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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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Los Angeles County, California - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilm #T626-127
Enumeration County Description  Transcriber  Proofreader
19-953 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) City Limits; (E) City Limits, Grandview Ave.; (S) 10Th, Allen Ave., Kenneth Rd.; (W) City Limits.    
19-954 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Kenneth Rd., Allen Ave., 10Th; (E) Western Ave.; (S) Glenwood Rd.; (W) City Limits.    
19-955 Glendale City (Part), excluding Sonora Pct., bounded by (N) Glenwood Rd.; (E) Raymond, San Fernando Rd., Grand View Ave., Flower, Grand View Ave.; (S) City Limits, Railroad Tracks; (W) City Limits.    
19-956 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) 10Th; (E) Grandview Ave., Glenwood Rd., Sonora Ave.; (S) San Fernando Rd.; (W) Raymond, Glenwood Rd., Western Ave.    
19-957 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Railroad Tracks; (E) Sonora Ave., City Limits; (S) City Limits; (W) City Limits.    
19-958 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Glenwood Rd., Grandview Ave., Glenoaks Blvd.; (E) Pacific Ave., Burchett, Pacific Ave., Patterson Ave., Chester Ave.; (S) Doran, City Limits; (W) Grandview Ave., Flower, Grandview Ave., San Fernando Rd., Sonora Ave.    
19-959 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) City Limits; (E) City Limits, Merriman Dr., Kenneth Rd., Norton Ave., Glenwood Rd., Concord, Kennilworth Ave., South St., Highland Ave.; (S) Glenoaks Blvd.; (W) Grandview Ave., City Limits.    
19-960 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Kenneth Rd.; (E) Pacific Ave.; (S) Glenoaks Blvd.; (W) Highland Ave., South St., Kennilworth Ave., Concord, Glenwood Rd., Norton Ave.    
19-961 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Doran, Chester Ave., Patterson Ave.; (E) Pacific Ave., Alexander, Kennilworth Ave.; (S) California; (W) City Limits.
Institution(s): Villa Shaw Rest Home
19-962 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Glenoaks Blvd. Extended, Central Ave., Burchett; (E) Brand Blvd.; (S) Milford, Central Ave., Doran, Columbus Ave., Patterson Ave.; (W) Pacific Ave., Burchett, Pacific Ave.    
19-963 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Patterson Ave.; (E) Columbus Ave., Doran, Central Ave., Lexington Dr., Columbus Ave.; (S) Salem; (W) Kennilworth Ave., California, Kennilworth Ave., Alexander, Pacific Ave.    
19-964 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Kenneth Rd.; (E) Valley View Rd., Stocker, Melrose Ave., Dryden, Central Ave.; (S) Glenoaks Blvd. Extended; (W) Pacific Ave.    
19-965 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) City Limits; (E) Louise, Dwight Dr., Louise, Stocker, Brand Blvd.; (S) Burchett; (W) Central Ave., Dryden, Melrose Ave., Stocker, Valley View Rd., Kenneth Rd., Merriman Dr., Merriman Dr. Extended.    
19-966 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Mountain; (E) Isabel, Dryden, Jackson, Glenoaks Blvd., Louise; (S) Doran; (W) Brand Blvd., Stocker, Louise.
Institution(s): Mary Emily Maternity Home
19-967 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Mountain; (E) Cordova Ave., Dryden; (S) Coronado Dr., Geneva, Glenoaks Blvd.; (W) Jackson, Dryden, Isabel.    
19-968 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Glenoaks Blvd.; (E) Geneva, Doran, Geneva, Lexington Dr., Isabel; (S) California; (W) Kenwood, Doran, Louise.    
19-969 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Doran, Kenwood, California, Isabel, Lexington Dr.; (E) Glendale Ave.; (S) Broadway; (W) Louise, California, Brand Blvd.
Institution(s): Glendale City Jail
19-970 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Lexington Dr., Central Ave., Milford; (E) Brand Blvd.; (S) Broadway; (W) Central Ave., Wilson Ave., Columbus Ave.    
19-971 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) California; (E) Louise, Broadway, Jackson; (S) 1St, Louise, Elk Ave.; (W) Brand Blvd.    
19-972 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) California, Kennilworth Ave., Salem, Columbus Ave., Wilson Ave.; (E) Central Ave.; (S) Broadway, Pacific Ave., Harvard, Kennilworth, Colorado; (W) City Limits.    
19-973 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Colorado, Kennilworth, Harvard, Pacific Ave., Broadway; (E) Central Ave., Ivy, Columbus Ave.; (S) Vine; (W) City Limits.    
19-974 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Vine; (E) Columbus Ave., Garfield, San Fernando Rd., Park Ave., Brand Blvd., Palmer Ave., Central Ave.; (S) Eulalia; (W) City Limits.
Institution(s): Mission Rest Home
19-975 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Lomita Ave., Central Ave., Chestnut; (E) Brand Blvd.; (S) Park Ave.; (W) San Fernando Rd., Garfield, Columbus Ave.    
19-976 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Palmer Ave.; (E) Glendale Ave., Los Feliz Rd., Brand Blvd.; (S) City Limits; (W) Eulalia, Central Ave.
Institution(s): Physicians and Surgeons Hospital
19-977 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Cypress, Oakridge Dr., Vista Ct., Palmer Ave.; (E) Adams; (S) City Limits; (W) Brand Blvd., Los Feliz Rd., Glendale Ave.    
19-978 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Acacia, Mariposa, Garfield Ave.; (E) Chevy Chase Dr., Tyler; (S) Palmer Ave., Vista Ct., Oakridge Dr., Cypress; (W) Glendale Ave., Palmer Ave., Brand Blvd.    
19-979 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Maple, Wing, Colorado, Fischer, Maple; (E) Verdugo Rd., City Limits; (S) City Limits; (W) Adams, Palmer Ave., Tyler, Chevy Chase Dr.    
19-980 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Maple, Glendale Ave., Raleigh, Cedar, Maple; (E) Chevy Chase Dr.; (S) Garfield Ave., Mariposa, Acacia Ave.; (W) Brand Blvd.
Institution(s): Windsor Hospital
19-981 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Ivy, Central Ave., Broadway; (E) Brand Blvd.; (S) Chestnut, Central Ave., Lomita Ave.; (W) Columbus Ave.    
19-982 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Broadway; (E) Adams, Colorado, Wing; (S) Maple; (W) Belmont, Lomita Ave., Everett.    
19-983 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Elk Ave., Louise, 1St, Glendale Ave., Elk Ave.; (E) Everett, Lomita Ave., Belmont, Maple, Cedar; (S) Raleigh, Glendale Ave., Maple; (W) Brand Blvd.
Institution(s): Holy Family School
19-984 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Cedar, Lexington, California; (E) Adams; (S) Broadway, Everett, Elk Ave.; (W) Glendale Ave., 1St, Jackson, Broadway, Glendale Ave.    
19-985 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Broadway; (E) Verdugo Rd.; (S) Colorado; (W) Adams.    
19-986 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Chevy Chase Dr.; (E) Sinclair Ave., Wilson Ave., Broadway; (S) Broadway; (W) Chevy Chase Dr.
Institution(s): Glen Haven Sanitarium
19-987 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Lexington Dr.; (E) Verdugo Rd., Chevy Chase Dr.; (S) Broadway; (W) Adams, California, Cedar Ave.    
19-988 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) Coronado Dr., Dryden, Glendale Ave.; (E) Verdugo Rd.; (S) Lexington Dr.; (W) Geneva, Doran, Geneva.
Institution(s): Arbor Rest Home Sanitarium; Glendale Research Hospital
19-989 Glendale City (Part) bounded by (N) City Limits; (E) City Limits; (S) El Rito Ave. Extended, El Rito Ave., El Rito Ave. Extended; (W) City Limits.    

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