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NY, 1930 Albany Co. (partial)   [TEAM] Gerald Tremblay [TEAM]
NY, 1830 Allegany Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1850 Allegany Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1930 Bronx Co.
NY, 1880 Cattaraugus Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1850 Cayuga Co.
  Linda Talbott J. Talbott
NY, 1860 Cayuga Co.   Linda Talbott Linda Talbott and
L. Medlin
NY, 1870 Cayuga Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1880 Cayuga Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1900 Cayuga Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1920 Cayuga Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1930 Cayuga Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1940 Cayuga Co. (Brief) (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1930 Chautauqua Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1850 Chemung Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1790 Clinton Co.   Linda Talbott J. Talbott
NY, 1790 Dutchess Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott J. Talbott
NY, 1850 Dutchess Co. (partial)   [TEAM] [TEAM]
NY, 1830 Erie Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott [TEAM]
NY, 1900 Erie Co. (partial)   [TEAM] Christopher Filippi (proofreader needed)
NY, 1930 Erie Co. (partial)   [TEAM] Linda Talbott [TEAM]
NY, 1850 Essex Co. (partial)   Emily Salings Danielle Comerford
NY, 1850 Genesee Co. (partial)   Dawn L. Pocock-Dilcher Ryeder Dilcher
NY, 1860 Genesee Co. (partial)   Leilani Spring, Lorene Goetz, Don Hall, Joan Hall, Janet Librock, Gertie Plowe, Scott Benz, Mary Van Alstyne, Rose Scott, Pat Weissend Leilani Spring, Jane Porter, Don Hall, Gertie Plowe, Janet Librock, Joan Hall, Ray Spring
NY, 1900 Hamilton Co.   Jim Call Jimmy R. Polk
NY, 1810 Kings Co.   Thomas Schmidt Jeri Shangle
NY, 1910 Kings Co. (partial)   TEAM TEAM
NY, 1830 Livingston Co.   Linda Talbott Barb Zinn and
L. Medlin
NY, 1860 Livingston Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott L. Talbott
NY, 1900 Nassau Co. (partial)   [Team] Eliza Blagden (proofreader needed)
NY, 1790 New York Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott J. Talbott
NY, 1810 Niagara Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott Rachel Fuller
NY, 1820 Oneida Co. (partial)   Kathy Last ?
NY, 1850 Oneida Co. (partial)   Mary Saggio Betty McCulloch
NY, 1930 Oneida Co. (partial)   [TEAM] Virgilius L. DiBiase [TEAM] (proofreader needed)
NY, 1850 Onondaga Co. (partial)   Thomas H. Spencer Willie Royal
NY, 1860 Onondaga Co. (partial)   Carl Gage David Gage
NY, 1790 Ontario Co.   Linda Talbott Ross Jones
NY, 1800 Ontario Co.   Doris Christian Mary Jo Lanphear
NY, 1790 Orange Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott J. Talbott
NY, 1820 Orange Co. (partial)   Barbara DiMunno Dominick DiMunno
NY, 1880 Oswego Co. (partial)   Luella Long Shawn Doyle
NY, 1840 Otsego Co. (partial)   Nancie Brunk ?
NY, 1800 Richmond Co.   James Elbrecht, Jr. Russell Anderson
NY, 1820 Richmond Co.   James Elbrecht, Jr. Russell Anderson
NY, 1890 Richmond Co.   Janet Britton ?
NY, 1870 Rockland Co. (partial)   Bill Forshay (proofreader needed)
NY, 1870 St. Lawrence Co.    Anne Cady Debra Schindler
NY, 1890 St. Lawrence Co. (Veteran's)   Anne Cady ?
NY, 1900 St. Lawrence Co.  (partial)   Jack Foley J. Patrick Foley
NY, 1920 St. Lawrence Co.  (partial)   Anne Cady Anne Cady
NY, 1930 Seneca Co. (partial)   Frederick A. Schweitz ?
NY, 1830 Steuben Co.    Tom Skrentny Linda Geisler
NY, 1930 Steuben Co. (partial)   David Horton Ross Jones
NY, 1920 Suffolk Co. (partial)   Jeanette Siebold ?
NY, 1930 Suffolk Co. (partial)   Jeanette Siebold ?
NY, 1880 Sullivan Co. (partial)   John Decker Sandra Decker
NY, 1790 Ulster Co. (partial)   [Team] [Team]
NY, 1800 Ulster Co. (partial)   Linda Talbott J. Talbott
NY, 1870 Ulster Co. (partial)   Marion Douglas Elizabeth Padin
NY, 1910 Ulster Co. (partial)   Kim Bedetti ?
NY, 1850 Warren Co. (partial)   Todd Easton ?
NY, 1930 Westchester Co. (partial)   Judy Henderson Linda Talbott
NY, 1810 Washington Co.   Cindy Rowzee ?
NY, 1930 Wyoming Co. (partial)   Scott Barvian ?

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