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Name of Head of Household
EASON          Samuel             29a  3   29b
EATON          Clemmont           37a  18  37b
EATON          James              49a  11  49b
EDGAR          John               12a  14  12b
EDGAR          Joseph             33a  13  33b
EDGAR          Joshua             43a  10  43b
EDMONDSON      Elizabeth          06a  27  06b
EDMONDSON      Horatio L.         19a  5   19b
EDMONDSON      John               18a  15  18b
EDMONDSON      Samuel             35a  5   35b
EDMONDSON      William            04a  24  04b
EGGLESTON      Charles            46a  8   46b
ELBERT         Adam               22a  13  22b
ELLENATE       James              53a  10  53b
ELLISETE       Thomas             40a  15  40b
ELLIUTE        Daniel             48a  8   48b
ELSBY          Henry              26a  1   26b
ELSBY          Nancy              29a  21  29b
ELSBY          Wesley             19a  4   19b
EMMERSON       George             49a  9   49b
EMMONS         Mary               27a  27  27b
EMMONS         Stephen            46a  27  46b
EMMORY         John M. G.         06a  6   06b
ENNIS          William            52a  28  52b
ESGATE         Benjamin           43a  13  43b
ESGATE         Thomas             31a  19  31b
EVENS          Jonathan           16a  24  16b
FAIRBANKS      David              44a  8   44b
FAIRBANKS      Edward             45a  5   45b
FAIRBANKS      Harrison           43a  28  43b
FAIRBANKS      James              34a  7   34b
FAIRBANKS      John               43a  17  43b
FAIRBANKS      Josiah             38a  5   38b
FAIRBANKS      Mary               44a  3   44b
FAIRBANKS      Thomas             37a  26  37b
FAIRBANKS      Wrightson          36a  27  36b
FALKNER        Jacob              24a  20  24b
FALKNER        Thomas             24a  21  24b
FARBANKS       Debirong B.        37a  23  37b
FAREWELL       Sam                51a  6   51b
FAULKNER       John               35a  11  35b
FAULKNER       Jonathan           21a  8   21b
FAULKNER       Joshua M.          36a  7   36b
FAULKNER       Reubin M.          44a  4   44b
FAULKNER       Thomas             35a  12  35b
FAULKNER       Tristram           31a  21  31b
FAULKNER       William            12a  23  12b
FAULKNER       William            26a  10  26b
FAULKNER       William            45a  20  45b
FAULKNER       William B.         03a  2   03b
FAULKNER       William F.         13a  27  13b
FAULKNER       William P.         11a  7   11b
FIDDAMAN       Richard            54a  15  54b
FISHER         Denwood            55a  10  55b
FISHER         Hooper             52a  1   52b
FLAMER         Ara                48a  19  48b
FLAMER         Jack               50a  24  50b
FLAMER         Solomon            50a  13  50b
FLEMMING       Charles            30a  2   30b
FLEMMING       John               11a  2   11b
FLEMMING       Thomas             30a  8   30b
FLETCHER       John               55a  17  55b
FLETCHER       William            21a  3   21b
FLIN           Edward             54a  21  54b
FLOYD          Joseph             05a  20  05b
FLOYD          Joseph             18a  11  18b
FLOYD          Thomas             52a  4   52b
FORNEY         Philip             54a  16  54b
FOUNTAIN       Cloe               23a  15  23b
FOUNTAIN       Dick               53a  5   53b
FOUNTAIN       John               46a  26  46b
FOUNTAIN       Risdon             16a  25  16b
FOUNTAIN       Sarah              05a  13  05b
FOUNTAIN       Watty              47a  21  47b
FOUNTAIN       William            48a  2   48b
FOXHILL        Sarah              20a  11  20b
FRAMPTON       Daniel             52a  13  52b
FRAMPTON       Henry              10a  25  10b
FRAMPTON       Peter G.           45a  19  45b
FRAMPTON       Richard            40a  20  40b
FRAMPTON       Richard            52a  5   52b
FRAMPTON       Risdon             47a  10  47b
FRAMPTON       Robert             52a  6   52b
FRAMPTON       Thomas             52a  12  52b
FRAMPTON       William            17a  16  17b
FRAMPTON       William            54a  20  54b
FRASHIER       Henry              15a  27  15b
FREEMAN        Ann                15a  19  15b
FRIEND         Rebecca            17a  10  17b
FURGASON       William            52a  22  52b
GAMBRILL       Samuel             25a  11  25b
GANNON         James              45a  22  45b
GANNON         Sarah              12a  5   12b
GARDNER        Charles            49a  25  49b
GARDNER        William            45a  14  45b
GARDNER        William Jr.        49a  27  49b
GAREY          Nancy              05a  26  05b
GARY           Elizabeth          27a  25  27b
GARY           John               55a  6   55b
GETTY          John               04a  7   04b
GIBBS          Edward B.          05a  27  05b
GIBBS          Samuel             12a  2   12b
GIBSON         Ann L.             54a  4   54b
GIBSON         Bill               51a  21  51b
GIBSON         Fayett             18a  16  18b
GIBSON         Jacob              09a  16  09b
GIBSON         James              15a  11  15b
GIBSON         Lear               23a  16  23b
GIBSON         Moses              07a  6   07b
GIBSON         Nace               08a  23  08b
GIBSON         Nathan             24a  25  24b
GIBSON         Yacob              34a  23  34b
GIST           William            03a  11  03b
GOLD           Samuel             46a  17  46b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Charles            09a  24  09b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Charles            38a  18  38b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Henry              04a  25  04b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Howes              11a  25  11b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Jane               08a  20  08b
GOLDSBOROUGH   John               04a  14  04b
GOLDSBOROUGH   John               54a  27  54b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Martin             22a  14  22b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Nicholas           31a  2   31b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Robert H.          18a  1   18b
GOLDSBOROUGH   Sophia             10a  24  10b
GOLLALION      Frances            03a  14  03b
GOLLOTTION     Edward P.          34a  28  34b
GORE           Austin             14a  11  14b
GORE           Mehaly             20a  5   20b
GORMAN         Jim                50a  7   50b
GOSSAGE        Annanious          18a  18  18b
GOSSAGE        Charles            21a  7   21b
GOSSAGE        Daniel             24a  7   24b
GOSSAGE        Greenbery          32a  21  32b
GOSSAGE        James              30a  19  30b
GOSSAGE        James              35a  27  35b
GOSSAGE        Nathaniel          26a  25  26b
GOSSAGE        Peter              35a  26  35b
GOSSAGE        Thomas             13a  9   13b
GOUGH          Thomas             49a  4   49b
GOUGH          William            23a  17  23b
GRACE          Jack               36a  17  36b
GRACE          James              14a  5   14b
GRACE          Mary               38a  3   38b
GRACE          Rosetta            50a  20  50b
GRACE          Sidney             53a  12  53b
GRACE          Skinner            43a  18  43b
GRACE          Standley           17a  18  17b
GRACE          Thomas             02a  13  02b
GRACE          William            14a  9   14b
GRACE          William            43a  23  43b
GRAHAM         Alexander          03a  16  03b
GRAHAM         Cilia              49a  6   49b
GRAHAM         John               41a  20  41b
GRAHAM         Joseph             36a  6   36b
GRAHAM         Thomas             39a  14  39b
GRAMBRILL      Levin              26a  12  26b
GRASON         James              11a  18  11b
GRAY           Olaver             29a  18  29b
GRAYLESS       William            06a  15  06b
GREEN          Benjamin           16a  21  16b
GREEN          Hannah             32a  9   32b
GREEN          John D.            07a  1   07b
GREEN          Rachel             46a  12  46b
GREENHAWK      Thomas             50a  1   50b
GREENHAWK      William            49a  2   49b
GREGORY        Zebulon            49a  14  49b
GROCE          Sharlott           08a  16  08b
GROOME         William F.         02a  21  02b
GUSTY          Easau              27a  4   27b
GUSTY          Henry              07a  24  07b
GWINN          Charles            31a  27  31b
HACKETT        Hanna              53a  21  53b
HACKETT        Joe                26a  24  26b
HACKETT        Joseph             21a  6   21b
HADDAWAY       Daniel G.          34a  16  34b
HADDAWAY       Harrison           33a  21  33b
HADDAWAY       Hugh               33a  20  33b
HADDAWAY       James              44a  23  44b
HADDAWAY       Oakley             36a  26  36b
HADDAWAY       William            35a  18  35b
HADDAWAY       William            45a  3   45b
HALE           George             05a  22  05b
HALE           Thomas             31a  7   31b
HALL           Ara                07a  23  07b
HALL           Isaih              39a  24  39b
HAMBLETON      Alfred             41a  17  41b
HAMBLETON      Edward N.          18a  14  18b
HAMBLETON      Hugh S.            42a  27  42b
HAMBLETON      James              10a  27  10b
HAMBLETON      Lydia              20a  7   20b
HAMBLETON      Samuel             38a  20  38b
HAMBLETON      William            32a  17  32b
HAMBLETON      William J.         13a  16  13b
HAMILTON       James              30a  24  30b
HAMMOND        John               09a  26  09b
HAMMOND        Nicholas           18a  4   18b
HAMMOND        Tilghman           23a  8   23b
HAMMOND        William Dr.        06a  19  06b
HANDY          Milky              16a  18  16b
HANDY          Spencer            41a  8   41b
HANNA          Thomas             39a  15  39b
HARDICY        Robert             29a  23  29b
HARDIN         Henry              29a  7   29b
HARDON         Chambers           10a  14  10b
HARDY          Richard            50a  17  50b
HARGAN         John               14a  4   14b
HARINGTON      Nathan             45a  11  45b
HARLAND        Joseph             35a  3   35b
HARPER         Ann                17a  20  17b
HARRINGTON     Stephen            48a  10  48b
HARRIS         John               32a  2   32b
HARRIS         Jonathan           32a  4   32b
HARRISON       Alexander B.       31a  28  31b
HARRISON       Benjamin           43a  8   43b
HARRISON       Elizabeth          55a  18  55b
HARRISON       Jacob              52a  21  52b
HARRISON       James              41a  16  41b
HARRISON       Jeremiah           42a  6   42b
HARRISON       Joseph             42a  23  42b
HARRISON       Joshua             19a  11  19b
HARRISON       Margarett          44a  21  44b
HARRISON       Martha             42a  3   42b
HARRISON       Nicholas C.        22a  19  22b
HARRISON       Peter              43a  5   43b
HARRISON       Samuel             35a  17  35b
HARRISON       Samuel             42a  25  42b
HARRISON       Stephen            44a  27  44b
HARRISON       Thomas             35a  23  35b
HARRISON       Thomas             42a  17  42b
HARRISS        Daniel             19a  26  19b
HARRISS        Edward             29a  24  29b
HARRISS        Elizabeth          39a  16  39b
HARRISS        George             10a  26  10b
HARRISS        Isaac              51a  8   51b
HARRISS        James              20a  6   20b
HARRISS        John               42a  18  42b
HARRISS        Joseph P.          19a  20  19b
HARRISS        Levi               34a  2   34b
HARRISS        Levin              24a  12  24b
HARRISS        Levin              29a  25  29b
HARRISS        Metus              50a  8   50b
HARRISS        Risdon             36a  15  36b
HARRISS        Robert             41a  23  41b
HARRISS        Thomas             38a  17  38b
HARRISS        William            23a  20  23b
HARROD         Thomas             50a  23  50b
HARWOOD        John D.            03a  7   03b
HARWOOD        Sharp              46a  13  46b
HASKINS        Barckley           17a  12  17b
HASKINS        Hanna              26a  28  26b
HASKINS        Pompy              07a  21  07b
HATCHESON      Thomas             39a  6   39b
HATCHESON      Thomas             39a  22  39b
HAWKINS        Perry Sr.          32a  3   32b
HAWKINS        Tom                08a  25  08b
HAYWARD        William            11a  4   11b
HAYWARD        William H.         22a  17  22b
HAYWARDS       Thomas             30a  9   30b
HEMSLEY        Alexander          42a  22  42b
HEMSLEY        Ann K.             03a  26  03b
HEMSLEY        Janny              51a  10  51b
HEMSLEY        Richard            51a  28  51b
HENDESY        Benjamin           20a  3   20b
HENDMAN        Elizabeth          47a  19  47b
HENRIX         Thomas             18a  13  18b
HENRY          John               06a  26  06b
HERCULES       Adam               23a  2   23b
HEWIS          Alexander          08a  14  08b
HIGGINS        Elizabeth          04a  12  04b
HIGGINS        Elizabeth          06a  8   06b
HIGGINS        James              44a  24  44b
HIGGINS        John               29a  4   29b
HIGGINS        Mathew J.          21a  18  21b
HIGGINS        Nehemiah           36a  5   36b
HILL           Joshua             16a  5   16b
HIXON          James E.           28a  21  28b
HOBBS          Daniel             27a  9   27b
HOLLAND        Isaac              44a  5   44b
HOLLIDAY       Henry              16a  23  16b
HOLMES         John               29a  19  29b
HOLMS          Thomas             25a  19  25b
HOMES          Henry              23a  9   23b
HOOPER         Sally              49a  1   49b
HOPER          John               06a  3   06b
HOPKINS        Benjamin           28a  9   28b
HOPKINS        Denny              38a  4   38b
HOPKINS        Edward S.          03a  12  03b
HOPKINS        Elias              48a  1   48b
HOPKINS        James              34a  5   34b
HOPKINS        James              55a  13  55b
HOPKINS        James H.           05a  3   05b
HOPKINS        John               06a  9   06b
HOPKINS        Lambert            16a  7   16b
HOPKINS        Lucy               09a  7   09b
HOPKINS        Nathaniel          14a  2   14b
HOPKINS        Rigby              31a  15  31b
HOPKINS        Samuel             52a  27  52b
HOPKINS        Solomon            16a  9   16b
HOPKINS        Violett            09a  17  09b
HORNEY         Anna               11a  24  11b
HORNEY         Benjamin           14a  22  14b
HORNEY         Uril. ??           34a  4   34b
HOWARD         Benjamin           22a  24  22b
HOWARD         Jacob              22a  23  22b
HOWARD         Perry              10a  5   10b
HOXTER         David              12a  19  12b
HOXTER         William            14a  17  14b
HUGHLETT       William            10a  21  10b
HULL           John               04a  5   04b
HULL           John               17a  9   17b
HUNT           David              44a  13  44b
HUNT           Stephen            44a  2   44b
HUSSEY         Stephen            02a  18  02b
HUSSEY         William            06a  22  06b
HUTCHINS       Issabella          53a  27  53b
ISAACS         William            33a  3   33b
JACKSON        Caroline           09a  14  09b
JACKSON        Easter             42a  7   42b
JACKSON        Elizabeth          33a  7   33b
JACKSON        Ezekiel            33a  8   33b
JACKSON        Harry              24a  1   24b
JACKSON        William            26a  3   26b
JACKSON        William            33a  6   33b
JACKSON        William            43a  7   43b
JAMES          Henry              11a  12  11b
JAMES          John               13a  8   13b
JAMES          Obadiah            30a  4   30b
JAMES          Obediah            28a  20  28b
JAMES          William            29a  14  29b
JAMES          William            50a  21  50b
JEFFERSON      Betsy              37a  22  37b
JEFFERSON      Frances            15a  18  15b
JEFFERSON      James              37a  10  37b
JEFFERSON      John               15a  8   15b
JEFFERSON      John B.            03a  9   03b
JEFFERSON      Noah               33a  19  33b
JEFFERSON      Sally              35a  25  35b
JEFFERSON      William            39a  2   39b
JENKINS        Elizabeth          02a  5   02b
JENKINS        James              14a  19  14b
JENKINS        James              29a  5   29b
JENKINS        John W.            04a  19  04b
JENKINS        Thomas             29a  6   29b
JENKINSON      William            11a  15  11b
JESTER         James              20a  16  20b
JOHNS          Dolly              07a  11  07b
JOHNSON        Adam               38a  16  38b
JOHNSON        Jessee             41a  13  41b
JOHNSON        Jim                33a  12  33b
JOHNSON        John               31a  17  31b
JOHNSON        William            07a  22  07b
JOHNSON        William H.         46a  18  46b
JONES          Benjamin           33a  22  33b
JONES          Bennett            02a  17  02b
JONES          Charlott           12a  11  12b
JONES          Elizabeth          06a  2   06b
JONES          Hanna              09a  15  09b
JONES          Hinson             44a  7   44b
JONES          James B.           41a  26  41b
JONES          John               39a  3   39b
JONES          John               52a  9   52b
JONES          John L.            02a  12  02b
JONES          Lydia              53a  14  53b
JONES          Memory             25a  21  25b
JONES          Nathaniel          16a  6   16b
JONES          Pricilla           37a  1   37b
JONES          Reubin             44a  6   44b
JONES          Robert             14a  13  14b
JONES          Robert             34a  3   34b
JONES          Sally              13a  21  13b
JONES          William            44a  1   44b
JONES          Wrightson          36a  11  36b
JUMP           Charles            52a  14  52b
  The free display of the 1830 Talbot County, Maryland census images in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Karl L. Kirkman and other Sangamon County Researchers
and the permission of S-K Publications.
  This index was transcribed by Norman Corkran
and proofread by Charlotte Corkran

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