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What is Winzip?

WinZip is shareware software. An evaluation copy can be downloaded at: After you have downloaded WinZip, run the self-extracting executable to install on your computer.

Zipped files are compressed "archives" that can contain one or more files. Transferring e-mail attachments that have been zipped is faster and zipped backup files are smaller and can be saved to disk easier.

How to Compress a File using WinZip

Open WinZip and click on "New".

Choose the directory on your computer where you want to create the new zip file. Remember which directory the zip file is in so you can find it later.

Type in the new file name and click "OK"

A new screen will appear. Choose (highlight) the file(s) to include in the zip file.

Click "Add".

Your screen now shows which file have been added to the new zip file.

If you want to add another file, click on "Add" at the top of the screen and repeat the steps above.

Close the new zip file and exit WinZip.

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