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Spreadsheet Template-Files for
Transcribing Census Data

Download Spreadsheet Template-Files

EXCEL Spreadsheet template-files (zipped).

Please register with the Census Project's State Assignment Coordinator for the census you are transcribing so that it doesn't get assigned to someone else.

EXCEL Spreadsheet Template-Files

Population Schedules (Excel)
1790 1800 1810 1820
1830 1840 1850 1860
1870 1880 1900 1900-Indian
1910 1910-Indian 1920 1930
1940 1940 (selected column)  
1950 1950 (selected column)  
Non-Population Schedules (Excel)
1850-Slave Schedule 1860 Slave Schedule
1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 Mortality 1890 Veterans and Widows

Linked-Index (Excel)

1790-1840-Index 1850-Index 1860-1870-Index 1880-Index 1900-1930-Index

The above Linked-Index template-files are for use when there are "free" scanned image files of the census microfilm on the Internet. Each name in the finished index will be linked to the scanned image file of the microfilmed census page for that name.
Read the Template Information which explains the four worksheets on the Excel template-files, and also has information about Excel's Auto-Complete feature that you should be aware of, in addition to page-numbers, and general information.

MSWORKS Spreadsheet template-files (zipped).

MSWorks Spreadsheet Template-Files

Population Schedules (MSWorks)
1790 1800 1810 1820
1830 1840 1850 1860
1870 1880 1900 1900-Indian
1910 1910-Indian 1920 1930

Non-Population (MSWorks)

1850 Slave Schedule 1860 Slave Schedule 1890 Veterans and Widows Schedule
1850-Mortality 1860-Mortality 1870 Mortality 1880 Mortality
Read the Template Information which includes page-numbers, and general information.

If you are transcribing a census that is not mentioned above, contact the Census State Assignment Coordinator for the state you are doing or the Census Project's Template Coordinator to obtain the spreadsheet template-file you need. The Coordinator will need to know the spreadsheet software that you have, the census year, census schedule, the state and county so the proper template-file can be emailed to you.  If you have a MAC with an older operating system that cannot open PC Excel files, let the Template Coordinator know whether you have Excel, Clarisworks or Appleworks and which version number.

Make a Backup Copy of your Spreadsheet File

You put a lot of hard work and time into typing the census information into your spreadsheet file, and you should get into the habit of making a backup copy after you are done typing for the day.   

After you save the transcribed file on your hard drive, make a backup copy by saving the same file to an A: diskette.  If your spreadsheet file has grown too large to save it on a single diskette, you might consider breaking the large census down into smaller parts such as making a separate file for each Enumeration District, township or division.  If the file is still too large for a single diskette, consider getting a zip-type software so you can zip the large file to compress its size. 

If your newer PC does not have a diskette drive, you can copy the file to a rewriteable CD (CD-RW), or if you have an alternate web-email address -- email the file to that web account for a temporary backup.

You can email a backup copy of your file to the census project's File-Manager at Please specify in the email with the attachment that the attached file is for temporary BACKUP so that it gets held rather than processed and placed online.

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