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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page, and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family        LEFT-----RIGHT
Aerage         Robison         20a  23  20b
Aldridge       Andrew           8a  19   8b
Aldridge       Enoch            9a  19   9b
Alexander      David           10a  14  10b
Alexander      Nathaniel       10a  20  10b
Alfred         Andrew          10a  10  10b
Amosson        Benjamin         8a  25   8b
Anderton       James            5a  15   5b
Anderton       James B         16a  19  16b
Anderton       John             5a  10   5b
Anderton       William         18a  16  18b
Armstrong      James           18a   5  18b
Armstrong      Jesse            3a  15   3b
Armstrong      Thomas           3a  23   3b
Askew          John            19a  24  19b
Avery          Allen           19a  21  19b
Avery          David            5a   9   5b
Avery          John            11a   3  11b
Avery          Reuben          21a   9  21b
Baley          William P        5a  28   5b
Ballard        Garrison        23a   4  23b
Ballard        James           23a   5  23b
Ballard        William         23a  27  23b
Banks          James           19a  27  19b
Barnard        John             2a  15   2b
Barns          Elizabeth       11a  27  11b
Barns          Johnson         23a  10  23b
Barns          Jonathan        23a   9  23b
Barns          Joseph          23a  11  23b
Barns          Nancy           23a   8  23b
Barton         Gilbert         13a  21  13b
Barton         Henry C         13a  20  13b
Beard          William         15a   1  15b
Beeson         Edward          20a  21  20b
Beeson         Vestal           2a  11   2b
Berry          Charles          7a   8   7b
Berry          George          13a   9  13b
Berry          James, Jr        6a  15   6b
Berry          James, Senr     14a  25  14b
Berry          William, Jr     10a   4  10b
Berry          William, Senr   11a  14  11b
Berry          Zadoc            8a  14   8b
Bevers         William          7a  10   7b
Bias           James           21a  19  21b
Biddy          Edward          17a   7  17b
Biddy          Henry           24a  14  24b
Biddy          John            17a   6  17b
Billingsley    Samuel          10a   1  10b
Billingsley    Thomas          13a   7  13b
Billingsley    Thomas, Jr       9a  24   9b
Billingsley    Thomas, Jr      13a  16  13b
Billingsley    Thomas, Jr      15a  26  15b
Billingsley    William         15a  24  15b
Bishop         John            20a  27  20b
Blackburn      James A          3a  24   3b
Blackburn      Joel             6a   5   6b
Blackburn      William          6a   6   6b
Blackwood      Isaac            7a  19   7b
Blakely        Greenberry       9a  27   9b
Blakely        James            5a  18   5b
Blakely        John             5a  17   5b
Blan           Elizabeth       13a   4  13b
Blevins        John            20a   8  20b
Blythe         William         19a  22  19b
Bowers         Vally           24a  17  24b
Box            Elizabeth       13a   2  13b
Box            James           18a  13  18b
Box            John A          12a   3  12b
Box            John H          16a  17  16b
Box            John, Jr        17a   3  17b
Box            John, Senr      11a  15  11b
Box            Larkin           4a   3   4b
Box            Rolen W         14a  15  14b
Box            Stephen          3a  17   3b
Box            Stilwell         3a  18   3b
Box            William         22a  26  22b
Boyd           James           13a  23  13b
Bragg          James           23a  26  23b
Bragg          Joseph          23a  16  23b
Brantley       Wiley           21a  27  21b
Brashers       Elijah          19a   1  19b
Brashers       Elijah, Jr      18a  26  18b
Brashers       John            18a  27  18b
Brassel        Elias           15a  17  15b
Brassel        William         15a  18  15b
Bratcher       Philip          19a   9  19b
Brindley       Mace S P         2a   1   2b
Brooks         Jacob W          8a  15   8b
Brown          David           13a  26  13b
Brown          Jonathan         2a  24   2b
Brown          Robert           3a  12   3b
Brown          William         14a  21  14b
Buchanan       William B       19a  19  19b
Byford         Aguilla         18a   9  18b
Bynum          Asa, Jr          3a   6   3b
Bynum          Asa, Sr          4a  22   4b
Bynum          Isaac            4a  15   4b
Bynum          James, Jr       21a   8  21b
Bynum          James, Senr     18a  24  18b
Bynum          Jesse            4a  25   4b
Bynum          John             4a   5   4b
Bynum          John, Jr        18a  23  18b
Bynum          Solomon          4a  20   4b
Bynum          William          4a  19   4b
Byrum          Silas C          5a   8   5b
Calahan        George           6a  17   6b
Calahan        Joshua           2a   2   2b
Callison       John G           4a   8   4b
Calvert        James           14a  13  14b
Calvert        John            14a  12  14b
Calvert        Joseph          14a  11  14b
Camp           Thomas H         6a   1   6b
Cane           Reed L          20a   1  20b
Cargo          Samuel          11a  20  11b
Carlton        Elizabeth       16a   8  16b
Carlton        Henry           16a   6  16b
Carlton        Samuel          12a  18  12b
Carns          David           11a  26  11b
Cetchum        Jacob           13a  13  13b
Chamblee       Isham           11a   5  11b
Chamblee       John            22a  17  22b
Chamblee       Robert          11a   7  11b
Chamness       John            16a   7  16b
Chamness       William         16a   5  16b
Chaney         Henry            2a   6   2b
Childers       Mitchel         21a  11  21b
Clack          Philip D        11a  24  11b
Clark          Benjamin        22a  12  22b
Cleveland      Ulyses T        22a   6  22b
Clodess        Harper          18a   3  18b
Conway         Abel            16a  27  16b
Cook           Alexander        5a   4   5b
Coons          Jacob           13a  12  13b
Copeland       David           12a   1  12b
Copeland       James           11a  11  11b
Copeland       Lewis           11a  21  11b
Cornelius      Aaron            5a   6   5b
Cornelius      Beverly         16a  26  16b
Cornelius      Champeon         3a  26   3b
Cornelius      Jesse            3a  27   3b
Cornelius      Moses           17a   1  17b
Cornelius      William, Senr    5a   5   5b
Cornelus       William          4a   2   4b
Cowden         Elijah           6a   8   6b
Cox            Edward          20a   6  20b
Crump          John             9a  18   9b
Crutcher       James           19a   8  19b
Cunningham     Robert           6a   7   6b
Curl           Jeremiah        24a  27  24b
Davenport      John            21a   1  21b
Davenport      Richard         21a  17  21b
Dean           Sally           24a  23  24b
Deaver         Matthew          5a  23   5b
Derrick        China            9a   1   9b
Derrick        Tobias           5a  25   5b
Dorsey         James           14a   4  14b
Doty           Thomas R         7a   7   7b
Dunn           James            2a   7   2b
Easley         Benjamin         5a   2   5b
Easley         Daniel           3a   9   3b
Easley         Warham           9a   2   9b
Edwards        Asa              8a   5   8b
Edwards        Jesse            4a  18   4b
Edwards        Joseph          16a   2  16b
Edwards        Lewis           10a  27  10b
Edwards        William         10a  17  10b
Edwards        William         16a   3  16b
Elliott        H H              9a   8   9b
Elliott        James           21a  20  21b
Ellis          Benjamin         4a  10   4b
Ellis          Iva              3a   7   3b
Ellis          Jeremiah        18a  22  18b
Ellis          Jesse            4a  11   4b
Ellison        Nancy           22a  19  22b
Estes          John W          20a  22  20b
Farley         Robert           6a  12   6b
Ferguson       King D           9a  17   9b
Ferrel         Thomas          14a  23  14b
Fields         Daniel          17a   8  17b
Fields         Gilbert         21a   2  21b
Files          Jeremiah        12a   2  12b
Files          Jeremiah, Jr    14a  26  14b
Findley        Robert          23a  24  23b
Findley        William         23a  25  23b
Fletcher       James           19a  18  19b
Fletcher       Riley           15a  21  15b
Fortner        Pleasant        24a  25  24b
Foster         John            18a  18  18b
Foust          David           15a   7  15b
Foust          John             2a  25   2b
Foust          Peter           11a   8  11b
Foust          Philip          10a  19  10b
Foust          Samuel          11a   9  11b
Foust          William         15a   6  15b
Fowler         Godfrey         13a  17  13b
Fowler         John            24a   8  24b
Freeman        Robert          11a   1  11b
Fulton         Jeremiah        12a  16  12b
Gallian        Bradent         17a   2  17b
Gambelle       Kinchen K       21a  12  21b
Gandy          Lemuel          24a  20  24b
Garnter        Thomas, Senr     8a  13   8b
Gilbreath      Baxter          20a  13  20b
Gill           Jesse           10a  22  10b
Gillilan       John            19a  23  19b
Gillum         Elizabeth       20a  26  20b
Gilmore        John P           7a  25   7b
Glascock       Gregory         21a  16  21b
Glover         George          18a  19  18b
Glover         James           17a  14  17b
Golden         Richard          8a  21   8b
Golden         Turner          14a  27  14b
Goucher        Henry            4a   6   4b
Goucher        Samuel          13a   8  13b
Graves         Alexander        7a  18   7b
Graves         Doctor           7a  21   7b
Graves         Hiram            7a  24   7b
Graves         James            7a  23   7b
Graves         John            11a   4  11b
Green          John W          23a  23  23b
Gregory        Edward          17a  20  17b
Gregory        Jonathan        17a  21  17b
Gregory        William B       17a  19  17b
Grimmet        Abraham          3a  16   3b
Grimmet        William         17a   4  17b
Gunter         John             9a  13   9b
Gunter         Thomas, Jr       9a  25   9b
Gunter         William         15a  19  15b
Gurley         Aaron            6a  23   6b
Gurley         John             6a  22   6b
Gurley         Westley          6a  21   6b
Haile          George          12a  22  12b
Haile          James           24a  16  24b
Haily          Thomas          17a  24  17b
Hall           James           18a  10  18b
Hall           John             6a  20   6b
Hall           Josiah           3a  25   3b
Hall           William         18a  11  18b
Hallmark       Cummings        16a  10  16b
Hallmark       Minet           16a  13  16b
Halmark        Carter          14a   8  14b
Halmark        Jesse           18a  12  18b
Halmark        William         14a   9  14b
Hamaker        John            13a  18  13b
Hamaker        William         21a  18  21b
Hanby          Nancy            8a   4   8b
Hannor         Matthew H       22a   7  22b
Hannor         Moses T          9a  12   9b
Harman         Joel            13a  27  13b
Harmon         Samuel           8a  26   8b
Harris         Alfred           3a   3   3b
Harris         Thomas H         2a   3   2b
Harst          James           18a  20  18b
Harvy          Richard B       16a  15  16b
Hays           Reuben           3a  28   3b
Hays           Standwix         9a   9   9b
Head           Sampson          5a  19   5b
Henderson      Joseph          16a  11  16b
Henderson      Martha          16a  12  16b
Henson         William         24a   7  24b
Hiatt          Elisha          16a  16  16b
Hicks          Elisha          22a   9  22b
Hicks          William         22a  10  22b
Higginbotham   Robert          13a  25  13b
Higginbotham   William         13a  24  13b
Hinds          Simeon          11a  25  11b
Hogland        Abraham         21a  26  21b
Hogland        Anthony         21a  25  21b
Holloway       Ruthy           15a  16  15b
Holt           Charles          6a  24   6b
Holt           William          6a  27   6b
Hopkins        Isham           10a  25  10b
Hopper         George          13a   5  13b
Hopper         John            13a   3  13b
Hopper         John, Jr        17a  23  17b
Hopy           Isaac           10a  12  10b
Horton         Archibald       20a  16  20b
Horton         Jesse           20a  15  20b
House          Darling B        3a  10   3b
Hovarter       Jacob            2a   8   2b
Huddleston     Newton           2a  18   2b
Huddleston     William         18a   7  18b
Hudson         Jackson K       12a  27  12b
Hudson         Richard          7a  14   7b
Huffstutlar    George           7a   1   7b
Huffstutlar    Lewis            6a  25   6b
Hughs          Joshua           8a  10   8b
Hunt           Lewis           20a   3  20b
Jackson        Adam             4a   7   4b
Jacobs         George          11a  10  11b
Jett           James           19a  16  19b
Jett           John            19a  15  19b
Jett           Nancy           19a  14  19b
Johnson        Daniel           2a  28   2b
Johnson        George W        22a  13  22b
Johnson        Samuel           7a   2   7b
Johnson        Thomas A        15a  27  15b
Johnston       Joel             7a   9   7b
Jone           Henry S         23a  17  23b
Jones          Aqulla           6a  28   6b
Jones          Francis K        9a  28   9b
Jones          George J        23a  19  23b
Jones          Greenberry       8a  16   8b
Jones          James           10a  15  10b
Jones          James           23a  15  23b
Jones          Jeremiah        23a  18  23b
Jones          Jiles C         11a  13  11b
Jones          John            12a  13  12b
Jones          John            22a  23  22b
Jones          John, Jr        15a   8  15b
Jones          Joshua           2a  21   2b
Jones          Matilda          9a   5   9b
Jones          Samuel          18a  17  18b
Jones          Samuel          24a   2  24b
Jones          Seburn          10a   9  10b
Jones          Thomas C        24a   1  24b
Jones          Thomas, Jr      22a  22  22b
Jones          Thomas, Senr    22a  24  22b
Jones          William          7a  13   7b
Jones          William         20a   5  20b
Jordan         William G       20a   2  20b
Kelly          Samuel          14a   3  14b
Kelly          William         14a  28  14b
Kelsey         William         10a  21  10b
Kilfoyle       Peter            2a   4   2b
Killion        Goodwin         24a  10  24b
Killion        William          8a  28   8b
Kilpatrick     Andrew T        14a  16  14b
Lasseter       Benjamin         6a  10   6b
Lathram        Charles          8a  27   8b
Lathram        George           8a  22   8b
Lavart         James           20a  18  20b
Letchworth     Thomas          14a  19  14b
Levingston     John            24a  22  24b
Levingston     William         13a   6  13b
Linton         Henry           12a  17  12b
Little         John            13a  28  13b
Little         Thomas           6a  18   6b
Loe            John            22a  18  22b
Long           James            7a  26   7b
Loyd           John            15a   9  15b
Mackey         John             4a  16   4b
Mackey         Thomas           4a  13   4b
Malaby         Aldridge        11a   2  11b
Manos          Joel             2a  22   2b
Mansgrove      William H        2a  10   2b
Marcrum        Squire           3a  13   3b
Marcrum        Thomas           3a  14   3b
Marsh          Robert          23a  13  23b
Martin         Isaac           10a  11  10b
Martin         John            14a  10  14b
Marton         William         15a  28  15b
Massey         Robert          13a  22  13b
Maxwell        John C          16a  14  16b
Mays           James            5a   1   5b
McAnally       Edmond          17a   9  17b
McAnally       Elijah          17a  10  17b
McAnally       Elijah, Jr      23a   3  23b
McAnally       James           22a   5  22b
McAnally       John            24a   3  24b
McAnally       John, Jr        13a  10  13b
McBrayer       David           19a  20  19b
McClendon      John B          12a  21  12b
McCollon       John            21a  13  21b
McCraw         Jesse           20a  17  20b
McDonald       Daniel           7a  20   7b
McDonald       David            5a  24   5b
McDonald       William          9a   4   9b
McGuire        Jesse            7a  27   7b
McKinney       Johnson         23a  28  23b
McMurry        Robert          12a  11  12b
McMurry        Robert, Jr       7a  15   7b
McMurry        Samuel           9a  14   9b
McMurry        Thomas          10a   3  10b
McPherson      Elijah          21a  23  21b
McPherson      George          21a  22  21b
McPherson      Lewis K         21a  24  21b
Mead           Marston         11a  12  11b
Miller         James           22a   1  22b
Miller         James A          9a  16   9b
Miller         Lewis           10a  16  10b
Miller         Lewis           22a  20  22b
Miller         Sarah            4a   1   4b
Mills          James            2a  16   2b
Mills          Mary            17a  15  17b
Mitchel        John            14a  24  14b
Moody          Benjamin E       3a  20   3b
Moody          James A          3a  19   3b
Moore          Barnabus        14a  17  14b
Moore          Thompson        22a  25  22b
Moore          William          6a  14   6b
Moore          William         12a  10  12b
Moore          William         17a  11  17b
Moore          Wiseman         12a  25  12b
Morgan         Calvin C        21a  10  21b
Morris         Alvy T           8a  23   8b
Morris         Israel, Jr      17a  17  17b
Morris         Israel, Senr    17a  18  17b
Morris         Nimrod           2a  27   2b
Morris         Richard J        2a  26   2b
Morris         William R       17a  16  17b
Morrow         James            9a  26   9b
Morse          William         16a  28  16b
Morton         Drury A         14a  22  14b
Morton         James           12a  15  12b
Morton         Jeremiah        16a   1  16b
Morton         John             9a  23   9b
Morton         Martial          9a   7   9b
Morton         Martial, Jr     21a   7  21b
Mullens        John            20a  19  20b
Mullens        Malone          20a  20  20b
Mullens        Sally           12a   8  12b
Mullens        Samuel           6a  13   6b
Mullens        Stephen          6a   9   6b
Murphree       Aaron           15a   5  15b
Murphree       Allen           22a   2  22b
Murphree       Caleb           12a   6  12b
Murphree       Daniel           4a  17   4b
Murphree       James            4a  26   4b
Murphree       James            4a  27   4b
Murphree       James           12a  28  12b
Murphree       Jesse            4a  14   4b
Murphree       Sally           12a  23  12b
Murphree       Solomon, Jr      4a  12   4b
Murphree       Solomon, Sr      4a  28   4b
Murray         Gibson W        17a   5  17b
Musgrove       John T          13a  11  13b
Nailor         James           15a  20  15b
Nation         Edward           2a  20   2b
Nation         Thomas           8a  17   8b
Nelson         Edward, Jr      10a   7  10b
Nelson         Edward, Senr     3a  11   3b
Nelson         William         21a   6  21b
Newgent        Medfed          20a  14  20b
Newman         Stephen         20a   4  20b
Newman         Temperance      12a  24  12b
Niblet         John            10a   8  10b
Nicholas       William         21a  21  21b
Nicholson      Michael          2a   9   2b
Nicholson      Michael          8a   2   8b
Obannon        Sampson          7a   5   7b
Oden           Thomas           8a   6   8b
Pace           David K         24a  21  24b
Paine          Isaac            6a   2   6b
Paine          John W           6a   4   6b
Paine          Moses            6a   3   6b
Palmer         Solomon         13a  19  13b
Pannel         John            14a  20  14b
Parham         Henry J          8a   7   8b
Parham         Thomas           7a  22   7b
Parine         Harris J        22a  21  22b
Parkerson      Afred           16a   9  16b
Payne          Nancy           24a  12  24b
Pendergrass    Titus           17a  13  17b
Pickle         Robert          23a  14  23b
Pippin         Peter            8a  12   8b
Posey          Hezekiah        14a   7  14b
Posey          Hezekiah B      14a   6  14b
Posey          Joseph H         7a   4   7b
Powell         George          22a   8  22b
Powell         Gray            18a   1  18b
Powell         James            5a   7   5b
Prator         John             3a   8   3b
Prator         Thomas          18a  21  18b
Prator         William          4a  29   4b
Price          Jesse            2a  23   2b
Price          William         18a  14  18b
Pullam         Joseph          11a  19  11b
Rackley        Allen H         24a   5  24b
Rackley        William         24a   6  24b
Rains          Robert           2a  13   2b
Ramsey         Sarah           20a  12  20b
Randolph       Elisha          15a  22  15b
Ratliff        John            13a   1  13b
Reace          James           14a   1  14b
Reed           Allen           18a  25  18b
Reed           Asa              4a  21   4b
Reed           Austin           7a  16   7b
Reed           Elias           17a  12  17b
Reed           Greenberry      18a  15  18b
Reed           James           20a  25  20b
Reed           Joel             2a  14   2b
Reed           Redden          23a  12  23b
Renean         Cornelius       19a  11  19b
Renean         William L       12a  19  12b
Reynolds       Jesse            9a   3   9b
Richards       Charles         22a   3  22b
Robbins        Daniel          17a  22  17b
Robbins        Frances         19a  12  19b
Robbins        Jacob, Jr       18a   4  18b
Robbins        Jacob, Sr       21a   4  21b
Robbins        William         19a  13  19b
Roberts        George           4a   4   4b
Roberts        Joshua K        13a  14  13b
Roden          Bazzel           5a  13   5b
Roden          George          19a   3  19b
Roden          Jeremiah         5a  14   5b
Roden          John B           7a   6   7b
Roden          John F          18a   6  18b
Roden          John M          12a  12  12b
Roden          John, Senr       5a  20   5b
Roden          Thomas L        16a  20  16b
Roden          William          5a  22   5b
Roden          Wright          16a  18  16b
Rodgers        David            2a  12   2b
Rogers         Robert H        24a  11  24b
Russell        John             7a  11   7b
Rutherford     John            24a  15  24b
Rutherford     Joseph           2a   5   2b
Rutherford     Thomas          11a  16  11b
Rutherford     William         12a   4  12b
Samples        James           15a   4  15b
Samples        William         12a  20  12b
Samuels        Elisha          17a  26  17b
Samuels        Francis         17a  27  17b
Samuels        William         17a  25  17b
Sanders        John             8a  18   8b
Sargent        Daniel           5a  27   5b
Sargent        Joseph           5a  26   5b
Scott          Patrick          7a  12   7b
Scott          Thomas          10a  23  10b
Self           Hezekiah        22a  11  22b
Self           Presley          7a   3   7b
Self           William         13a  15  13b
Severs         Daniel H         4a  23   4b
Shaffer        Michael          8a  20   8b
Shelton        Gilbert         15a   2  15b
Shelton        Taliferro        9a  20   9b
Sherrer        Thomas          12a  26  12b
Shikle         John P          11a  17  11b
Short          William         20a  11  20b
Smith          Elisha          21a   5  21b
Smith          Franklin        24a  18  24b
Smith          James           24a  19  24b
Smith          John            23a   7  23b
Smith          Stephen         15a   3  15b
Smith          Zachariah       16a  25  16b
South          Philip          10a  18  10b
Spalding       Ephraim         15a  23  15b
Speakman       James           21a  15  21b
Spears         Jacob            9a  11   9b
Starling       Silas           12a   9  12b
Staton         George D         3a   5   3b
Staton         Willis           3a   4   3b
Stephens       Jeremiah         5a  16   5b
Stephens       William         24a  13  24b
Stephens       Zachariah       18a   2  18b
Stephenson     James            8a   1   8b
Stephenson     William H        2a  17   2b
Stephenson     William H, Jr    2a  19   2b
Stewart        Joseph          10a  24  10b
Stewart        William         19a  26  19b
Stout          Abraham         23a  20  23b
Stout          James           23a  21  23b
Stout          William         23a  22  23b
Stovall        Thomas          24a   9  24b
Sturgus        William F       20a  10  20b
Sullivan       Joel            19a  25  19b
Sullivan       Phenix          21a   3  21b
Sutherland     Archibald       11a  18  11b
Talbot         Westley         20a   9  20b
Tate           James           21a  14  21b
Taylor         Lewis           22a   4  22b
Taylor         Nathan          24a   4  24b
Thomas         John P          11a   6  11b
Thomas         Richard         23a   2  23b
Thomas         William          8a  24   8b
Thomas         William          9a  22   9b
Thompson       John            22a  28  22b
Thompson       Joshua          10a  28  10b
Thompson       William         22a  27  22b
Tidmore        Henry            9a  15   9b
Tidwell        Endon           19a   4  19b
Tidwell        George R        16a  24  16b
Tidwell        Henry            5a  12   5b
Tidwell        Henry           19a   7  19b
Tidwell        Job              5a  11   5b
Tidwell        Josiah           5a  21   5b
Tidwell        Robert          19a   2  19b
Tidwell        Simeon          16a  21  16b
Tiffin         Claborn         22a  16  22b
Tiffin         Edward          22a  14  22b
Tiffin         Henry           22a  15  22b
Tiffin         Joseph          15a  25  15b
Tuttle         Robert G         6a  16   6b
Twokenet       Jacob           10a   6  10b
Vaughan        Hiram           10a  26  10b
Verser         William         24a  24  24b
Waid           Abraham         14a   5  14b
Waid           Calvin           5a   3   5b
Walker         Archibald        4a   9   4b
Walker         Robert           7a  17   7b
Walker         William         11a  28  11b
Warnick        Joisrael        16a   4  16b
Warnick        Robert W        24a  26  24b
Webb           John            19a  10  19b
Welden         William T       14a  18  14b
Wells          Thomas C         8a   9   8b
West           Indy            19a  17  19b
West           William         11a  22  11b
Westbrook      John             8a   3   8b
Whaley         Alexander        9a  21   9b
White          Lewis            6a  26   6b
White          William          6a  11   6b
Whited         William T       15a  10  15b
Whitney        Hiram C          8a   8   8b
Wideman        John            19a   5  19b
Wideman        William          4a  24   4b
Wideman        William         19a   6  19b
Wigginton      John            23a   1  23b
Wigginton      Martin          23a   6  23b
Wildman        Harrison        16a  22  16b
Wildman        James            3a  21   3b
Wildman        Jefferson       14a  14  14b
Wildman        Peter           16a  23  16b
Wildman        Thomas           3a  22   3b
Williams       Alexander       15a  12  15b
Williams       Hiram L         15a  15  15b
Williams       Jacob           12a  14  12b
Williams       James A         15a  11  15b
Williams       John M          12a   5  12b
Williams       John M          15a  13  15b
Williams       Josiah R        10a   2  10b
Williams       Josiah R        15a  14  15b
Williams       Thomas A         9a  10   9b
Wilson         Hezekiah         9a   6   9b
Wilson         Horatio          3a   2   3b
Wilson         William          3a   1   3b
Wims           George          14a   2  14b
Windsor        James           12a   7  12b
Woodham        Everett         20a  24  20b
Yates          Thomas           6a  19   6b
Yielding       Francis         10a   5  10b
Yielding       John            18a   8  18b
Yielding       Richard         11a  23  11b
Yielding       Taylor W        10a  13  10b
Young          Edward           8a  11   8b
Young          Martha          20a   7  20b
This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson

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