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Using a Film Projector

I have been trying to find a reader with no luck. When I came across a solution. I borrowed a film strip projector from church. I fed the film in and it works great. I can project the image on the wall above my computer and pull up the file that I'm proofreading. Now I'm going to send away for the census that I'm transcribing. No more long drives to the FHC.


Solution to microfilm readers
February 10, 1999

Drats! Beat to the punch. I'm working on the same method - there are a lot of these projectors out there just laying around. Schools don't need them anymore. Just a couple of questions...

Did the film strip projector require film with sprocket holes? Is the clarity of the projected image a lot better than it is on a microfilm reader?

Thanks for the post.
Ken McNamara

Are you talking about the old projectors that ran movies? I might have one of them that we used to run family movies on. Would that work?


February 10, 1999

No - those are usually 8mm (perhaps 16mm). These are the 35mm film strip projectors like teachers used in school (before video). There are quite a few of them out there on the used market.

Ken McNamara

December 14, 1998

I borrowed one from work. It's a Micron 750. I don't have any idea how much they are but we don't use them much anymore at work.

Kathleen Race

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