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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page,
and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.
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LAST NAME       FIRST NAME                  PAGE-LINE-PAGE
Kellum          John                        069a  3   069b
Kellum          Samuel                      069a  2   069b
Kellum          William                     069a  4   069b
Kendrick        Robert                      102a  12  102b
Kent            Elijah                      079a  7   079b
Kent            Harvin                      088a  23  088b
Kent            Jesse                       099a  21  099b
Kent            Lewis                       084a  16  084b
Kent            Nancy                       086a  23  086b
Kent            Sampson                     086a  16  086b
Kent            Thomas                      088a  7   088b
Kid             Abraham                     074a  2   074b
Kid             Zachariah                   073a  5   073b
Kidd            Absolem                     085a  6   085b
Kidd            John                        073a  27  073b
Kidd            Webb                        074a  3   074b
Kidd            William, Junr               074a  4   074b
Kidd            William, Senr               074a  1   074b
Kimbral         Gideon                      104a  3   104b
Kimbral         John                        089a  2   089b
Kindrick        Harbert                     101a  15  101b
King            Jesse                       097a  13  097b
Kinnebrew       Littleberry                 079a  1   079b
Kitral          Joshua                      103a  16  103b
Kitrell         Joshua                      104a  2   104b
Kurk            William                     070a  2   070b
Lacy            John                        084a  5   084b
Lampkin         Joseph                      103a  24  103b
Landrum         Ha***                       088a  2   088b
Landrum         John                        096a  14  096b
Landrum         Joseph                      099a  10  099b
Landrum         Thomas                      099a  6   099b
Landrum         Thomas B                    096a  15  096b
Landrum         Thomas, Senr                099a  12  099b
Landrum         Whitfield                   096a  1   096b
Landrum         William                     096a  16  096b
Langston        David                       066a  16  066b
Langston        Etheldred W                 093a  18  093b
Latimer         George                      096a  9   096b
Lattimer        John                        064a  18  064b
Law             William                     072a  27  072b
Lawless         Jacob                       069a  5   069b
Lawless         John                        076a  18  076b
Lawless         Nancy                       069a  8   069b
Lawrance        Thomas J                    086a  9   086b
Lawrance        Zachariah                   086a  14  086b
Lee             Charles B                   097a  1   097b
Lee             Charles H                   072a  6   072b
Lee             Simeon                      074a  14  074b
Lee             William                     071a  3   071b
Leftwitch       Hurt                        091a  25  091b
Leseur          Joseph L                    085a  14  085b
Lesley          William                     096a  23  096b
Lester          Alexander                   069a  16  069b
Lester          Jacob                       066a  24  066b
Lester          Lewis                       067a  22  067b
Lester          Robert, Junr                069a  15  069b
Lester          Thomas                      069a  22  069b
Lester          William                     067a  21  067b
Lewis           James B                     090a  9   090b
Lister          George                      066a  6   066b
Lively          Rody                        072a  7   072b
Lumkins         John                        088a  6   088b
Lumpkin         Elijah                      093a  2   093b
Lumpkin         George                      094a  26  094b
Lumpkin         Jack                        088a  20  088b
Lumpkin         Joseph H                    098a  8   098b
Lumpkin         Samuel                      064a  1   064b
Lumpkin         William                     087a  21  087b
Luster          Alexander                   066a  14  066b
Mackendless     Archibald C                 096a  21  096b
Manley          Winney                      082a  16  082b
Marable         William                     102a  6   102b
Martin          Bennet                      079a  15  079b
Martin          Clarke                      068a  16  068b
Martin          Elijah                      093a  26  093b
Martin          Elizabeth                   063a  3   063b
Martin          George W                    093a  23  093b
Martin          Hezikiah                    063a  4   063b
Martin          Martha                      082a  14  082b
Martin          Melissa                     072a  12  072b
Martin          Woody                       068a  27  068b
Mathews         Berry                       083a  11  083b
Mathews         Coleman                     082a  19  082b
Matthews        Jacob                       065a  2   065b
Maxey           Barnabus                    103a  2   103b
Maxey           Boze                        103a  9   103b
Maxey           Hale                        103a  4   103b
Maxwell         Robert                      096a  10  096b
McCown          John                        063a  1   063b
McCown          Martha                      085a  3   085b
McCoy           James                       085a  17  085b
McGuire         Frances                     062a  22  062b
McLain          Samuel                      091a  2   091b
McLaughlin      David                       101a  16  101b
McLaughlin      James                       064a  15  064b
McRoy           Anderson                    076a  27  076b
McRoy           Sarah                       075a  14  075b
McRoy           William                     070a  1   070b
McWherter       John                        091a  22  091b
McWhorter       William                     091a  8   091b
Meddows         Jacob                       077a  1   077b
Meddows         Jacob                       077a  2   077b
Merewether      Valentine                   082a  17  082b
Meriwether      Charles                     063a  22  063b
Michel          John                        094a  5   094b
Mikal           Jacob                       093a  22  093b
Miller          Alcy                        083a  10  083b
Miller          George                      065a  3   065b
Milner          Jonathon                    089a  14  089b
Mobly           Isaac                       076a  14  076b
Moody           Arel                        079a  9   079b
Moody           John W                      087a  1   087b
Moody           Thomas                      087a  2   087b
Moody           Thomas, Junr                084a  21  084b
Moon            Robert D                    096a  25  096b
Moore           Charles                     094a  13  094b
Moore           Francis, Jun                093a  4   093b
Moore           John                        097a  18  097b
Moore           Joseph                      097a  12  097b
Moore           Joseph P                    067a  8   067b
Moore           William                     064a  11  064b
Morel           Sarah                       094a  7   094b
Morgan          Daniel                      079a  3   079b
Morris          Margaret                    069a  7   069b
Muldrew         Isaac                       084a  18  084b
Murry           James                       066a  12  066b
Murry           Thomas                      071a  27  071b
Nash            Thomas                      078a  16  078b
Neeley          Thomas                      066a  22  066b
Nichalson       George                      102a  8   102b
Nicholds        Nancy                       078a  24  078b
Nicholson       George                      103a  26  103b
Noleman         Sarah                       098a  1   098b
North           William                     064a  27  064b
Northan         John                        082a  10  082b
Northington     James                       078a  5   078b
Norton          James                       099a  8   099b
Norton          William                     099a  7   099b
Nowel           Beasley                     101a  14  101b
Nowel           James                       072a  13  072b
Nowel           John H                      071a  16  071b
Nutt            Dianah                      091a  17  091b
Oaks            Rebecah                     089a  18  089b
Ogden           Charles                     065a  10  065b
Ogden           Elisha                      079a  14  079b
Ogilby          John                        074a  10  074b
Ogilby          William                     074a  9   074b
Ogilvy          Benj                        096a  27  096b
O'Kelley        George W                    075a  21  075b
O'Kelly         Francis                     073a  9   073b
O'Kelly         Thomas                      073a  10  073b
Olive           Herndon                     071a  14  071b
Olive           John                        072a  24  072b
ORilly          James                       067a  24  067b
Os***           William                     084a  22  084b
Owen            Glen                        078a  20  078b
Pace            Nancy                       083a  4   083b
Pace            Parris                      097a  27  097b
Pain            Thomas                      089a  10  089b
Parkes          Thomas                      065a  6   065b
Paschal         George                      096a  6   096b
Pass            Mathew J                    080a  1   080b
Pass            Nancy                       082a  23  082b
Patman          David                       099a  19  099b
Patman          James B                     068a  7   068b
Patman          John                        099a  18  099b
Patman          Susan                       096a  4   096b
Patmon          William                     096a  20  096b
Patrick         Josiah D                    101a  21  101b
Patridge        Nicholas                    064a  4   064b
Pattern         Benjamen                    080a  24  080b
Patterson       Henry                       069a  26  069b
Patterson       Mary                        069a  25  069b
Patton          David                       062a  10  062b
Patton          Jacob                       062a  1   062b
Pattrick        David                       102a  24  102b
Paulnot         John                        088a  27  088b
Peeny           Elihu                       097a  9   097b
Penn            John T                      090a  11  090b
Penn            Moses                       087a  3   087b
Penn            Moses, for J. Phinizy       089a  15  089b
Penn            Thomas L                    091a  24  091b
Peoples         Isham                       069a  20  069b
Pepperman       Benjamin                    072a  17  072b
Persell         David                       098a  3   098b
Petty           John                        102a  25  102b
Phillips        Mark                        071a  13  071b
Phillips        Richard                     071a  21  071b
Pilard          William                     076a  11  076b
Pinson          Boyd                        068a  14  068b
Pinson          James                       069a  14  069b
Pinson          Joseph                      067a  26  067b
Pinson          Mary                        068a  9   068b
Pinson          Thomas P                    068a  8   068b
Pond            Asa                         098a  9   098b
Ponder          Benjamin K                  067a  12  067b
Ponder          John M                      093a  8   093b
Pope            Burrel                      093a  9   093b
Pope            Henry J                     095a  2   095b
Pope            Middleton                   093a  7   093b
Poss            Jane                        081a  8   081b
Poss            Nicholas                    081a  7   081b
Potts           Moses                       101a  27  101b
Potts           Samuel                      087a  10  087b
Powell          Viney                       100a  9   100b
Power           Samuel                      087a  9   087b
Powers          Nicholas                    065a  4   065b
Pratt           John                        095a  15  095b
Puffeel         Lucy                        082a  7   082b
Pye             Allen                       085a  5   085b
Pye             Edward                      082a  5   082b
Pye             James                       081a  24  081b
Pye             James                       085a  4   085b
Pye             Jesse                       080a  6   080b
Pye             Jesse                       085a  18  085b
Pye             William                     080a  5   080b
The free display of the 1830 Oglethorpe County, Georgia census images in
the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of
E. Annette Rose and the permission of S-K Publications. 
This index was transcribed by Vickie Moore
and proofread by Marsha Thompson

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