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Dawes: Choctaw Applications, 1898-1914
Quantum Application # Reel # Transcription Status Transcriber
by Blood 1-148 M1186-1    
by Blood 149-243 M1186-2    
by Blood 244-356 M1186-3    
by Blood 357-536 M1186-4    
by Blood 537-857 M1186-5    
by Blood 858-1177 M1186-6    
by Blood 1178-1455 M1186-7    
by Blood 1456-1685 M1186-8    
by Blood 1686-1901 M1186-9    
by Blood 1902-2155 M1186-10    
by Blood 2156-2315 M1186-11    
by Blood 2316-2502 M1186-12    
by Blood 2503-2656 M1186-13    
by Blood 2657-2805 M1186-14    
by Blood 2806-2996 M1186-15    
by Blood 2997-3162 M1186-16    
by Blood 3163-3301 M1186-17    
by Blood 3302-3410 M1186-18    
by Blood 3411-3536 M1186-19    
by Blood 3537-3656 M1186-20    
by Blood 3657-3806 M1186-21    
by Blood 3807-3918 M1186-22    
by Blood 3919-4056 M1186-23    
by Blood 4057-4241 M1186-24    
by Blood 4242-4390 M1186-25    
by Blood 4391-4512 M1186-26    
by Blood 4513-4634 M1186-27    
by Blood 4635-4760 M1186-28    
by Blood 4761-4903 M1186-29    
by Blood 4904-5036 M1186-30    
by Blood 5037-5148 M1186-31    
by Blood 5149-5264 M1186-32    
by Blood 5265-5394 M1186-33    
by Blood 5395-5599 M1186-34    
by Blood 5600-5685 M1186-35    
by Blood 5686-5755 M1186-36    
by Blood 5756-5823 M1186-37    
by Blood 5824-5891 M1186-38    
by Blood 5892-5951 M1186-39    
by Blood 5952-6009 M1186-40    
by Blood 6010-6053 M1186-41    
by Blood 6054-6109 M1186-42    
Minor 1-203 M1186-43    
Minor 204- 431 M1186-44    
Minor 432-686 M1186-45    
Minor 687-912 M1186-46    
Minor 913-1058 M1186-47    
Minor 1059-1145 M1186-48    
Minor 1146-1262 M1186-49    
Minor 1263-1325 M1186-50    
Newborn 1-117 M1186-50    
Newborn 118-274 M1186-51    
Newborn 275-483 M1186-52    
Newborn 484-744 M1186-53    
Newborn 745-1000 M1186-54    
Newborn 1001-1197 M1186-55    
Newborn 1198-1407 M1186-56    
Newborn 1408-1538 M1186-57    
Choctaw D1-D71 M1186-57    
Choctaw D72-D235 M1186-58    
Choctaw D236-D515 M1186-59    
Choctaw D516-D840 M1186-60    
Choctaw D841-D1009 M1186-61    
Choctaw R1-R62 M1186-61    
Choctaw R63-R228 M1186-62    
Choctaw R229-R397 M1186-63    
Choctaw R398-R532 M1186-64    
Choctaw R533-R607 M1186-65    
Choctaw R608-R700 M1186-66    
Choctaw R701-R756 M1186-67    
Choctaw FR1-FR144 M1186-67    
Choctaw FR145-FR325 M1186-68    
Choctaw FR326-FR510 M1186-69    
Choctaw FR511-FR701 M1186-70    
Choctaw FR702-FR885 M1186-71    
Choctaw FR886-FR1106 M1186-72    
Choctaw FR1107-FR1283 M1186-73    
Choctaw FR1284-FR1446 M1186-74    
Choctaw FR1447-FR1517 M1186-75    
Choctaw FR1518-FR1602 M1186-76    
Choctaw FR D1-FR D21 M1186-76    
Choctaw FR D22-FR D198 M1186-77    
Choctaw FR D199-FR D234 M1186-78    
Choctaw FR M1-FR M94 M1186-78    
Choctaw FR M95-FR M235 M1186-79    
Choctaw FR M236-FR M364 M1186-80    
Choctaw FR M365-FR M465 M1186-81    
Choctaw FR M466-FR M521 M1186-82    

Dawes: Mississippi Choctaw Applications, 1898-1914
Quantum Application # Reel # Transcription Status Transcriber
MS Choctaw MCR1-MCR25 M1186-82    
MS Choctaw MCR26-MCR84 M1186-83    
MS Choctaw MCR85-MCR132 M1186-84    
MS Choctaw MCR133-MCR177 M1186-85    
MS Choctaw MCR178-MCR214 M1186-86    
MS Choctaw MCR215-MCR267 M1186-87    
MS Choctaw MCR268-MCR318 M1186-88    
MS Choctaw MCR319- MCR393 M1186-89    
MS Choctaw MCR394-MCR475 M1186-90    
MS Choctaw MCR476-MCR545 M1186-91    
MS Choctaw MCR546-MCR625 M1186-92    
MS Choctaw MCR626-MCR714 M1186-93    
MS Choctaw MCR715-MCR775 M1186-94    
MS Choctaw MCR776-MCR851 M1186-95    
MS Choctaw MCR852-MCR950 M1186-96    
MS Choctaw MCR951-MCR1050 M1186-97    
MS Choctaw MCR1051-MCR1153 M1186-98    
MS Choctaw MCR1154-MCR1245 M1186-99    
MS Choctaw MCR1246-MCR1336 M1186-100    
MS Choctaw MCR1337-MCR1453 M1186-101    
MS Choctaw MCR1454-MCR1556 M1186-102    
MS Choctaw MCR1557-MCR1630 M1186-103    
MS Choctaw MCR1631-MCR1671 M1186-104    
MS Choctaw MCR1672-MCR1764 M1186-105    
MS Choctaw MCR1765-MCR1844 M1186-106    
MS Choctaw MCR1845-MCR1914 M1186-107    
MS Choctaw MCR1915-MCR1969 M1186-108    
MS Choctaw MCR1970-MCR2054 M1186-109    
MS Choctaw MCR2055-MCR2131 M1186-110    
MS Choctaw MCR2132-MCR2206 M1186-111    
MS Choctaw MCR2207-MCR2297 M1186-112    
MS Choctaw MCR2298-MCR2375 M1186-113    
MS Choctaw MCR2376-MCR2461 M1186-114    
MS Choctaw MCR2462-MCR2555 M1186-115    
MS Choctaw MCR2556-MCR2648 M1186-116    
MS Choctaw MCR2649-MCR2740 M1186-117    
MS Choctaw MCR2741-MCR2837 M1186-118    
MS Choctaw MCR2838-MCR2923 M1186-119    
MS Choctaw MCR2924-MCR3020 M1186-120    
MS Choctaw MCR3021-MCR3093 M1186-121    
MS Choctaw MCR3094-MCR3173 M1186-122    
MS Choctaw MCR3174-MCR3272 M1186-123    
MS Choctaw MCR3273-MCR3369 M1186-124    
MS Choctaw MCR3370-MCR3468 M1186-125    
MS Choctaw MCR3469-MCR3565 M1186-126    
MS Choctaw MCR3566-MCR3665 M1186-127    
MS Choctaw MCR3666-MCR3764 M1186-128    
MS Choctaw MCR3765-MCR3864 M1186-129    
MS Choctaw MCR3865-MCR3965 M1186-130    
MS Choctaw MCR3966-MCR4070 M1186-131    
MS Choctaw MCR4071-MCR4180 M1186-132    
MS Choctaw MCR4181-MCR4293 M1186-133    
MS Choctaw MCR4294-MCR4400 M1186-134    
MS Choctaw MCR4401-MCR4498 M1186-135    
MS Choctaw MCR4499-MCR4588 M1186-136    
MS Choctaw MCR4589-MCR4676 M1186-137    
MS Choctaw MCR4677-MCR4777 M1186-138    
MS Choctaw MCR4778-MCR4856 M1186-l39    
MS Choctaw MCR4857-MCR4940 M1186-140    
MS Choctaw MCR4941-MCR5033 M1186-141    
MS Choctaw MCR5034-MCR5127 M1186-142    
MS Choctaw MCR5128-MCR5204 M1186-143    
MS Choctaw MCR5205-MCR5290 M1186-144    
MS Choctaw MCR5291-MCR5394 M1186-145    
MS Choctaw MCR5395-MCR5490 M1186-146    
MS Choctaw MCR5491-MCR5576 M1186-147    
MS Choctaw MCR5577-MCR5681 M1186-148    
MS Choctaw MCR5682-MCR5796 M1186-149    
MS Choctaw MCR5797-MCR5899 M1186-150    
MS Choctaw MCR5900-MCR6004 M1186-151    
MS Choctaw MCR6005-MCR6115 M1186-152    
MS Choctaw MCR6116-MCR6225 M1186-153    
MS Choctaw MCR6226-MCR6310 M1186-154    
MS Choctaw MCR6311-MCR6389 M1186-155    
MS Choctaw MCR6390-MCR6476 M1186-156    
MS Choctaw MCR6477-MCR6574 M1186-157    
MS Choctaw MCR6575-MCR6668 M1186-158    
MS Choctaw MCR6669-MCR6776 M1186-159    
MS Choctaw MCR6777-MCR6897 M1186-160    
MS Choctaw MCR6898-MCR7003 M1186-161    
MS Choctaw MCR7004-MCR7104 M1186-162    
MS Choctaw MCR7105-MCR7248 M1186-163    
MS Choctaw MCR7249-MCR7333 M1186-164    
MS Choctaw MCR7334-MCR7432 M1186-165    
MS Choctaw MCR7433-MCR7446 M1186-166    
MS Choctaw Minor 1-145 M1186-167    
MS Choctaw Minor 146-284 M1186-168    
MS Choctaw Minor 285-372 M1186-169    
MS Choctaw Identified 1-567 M1186-170    
Memos D8-D75 M1186-170    
(Act of 1900)
1-106 M1186-171    

Dawes: Choctaw Enrollment Cards, 1898-1914
Quantum Card # Reel # Transcription Status Transcriber
by Blood 1-858 M1186-39    
by Blood 859-1718 M1186-40    
by Blood 1719-2575 M1186-41    
by Blood 2576-3426 M1186-42    
by Blood 3427-4287 M1186-43    
by Blood 4288-5140 M1186-44    
by Blood 5141-5994 M1186-45    
by Blood 5995-6109 M1186-46    
New Born by Blood 1-748 M1186-46    
New Born by Blood 747-1538 M1186-47    
Minor by Blood 26665 M1186-47    
Minor by Blood 74-914 M1186-48    
Minor by Blood 915-1325 M1186-49    
Choctaw D1-D238 M1186-53    
Choctaw D239-D1009 M1186-54    
Choctaw R1-R105 M1186-54    
Choctaw R106-R756 M1186-55    

Dawes: Mississippi Choctaw Enrollment Cards, 1898-1914
Quantum Card # Reel # Transcription Status Transcriber
MS Choctaw by Blood 1-540 M1186-56    
MS Choctaw by Blood 541-918 M1186-57    
MS Choctaw New Born and Minor by Blood 1-372 M1186-57    
MS Choctaw Identified 1-11 M1186-57    
MS Choctaw Field Cards 1-110 M1186-57    
MS Choctaw Field Cards 111-564 M1186-58    
MS Choctaw D1-D74 M1186-58    
MS Choctaw R1-R351 M1186-58    
MS Choctaw R352-R1215 M1186-59    
MS Choctaw R1216-R2107 M1186-60    
MS Choctaw R2108-R3016 M1186-61    
MS Choctaw R3017-R3911 M1186-62    
MS Choctaw R3912-R4811 M1186-63    
MS Choctaw R4812-R5713 M1186-64    
MS Choctaw R5714-R6622 M1186-65    
MS Choctaw R6623-R7446 M1186-66    

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