1. Your Name
  2. Your E-mail address
  3. Your Operating System (i.e., Windows XP, Win7, Win8 etc.):
  4. Your System (i.e., PC, Mac, etc.)
  5. Have you previously transcribed a census for this Project?
  6. Do you have access to microfilm or scanned images of the microfilm for the census you want to transcribe?
  7. What spreadsheet program do you use?
  8. Again, please select the state you would like to work in and list your counties of interest below. If you have other states you'd like to choose, please go back to the main page and click it and re-submit another form. It could possibly go to another assistant.
  9. County(s) Of Interest: (Please list)
  10. Select the Census year(s). You may have to hold down the shift or ctrl key to select more than one option.

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