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What will I be doing?
You will be comparing the census transcription to the actual hand-written census pages on microfilm or scanned images of the microfilmed pages. The census microfilmed pages may be on printed on paper, on microfilm, or scanned images of the microfilm on CD or available online. As you compare the transcription file to the census microfilm (or microfilm images), you will make notations of corrections, questionable items or comments as necessary right in the file or on the printed copy of the file. Sometimes proofreading is done by making pencil corrections to a printed copy of the transcription and mailing the marked-up printed copy back to the transcriber. Or you may be using the Excel or CART data file. It is the transcriber's decision how the proofreading will be done and if census images will be provided.

What materials will I need?
You will need the microfilm or scanned images of the microfilm from which to proofread, and the spreadsheet software (or compatible software) the census was transcribed with. In a few cases, the transcriber will have a paper copy, microfilm, or CD with images of the scanned microfilmed pages which can be forwarded to you along with a print-out or file of the census data that was entered, in which case you will need to return all the forwarded items when you finish proofreading. To proofread a census from microfilm, you will need access to a copy of the microfilm and a microfilm reader.  Visit the Information site to find out where microfilm can be located.

What corrections will I be looking for?
Please refer to the same "Help" pages that the transcribers use. These transcription rules will apply to proofreaders too.

How much time will this take?
Time requirements vary according to the size of the census and the ease/difficulty of reading the census enumerator's handwriting. You may be proofreading a complete county or a county enumeration district, township, or other division.

How will I know when proofreading needs to be done?
The Proofreader Coordinator will contact you by email to let you know of the censuses that need to be proofread. If one of these censuses interest you, please follow the directions given in the email.


Please Send an E-Mail to:
including the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. Preferences: i.e. a particular COUNTY, STATE , or YEAR which you wish to proofread.
  4. What spreadsheet software you have, such as Excel, MS-Works, QuattroPro.
  5. Your PCs operating system (Windows, MAC)
  6. Special information: microfilm reader not available, etc.,


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