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Dawes: Cherokee Applications, 1898-1914
Application forms filled out by persons seeking to claim official enrollment in the Five Civilized Tribes under the Dawes Commission. The applications contain additional information not abstracted to the census cards, filmed in M1186, Enrollment Cards of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914, and are numbered according to a different set of numbers. The application number may be obtained from the census card in M1186. The applications are grouped first according to tribe, and relationships such as "by blood" or "minor," and finally numerical order.
Quantum Application # Reel # Transcription Status Transcriber
by Blood 1-67 M1301-174    
by Blood 68-150 M1301-175    
by Blood 151-233 M1301-176    
by Blood 234-323 M1301-177    
by Blood 324-462 M1301-178    
by Blood 463-553 M1301-179    
by Blood 554-717 M1301-180    
by Blood 718-865 M1301-181    
by Blood 866-1020 M1301-182    
by Blood 1021-1149 M1301-183    
by Blood 1150-1294 M1301-184    
by Blood 1295-1449 M1301-185    
by Blood 1450-1611 M1301-186    
by Blood 1612-1767 M1301-187    
by Blood 1768-1914 M1301-188    
by Blood 1915-2057 M1301-189    
by Blood 2058-2198 M1301-190    
by Blood 2199-2339 M1301-191    
by Blood 2340-2504 M1301-192    
by Blood 2505-2649 M1301-193    
by Blood 2650-2804 M1301-194    
by Blood 2805-2944 M1301-195    
by Blood 2945-3055 M1301-196    
by Blood 3056-3150 M1301-197    
by Blood 3151-3275 M1301-198    
by Blood 3276-3416 M1301-199    
by Blood 3417-3550 M1301-200    
by Blood 3551-3690 M1301-201    
by Blood 3691-3838 M1301-202    
by Blood 3839-3961 M1301-203    
by Blood 3962-4100 M1301-204    
by Blood 4101-4235 M1301-205    
by Blood 4236-4345 M1301-206    
by Blood 4346-4470 M1301-207    
by Blood 4471-4608 M1301-208    
by Blood 4609-4740 M1301-209    
by Blood 4741-4855 M1301-210    
by Blood 4856-4985 M1301-211    
by Blood 4986-5124 M1301-212    
by Blood 5125-5261 M1301-213    
by Blood 5262-5400 M1301-214    
by Blood 5401-5544 M1301-215    
by Blood 5545-5675 M1301-216    
by Blood 5676-5826 M1301-217    
by Blood 5827-5970 M1301-218    
by Blood 5971-6104 M1301-219    
by Blood 6105-6270 M1301-220    
by Blood 6271-6423 M1301-221    
by Blood 6424-6587 M1301-222    
by Blood 6588-6752 M1301-223    
by Blood 6753-6941 M1301-224    
by Blood 6942-7109 M1301-225    
by Blood 7110-7266 M1301-226    
by Blood 7267-7438 M1301-227    
by Blood 7439-7633 M1301-228    
by Blood 7634-7867 M1301-229    
by Blood 7868-8015 M1301-230    
by Blood 8016-8166 M1301-231    
by Blood 8167-8315 M1301-232    
by Blood 8316-8470 M1301-233    
by Blood 8471-8630 M1301-234    
by Blood 8631-8800 M1301-235    
by Blood 8801-8968 M1301-236    
by Blood 8969-9120 M1301-237    
by Blood 9121-9290 M1301-238    
by Blood 9291-9448 M1301-239    
by Blood 9449-9532 M1301-240    
by Blood 9533-9625 M1301-241    
by Blood 9626-9741 M1301-242    
by Blood 9742-9839 M1301-243    
by Blood 9840-9943 M1301-244    
by Blood 9944-10015 M1301-245    
by Blood 10016-10075 M1301-246    
by Blood 10076-10127 M1301-247    
by Blood 10128-10183 M1301-248    
by Blood 10184-10234 M1301-249    
by Blood 10235-10299 M1301-250    
by Blood 10300-10360 M1301-251    
by Blood 10361-10455 M1301-252    
by Blood 10456-10661 M1301-253    
by Blood 10662-10729 M1301-254    
by Blood 10730-10741 M1301-255    
by Blood 10742-10750 M1301-256    
by Blood 10751-10759 M1301-257    
by Blood 10760-10769 M1301-258    
by Blood 10770-10789 M1301-259    
by Blood 10790-10808 M1301-260    
by Blood 10809-10849 M1301-261    
by Blood 10350-10910 M1301-262    
by Blood 10911-10945 M1301-263    
by Blood 10946-10994 M1301-264    
by Blood 10995-11132 M1301-265    
(Act of 1906)
1-225 M1301-266    
Minor 226-450 M1301-267    
Minor 451-675 M1301-268    
Minor 676-900 M1301-269    
Minor 901-1125 M1301-270    
Minor 1126-1350 M1301-271    
Minor 1351-1590 M1301-272    
Minor 1591-1820 M1301-273    
Minor 1821-2049 M1301-274    
Minor 2050-2275 M1301-275    
Minor 2276-2425 M1301-276    
Minor 2426-2650 M1301-277    
Minor 2651-2875 M1301-278    
Minor 2876-3100 M1301-279    
Minor 3101-3325 M1301-280    
Minor 3326-3550 M1301-281    
Minor 3551-3750 M1301-282    
Minor 3751-3945 M1301-283    
Minor 3946-4005 M1301-284    
Intermarried White 1-160 M1301-305    
Intermarried White 161-257 M1301-306    
Intermarried White 258-298 M1301-307    
Cherokee D1-D76 M1301-307    
Cherokee D77-D191 M1301-308    
Cherokee D192-D297 M1301-309    
Cherokee D298-D388 M1301-310    
Cherokee D389-D493 M1301-311    
Cherokee D494-D604 M1301-312    
Cherokee D605-D717 M1301-313    
Cherokee D718-D791 M1301-314    
Cherokee D792-D847 M1301-315    
Cherokee D848-D929 M1301-316    
Cherokee D930-D995 M1301-317    
Cherokee D996-D1071 M1301-318    
Cherokee D1072-D1134 M1301-319    
Cherokee D1135-D1205 M1301-320    
Cherokee D1206-D1267 M1301-321    
Cherokee D1268-D1385 M1301-322    
Cherokee D1386-D1550 M1301-323    
Cherokee D1551-D1716 M1301-324    
Cherokee D1717-D1965 M1301-325    
Cherokee D1966-D2132 M1301-326    
Cherokee D2133-D2380 M1301-327    
Cherokee D2381-D2595 M1301-328    
Cherokee D2596-D2755 M1301-329    
Cherokee D2756-D2921 M1301-330    
Cherokee D2922-D3090 M1301-331    
Cherokee D3091-D3207 M1301-332    
Cherokee R1-R13 M1301-332    
Cherokee R14-R78 M1301-333    
Cherokee R79-R149 M1301-334    
Cherokee R150-R200 M1301-335    
Cherokee R201-R268 M1301-336    
Cherokee R269-R342 M1301-337    
Cherokee R343-R408 M1301-338    
Cherokee R409-R486 M1301-339    
Cherokee R487-R541 M1301-340    
Cherokee R542-R601 M1301-341    
Cherokee R602-R673 M1301-342    
Cherokee R674-R723 M1301-343    
Cherokee R724-R780 M1301-344    
Cherokee R781-R837 M1301-345    
Cherokee R838-R908 M1301-346    
Cherokee R909-R960 M1301-347    
Cherokee R961-R1035 M1301-348    
Cherokee R1036-R1063 M1301-349    
Cherokee R1064-R1105 M1301-350    
Cherokee R1106-R1152 M1301-351    
(Act of 1900)
1-140 M1301-397    
(Act of 1900)
141-315 M1301-398    
(Act of 1900)
316-435 M1301-399    

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