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How to Request a Change to an On-Line Census Transcription

We all know how difficult it is to transcribe the hard-to-read enumerators' handwriting.
There are bound to be transcription errors of deciphering the handwriting and normal
typing errors that a proofreader may not catch.

  If you want a change made to "your" on-line census file:
   What can you do if a researcher contacts you and suggests a change be made to correct the
   spelling of a name?
  • You should review the source material to see if you agree with the researcher.

  • If you do agree with the researcher, you can request a change be made to the data in your census transcription that is on-line.

  • If you disagree with the researcher, you can request that a comment be added in the REMARKS column about the alternate spelling of the name, and this way both spelling variations of the name will be picked up by the search engine.

  • Send an email message to <> with the following information
    for EACH requested change:

    • State, County, Year
    • Page#, Line #
      • change FROM:
      • change TO:

  If you want to request a change to another person's transcription:
  • Please REVIEW THE MICROFILM (or CD image of the microfilm page) to see exactly what the Enumerator wrote.

  • If you determine there is a deciphering problem, contact <>
    to suggest the file be reviewed by the transcriber.

  • Please furnish ample information to document your request. Also furnish the URL where the file is located, the state, county, census-year, filename, page number, and line number.

  • If the transcriber agrees with you, he/she will request the changes to be made.

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