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Nee             Patrick        40     Ireland             203b--12
Neel            Aaron          12     Virginia            141a--27
Neel            Elizabeth      10     Virginia            142a-- 9
Neel            John           20     Virginia            131a--21
Neel            Mary           18     Virginia            142a--12
Neel            Nancy          14     Virginia            142a-- 7
Neel            Robert H       12     Virginia            142a-- 8
Neel            Sarah          20     Virginia            142a--10
Neel            Tabitha        42     Virginia            142a-- 5
Neel            Thomas         16     Virginia            142a-- 6
Neel            William        77     Virginia            140a--38
Neel            William        22     Virginia            142a--11
Nelson          Davis          25     Ireland             188a--27
Nelson          George         18     Ireland             163a--30
Nelson          Jane           23     Ireland             163a--29
Nelson          Lavina         13     Virginia            163a--32
Nelson          Malinda        21     Virginia            188a--28
Nelson          Maria          15     Ireland             163a--31
Nelson          Maryann        60     Ireland             163a--28
Nelson          William        64     Ireland             163a--27
Nelson          William S      6/12   West Virginia       188a--29
Nestor          Baxter M       21     Virginia            152b--27
Nestor          Ellen          13     Virginia            173b--35
Nestor          George         51     Virginia            152b--25
Nestor          John           40     Ireland             173b--32
Nestor          John           7      Virginia            173b--37
Nestor          Maggie         9      Virginia            173b--36
Nestor          Mary           16     Maryland            173b--34
Nestor          Mary A         50     Virginia            152b--26
Nestor          Michael        5      Virginia            173b--38
Nestor          Sarah          45     Ireland             173b--33
Nestor          Sarah O        18     Virginia            152b--28
Nestor          Susan          18     Virginia            168a-- 1
Newbrough       Augusta        19     Virginia            130a--38
Newbrough       Catharine      29     Virginia            130a--37
Newbrough       Charles        5      West Virginia       130b-- 5
Newbrough       Hiram          14     Virginia            130b-- 1
Newbrough       Isaac          15     Virginia            130a--40
Newbrough       Janes          7      West Virginia       130b-- 4
Newbrough       John           41     Virginia            130a--36
Newbrough       John           10     Virginia            130b-- 2
Newbrough       Lizzie         12     Virginia            130b-- 3
Newbrough       Noah           18     Virginia            130a--39
Newbrough       Rachael        61     Virginia            111b-- 5
Newcum          Ann E          35     Virginia            188b--38
Newcum          Elzie          2      West Virginia       189a-- 3
Newcum          Jacob          6      Virginia            189a-- 2
Newcum          James W        12     Virginia            188b--40
Newcum          Joseph T       15     Virginia            188b--39
Newcum          Lee Roy        40     Virginia            188b--37
Newcum          Milton L       9      Virginia            189a-- 1
Newlon          (not named)    1      West Virginia       210a--11
Newlon          Alfred         25     Virginia            103a--37
Newlon          Alfred         4      West Va             96a --13
Newlon          Amanda         14     Virginia            96a -- 3
Newlon          Athalinda      21     Virginia            122b--26
Newlon          Augusta        19     Virginia            123b-- 1
Newlon          Ben F          1      West Virginia       206b--38
Newlon          Bruce I        5/12   West Virginia       122b--28
Newlon          C W            53     Virginia            164a-- 1
Newlon          Catharine      22     Virginia            123a--40
Newlon          Chapman        32     Virginia            96a -- 4
Newlon          Charles        26     Virginia            96a --36
Newlon          Charles W      25     Virginia            164a-- 3
Newlon          Christina      48     Virginia            164a-- 2
Newlon          Clarence       1      West Virginia       127b-- 6
Newlon          Clarenden O    10     Virginia            210a-- 8
Newlon          Claudius       22     Virginia            206b--33
Newlon          Creed O        19     Virginia            164a-- 5
Newlon          Curtis D       5      West Va             151b--20
Newlon          David          43     Virginia            123a-- 4
Newlon          Elijah         30     Virginia            127b-- 2
Newlon          Elizabeth      52     Virginia            123a--39
Newlon          Elizabeth      25     Virginia            127b-- 3
Newlon          Elizabeth      70     Virginia            96a --15
Newlon          Elizabeth V    22     Virginia            103a--38
Newlon          Floyd          20     Virginia            96a --35
Newlon          George V       6/12   West Va             151b--23
Newlon          Henrietta      20     Virginia            206b--37
Newlon          Ida M          17     Virginia            164a-- 7
Newlon          J B            36     Virginia            210a-- 6
Newlon          J E            23     Virginia            164a-- 4
Newlon          J J            30     Virginia            122b--25
Newlon          James          61     Virginia            199a--20
Newlon          Jane           79     Virginia            122b--34
Newlon          Jas L          14     Virginia            164a-- 6
Newlon          John           29     Virginia            199b-- 3
Newlon          John           34     Virginia            206b--36
Newlon          John W         20     Virginia            123a-- 6
Newlon          John W         2      West Va             151b--22
Newlon          Kate           4      West Virginia       210a--10
Newlon          Lemuel         26     Virginia            96a --11
Newlon          Loretta A      25     Virginia            206b--32
Newlon          Louisa         40     Virginia            96a -- 2
Newlon          Lucy           1      West Va             103a--39
Newlon          Lucy           5      Virginia            210a-- 9
Newlon          Lurainer       21     Virginia            96a --12
Newlon          Lydia          24     Virginia            151b--19
Newlon          Margaret       33     Virginia            210a-- 7
Newlon          Maria M        8      Virginia            122b--27
Newlon          Martha         14     Virginia            96a --37
Newlon          Mary           48     Virginia            96a --34
Newlon          Mary Ann       54     Virginia            206b--31
Newlon          Mary M         42     Virginia            123a-- 5
Newlon          Mary M         3      West Virginia       127b-- 5
Newlon          Mary M         20     Virginia            96a -- 5
Newlon          Nancy          56     Virginia            199a--21
Newlon          Nathan         46     Virginia            96a -- 1
Newlon          Penelope       11     Virginia            96a --38
Newlon          Peyton         36     Virginia            96a --16
Newlon          Prudence A     33     Virginia            199b-- 4
Newlon          Salathiel J    31     Virginia            151b--18
Newlon          Saml W         3      West Va             151b--21
Newlon          Sarah          38     Virginia            96a --17
Newlon          Tamar          62     Virginia            122b--35
Newlon          Thaddeus       22     Virginia            144a--40
Newlon          Thomas         50     Virginia            96a --33
Newlon          Thos H         6      West Va             96a --39
Newlon          William        75     Virginia            96a --14
Newlon          Wm P           5      West Virginia       127b-- 4
Newman          Henry          6/12   West Virginia       217a--30
Newman          James          22     Virginia            217a--27
Newman          Octava         1      West Virginia       217a--29
Newman          Winny          22     Virginia            217a--28
Nichols         Larcan         38     Virginia            217a--31
Nichols         Lilly          5/12   West Virginia       217a--33
Nichols         Mary           21     Virginia            217a--32
Nichols         Rachael        13     Virginia            174b--33
Nicodemus       A W            34     Virginia            179a--32
Nicodemus       Amanda         8      Virginia            179a--35
Nicodemus       Arialine       36     Virginia            179a--33
Nicodemus       Charles C      3      West Va             179a--37
Nicodemus       John W         5      West Va             179a--36
Nicodemus       Mary S         10     Virginia            179a--34
Niland          Maryann        7      Virginia            179a-- 9
Nixon           (not named)    6/12   West Va             115a-- 2
Nixon           Adolphus       23     Virginia            126a--15
Nixon           Alice C        4      West Va             115a-- 1
Nixon           Asail P        62     Virginia            110a--24
Nixon           Caroline C     45     Virginia            114b--35
Nixon           Columbia E     13     Virginia            114b--37
Nixon           Hannah         51     Virginia            110a--23
Nixon           Harman         21     Virginia            126a--16
Nixon           Harvey R       4      West Va             114b--40
Nixon           James T        1      West Va             106b--30
Nixon           Jessee         13     Virginia            110a--27
Nixon           John S         10     Virginia            114b--38
Nixon           Mary           54     Virginia            110a--25
Nixon           Mary A         8      Virginia            114b--39
Nixon           Robert P       53     Virginia            114b--34
Nixon           Ruth           32     Virginia            110a--26
Nixon           S C            28     Virginia            106b--28
Nixon           Virginia L     20     Virginia            106b--29
Nixon           William A      16     Virginia            114b--36
Norris          Chapman        34     Virginia            140b--27
Norris          Cyrus          8      Virginia            106a--28
Norris          David          12     Missouri            106a--27
Norris          Ellmore        3      West Va             106a--30
Norris          Henrietta      6      West Va             106a--29
Norris          Isaac T        9      Virginia            140b--29
Norris          James L        7      Virginia            140b--30
Norris          John N         3      West Virginia       140b--31
Norris          Martin L       1      West Va             106a--31
Norris          Mary J         38     Virginia            106a--23
Norris          Matilda J      28     Virginia            140b--28
Norris          Nancy A        16     Virginia            106a--24
Norris          Saml C         9/12   West Virginia       140b--32
Norris          Taylor         59     Virginia            106a--22
Norris          Thornton W     14     Missouri            106a--25
Norris          William H      9      Virginia            106a--26
Nose            Andrew         43     Virginia            189b--13
Nose            Andrew J       7      Virginia            189b--18
Nose            Charles A      12     Virginia            189b--16
Nose            Franklin E     7      Virginia            189b--19
Nose            George         29     Virginia            192a--20
Nose            George W       10     Virginia            189b--17
Nose            Henry C        9      Virginia            171a--16
Nose            Joseph G       11     Virginia            171a--15
Nose            Louisa V       5      West Virginia       189b--20
Nose            Lucinda        40     Virginia            171a--14
Nose            Martin L       2      West Virginia       189b--21
Nose            Selah C        37     Virginia            189b--14
Nose            Solomon        52     Virginia            192a--19
Nose            William F      15     Virginia            189b--15
Nose            William G      8      Virginia            171a--17
Noyes           Horace         60     New Hampshire       136b--34
Noyes           Sarah          56     New Hampshire       136b--35
Nuzum           A J            27     Virginia            166b--13
Nuzum           Allen          35     Virginia            116a--35
Nuzum           Anna E         16     Virginia            130b--35
Nuzum           Catharine A    1      West Virginia       130b--38
Nuzum           Charles        22     Virginia            133b--28
Nuzum           Charles E      9      Virginia            116a--38
Nuzum           Cynthia        7      Virginia            116a--39
Nuzum           E S            28     Virginia            138b--22
Nuzum           Elenora        11     Virginia            116a--37
Nuzum           George B       7      Virginia            130b--37
Nuzum           James W        14     Virginia            133b--30
Nuzum           Jane S         25     Virginia            138b--23
Nuzum           Jemima         57     Virginia            133b--27
Nuzum           Jennie         13     Virginia            132a--29
Nuzum           Joel D         42     Virginia            130b--32
Nuzum           John           3      West Virginia       138b--24
Nuzum           John B         3      West Va             116b-- 1
Nuzum           Martha J       5      West Va             116a--40
Nuzum           Mollie         18     Virginia            133b--29
Nuzum           Mollie         1      West Virginia       138b--25
Nuzum           Narcissa       4/12   West Va             116b-- 2
Nuzum           Phillias V     15     Virginia            130b--34
Nuzum           Sarah          32     Virginia            116a--36
Nuzum           Sarah L        27     Virginia            130b--33
Nuzum           Sarah M        27     Pennsylv'a          166b--14
Nuzum           Theodore S     10     Virginia            130b--36

Oakes           Finley         48     Pennsylvania        138b--12
Oakes           Jane           41     Pennsylvania        138b--13
Oakes           Margaret       3      West Virginia       138b--17
Oakes           Paulina        5      Penn'a              138b--16
Oakes           Rebecca J      8      Penn'a              138b--15
Oakes           Ruth           11     Virginia            138b--14
Oakes           Sarah A        8/12   West Virginia       138b--18
Oaks            Evilena        4      West Virginia       213a--37
Oaks            Lorena         2      West Virginia       213a--38
Oaks            Mary Ann       35     Virginia            213a--33
Oaks            Stephen        30     Virginia            213a--32
Oconner         Ellen          6      Virginia            203a--23
Oconner         Maggie         13     Maryland            203a--21
Oconner         Margaret       45     Ireland             203a--19
Oconner         Mary           14     Maryland            203a--20
Oconner         Patrick        13     Maryland            203a--22
Oconnor         James          12     Pennsylv'a          170a-- 7
Oconnor         Martin         11     Pennsylv'a          170a-- 8
Oconnor         Winney         50     Ireland             170a-- 6
Odonnell        Anna           13     Virginia            149a--31
Odonnell        Elisabeth      38     Virginia            149a--30
Odonnell        Hugh           40     Pennsylvania        149a--29
Okeeffe         Dennis         26     Ireland             166b--16
Oleary          Ellen          44     Ireland             162a--40
Oleary          Eugenia        13     Virginia            162b-- 1
Oleary          Henry A        40     Ireland             162a--39
Oneal           James          95     Virginia            118a--22
Orr             Elie B         12     Virginia            134a--14
Orr             Eugene B       4      West Virginia       134a--16
Orr             Harriet C      14     Virginia            134a--13
Orr             Hiram F        6      Virginia            134a--15
Orr             John           8      Virginia            200a--17
Orr             Waitman L      18     Virginia            217a--13
Osborn          Ida R          1      West Virginia       181a--23
Osborn          Rebecca        72     Virginia            181a--19
Osborn          Richard        44     Pennsylvania        182b-- 6
Osborn          Sarah          28     Virginia            181a--22
Osborn          William L      37     Virginia            181a--21
Osconor         Patrick        60     Ireland             156a--12
Ott             Chryst'        52     Prussia             190a--39
Ott             Henry          19     Prussia             190b-- 1
Ott             Louisa         9      Virginia            190b-- 3
Ott             Mary           49     Prussia             190a--40
Ott             Mary           11     Virginia            190b-- 2
Ours            Eva            3      West Va             168b--11
Ours            Lavina         13     Virginia            168b--10
Ours            Lucy           15     Virginia            168b-- 9
Ours            Mariah         36     Virginia            168b-- 7
Ours            Martha         19     Virginia            168b-- 8
Ours            Simon          44     Virginia            168b-- 6
Overfield       Anna           72     Virginia            159b--36
Overfield       Charlotte      6      West Va             173a--22
Overfield       George L       14     Virginia            173a--20
Overfield       James W        16     Virginia            173a--19
Overfield       John E         35     Virginia            173a--17
Overfield       John F         7      Virginia            173a--21
Overfield       John W F       14     Virginia            159b--37
Overfield       Julia          13     Virginia            159b--38
Overfield       Lilley M       3      West Va             173a--23
Overfield       Sarah F        33     Virginia            173a--18
Overfield       Wallace        40     Virginia            159b--35

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