b
Adwill         John            04a   22    04b
Alderson       Albert          05a   13    05b
Alderson       James           05a   10    05b
Alderson       John Jr         05a    9    05b
Alderson       John M          05a   11    05b
Alderson       Levy            05a   12    05b
Alexander      Andrew          04a   19    04b
Alexander      Henry           02a    1    02b
Alexander      Isaballa        04a   26    04b
Alexander      James           04a   16    04b
Alexander      Margaret        04a   17    04b
Alexander      Mathew          03a    1    03b
Alexander      Mathew          04a   18    04b
Alexander      Michal          04a   20    04b
Alexander      V.C.            02a    2    02b
Alford         Henry           05a    4    05b
Alford         James           05a    1    05b
Alford         James           05a   17    05b
Alford         Jane            04a   25    04b
Alford         John            04a   23    04b
Alford         John            05a   18    05b
Alford         Joseph          05a   14    05b
Alford         Robert          05a    3    05b
Alford         Robert          05a   19    05b
Alford         Thomas          05a   16    05b
Allen          Andrew          04a   11    04b
Allen          George          04a    1    04b
Allen          Jacob           04a    6    04b
Allen          James           04a   12    04b
Allen          Lew             04a   15    04b
Allen          Samuel          04a    2    04b
Anders         Jane            04a   14    04b
Anderson       James           05a   20    05b
Argebrite      Isaac           05a   15    05b
Argebrite      Jacob           05a    5    05b
Argebrite      Samuel          05a    8    05b
Armstrong      Isaac           04a   13    04b
Armstrong      Thomas          04a    8    04b
Arnot          Henry Jr        04a    4    04b
Arnot          Henry T.        05a    7    05b
Arnot          William         04a    5    04b
Athay          Sarah           05a    6    05b
Athay          Thomas          04a    7    04b
Athay          Westly          04a   24    04b

Baar           John            08a   14    08b
Baar           Samuel          08a   15    08b
Baber          James           06a   23    06b
Bacher         John            06a    3    06b
Baker          Fredrick        06a    7    06b
Ball           Rebeckah        06a    6    06b
Ball           Rubin           06a   21    06b
Ballard        Beverly         07a   13    07b
Ballard        Moreman         07a    5    07b
Ballentine     Andrew          09a   11    09b
Ballerd        James           07a   11    07b
Ballerd        James Snow      07a   15    07b
Ballerd        Jeremiah        07a   10    07b
Ballerd        Willess         07a    9    07b
Ballerd        William Jr      07a   14    07b
Ballerd        William Sr      08a   16    08b
Ballerd        Winsten         08a   17    08b
Ballinger      George          06a   17    06b
Ballinger      Henry           06a   18    06b
Ballinger      Susanah         06a   15    06b
Bankes         Lenard          07a   24    07b
Barger         Cristain        06a    8    06b
Barger         Jacob           05a   21    05b
Beaker         Addam           07a   26    07b
Beaker         David           08a    2    08b
Beaker         Fredrick        09a   14    09b
Beaker         Jacob           08a    1    08b
Beaker         Joseph          09a   15    09b
Bealy          Edward          09a   17    09b
Beamer         Joseph          08a    8    08b
Beckner        Dannial         08a    4    08b
Beckner        John            07a   22    07b
Beckner        Joseph          07a   23    07b
Beemer         John            09a    8    09b
Beemer         Michal          09a    3    09b
Beemer         Philip Jr       09a   10    09b
Beemer         Philip S        09a    2    09b
Been           William         07a   17    07b
Belcher        Chair           06a    5    06b
Beller         Elisha          07a    8    07b
Beller         Uell            07a    7    07b
Berry          Bengamin        08a   23    08b
Bhoon          Henry           09a    5    09b
Bickell        Elizabeth       10a    1    10b
Bickett        William         09a   19    09b
Birne          Andrew          02a    3    02b
Birnside       Alexander       05a   22    05b
Bivine         Andrew          09a   25    09b
Bivine         George          02a    4    02b
Black          Mary            08a   21    08b
Blain          Benjamin        06a   13    06b
Bland          Alexander       07a   21    07b
Bland          Jessy           05a   27    05b
Bland          Joseph          08a   10    08b
Bland          Robert          07a   20    07b
Bland          William         07a   19    07b
Blane          Mary            10a    4    10b
Bobbett        John            10a    5    10b
Boggess        Abraham         08a    9    08b
Boggess        Enoch           08a    5    08b
Boggess        Seth            08a   22    08b
Boggess        Thomas          08a    6    08b
Boohn          John            05a   28    05b
Borly          Pitman          08a   13    08b
Bostick        Archibald       08a   25    08b
Bostick        John S          09a    1    09b
Bostick        Margaret        07a   18    07b
Bostick        Robert          08a   27    08b
Bostick        Thomas          08a   11    08b
Bostick        Thomas          08a   26    08b
Bostick        William         08a   24    08b
Boulch         Samuel          10a   11    10b
Bowden         Kathren         10a    9    10b
Bowlinger      Elijah          07a   27    07b
Bowlinger      William         07a   25    07b
Bowyer         Jacob           08a    3    08b
Bowyer         John            06a   14    06b
Bowyer         Philip          06a   12    06b
Boyd           James           09a   26    09b
Boyd           John            09a   27    09b
Boyd           Nathan          02a    5    02b
Boyd           Patrick         09a   21    09b
Boyd           Robert          09a   20    09b
Boyd           Thomas          09a    9    09b
Bragg          Peter           06a    2    06b
Briann         Alexander       09a    7    09b
Brison         Jacob           06a   20    06b
Brown          Alexander       05a   24    05b
Brown          Anderson        06a   10    06b
Brown          Bird            07a    6    07b
Brown          James           06a   16    06b
Brown          Jane            07a   16    07b
Brown          John            09a   16    09b
Brown          John S          09a   22    09b
Brown          Sarah           05a   23    05b
Brownnen       John            06a   19    06b
Broyles        Aaron           06a   24    06b
Broyles        Alsalom         06a   27    06b
Broyles        Ephriam         06a    9    06b
Broyles        Fielding        07a    4    07b
Broyles        Jacob           06a   26    06b
Broyles        John            06a   25    06b
Broyles        Louel           07a    2    07b
Broyles        Solloman        07a   12    07b
Broyles        Soloman         06a   22    06b
Broyles        Zacariah        07a    1    07b
Buckland       John            05a   26    05b
Buckland       John            07a    3    07b
Buckland       Maryann         06a   11    06b
Buckland       Rachel          05a   25    05b
Buckland       Stephen         06a    1    06b
Bud            Undrel          02a    7    02b
Burdet         Alexander       10a    6    10b
Burdet         Archibald       09a   12    09b
Burdet         Ashau           09a   13    09b
Burdet         Charles         10a   10    10b
Burdet         Elijah          10a    7    10b
Burdet         Joham           10a    2    10b
Burdet         John            10a    8    10b
Burdet         Joseph          09a   24    09b
Burdet         Miles           10a    3    10b
Burdet         Sarah           06a    4    06b
Burdet         William         09a   18    09b
Burns          George          09a    4    09b
Burns          John            08a   19    08b
Burns          Magness         09a   23    09b
Burns          Nancy           08a   18    08b
Burns          Thomas          02a    6    02b
Burns          William         09a    6    09b
Burral         George          08a   12    08b
Byrnside       Elizabeth       08a   20    08b
Byrnside       Isaac           08a    7    08b

Caldwell       Jonathan        13a    5    13b
Caldwell       Mary            13a   11    13b
Callaway       James           11a    6    11b
Callaway       Joshua          10a   12    10b
Callen         Conrad          10a   22    10b
Callen         David           10a   23    10b
Callens        Philip          13a   26    13b
Cally          Beroy           11a    4    11b
Campbell       Archibald       13a   12    13b
Campbell       Danniel         12a   11    12b
Campbell       Isaac           10a   17    10b
Campbell       Isaac           13a    6    13b
Campbell       John            12a   12    12b
Campbell       Peggy           13a   14    13b
Campbell       Prudence        13a   10    13b
Campbell       Robert Jr       13a   15    13b
Campbell       Robert Sr       13a   13    13b
Campbell       Samuel          10a   18    10b
Campbell       William         10a   16    10b
Campbell       William         11a    5    11b
Cannifax       William         11a   12    11b
Canterbery     Joshua          10a   19    10b
Canterbery     Zedick          11a   14    11b
Canterbury     Levi            14a    2    14b
Cantly         Rebeckah        10a   15    10b
Cantly         William         10a   13    10b
Caperton       Hugh            02a    9    02b
Caplend        John            12a   24    12b
Caplend        Lewis           12a   25    12b
Carden         Isaac           10a   20    10b
Carden         John            10a   21    10b
Carlile        Samuel          13a    2    13b
Carpenter      James           12a   13    12b
Carr           Elizabeth       13a   20    13b
Carr           John            13a   19    13b
Carr           Sally           13a   21    13b
Carson         Joseph          12a   26    12b
Carson         William         13a   17    13b
Carter         Addam           13a   25    13b
Carter         Esam            13a   23    13b
Carter         Jonathen        14a    6    14b
Carter         Lemuel          12a   17    12b
Carter         Thomas          12a   18    12b
Carter         William Jr      13a   22    13b
Carter         William Sr      13a   24    13b
Casper         Isaac           03a    2    03b
Chambers       Robert          11a   27    11b
Chambers       William         12a    1    12b
Chapman        Thomas          12a    7    12b
Charlton       Ales            13a    8    13b
Charlton       Joseph          13a    7    13b
Charlton       Thomas          13a    9    13b
Ciders         Michal          10a   24    10b
Cimbow         Polly           12a   16    12b
Civel          Betsey          14a    5    14b
Clark          Alexander       10a   14    10b
Clark          Alexander       10a   27    10b
Clark          Alexander       11a   26    11b
Clark          Alexander       12a   23    12b
Clark          Elizabeth       13a    4    13b
Clark          James           12a    9    12b
Clark          John            12a    8    12b
Clark          John Jr         12a    3    12b
Clark          Katy            11a    2    11b
Clark          Robert          12a    4    12b
Clark          Samuel          12a   10    12b
Clark          Samuel, Jr      11a    3    11b
Clark          William         02a   10    02b
Colder         Alexander       14a    3    14b
Colten         Robert          11a   25    11b
Commens        Charles Jr      11a   13    11b
Commens        Charles Sr      11a   16    11b
Commens        Hugh            12a   14    12b
Commens        John            11a   18    11b
Commens        Joshua          11a   19    11b
Commens        Robert Jr       11a   17    11b
Commens        Robert Jr       11a   20    11b
Commens        Woodson         11a   15    11b
Commer         Fredrick        11a   22    11b
Commer         Jacob           11a   23    11b
Commer         John            11a   24    11b
Commer         Michal          12a    6    12b
Connal         William         02a    8    02b
Cook           Abraham         10a   26    10b
Cook           Ephram          11a    8    11b
Cook           Jacob           11a    9    11b
Cook           Joel            11a    1    11b
Cook           John            14a   10    14b
Cook           Margaret        10a   25    10b
Cook           Mary            14a    9    14b
Cook           Thomas          13a   16    13b
Copland        Martain         14a    1    14b
Cornwell       William         13a    3    13b
Cottle         George          14a    4    14b
Countz         George          12a   20    12b
Countz         Samuel          12a   15    12b
Countz         William         12a   21    12b
Cowens         Henry           12a   19    12b
Cox            Abraham         11a   21    11b
Cox            John            14a    7    14b
Cox            Lewis           13a   27    13b
Crawford       Gidion          11a   10    11b
Crawford       John            12a   27    12b
Crawford       Thomas          11a   11    11b
Crews          Nancy           14a    8    14b
Cristy         James           12a    5    12b
Cristy         Robert          12a   22    12b
Crosure        James           12a    2    12b
Crowsure       William         13a    1    13b
Cunningham     William         11a    7    11b
Curry          James           13a   18    13b
The free display of the 1830 Monroe County, (West) Virginia, census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
George A. Grubb, Jr. and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Glenda Thompson
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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