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February 10, 1999

Just a thought for those of you willing to use a microfiche reader to view census records. They always have them up for bid on-line at EBAY. I paid $58.00 for one including shipping and it works great. Now all I need is microfiche sleeves to place the film in after I cut it.


Finally! Received my microfilm viewer and should have my first roll of film any day now. I've noticed many questions on the internet concerning microfilm viewers. You might want to share my findings...

Eye Communications [EYECOM] makes microfilm/fiche viewers in several price ranges. I purchased the EYECOM-1200 which is a duel lens system with 360-degree rotation through the lens and is microfilm and fiche compatible.

They don't sell direct but have distributors throughout the U.S. I purchased mine from Zytron in Texas. Total price was $577 including shipping. The single lens model is less.

I couldn't find anyone who would take a credit card, but Zytron was willing to order and ship and invoice me so I didn't have to pay until I received it. Be careful with California retailers. I asked one if they would take a credit card and they said only if I paid $10 handling fee PLUS 15% of the cost!

I highly recommend Zytron. They were friendly, helpful and very nice to deal with. Also, Eyecom has been great.

Zytron has an internet site: WWW.ZYTRONDFW.COM

January 11, 1999

For those who are having trouble finding Microfiche or Microfilm Readers, you may want to contact Mr Larry Wallace at the following address.

The Library Store, LTD
7720 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda MD 20814
Telephone-301-652 8811 or 800-858-8117
FAX 301-654-4960

They sell new and used equipment and Mr Wallace gave excellent service. Because the model I purchased was not in stock and was shipped from the factory, he made several follow-up calls to see if the reader had been received.

The new model like the one I have starts at $575. If you are lucky enough to call when they have used models the price is much lower. I just missed one returned to upgrade that was about $300. My model has dual lens which is great to magnify some of the old writing and weighs only 28 pounds so could be taken to a library and avoid waiting in line to read film. (A handle can be ordered)

I have just completed transcribing over 24,000 entries of 1850 Census Baltimore MD Wards 1 & 2, in the comfort of my home.

Good luck--Pauline Leitner

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