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Panola County, MS 1840 Federal Census Index
with links to the image files of the microfilmed census pages.
The free display of the 1840 Panola County, Mississippi census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Bob Davis and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has
two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the
Head-of-Household name is the "a" page, and the right-side of the
same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Name of Head of Family       LEFT-----RIGHT
Adams         Jeremiah       133a  16  133b
Adams         Vincent        133a  18  133b
Alexander     George         138a   9  138b
Alexander     George L       138a   7  138b
Anders        John, Sr       140a  19  140b
Anderson      Bedford A      139a   8  139b
Anderson      George         136a  11  136b
Andrews       Cullen         140a  14  140b
Andrews       John C         140a  15  140b
Apperson      Thomas         141a  21  141b
Appleton      Thomas         132a  18  132b
Armstrong     Matthew        135a   5  135b
Arnold        Elisha         143a   3  143b
Arnold        Moses          143a   2  143b
Askew         Aaron          141a   1  141b
Askew         John           135a  27  135b
Austin        Harvey         143a  13  143b
Bailey        Thomas         144a   6  144b
Bell          Jackson        143a   5  143b
Bennett       William W      142a   1  142b
Bings         Richard H      141a  23  141b
Bird          John H         142a  23  142b
Bird          Jonathan L     134a  19  134b
Bobey         Robert E       137a   4  137b
Bobo          Fincher G      138a  25  138b
Bobo          Francis        138a  26  138b
Bobo          Spencer A      140a  11  140b
Bolch         John B         133a  30  133b
Bolten        Edwin C        142a   4  142b
Boorn         Hugh           142a  22  142b
Boteman       Jonathan T     136a  25  136b
Bough         James          134a  26  134b
Bowzer        James M        138a  12  138b
Boyles        Thomas T       132a  20  132b
Boyles        William        134a  24  134b
Boyles        William        142a  26  142b
Boytt         Thomas         137a   6  137b
Brohom        Robert W       135a  17  135b
Brooks        William P      143a  23  143b
Brown         James          144a   1  144b
Brown         Thomas         135a  25  135b
Bruce         Arnold         134a  30  134b
Bryant        James          134a  21  134b
Buckley       Thos A         142a  30  142b
Bumpass       Gabriel        136a   6  136b
Burmingham    John M         136a   7  136b
Burmingham    Thomas         136a   8  136b
Burnes        Anstin         134a  16  134b
Burrell       Butler         142a  25  142b
Butler        William        140a  30  140b
Bynum         Enoch          134a   5  134b
Caldwell      Joseph         134a   1  134b
Calvert       Joseph         143a  20  143b
Carter        Alfred         139a  20  139b
Cherry        Robert         135a  26  135b
Childress     Rufus M        140a  21  140b
Childress     William W      134a  29  134b
Chisholm      John           134a  10  134b
Clanton       Robert         140a  24  140b
Cocke         William B      134a   8  134b
Coher         William        136a  12  136b
Coleman       Obadiah M      138a  30  138b
Coleman       Richard H      141a   8  141b
Conley        Orvell         141a  25  141b
Conner        William        133a  21  133b
Coridin       William        141a  24  141b
Cotes         Elizabeth      135a   9  135b
Cowen         Hamilton       137a  29  137b
Cox           Henry B        137a   8  137b
Cox           Robert S       137a   9  137b
Crain         William        135a  11  135b
Culbertson    Nancy          134a  28  134b
Curtis        Edward         140a   7  140b
Curtis        John           139a  23  139b
Davis         Isaac W        138a  16  138b
Davis         Jonathan T     134a  27  134b
Davis         Robert         135a  24  135b
Dickerson     David          143a  10  143b
Dillerhaw     Peter          135a  15  135b
Doyle         Joshua         136a  22  136b
Doyle         Willis         134a   9  134b
Dudly         Martin         139a  22  139b
Duke          David          142a  15  142b
Eastburn      Thomas         143a  22  143b
Edwards       William        140a  10  140b
Ellis         Albert G       132a   5  132b
Ellis         James M        134a  25  134b
Evans         Catherine      135a  16  135b
Evans         James W        138a  20  138b
Evans         John           138a  18  138b
Evans         Joseph         134a  11  134b
Evans         Prescilla      143a  15  143b
Evans         Samuel W       137a  18  137b
Evans         Sarah          134a  23  134b
Faucett       John           142a  27  142b
Faulkner      William        143a   4  143b
Felken        Andrew J       134a   3  134b
Flowers       James          135a   6  135b
Flowers       Tolliver       135a  22  135b
Fortune       Pleasant       133a  24  133b
Foster        Anthony        133a   1  133b
Foster        Golden         133a   9  133b
Foster        Noah           133a  11  133b
Fowler        Harrison       135a   8  135b
Fowler        Joseph T       135a  30  135b
Frazier       James W        136a  20  136b
Garrett       Edward         139a  18  139b
Gatlin        Alfres         135a   1  135b
Gibbs         Heron          138a  22  138b
Goff          Ira C          132a  23  132b
Goode         Thomas         142a   9  142b
Goodwin       Crofford       134a   2  134b
Goulding      William B      138a  17  138b
Greenhow      William        132a  13  132b
Griffith      Elisha C       137a  27  137b
Gunn          John           135a  13  135b
Hail          Edward         132a  22  132b
Hail          Nicholas J     137a  19  137b
Haile         John B         139a  19  139b
Hall          Henry          139a  30  139b
Hall          Joseph B       138a   1  138b
Hall          William        141a  22  141b
Hampton       Pheleman H     139a  28  139b
Harris        Sally          134a  22  134b
Harrison      Henry          137a  12  137b
Harrison      Orvell         142a   8  142b
Hawkins       Samuel M       142a   6  142b
Hayse         John W         133a  17  133b
Hellem        George         136a   3  136b
Hellem        Henry          136a   1  136b
Henderson     Archibald      132a  17  132b
Henderson     Duncan C       137a   2  137b
Henskow       Eli            138a  14  138b
Henson        James J        133a  28  133b
Hern          Ailey          144a   5  144b
Herrin        Andrew         133a  31  133b
Herrin        Martha         143a   1  143b
Herrin        Samuel         139a  25  139b
Hewitt        Thomas         135a  23  135b
Hiblar        Edward B       133a  26  133b
Hickey        Isaac          144a   9  144b
Hightower     John           132a  21  132b
Hightower     S              142a  29  142b
Hightower     Stephen        140a  25  140b
Hill          Thomas B       137a  25  137b
Hillyard      John           140a  16  140b
Hobbes        John           136a   5  136b
Hood          Levi           139a  10  139b
Horn          Jeremiah B     132a   2  132b
Hubbard       John C         136a  23  136b
Hubboard      Peter          132a   7  132b
Hudspeth      Thomas G       140a   1  140b
Hunt          Eliza S        135a  19  135b
Hunt          James          133a   2  133b
Hunter        James          137a  31  137b
Hunter        James          138a   2  138b
Jackson       James          143a  31  143b
Jackson       Jason          138a   3  138b
Jackson       John           139a   3  139b
Jackson       Mitchell E     138a   4  138b
Jackson       William        139a   2  139b
James         Isaac          138a  24  138b
James         Nancy M        143a  27  143b
James         William        133a  13  133b
Johnson       Harden         137a  14  137b
Jolly         Alston B       132a  12  132b
Jones         Atlas          140a   4  140b
Jones         David          140a  20  140b
Jones         Eliott         143a  16  143b
Jones         Founery        138a  19  138b
Jones         James B        139a   6  139b
Jones         Jeremiah       139a  26  139b
Jones         Martin         143a  12  143b
Jones         Russel         140a  27  140b
Jones         Samuel         133a  15  133b
Jones         Terrell        140a  18  140b
Jones         William        137a  17  137b
Jones         William A      139a  11  139b
Joslin        John           133a  20  133b
Joslin        William        133a  22  133b
Keith         James          144a   3  144b
Keith         John B         132a  30  132b
Kent          Lewis          141a   7  141b
Kettlebrew    William        140a  31  140b
Key           Thomas J       141a  10  141b
Killebrew     James S        139a   4  139b
King          James D        134a  31  134b
Laird         Henry          143a   6  143b
Leeland       Lucius C       132a   3  132b
Little        Adam           140a   8  140b
Littlefield   Zachariah      133a  25  133b
Loften        James B        137a  20  137b
Looney        Claiborne      139a  12  139b
Looney        Stephen        139a  24  139b
Loughter      Edwin          140a  23  140b
Love          Asa            139a   7  139b
Lumpkin       John W         136a  27  136b
Mangum        Wiley L        133a   4  133b
Manhall       Matthew        135a  10  135b
Marshall      Joel G         144a   8  144b
Marshall      John           135a  31  135b
Martin        Alexander      137a  15  137b
Martin        Regden         140a  13  140b
Matthews      Thomas         135a   2  135b
Maxey         George R       143a   8  143b
Maxwell       William C      139a  17  139b
May           Philip         137a  30  137b
McCall        Samuel         132a  31  132b
McCollough    William        135a   7  135b
McCoy         James D        143a  26  143b
McCullough    John           135a   4  135b
McFarley      Robert         140a  28  140b
McGarrity     John H         141a  17  141b
McGee         Hugh           141a   6  141b
McGee         James          135a   3  135b
McGee         John           135a  21  135b
McGee         Miles H        135a  20  135b
McKee         William        133a  14  133b
Mckinney      John           139a   1  139b
McKinney      Michael        133a   8  133b
McKinney      Moses          136a  26  136b
McMillan      Dugald         138a  31  138b
McMillan      William J      141a  12  141b
McMullin      Stewart        141a   9  141b
Merick        Charles W      134a   4  134b
Merrell       John T         138a  27  138b
Merrill       John           143a   9  143b
Merriman      Aludnigo       133a  12  133b
Middleton     John           136a  29  136b
Miles         Alexander      132a  26  132b
Miles         David          132a  27  132b
Miller        Calvin         142a   7  142b
Miller        Jonathan       141a  30  141b
Milligan      Thomas         133a   7  133b
Milliken      John W         139a  21  139b
Milum         Joseph R       138a  29  138b
Mitchell      Charles        140a  26  140b
Mitchell      William M      139a  15  139b
Nance         Lauril V       140a  12  140b
Neal          Anthony        138a  10  138b
Neal          Millington     144a   4  144b
Neall         Thomas         141a  31  141b
Nelins        William T      138a  11  138b
Nelson        Gailand G      142a  12  142b
Nelson        George W       133a  19  133b
Newsom        Thomas D       144a   7  144b
Newson        Duly E         136a   9  136b
Newson        John S         132a  29  132b
Newson        Tenes M        134a  18  134b
Nichols       James          136a   2  136b
Nolen         Jasen          132a  25  132b
Oliver        Dionysius      138a  15  138b
Oliver        James M        142a  20  142b
Oliver        John F         141a  15  141b
Ostien        Isaac          134a  13  134b
Packer        James          139a  31  139b
parks         James          137a   7  137b
patten        James W        133a  29  133b
Perkins       James W        141a  29  141b
Perry         Martin         138a  21  138b
Perry         Thomas         133a  23  133b
Peterson      William        143a  29  143b
Petty         William        140a   3  140b
Philips       Richard        135a  12  135b
Pickell       James S        142a  24  142b
Piercy        James          132a  11  132b
Pipkin        Stewart        137a  13  137b
Pitts         Aaron          136a  28  136b
Platner       Seth C         132a   6  132b
Pollard       Howell T       137a  11  137b
Poor          John           136a  10  136b
Porter        Alexander B    142a  10  142b
Powers        John           138a  28  138b
Quinn         Rodney         136a   4  136b
Ragan         George W       132a   8  132b
Ragland       John           143a  28  143b
Rainer        Alfred         137a   3  137b
Randolph      John           143a  11  143b
Rayburn       John           139a  29  139b
Readman       George W       137a  26  137b
Rensavill     Amos H         137a   5  137b
Reves         William        137a   1  137b
Reynolds      Theoph's W     141a  20  141b
Rice          Benjamin H     140a  22  140b
Roberts       John           137a  22  137b
Roberts       Samuel A       137a  23  137b
Roberts       William        132a  15  132b
Robertson     Aaron          135a  29  135b
Robertson     J              142a  31  142b
Robertson     Jonah          135a  28  135b
Robertson     William R      140a  29  140b
Rogers        William H      132a  16  132b
Rose          Middleton      141a  13  141b
Ross          James M        142a   5  142b
Ruffin        James          141a  18  141b
Ruffin        James D        141a   5  141b
Rupe          William        134a  17  134b
Sanderlin     Ezekiel        133a   3  133b
Saterwhite    James          141a   3  141b
Saunders      Thomas M       132a  10  132b
Shanes        Jesse          141a  19  141b
Shankle       Anderson       136a  17  136b
Shankle       Jesse          136a  15  136b
Shankle       John           136a  16  136b
Shanks        Gaclen P       136a  18  136b
Shegog        James          136a  13  136b
Sherrod       Salushel       138a   8  138b
Shores        James          136a  14  136b
Shuford       George         143a  17  143b
Simmons       Peter          143a  21  143b
Sinks         Elizabeth      137a  28  137b
Sinns         Frances M      139a   5  139b
Smith         Allen          141a  11  141b
Smith         William        143a  18  143b
Smith         Willian W      132a   4  132b
Smyth         George W       134a  15  134b
Sorrells      Hardy          138a   6  138b
Spaulding     Gideon         133a   6  133b
Springer      S H            142a  13  142b
Stanley       John           139a  14  139b
Stanmore      James          143a  19  143b
Stevens       Henry          134a   7  134b
Stevens       John           137a  16  137b
Stevens       Moore          139a  13  139b
Stewart       Jerome G       142a  18  142b
Stone         William E      142a  19  142b
Stratton      Asa E          141a  28  141b
Strictlaw     Matthew        140a  17  140b
Tate          George         138a   5  138b
Tate          Margaret N     141a  16  141b
Tentton       Elophit        140a   6  140b
Teppitt       William        134a   6  134b
Terry         George W       135a  18  135b
Testy         Alexander      140a   2  140b
Thompson      Jacob          142a  28  142b
Thornton      Presley R      139a  16  139b
Thornton      Wright         143a  30  143b
Thrasher      George W       136a  21  136b
Thrasher      William        136a  24  136b
Tipton        Levina         143a   7  143b
Torrance      Temuel         143a  24  143b
Tubbs         James          132a  14  132b
Vance         Elisha         144a   2  144b
VanPelt       John           132a  19  132b
Vestul        William        138a  13  138b
Wakefield     David          142a  21  142b
Wallace       Robert W       140a   9  140b
Ward          Jesse          141a  14  141b
Ward          Jesse B        132a  24  132b
Ward          John R         139a  27  139b
Warren        Andrew         134a  20  134b
Watkins       Thomas J       143a  25  143b
Watson        Robert         141a  26  141b
Webster       William M      142a  14  142b
White         David S        141a   4  141b
White         Frances M      135a  14  135b
White         Mildred S      141a   2  141b
White         Samuel B       132a  28  132b
Whiteson      Thomas         137a  10  137b
Whitten       John           137a  24  137b
Wilburn       William R      140a   5  140b
Wilkinson     Dabney D       142a   3  142b
Wilkison      John L         138a  23  138b
Williams      Duncan C       132a   1  132b
Williams      Edward B       136a  19  136b
Williams      Elizabeth      142a  11  142b
Williams      James R        134a  12  134b
Williams      Stephen S      141a  27  141b
Williamson    John           134a  14  134b
Willingham    James          133a   5  133b
Wilson        Thomas         133a  10  133b
Winberry      Jackson        137a  21  137b
Windberry     Lewin          142a  16  142b
Wood          Martha         143a  14  143b
Wood          Semongren      142a  17  142b
Wooley        Ranora A       142a   2  142b
Wooten        Henry          133a  27  133b
Wooten        William R      139a   9  139b
Wooward       George W       132a   9  132b
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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