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Native American
1885-1930 Census Rolls. M595

, Native American Coordinator


North Dakota Jurisdictions
Devil's Lake
Fort Berthold
Fort Totten
Standing Rock
Turtle Mountain
Devil's Lake Agency, North Dakota
Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Sioux Indians
Roll Years Transcription Status Transcriber
M595-94 1885-90    
M595-95 1892-97    
M595-96 1898-1902    
M595-97 1903-05    

Fort Berthold Agency, North Dakota
Arikara, Grosventre, and Mandan Indians
Roll Years Transcription Status Transcriber
M595-132 1889-93, 1895-1902    
M595-133 1903-15    
M595-134 1916-29    
M595-135 1930    

Fort Totten Agency, North Dakota
Devils Lake Sioux Indians
Roll Years Transcription Status Transcriber
M595-161 1906-09: and Turtle Mountain Chippewa    
M595-162 1910-20    
M595-163 1922-29    
M595-164 1930    

Standing Rock Agency, North Dakota and South Dakota
Sioux Indians
Roll Years Transcription Status Transcriber
M595-547 1885-88    
M595-548 1889-93    
M595-549 1894-99    
M595-550 1900-1904    
M595-551 1905-8    
M595-552 1909-11    
M595-553 1912-13, 1915-16    
M595-554 1917-20    
M595-555 1921-24    
M595-556 1925-29    
M595-557 1930    

Turtle Mountain Agency, North Dakota
Roll Years Transcription Status Transcriber
M595-595 1910-12    
M595-596 1913-15    
M595-597 1916-18    
M595-598 1919-21    
M595-599 1922-24    
M595-600 1925-27    
M595-601 1928-29    
M595-602 1930    

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