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Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana  1840 Federal Census Index
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Because of the many age‑range columns, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.

If you find a name of interest, click on the LEFT PAGE "a" column link to view the name in the image file of the microfilmed original census page in the USGenWeb Archives. Then click the BACK button on your Internet Browser to return to this index. To see the remaining age‑range columns for that same name, click on the RIGHT‑PAGE "b" column link.

Name of Head of Family       LEFT     RIGHT
Abadie          R D          289a  04  289b
Allen           James        286a  01  286b
Anderson        J            281a  28  281b
Anderson        Wm B         282a  28  282b
Armand          A, Jr        275a  30  275b
Armand          D            276a  04  276b
Armand          G            276a  06  276b
Armand          H            275a  29  275b
Armand          H            283a  13  283b
Atiway          E            283a  25  283b
Aymond          Baptiste     280a  30  280b
Aymond          M            283a  03  283b
Aymond          Stephen      291a  19  291b
Aymond          T            283a  01  283b
Ayond           Etienne S    280a  28  280b
Bailey          H            281a  27  281b
Bailey          John         279a  13  279b
Baker           Mrs          283a  24  283b
Ballion         J            274a  01  274b
Barbin          J A          273a  10  273b
Barlow          Mrs          282a  13  282b
Barnes          S S          284a  10  284b
Baron           G            275a  25  275b
Baron           Hyp          286a  26  286b
Baron           Midard       291a  03  291b
Baron           Val          287a  03  287b
Barre           E            281a  04  281b
Becom           Lewis        282a  27  282b
Bell            Joseph       289a  18  289b
Bellevue        T B          273a  05  273b
Bello           D L          285a  20  285b
Benard          Joseph       283a  14  283b
Bernard         J B          274a  12  274b
Berridon        L            273a  28  273b
Berry           John         274a  29  274b
Berry           John         284a  13  284b
Bissop          William      273a  21  273b
Bohner          H            292a  10  292b
Boissel         P            285a  23  285b
Bollett         F            281a  21  281b
Bomafoms        J B          276a  21  276b
Bommet          Alexis       281a  15  281b
Bommet          I            281a  16  281b
Bommet          Ths          281a  26  281b
Bonnet          Baptiste     284a  01  284b
Bonnet          Cyp          280a  29  280b
Bonnet          Louis        284a  02  284b
Boon            T S          284a  30  284b
Borde           T            276a  20  276b
Bordelon        A            287a  01  287b
Bordelon        Augustin     290a  29  290b
Bordelon        Cin          290a  27  290b
Bordelon        F, Pere      290a  24  290b
Bordelon        Faustin      290a  06  290b
Bordelon        Gilbert      291a  05  291b
Bordelon        Hyp          291a  24  291b
Bordelon        J            289a  22  289b
Bordelon        J B          290a  30  290b
Bordelon        Joseph       288a  12  288b
Bordelon        Joseph, Jr   291a  04  291b
Bordelon        L            274a  30  274b
Bordelon        L, Dr        290a  21  290b
Bordelon        Louis        288a  28  288b
Bordelon        M            280a  21  280b
Bordelon        Marcellin    290a  07  290b
Bordelon        Mrs A        291a  01  291b
Bordelon        Mrs Ante     280a  14  280b
Bordelon        P            287a  18  287b
Bordelon        Pierre       288a  04  288b
Bordelon        St James     291a  15  291b
Bordelon        Valery       274a  26  274b
Bordelon        Valery       287a  09  287b
Bordelon        Vin          290a  22  290b
Bordelon        Vital        274a  14  274b
Bordelon        Z, Jr        274a  15  274b
Bordelon        Z, Sr        274a  13  274b
Bordelon        Zenon        290a  19  290b
Bordelon        Zeon, fils   291a  02  291b
Botts           John         284a  27  284b
Bousaut         W            281a  20  281b
Brashear        C            273a  03  273b
Bridaalt        E            273a  26  273b
Bridendall      P            292a  12  292b
Briggs          C L          274a  27  274b
Briggs          S W          274a  28  274b
Brouillet       Jean         281a  11  281b
Broussard       J B          292a  18  292b
Brown           R            282a  01  282b
Brown           Thomas       285a  17  285b
Brusard         J            292a  14  292b
Brusard         Joseph       291a  30  291b
Brusard         S, Jr        292a  15  292b
Brusard         S, Sr        292a  16  292b
Brusten         James        289a  02  289b
Burges          Mrs          292a  06  292b
Burgis          H            277a  19  277b
Burnoy          J            278a  13  278b
Burns           James        289a  09  289b
Burr            P            292a  05  292b
Burt            J B          282a  10  282b
Cailleteon      E            273a  01  273b
Callagard       J            276a  16  276b
Callaham        D S          279a  12  279b
Callaham        J            287a  14  287b
Cane            H M          282a  09  282b
Cappel          C            286a  07  286b
Cappel          H            286a  08  286b
Carker          E M          273a  17  273b
Carmose         D            273a  25  273b
Carmoste        Mrs          273a  15  273b
Carmouce        Laman        283a  16  283b
Carmouche       T            281a  09  281b
Carson          W L          285a  02  285b
Charre          P            289a  28  289b
Charre          P, Jr        289a  29  289b
Chatelain       J            277a  24  277b
Chatelain       Z (fils)     275a  17  275b
Chatelain       Z (Pere)     275a  18  275b
Cheneret        Louis        284a  09  284b
Chenevert       A            279a  19  279b
Chenevert       M            279a  22  279b
Cheret          Sylvere      284a  12  284b
Clark           D            284a  07  284b
Clopton         Wm           290a  09  290b
Cochorn         R A          287a  08  287b
Coco            D            274a  03  274b
Coco            L            274a  04  274b
Comand          L (fils)     275a  12  275b
Cottonhame      Mosly        282a  11  282b
Courillion      H            287a  26  287b
Courillion      Martin       287a  27  287b
Courvillion     Adrien       291a  07  291b
Courvillion     Sainville    290a  13  290b
Couvillion      G            275a  11  275b
Couvillion      Mrs A        275a  10  275b
Couvillion      P            275a  13  275b
Couvillion      S            275a  09  275b
Cowe            Mrs          282a  20  282b
Crawford        James        286a  05  286b
Cullom          F            283a  28  283b
Cushman         R            273a  04  273b
Cutler          M            274a  24  274b
Dacrepont       P            277a  21  277b
Daniel          J            277a  02  277b
Debellevans     F B          274a  09  274b
Dellahaut       S            276a  19  276b
Delroe          F            279a  25  279b
Denisse         P            273a  18  273b
Dennis          A            284a  16  284b
Deshotell       J            278a  09  278b
Desselle        Lambert      290a  12  290b
Desselles       Bazille      274a  11  274b
Detroit         Euzebe       288a  09  288b
Doughty         R            287a  13  287b
Dozat           A            280a  01  280b
Dozat           Ant          283a  06  283b
Dozat           C            281a  24  281b
Dozat           Lastie       283a  05  283b
Dozat           R            279a  30  279b
Dozat           Valerien     283a  08  283b
Dozat           Z            281a  22  281b
Dozat           Zelien       283a  07  283b
Dubat           J            276a  18  276b
Dubrock         *            275a  28  275b
Dubrock         J B          274a  21  274b
Dubrock         Mrs          292a  17  292b
Ducote          Belisare     291a  18  291b
Ducote          C            277a  06  277b
Ducote          C (fils)     277a  10  277b
Ducote          C, Jr        286a  30  286b
Ducote          Colin        286a  28  286b
Ducote          Henry        286a  27  286b
Ducote          J            277a  12  277b
Ducote          J B          277a  08  277b
Ducote          J P          277a  05  277b
Ducote          J P, Jr      277a  07  277b
Ducote          Joseph, Jr   287a  15  287b
Ducote          P            276a  29  276b
Ducote          Paulin       287a  22  287b
Ducote          Zenon        287a  11  287b
Ducote          Zeonon       286a  29  286b
Ducuir          F            280a  20  280b
Dufour          Ch           288a  07  288b
Dufour          F            276a  01  276b
Dufour          M            276a  15  276b
Dufour          Marcel       288a  05  288b
Dufour          Mrs V        276a  07  276b
Dufour          Valery       291a  13  291b
Dunham          A            278a  27  278b
Dunn            M            285a  10  285b
Dupau           J B          292a  22  292b
Dupree          Mrs Dorsin   274a  22  274b
Dupue           L            282a  23  282b
Dupuis          Mrs Andre    281a  10  281b
Dupuy           A            286a  15  286b
Dupuy           Chs          281a  17  281b
Dupuy           P            281a  25  281b
Dupuy           Theo         286a  17  286b
Duran           N            276a  22  276b
Duval           W H          273a  12  273b
Edelen          Garrett      292a  03  292b
Edelen          J            273a  14  273b
Edwards         William      273a  20  273b
Eedelen         B            273a  13  273b
Elmer           G E          287a  05  287b

Faquier         Chas         282a  22  282b
Ferguson        James        283a  22  283b
Firmin          G            286a  12  286b
Firmin          T, Jr        286a  11  286b
Firmin          T, Sr        286a  10  286b
Fisher          E            286a  03  286b
Fissen          A            284a  21  284b
Fitch           J S          278a  14  278b
Fogleman        John         279a  05  279b
Foler           Joel         284a  05  284b
Forllowes       M            273a  29  273b
Foulks          M            283a  02  283b
Fountain        Wm           281a  29  281b
Fouquier        Pierre       283a  09  283b
Francais        N            275a  24  275b
Frith           Mrs          279a  10  279b
Frith           Wm           289a  13  289b
Fruqua          W C          278a  20  278b
Gagnard         B            279a  28  279b
Gagnard         Joseph       283a  12  283b
Gagnard         Z            279a  26  279b
Galbert         Francois     283a  15  283b
Galiga          W            281a  08  281b
Gaspard         B            281a  18  281b
Gaspard         F            281a  14  281b
Gaspard         I, fils      281a  07  281b
Gaspard         Joseph       283a  11  283b
Gaspard         M            281a  06  281b
Gaspard         Mrs          277a  09  277b
Gaspard         Mrs F        283a  10  283b
Gaspard         V            281a  05  281b
Gasseline       A            276a  25  276b
Gautier         H            288a  03  288b
Gautier         J            276a  28  276b
Gautier         L            277a  04  277b
Gautier         M            273a  27  273b
Gautier         Mrs. J       277a  17  277b
Gautier         Valery       288a  06  288b
Gilbert         L            273a  23  273b
Gillot          Joseph       280a  18  280b
Glass           Mrs          282a  14  282b
Glasscock       Downing      288a  23  288b
Glasscock       John L       288a  22  288b
Glaze           Gideon       278a  22  278b
Glaze           P H          278a  21  278b
Glaze           Y            279a  04  279b
Godeau          Celestin     285a  26  285b
Godeau          Cyd          285a  25  285b
Godeau          L, Dr        285a  16  285b
Godeau          Michel       285a  19  285b
Godman          John         285a  27  285b
Godreau         Mrs Ante     284a  11  284b
Gondeau         P            285a  21  285b
Gondreau        Julien       285a  14  285b
Gordain         L            274a  23  274b
Gouchy          L            276a  17  276b
Graham          John         286a  16  286b
Green           Wm           282a  17  282b
Gremillion      F            280a  09  280b
Gremillion      M            280a  04  280b
Gremillion      N            280a  03  280b
Gremillion      V            280a  07  280b
Gremillion      Vale         288a  17  288b
Gremillion      Vital        280a  10  280b
Gremillion      Wm           291a  23  291b
Griffin         Thomas       278a  18  278b
Griffin         Wm F         290a  04  290b
Grimball        P L          280a  24  280b
Guillion        Mrs S        292a  19  292b
Guilliot        D            279a  20  279b
Guilliot        Mrs          274a  07  274b
Guilliot        Mrs          278a  02  278b
Guilliot        Mrs          278a  06  278b
Guilliot        Mrs A        279a  17  279b
Guilliot        N            279a  16  279b
Guilliot        P            277a  26  277b
Guilliot        V            274a  08  274b
Guilliot        V            279a  24  279b
Guilliot        Z            281a  03  281b
Guillory        A            277a  25  277b
Guillory        C            278a  03  278b
Guillory        J            277a  30  277b
Guillory        J B, Jr      278a  05  278b
Guillory        J B, Sr      278a  04  278b
Guillory        T B          287a  25  287b
Guillory        V            278a  07  278b
Guillot         Alexis       290a  20  290b
Guillot         Mrs H        279a  21  279b
Hagger          J            284a  17  284b
Haile           Chas         288a  25  288b
Haines          H            282a  08  282b
Haines          S            282a  30  282b
Hardgrove       William      278a  23  278b
Harland         J            287a  06  287b
Harvey          William      284a  08  284b
Harvy           J            289a  27  289b
Havieaux        Cyprien      280a  27  280b
Heriford        John         289a  19  289b
Hero            Zeon         275a  03  275b
Holmes          F            289a  08  289b
Hopson          James        282a  02  282b
Hormand         Prudent      283a  30  283b
Howard          Jas E        289a  07  289b
Iron            R R          292a  04  292b
Jackson         J R          284a  28  284b
Jeanson         Aruelien     286a  23  286b
Jeanson         Louis        290a  08  290b
Jeffrion        Clair        288a  18  288b
Jeffrion        Louis        280a  15  280b
Joffrien        J            276a  11  276b
Joffrien        J C          273a  06  273b
Joffrien        Lucien       275a  04  275b
Joffrien        Olymph       290a  28  290b
Joffrion        A            292a  13  292b
Johnson         Chas         292a  20  292b
Johnson         Chas W       290a  23  290b
Johnson         Lewis        279a  15  279b
Johnson         W A          284a  25  284b
Jones           D P          285a  30  285b
Jones           Lewis        278a  29  278b
Jones           S            289a  17  289b
Juneau          B            279a  23  279b
Juneau          B            289a  30  289b
Juneau          H            289a  26  289b
Juneau          J            278a  01  278b
Juneau          J B          277a  11  277b
Juneau          Mrs J        276a  27  276b
Juneau          P            281a  30  281b
Juneau          Zenon        287a  19  287b
Kaen            J H          274a  10  274b
Keller          George       280a  25  280b
Kimball         Mrs A        284a  29  284b
Kimball         Z            289a  16  289b
Laborde         A            277a  16  277b
Laborde         E            277a  15  277b
Laborde         P            276a  23  276b
Laborde         P B          277a  03  277b
Laborde         Pierre       287a  20  287b
Laborde         Valerien     290a  11  290b
Laborde         Z            279a  29  279b
Lachinoz        Ant          281a  12  281b
Lacomb          M            287a  24  287b
Lacombe         Mrs          287a  23  287b
Lacour          Colin        291a  14  291b
Lacour          Leandre      291a  20  291b
Lacour          Valire       291a  22  291b
Lafont          Joseph       288a  10  288b
Lamberth        D            292a  09  292b
Laneau          J            281a  23  281b
Larantier       P            292a  21  292b
Lee             I S          279a  08  279b
Lemoine         Ambroise     289a  01  289b
Lemoine         Azenor       287a  21  287b
Lemoine         B G          288a  14  288b
Lemoine         Bastien      289a  24  289b
Lemoine         Celestin     283a  17  283b
Lemoine         J B          277a  01  277b
Lemoine         Mrs J B      280a  13  280b
Lemoine         Prulin       288a  29  288b
Lemoine         St James     276a  30  276b
Lemoine         T L          290a  10  290b
Lemoine         Z            276a  02  276b
Luen            Wm           285a  01  285b
Mack            Oliver       289a  15  289b
Manville        William      282a  21  282b
Marcel          Enoch        287a  04  287b
Marcotte        Alexis       290a  02  290b
Marcotte        Alexis       290a  05  290b
Marcotte        Felix        286a  24  286b
Marcotte        Sallust      286a  25  286b
Marge           A            274a  05  274b
Marian          C            274a  06  274b
Marigold        Mrs          276a  26  276b
Marrison        Alexr        283a  20  283b
Marshall        Mrs          279a  11  279b
Marshall        R B          278a  15  278b
Marshall        William      278a  24  278b
Martin          Dubroce      274a  17  274b
Masters         F W          291a  17  291b
Mathews         M M          286a  09  286b
Mayeux          A (Pere)     275a  19  275b
Mayeux          Augustus     288a  13  288b
Mayeux          Colin        289a  03  289b
Mayeux          E            277a  14  277b
Mayeux          F, Jr        277a  28  277b
Mayeux          G            276a  08  276b
Mayeux          Hyp, fils    288a  30  288b
Mayeux          J D          275a  26  275b
Mayeux          L S          279a  18  279b
Mayeux          Louis        288a  16  288b
Mayeux          Mrs          277a  27  277b
Mayeux          Mrs J B      280a  06  280b
Mayeux          Mrs L        277a  20  277b
Mayeux          Mrs L        288a  15  288b
Mayeux          Mrs V        291a  25  291b
Mayeux          P            276a  03  276b
Mayeux          S            275a  21  275b
Mayeux          Touhin       275a  16  275b
Mayeux          V T          275a  20  275b
Mayeux          Valery       274a  16  274b
Mayeux          Zelien       286a  06  286b
Mayeux          Zenon        291a  08  291b
Mayueux         T            280a  19  280b
McBride         P            285a  08  285b
McCoy           J J          273a  16  273b
McCrory         T            286a  22  286b
McDaniel        D            279a  03  279b
McNeal          James        279a  02  279b
Mercier         D            288a  01  288b
Milburn         H            283a  21  283b
Miles           L M          286a  02  286b
Miligan         R            273a  11  273b
Mills           Thos         284a  04  284b
Mills           W            280a  02  280b
Monclar         Joseph       275a  01  275b
Montalbridien   C            277a  22  277b
Moor            J            282a  06  282b
Moras           A            276a  14  276b
Moras           Mrs A        280a  05  280b
Moras           V            280a  16  280b
Moreau          A            291a  10  291b
Moreau          A, fils      291a  11  291b
Moreau          Ch           285a  11  285b
Moreau          D L          288a  19  288b
Moreau          John         285a  12  285b
Moreau          Joseph       287a  29  287b
Moreau          R            285a  22  285b
Moreau          V            276a  05  276b
Moreau          Valery       285a  15  285b
Morrow          Albert       290a  16  290b
Morrow          Wash         290a  17  290b
Moss            G            285a  07  285b
Moulard         Jean         289a  14  289b
Neck            George       275a  23  275b
Neely           C J          289a  21  289b
Nelson          D A          285a  06  285b
Nelson          Mrs James    291a  12  291b
Nicholas        Mrs          273a  09  273b
Noel            H            288a  08  288b
Normand         Dier         274a  19  274b
Normand         J A          274a  25  274b
Normand         Justien      274a  20  274b
Normand         L, Jr        280a  12  280b
Normand         S, Jr        282a  12  282b
Normand         T P          291a  09  291b
Ogden           E            283a  27  283b
Oliver          F            290a  14  290b
Oliver          J G          278a  25  278b
Oneil           Mrs          284a  03  284b
Oneill          Joseph B     279a  01  279b
Oquin           John         285a  28  285b
Orr             D T          289a  10  289b
Orr             H M          289a  11  289b
Parmer          C            289a  12  289b
Paxton          E G          287a  02  287b
Pearce          A G          284a  24  284b
Pearce          E            282a  04  282b
Pearce          W            284a  22  284b
Perkins         John         285a  04  285b
Perkins         S M          284a  06  284b
Pierre          Bordelon V   275a  22  275b
Plauche         E            286a  18  286b
Plauche         E            286a  21  286b
Plauche         F            286a  20  286b
Plauche         M            284a  19  284b
Plauche         Mrs          286a  19  286b
Polkins         John         285a  24  285b
Pontheon        Mrs A        280a  11  280b
Prescott        Willis       283a  19  283b
Prevost         L            276a  24  276b
Proctor         W            273a  08  273b
Purcaw          J J          290a  01  290b
Rabalais        E            291a  21  291b
Rabalais        J B          276a  12  276b
Rabalais        M            287a  12  287b
Rabalais        Mrs J B      276a  09  276b
Rabalais        Mrs M        287a  16  287b
Rabalais        P            276a  10  276b
Rabalais        Valery       288a  11  288b
Rabalais        Valery, Jr   287a  17  287b
Rabclais        Evariste     287a  28  287b
Rabelais        St James     291a  06  291b
Randin          Jacques      280a  22  280b
Randon          S M          292a  11  292b
Ray             J, Jr        273a  19  273b
Ray             R W          284a  20  284b
Recouly         Claude       281a  01  281b
Recouly         Pierre       281a  02  281b
Reed            Mrs          282a  16  282b
Reed            S            279a  09  279b
Reed            Wm           282a  15  282b
Reller          Jacob        283a  18  283b
Revez           David        275a  05  275b
Richey          D            282a  19  282b
Richey          S            286a  14  286b
Richey          W            286a  13  286b
Ricord          Fabius       279a  07  279b
Roberson        R            273a  22  273b
Robert          J B          280a  23  280b
Roberts         G A          284a  26  284b
Robinson        Mrs          289a  25  289b
Roland          Joseph       290a  18  290b
Rossignel       Constant A   273a  30  273b
Roy             F            277a  23  277b
Roy             Joseph       277a  18  277b
Roy             Joseph, Jr   277a  29  277b
Roy             Leandre      290a  26  290b
Roy             Mrs B        275a  08  275b
Roy             V            279a  27  279b
Rutledge        D W          285a  03  285b
Rutlege         Mrs R        285a  05  285b
Ryan            Wm           283a  04  283b
Rychozee        James        285a  18  285b
Saf             Mrs          275a  02  275b
Saimeville      Bordelon     274a  18  274b
Savell          A            284a  18  284b
Scallien        E            291a  27  291b
Scallien        J            291a  29  291b
Scallien        V            291a  28  291b
Scallien        Vergies      280a  17  280b
Scallien        Vergies      290a  25  290b
Scallion        D            292a  01  292b
Scallion        L            280a  08  280b
Schoggs         Wm           282a  26  282b
Seanssier       Nicolas      288a  21  288b
Seanssier       T            288a  02  288b
Shannon         W H          282a  18  282b
Shannon         Wm           282a  07  282b
Sharicce        Antoine      278a  08  278b
Shaw            J W          284a  15  284b
Shaw            Mrs          279a  06  279b
Shaw            P L          284a  14  284b
Simmons         J R          280a  26  280b
Simms           B B          291a  26  291b
Singleton       J            278a  12  278b
Slasson         T            285a  29  285b
Sloane          John         286a  04  286b
Smith           T S          289a  23  289b
Snowden         L H          285a  09  285b
St Romain       Mrs J        277a  13  277b
St Romain       P            275a  15  275b
St Romain       Zenon        290a  15  290b
Stafford        C F          289a  05  289b
Starling        J            273a  24  273b
Stewart         W L          279a  14  279b
Stirling        J C          278a  10  278b
Tanner          B            292a  02  292b
Tanner          L            278a  17  278b
Tassin          * F          275a  27  275b
Tassin          F, Son       290a  03  290b
Tassin          H            275a  06  275b
Tassin          J B          287a  10  287b
Tassin          M            276a  13  276b
Tassin          M            288a  27  288b
Tassin          Mrs J        275a  07  275b
Tassin          Paulin       288a  20  288b
Tassin          T            275a  14  275b
Taylor          H            274a  02  274b
Thomas          Mrs          278a  26  278b
Thomas          W            283a  26  283b
Tollfare        R L          284a  23  284b
Tragon          L            273a  02  273b
Tumeau          B            288a  26  288b
Tuneau          Zenon B      281a  13  281b
Velson          G            292a  08  292b
Venters         John         278a  30  278b
Vernon          M            283a  23  283b
Vitrie          Mrs          273a  31  273b
Voinche         Auguste      291a  16  291b
Voorheras       G            287a  07  287b
Voorheras       Wm           287a  30  287b
Voorhies        D            281a  19  281b
Watson          Edward       278a  28  278b
Wen             D            278a  11  278b
White           Lewis        282a  24  282b
White           Sam          288a  24  288b
Wiggins         G M          278a  19  278b
Wiggins         J            283a  29  283b
Wiley           N            282a  25  282b
Wilson          D            282a  05  282b
Wilson          Mrs H        282a  29  282b
Wilson          Samuel       282a  03  282b
Windes          R D          292a  07  292b
Wodditt         J P          273a  07  273b
Wood            John         285a  13  285b
Workman         J C          278a  16  278b
Young           J M          289a  06  289b
Zozel           C            289a  20  289b
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