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  Because of the many age‑range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page, and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.  
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Name of Head of Family        "a"       "b"
Easly          John           234a  20  234b
Edwards        Dabney         245a   1  245b
Edwards        Joseph         230a  14  230b
Edwards        William        235a  17  235b
Englett        Michael        232a  11  232b
English        Lewis          246a  16  246b
Ethrage        John           232a  22  232b
Ethridge       Sampson        240a  14  240b
Ethridge       Wyly           244a  23  244b
Evans          Elington       233a   6  233b
Everett        John           233a  20  233b
Everett        Ray            233a  16  233b
Ewan           Olive          223a  16  223b
Ezell          Lucy           222a   5  222b
Ezell          Miel           246a  23  246b
Falkner        John W         223a  28  223b
Fielden        John           235a  25  235b
Figuers        Thomas         228a  28  228b
Files          John           227a  18  227b
Finch          Fairfax        245a  25  245b
Finley         Alexander      226a  14  226b
Finley         Joseph P       227a  26  227b
Finley         Norris         222a  15  222b
Finley         William        222a  16  222b
Finley         Zechariah P    233a  28  233b
Fisher         Saml           235a  20  235b
Fleming        James          222a   8  222b
Flewallen      James D        224a   4  224b
Fluker         Hardy          243a   2  243b
Ford           Kindrick       230a  21  230b
Ford           Thomas         230a  22  230b
Forman         Larkin         227a   1  227b
Foster         Benjn C        222a  19  222b
Fountain       Wm M           226a  12  226b
Franklin       Thomas B       244a   9  244b
French         John           233a  25  233b
Frierson       Saml E         230a  24  230b
Frierson       William        231a   6  231b
Furlow         James          236a  25  236b
Gay            William C      229a  16  229b
Gilbert        Daniel         243a  24  243b
Gilbert        John           243a  23  243b
Gill           Richd          236a  11  236b
Gillis         John           238a   1  238b
Gillmore       James          244a  16  244b
Gilmore        Stephen        241a   4  241b
Gilmore        William L      243a   4  243b
Glover         Richd B        229a  17  229b
Goode          James T        223a  26  223b
Goode          William        243a  14  243b
Gordon         James          223a  13  223b
Gordon         Jane           222a   1  222b
Gordon         Lewis          243a   1  243b
Green          Benjamin       239a  24  239b
Green          James          239a  19  239b
Green          John, Junr     239a  14  239b
Green          John, Senr     239a  18  239b
Green          Lodewick       240a   8  240b
Green          Thomas         227a  21  227b
Green          William        240a   7  240b
Griggory       Burris         224a  17  224b
Gwin           Morris         228a  21  228b
Haden          Robert G       234a  16  234b
Hamilton       Robt R         227a  15  227b
Hamilton       Wm R           223a  25  223b
Hammer         Rolly          241a  18  241b
Harris         Dennis         227a  12  227b
Harris         Micajah        229a   6  229b
Harris         P T            238a   5  238b
Harris         Randolph       222a  21  222b
Harris         Winnifred      231a  14  231b
Harrison       Benjn          238a   4  238b
Harrison       Hyram          245a  12  245b
Harrison       Robert         242a  24  242b
Harrison       W M            223a  23  223b
Harvey         John D         228a   2  228b
Harvy          John, Senr     243a  13  243b
Harwell        Robert R       237a  13  237b
Hasvill        Ning D         238a  10  238b
Hatcher        William        245a   7  245b
Hatly          Jesse          240a  12  240b
Hawkins        Daniel         244a  14  244b
Hawkins        Gabriel        222a   3  222b
Hayse          John           229a  20  229b
Heard          Joel           241a   3  241b
Hearn          Charlotte      239a   2  239b
Hearn          George M       223a  18  223b
Hearn          Josiah         225a   8  225b
Henderson      Daniel         228a  25  228b
Henderson      Matilda        233a   5  233b
Henderson      Richard        222a  18  222b
henley         Joseph         239a  25  239b
Henly          Abon           240a   1  240b
Henshaw        Andrew         233a  26  233b
Herrin         Robert         227a   7  227b
Herrin         Thomas         227a   8  227b
Hicks          Jeremiah H     228a   8  228b
Hicks          Josiah R       240a   2  240b
Hill           James          243a  26  243b
Hill           Moses          243a  25  243b
Hill           Sterling       229a  28  229b
Hill           Travis         234a   6  234b
Hill           William        234a  18  234b
Hinton         Thomas         230a  10  230b
Holder         Ann            232a  24  232b
Holland        Ellender       241a  15  241b
Holmes         Thos G         246a  14  246b
Holt           Lewis          240a  25  240b
Homas          John           235a  16  235b
Hooks          James          240a  16  240b
Hopkins        Richard        227a  13  227b
Hoven          John           236a  28  236b
Howel          Henry          236a  20  236b
Howl           Ann            246a   2  246b
Huggins        Evan           224a   6  224b
Huggins        Sarah          238a  21  238b
Huston         Robt           227a  19  227b
Hutcherson     Harris         238a   6  238b
Hutcherson     Mary N         245a  14  245b
Ingram         John           239a  26  239b
Jackson        Isaac          230a  20  230b
Jackson        Joseph         240a  15  240b
Jackson        William        224a  20  224b
James          Edgar R        227a  22  227b
James          Martin         227a  24  227b
James          Mary           236a   1  236b
James          Robert D       236a   7  236b
James          Thomas         236a   6  236b
James          Toliver        234a   3  234b
Jarvis         James          229a   9  229b
Johns          Mary           238a  22  238b
Johnston       Dudley         232a   1  232b
Johnston       Robert         232a  12  232b
Joiner         Cornelius      227a  14  227b
Joiner         Vinson M       227a  16  227b
Jones          Allen          231a  17  231b
Jones          David P        230a  18  230b
Jones          Elizabeth H    228a   3  228b
Jones          Hervy          232a  21  232b
Jones          Josiah         231a  15  231b
Jones          William        236a  15  236b
Juter          Lucinda        246a   1  246b
Kelly          Austin         240a   6  240b
Kemp           Asa            234a  11  234b
Kenedy         William        233a   8  233b
Kessinger      Jacob          237a  16  237b
Kilpatrick     Alexander      245a   4  245b
Kimbell        Isham          237a  11  237b
Kirk           Andrew         235a   7  235b
Kirk           James          225a   3  225b
Kirkland       J B            223a  27  223b
Kirkpatrick    James          229a  12  229b
Knight         Cullen C       231a  11  231b
Knight         John           244a  26  244b
Knight         Saml           242a  21  242b
  The free display of the 1830 Clarke County, Alabama census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
Mary Mansour and the permission of S‑K Publications. 
  This index was transcribed by Laura Ann Flanders
and proofread by Annie Flanders

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