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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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First Judicial District, Alaska - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilm #T626-2626
Enumeration District Description Status  Transcriber  Proofreader
1-1 Hyder Recording Dist. including Hyder Town, Bandit Mountain, Salmon River, and Texas Creek Mining Camps.      
1-2 Ketchikan Town, Voting Pct. 1 (Part)      
1-3 Ketchikan Town, Voting Pct. 1 (Part)
Institution(s): Ketchikan General Hospital; U.S. Federal Jail
1-4 Ketchikan Town, Voting Pct. 2      
1-5 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including Charcoal Point, Upper Nickeyville, Powerhouse, and Wacker City Villages      
1-6 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including Pennock Island      
1-7 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including New England Power Plant and Saxman Village      
1-8 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including Kasaan Village and various Trolling Camps, Fish Camps, Mining Camps, Rock Is. and Guard Is. Lighthouses, and Salmon Hatcheries and Canneries; and various Lighthouses      
1-9 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including Annette Island and Metlakatla Town      
1-10 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including Bayview, Beauclair, Coppermount, Craig, Howkan, Hunters Bay, Hydaburg, Jumbo Mine, Karheen, Klawak, Klinkwan, Rose Inlet, Shakan, Sukkwan, Sulzer, Tokeen, View Cove, Warm Chuck Villages; and various Canneries.      
1-11 Ketchikan Recording Dist. (Part) including Hidden Inlet, Kah Shakes Cove, and Nakat Inlet Villages; various Canneries; and Tree Point and Mary Is. Lighthouses; and various Lighthouses      
1-12 Wrangell Recording Dist. (Part) including Wrangell Town      
1-13 Wrangell Recording Dist. (Part) including Northern Addition To Wrangell Town; various Canneries and Trolling Camps.      
1-14 Petersburg Recording Dist. (Part) including Petersburg Town      
1-15 Petersburg Recording Dist. (Part) including Doyhof Village      
1-16 Petersburg Recording Dist. (Part) including Kake and West Petersburg Villages and Cape Decision Lighthouse Construction Camp.      
1-17 Petersburg Recording Dist. (Part) including Baranof, Hidden Falls, and Port Alexander Villages.      
1-18 Juneau Town, Voting Pct. No. 2
Institution(s): U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Unalga
1-19 Juneau Town, Voting Pct. No. 1 (Part)
Institution(s): St. Ann's Hospital and School
1-20 Juneau Town, Voting Pcts. No. 1 (Part) and 3
Institution(s): U.S. Federal Jail; U.S. Hospital For Natives
1-21 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Thane Village, Eagle River Landing and Farming District, Medenhall Valley Farming District, Dupont Powder Stations, Standard Oil Station, Union Oil Station; and Glacier Highway.
Institution(s): Alaska-Juneau Boarding House
1-22 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Douglas Town      
1-23 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Treadwell Village and Douglas Island Excluding Douglas Town.      
1-24 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including De Vighne Camp; Sumdum, Snettisham, and Windham Post Offices.      
1-25 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Five Fingers Lighthouse; and various Lighthouses      
1-26 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Tyee Post Office; Angoon and Killisnoo Villages; various Canneries and Mining Camps; and Point Retreat Lighthouse; and various Lighthouses      
1-27 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Eldred Rock and Sentinel Is. Lighthouses; and various Lighthouses      
1-28 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Cape Spencer Lighthouse      
1-29 Juneau Recording Dist. (Part) including Dry Bay, Seaktak, and Yakutat Villages      
1-30 Skagway Recording Dist. (Part) including Skagway Town
Institution(s): White Pass Railroad Hospital
FULL On-Line Catherine Spude Penny Malmquist
1-31 Skagway Recording Dist. (Part)      
1-32 Skagway Recording Dist. (Part) including Haines Town      
1-33 Skagway Recording Dist. (Part) including Chilkoot Barracks (Formerly Fort Wm. H. Seward)
Institution(s): Chilkoot Barracks
1-34 Skagway Recording Dist. (Part) including Klukwan and Wells Villages      
1-35 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part) including Sitka Town
Institution(s): Alaska Pioneers Home; Sheldon Jackson School; U.S. Federal Jail
1-36 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part)
Institution(s): U.S. Naval Radio Station
1-37 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part) including Goddard Village      
1-38 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part)
Institution(s): Soapstone Point Radio Station
1-39 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part) including Chichagof Village, Hirst-Chichagof Mine, and Chichagof Power House      
1-40 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part)      
1-41 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part) including Hoonah Village      
1-42 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part) including Tenakee Village and Chatham and Gypsum Post Offices.      
1-43 Sitka Recording Dist. (Part) including Apex-El Hido Mine
Institution(s): Soapstone Point Compass Station

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