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Transcription Volunteer Form

This form is for the purpose of VOLUNTEERING to transcribe the census
for uploading to The USGenWeb Census Project®. You must
have the materials to transcribe from, or access to them.

While we do furnish the software or template,

We DO NOT provide the original census material to be transcribed.

This form is NOT to be used for QUERIES or LOOK-UP Requests
If you are looking for someone to do Census Lookups:
  • CENSUS-LOOKUP Message Board
  • CENSUS-LOOKUP Mailing Lists
  • If you are looking for On-line Census Information: CLICK HERE
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    The USGenWeb Census Project® was founded to put all of the U.S. censuses on-line, where everyone can use them for research, FREE of charge. This is being done in the spirit of sharing, and you now have your chance to help us by sharing your resources and time to assure that all future researchers will have the benefit of all of the census enumerations at the click of the mouse. Thank you for considering our project.

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