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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1840 census, each page has two microfilmed pages.
The left‑side of the page which includes the Head‑of‑Household name is the "a" page,
and the right‑side of the same page with just the remaining age‑range columns is the "b" page.
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Name of Head of Family
Tan             William         75a  14   75b
Tanner          Thomas         120a  11  120b
Tanner          William        116a   8  116b
Tar             Edw'd          105a  19  105b
Tarbutton       Rachel          89a  28   89b
Tarbutton       Wm              90a  22   90b
Tarrell         Joe            101a  12  101b
Tary            Elizabeth       81a  23   81b
Tate            Benj'n         100a  19  100b
Tate            Wm             100a  20  100b
Taylor          Isaac           81a  14   81b
Taylor          Jacob           83a   9   83b
Taylor          John            82a   1   82b
Taylor          Tho             90a   5   90b
Taylor          Wm             105a  29  105b
Taywell         William         81a  29   81b
Temples         James           90a  19   90b
Temples         Wm             107a   9  107b
Tharp           Beckley        101a  27  101b
Tharp           Rich'd         101a  26  101b
Thawley         Ezekiel         94a  16   94b
Thawley         Henry           74a  29   74b
Thawley         Mary            94a   4   94b
Thomas          Ambrose        125a   3  125b
Thomas          Anthony         83a  10   83b
Thomas          Bill           103a   9  103b
Thomas          Edward R       119a  19  119b
Thomas          Elijah         100a  14  100b
Thomas          Hannah          71a  23   71b
Thomas          Ja's           110a   8  110b
Thomas          John            71a  14   71b
Thomas          John           116a  25  116b
Thomas          John           122a  22  122b
Thomas          John B          80a   7   80b
Thomas          Kitty          103a   8  103b
Thomas          Mike            83a  29   83b
Thomas          Sam'l          105a   6  105b
Thomas          Sam'l W         99a  16   99b
Thomas          Siss            97a  12   97b
Thomas          Tristam        101a   2  101b
Thomas          Trustam        101a   6  101b
Thompson        Bill           103a  16  103b
Thompson        Dowdel          92a  23   92b
Thompson        Henry           83a  14   83b
Thompson        James W         72a  11   72b
Thompson        Joseph         101a  28  101b
Thompson        Lydia           80a   8   80b
Thompson        Sam'l           97a  10   97b
Thompson        Sam'l          116a  16  116b
Tilden          Phebe           99a  10   99b
Tilghman        Charles C      124a  18  124b
Tilghman        Edward         123a  23  123b
Tilghman        Harry           98a   6   98b
Tilghman        James           75a  23   75b
Tilghman        James C        121a  27  121b
Tilghman        John            71a   3   71b
Tilghman        Maria E        125a  17  125b
Tilghman        Pergrin         75a  22   75b
Tilghman        Ric'd C        121a  10  121b
Tilghman        Wm C           123a  27  123b
Timbs           Samuel          74a  14   74b
Timmons         Belsta          83a  24   83b
Tims            Edward         116a  19  116b
Tolsan          John            99a  29   99b
Tolson          Benj' C        116a  29  116b
Tolson          Benjamin       118a  22  118b
Tolson          Daniel         118a   4  118b
Tolson          Emery          119a  10  119b
Tolson          James          117a  20  117b
Tolson          James          118a   2  118b
Tolson          James          124a  20  124b
Tolson          John           120a  23  120b
Tolson          John C         116a   7  116b
Tooker          Stephen C       72a  25   72b
Truth           Henry           76a  12   76b
Tucker          John            82a  30   82b
Tucker          Rich'd          92a  12   92b
Tucker          Selah           73a   8   73b
Turner          James          118a  28  118b
Turney          Edward          81a  25   81b
Turpin          Walter J        78a  26   78b

Vanderford      Henry Jr        71a   8   71b
Vansant         Sam'l          105a   1  105b
Vansant         Stephen         72a  19   72b
Vere            Henry          104a  11  104b
Vernum          John           107a  14  107b
Vickers         Obediah        123a  25  123b
Vickers         Samuel          80a   2   80b
Vinsent         James           83a  25   83b
Voshell         James          106a   5  106b

Walace          Jeremiah       122a  27  122b
Waley           Rob't           94a  18   94b
Walker          Maria          118a   6  118b
Wallis          Benj'n          97a   2   97b
Wallis          Jos W          107a  24  107b
Walls           Henry          106a   4  106b
Walls           Jos W           95a   1   95b
Walls           Joshua         106a  16  106b
Walls           Sam'l           97a  28   97b
Walls           Sam'l          104a  28  104b
Walls           Warren          95a   4   95b
Walters         Sam'l           96a  23   96b
Walton          Wesley Ju'r    108a  22  108b
Ward            Abraham        104a  20  104b
Wareham         Wm              93a  22   93b
Warehaus        Geo             89a   3   89b
Warren          Thomas          82a  20   82b
Warwick         Ann             89a  16   89b
Warwick         Samuel          79a  26   79b
Waters          Alexander      119a  24  119b
Watkins         Daniel         116a  17  116b
Watson          Jim            104a  13  104b
Watson          John T          74a   9   74b
Weaver          Charles W      122a  14  122b
Weeden          Arthur         120a   6  120b
Weeden          Henry          120a   7  120b
Weeden          Tristan        120a  13  120b
Welch           James           95a  20   95b
Wells           John           121a   1  121b
West            Massey          99a   4   99b
White           James          117a  31  117b
White           John            82a   4   82b
White           Richard        117a   1  117b
White           Samuel         116a  23  116b
White           Susan          120a  15  120b
White           William         77a  25   77b
Whiteley        Primus         100a  23  100b
Whitely         Wm             103a  25  103b
Wickes          Elizabeth       72a  30   72b
Wickes          Mariah          72a  29   72b
Wicks           Charles        119a   3  119b
Wicks           Charles        123a  21  123b
Wiggins         Ja's            89a  13   89b
Wilkerson       Christopher     79a   3   79b
Wilkins         James           71a  29   71b
Williams        E R             73a  25   73b
Williams        Henry          116a  22  116b
Williams        Rachel          71a  11   71b
Williams        Richard         81a   3   81b
Williamson      Emory          106a  14  106b
Williamson      Ja's B         110a  15  110b
Williamson      Louis          106a   3  106b
Williamson      Nettie          95a  17   95b
Willoughby      W              111a   3  111b
Wilmer          Arianna         79a  16   79b
Wilmer          Bill           105a  16  105b
Wilmer          Pere            95a  10   95b
Wilmer          Peregrine       78a   8   78b
Wilmer          Phill           95a  24   95b
Wilmer          William H       78a   2   78b
Wilson          Baynard         75a  17   75b
Wilson          Benj'n          99a   2   99b
Wilson          Clement         75a  16   75b
Wilson          Henney         120a   9  120b
Wilson          Isaac H        110a  17  110b
Wilson          Ja's H         124a   9  124b
Wilson          John            76a  13   76b
Wilson          John           119a   2  119b
Wilson          Rebecca         97a  26   97b
Wilson          Rob't          110a   6  110b
Wilson          Solomon         75a   3   75b
Wilson          Thomas C        73a  15   73b
Wilson          Thos J         121a  20  121b
Wilson          Wm             109a  11  109b
Wilson          Wm             120a   8  120b
Winchester      Jacob          117a  26  117b
Winchester      James          119a  12  119b
Winchester      Pere           119a   9  119b
Winchester      Sarah A         71a  13   71b
Wittington      John            81a  10   81b
Wittington      William         83a  27   83b
Wood            Rich'd          98a  20   98b
Woodall         Ambrose        108a  15  108b
Woodall         James          103a   3  103b
Woodall         Leon Ju'r       88a   2   88b
Woodall         Levin          102a   7  102b
Woodall         Rochester       96a  22   96b
Wooliham        Hinson          90a  20   90b
Wooters         Ezekiel         78a  18   78b
Wooters         Jefferson       77a  19   77b
Wotters         Jefferson      124a  10  124b
Wright          Henry E         77a   3   77b
Wright          James          124a  24  124b
Wright          Joe            101a  25  101b
Wright          Martha          80a   6   80b
Wright          Patty          119a  23  119b
Wright          R A             77a  21   77b
Wright          Robert         123a   8  123b
Wright          Robt            88a  14   88b
Wright          Sam'l J        116a  28  116b
Wright          Sam'l L         71a   7   71b
Wright          Samuel          79a  20   79b
Wright          Sol            103a  28  103b
Wright          Stephen L       77a  24   77b
Wright          Thomas 3rd      83a  26   83b
Wright          Thos 2nd        80a  23   80b
Wright          William T       78a   5   78b
Wright          Wm H D C       122a   1  122b
Wrightson       Ja's K         118a  12  118b
Wrightson       Jeremiah       118a  13  118b

Yewell          Thomas         116a   3  116b
Young           John W         116a   2  116b
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This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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