The USGenWeb Census Project's "newest" features
Linked-Index - index files with every name transcribed and linked to the actual scanned image of the census microfilm. The scanned image files are those which are available "free" in the USGenWeb Archives.  If you like this idea, consider volunteering to transcribe an index for one of the unassigned censuses which have the "free" images on-line.  "Free" images are designated with a blue [VIEW] button on the census project's assignments status index web-pages.

Examples of the linked indexes:

Walton, FL 1850 Oglethorpe, GA 1850 Boone, WV 1900 Marion, WV 1860
Wirt, WV 1860 Oglethorpe, GA 1840 Edgar, IL 1830 Fountain, IN 1840

Minnesota 1850 (all nine counties for the entire Minnesota Territory, 1850 Federal Census)

The "free" images are linked from the
Assignment Status web-pages
with a blue
[View] button.
= Link to the "free" scanned images of census microfilm pages, either in the USGenWeb Archives or elsewhere on the Internet.
The linked-indexes also are linked
with the same blue
[View] button,
except there is more blue in the background.
= Link to an alphabetical list of names for this census individually linked to view the online "free" scanned microfilm pages
See a list by state of all the linked-indexes to date
Combined-Index - when all of the counties for one census year in one state are transcribed and proofread, an index is created combining all of the files for that state and census year.

Examples of the combined index files:

Arizona 1870 Iowa 1840 Maryland 1790 West Virginia 1810



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