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Durant Roll of the Ottawa and the Chippewa Tribes of Michigan
This roll is a listing of 5,644 persons, of the Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinac, Grand Traverse and Grand River bands who were eligible to receive payment for monies due to the tribes under the terms of the treaties of May 27, 1836, and July 31, 1855. In order to determine who could receive payment a census was taken by Special Agent Horace B. Durant of all persons living on 4 March 1907, who were enumerated or were descendants of the persons enumerated on the 1870 roll. Entries on the Durant roll are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the surname and grouped thereunder by tribal bands. The information included on the census is as follows: 1870 roll number (this number indexes field notes used by Durant), Durant roll number, Indian name, English name, relationship to head of the household, age, sex, tribal band, residence, and remarks. The field notes contain genealogical information used to determine an applicant's eligibility for enrollment. They consist of Durant's preprinted worksheets used to record the following data for each family: head of the family on the 1870 roll, name of the wife or husband, name of the children and grandchildren, and any additional information concerning the family. The 1870 census enrollment number, which indexes the worksheets, is two-fold. The first number is the one assigned to a specific family; the second number is the page number. The supplemental roll contains the names of children born after March 4, 1907, and prior to August 1, 1908.
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1883 Ottawa Census
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ca. 1887 Ottawa Allotments
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ca. 1900 Register of Ottawa Families
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