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Baldwin County, AL 1830 Federal Census Index
with links to the image files of the microfilmed census pages.

The free display of the 1830 Baldwin County, Alabama, census images
was made possible by Clark Solomon at his
Clark's Deep South Genealogy web-site 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson
Because of the width of the census form each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
Aaron        Mary          21a   09   21b
Alexan       Bazeel        24a   01   24b
Alexan       Boden         23a   26   23b
Alexander    Henry         22a   26   22b
Allen        Robert        20a   04   20b
Avis         Joseph        20a   19   20b
Barlow       Aaron         20a   13   20b
Baxley       Samuel        24a   09   24b
Bayley       William       24a   05   24b
Beard        Henry         20a   22   20b
Bingham      Charles       23a   02   23b
Biscaro      Bartola       22a   22   22b
Blue         Uriah         22a   18   22b
Boden        Judicke       24a   02   24b
Booker       John          19a   25   19b
Boon         John          18a   06   18b
Booth        Joseph        18a   24   18b
Bowen        William       22a   01   22b
Brown        John          22a   09   22b
Brownjohn    Emalia        23a   07   23b
Brumby       Benjamin S    19a   14   19b
Bryant       William P     19a   11   19b
Bryars       Charles       20a   09   20b
Bryers       Lazarus J     20a   03   20b
Byrne        Gerald        21a   04   21b
Byrne        Patrick       21a   07   21b
Byrne        Thomas        21a   05   21b
Cabrao       Joseph        22a   07   22b
Capprel      Francis       22a   13   22b
Carpenter    Thomas        24a   21   24b
Castloe      William       23a   10   23b
Caton        Thomas        24a   16   24b
Cenler       Fredrick      23a   03   23b
Christian    B. K.         23a   04   23b
Clark        Lyman         23a   13   23b
Clark        Moses         24a   07   24b
Clark        Wm. C. W.     22a   15   22b
Cochran      James M       24a   17   24b
Cofman       Ephraim       20a   27   20b
Cohnes       Thomas G T    24a   20   24b
Collins      James         22a   14   22b
Conway       James         21a   18   21b
Conway       Ruthy         22a   03   22b
Conway       Sopha         18a   07   18b
Cook         Constance     23a   24   23b
Cook         John          23a   23   23b
Corno        Francis       22a   06   22b
Crawford     Stephen       18a   25   18b
Crosby       Thomas W      23a   14   23b
Cushin       Joseph        20a   17   20b
Cypress      John          24a   06   24b
Daniel       Green B       18a   14   18b
Danna        Calab         24a   03   24b
Davis        Benjamin      19a   19   19b
Davis        Henry         18a   17   18b
Davis        Jefferson     19a   06   19b
Davis        William       18a   19   18b
Davis        William C     18a   21   18b
Dean         James         21a   11   21b
Decilva      John          23a   18   23b
Deeze        Joal          20a   23   20b
Dennis       Robert        22a   10   22b
Denton       John          22a   04   22b
Dewolf       Samuel H      19a   15   19b
Dinsmore     Silas         22a   11   22b
Dolive       Louis         22a   23   22b
Dolive       Reubin        22a   25   22b
Dolive       Sebray        23a   20   23b
Dunn         Sarah         21a   03   21b
Durant       Locklin       19a   24   19b
Earls        James         18a   03   18b
Eddy         Henry         21a   21   21b
Edmonds      Samuel        18a   12   18b
Ellis        John          20a   02   20b
English      Lewis         19a   04   19b
Estava       Hepolite      23a   27   23b
Ficklin      Thomas        19a   10   19b
Fowler       John          24a   14   24b
Garner       Arthur        19a   17   19b
Gentry       David         19a   01   19b
Gilbert      Allen K       20a   01   20b
Greenwood    John          22a   24   22b
Hadley       Jesse         19a   20   19b
Hall         Charles       21a   02   21b
Hall         Clemson       20a   25   20b
Hall         Nathaniel     21a   25   21b
Halter       Jacob         20a   15   20b
Hammons      Elias         20a   20   20b
Hayden       Nehemiah      21a   22   21b
Henry        Charles A     23a   08   23b
Hisler       Elizabeth     22a   20   22b
Hubird       James         19a   07   19b
Hughs        Richmond P    19a   03   19b
James        Thomas        21a   23   21b
Johns        Johnathan     21a   17   21b
Johnson      Elizabeth     18a   16   18b
Jones        Elijah        21a   26   21b
Keithley     James         19a   16   19b
Killcrease   John          20a   12   20b
Kitchens     Samuel        20a   11   20b
Kitchens     Wiiliam       20a   10   20b
Koss         Andrew        23a   15   23b
Lacoast      Augustine     23a   25   23b
Lancaster    Edward        19a   12   19b
Lewey        Joseph        21a   12   21b
Lewis        Fredrick      23a   22   23b
Lopass       John          22a   05   22b
Lorez        Jane          22a   21   22b
Magee        Linn          19a   26   19b
Mahoney      Patrick       18a   20   18b
Martin       William       18a   23   18b
Mawson       Henry         23a   11   23b
McClary      John          23a   01   23b
McColley     James         24a   08   24b
McConnel     John          19a   18   19b
McDavid      Joal          19a   27   19b
McDonald     John          19a   09   19b
McDonald     Micheal       23a   05   23b
McFall       Henry         23a   12   23b
McKibbin     Henry         21a   20   21b
Miller       Jacob         21a   01   21b
Mills        Sarah         20a   18   20b
Mims         Alexander     19a   21   19b
Minton       Joshua W      24a   22   24b
Moniac       Alexander     24a   19   24b
Moniac       David         19a   22   19b
Monroe       Alexander     21a   14   21b
Moore        James         22a   17   22b
Morris       John          18a   10   18b
Moye         Jason         20a   07   20b
Myles        Josephus      18a   01   18b
Newton       Edward        24a   10   24b
Niffin       Henry         21a   15   21b
Ogden        C. A.         24a   24   24b
Oswald       Samuel        21a   06   21b
Overton      John          24a   13   24b
Parry        Lemon         24a   11   24b
Pitcher      Stephen       24a   15   24b
Quandrill    Charles       24a   23   24b
Randol       Isaiah        21a   24   21b
Roberson     Lucey         21a   19   21b
Roberts      James J       23a   09   23b
Rogers       John          21a   13   21b
Sawyer       John          19a   05   19b
Seabury      James L       20a   16   20b
Sharp        James         24a   04   24b
Sibley       Cyrus         21a   16   21b
Sibley       Origin        20a   14   20b
Sikes        Caroline      20a   26   20b
Simmons      J. W. L.      21a   27   21b
Singleton    Robert        18a   18   18b
Sizemoore    William       18a   13   18b
Slaughter    Lee           18a   08   18b
Smith        John          23a   17   23b
Smith        Rease         20a   05   20b
Smith        William E     23a   06   23b
Stapleton    Catherine     18a   26   18b
Stapleton    Jobez         18a   22   18b
Starke       Lewis         22a   08   22b
Stedham      Edward        18a   02   18b
Stedham      Elizabeth     18a   27   18b
Stedham      Jesse         20a   24   20b
Steel        Edward R      24a   18   24b
Stoval       Frank         23a   16   23b
Swains       Joseph        22a   27   22b
Swains       Peter         22a   16   22b
Tate         Margaret      19a   23   19b
Thomas       Joseph        20a   08   20b
Thomas       Joshua        24a   12   24b
Thompson     William       19a   02   19b
Thompson     William       21a   10   21b
Toler        Daniel        21a   08   21b
Turvin       Elijah        18a   04   18b
Turvin       Elisha        18a   05   18b
Tylee        George        23a   21   23b
Vastbinder   Mervin T      20a   06   20b
Vaughn       William C     18a   09   18b
Weatherford  Mary          18a   11   18b
Weekeley     Edmond        22a   02   22b
Weekeley     Ransom        19a   08   19b
Weeks        Nicholas      23a   19   23b
Whitney      Jason         18a   15   18b
Wilkins      George W      20a   21   20b
Williams     Ujane         22a   19   22b
Williamson   Harlee        19a   13   19b
Willson      Henry         22a   12   22b

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