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The 1930 census has Soundex Cards for only 12 of the states and there is no national index. It will take researchers a long time to find the name they are looking for without an index or Soundex Card to let them know what page number they need. Because of this, the Census Project is initiating a brief transcription of selected 1930 columns.  These initial incomplete transcriptions are only temporary files to get the pertinent information made available sooner.  Later we intend to go back and fill in the remaining columns to make full-transcriptions since that is the Census Project's ultimate goal.

The 1930 Selected Columns will include the following fields:

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San Francisco City, San Francisco County, California - - 1930 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 17 rolls, T626-194 to T626-210
Enum. District Numbers
for County #38
Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T626-194 1 to 26

Assembly Dist. 22 (Part)
Institution(s): Y.M.C.A. (Army and Navy Hotel Branch); Sailors Home; Golden Gate Orphanage; U.S. Naval Training Station at Yerba Buena (Goat) Island; Southern Pacific Emergency Hospital; Salvation Army (Industrial Home and Hotel); St. Vincent's Convent; Little Children's Aid; Star of The Sea Convent; St. Joseph School; Holy Name Convent; Frederick Ginn Home for Boys; Boys Home; St. Teresa School and Convent

T626-195 27 to 48

Assembly Dist. 22 (Part); Assembly Dist. 23 (Part)
Institution(s): St. Andrew's Inn; Tuberculosis Hospital; Emergency Hospital; St. Catherine's Home and Training School for Girls; San Francisco Hospital; San Francisco Isolation Hospital ("Pest House"); Potrero Emergency Hospital; Emergency Hospital; Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum; St. Joan of Arc School

T626-196 49 to 66

Assembly Dist. 23 (Part)
Institution(s): Ursuline Convent; Hebrew Home for Aged and Disabled; Pacific Hebrew Home for Aged; Sivell Home; Lick Old Ladies Home

T626-197 67 to 89

Assembly Dist. 23 (Part); Assembly Dist. 24
Institution(s): St. Paul's Convent

T626-198 90 to 111

Assembly Dist. 24; Assembly Dist. 25
Institution(s): San Francisco City/Co. Jail (No. 3); San Francisco City/Co. Jail (No. 2); Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum; Fort Funston Military Reservation

T626-199 112 to 142

Assembly Dist. 25; Assembly Dist. 26
Institution(s): Holy Cross Convent; Y.M.C.A. (Mission Branch); Maude B. Booth Home; St. John's Lutheran School; California Women's Emergency Home; St. Peter's Convent; Christian Brothers Home; Clark Sanitarium; St. Luke's Hospital Nurses Home; St. Luke's Hospital; Academy and Convent of Immaculate Conception; Park West Home; Jesse W. Lilienthal School; Neal Institute; Brooks Convalescent Home; Southern Pacific Hospital; Park West Hydro and Sanitarium; Mendelssohn Sanitarium

T626-200 143 to 171

Assembly Dist. 26; Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Buena Vista Sanitorium; Peniel Mission Home; St. Francis Home for Working Girls; St. Francis Girls Directory Orphan Asylum; St. Joseph's Home and Hospital; Norwegian Danish Methodist Episcopal Girls Home; Franklin Hospital; Finnish Women's Cooperative Home; Philathia Home for Girls; School of The Most Holy Redeemer; Youths Directory; Mckinley's Orphanage; St. Mary's Hospital and Training School for Nurses; Park Sanitarium; Park Emergency Hospital; Irving Sanitarium

T626-201 172 to 197

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Convent (755 Ashbury St.); Amanda Newell Sanitarium; Convalescent Home; Lutheran Hospital; Univ. of California Hospital. College of Dentistry, and Medical School; Laguna Honda Home (Relief Home for Aged and Infirm); Univ. of California Nurses Home; San Francisco Protestant Orphan Asylum

T626-202 198 to 222

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children; Home for The Aged (Little Sisters of The Poor); Children's Hospital; Alexander Maternity Cottage; Hospital and Training School for Nurses; Hospital for Incurable Children; French Hospital

T626-203 223 to 252

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Volunteers of America Home; Maria Kipp Protestant Orphanage; U.S. Marine Hospital; San Francisco Nursery for Homeless Children; Florence Crittenton Home; St. Monica's School; Sailors Union of The Pacific; Emergency Hospital; San Francisco Babies Aid (No. 2); San Francisco Babies Aid (No. 1)

T626-204 253 to 278

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Greer Home; Fort Miley Military Reservation; St. Sarvina Home; Convent of The Sisters of The Holy Family; San Francisco Natl. Training School of The Methodist Episcopal Church; San Francisco State Teachers College; St. Ann's Convent; Mary's Help Hospital and Training School for Nurses; Juvenile Detention Home; Notre Dame College

T626-205 279 to 303

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Y.M.C.A.(Japanese Branch); Ellen Stark Ford Home; Mt. Zion Hospital and Nurses Home; St. Rose's Academy; Old Peoples Home; King Nurses Home; San Francisco Home for Incurables; Protestant Episcopal Old Ladies Home; Sacred Heart Presentation Convent; Minerva Sanitorium; Young Peoples Boarding Home; Faculty Home of Sacred Heart College; Salvation Army (Rescue Home); St. Francis Technical School; St. Vincent Orphan Asylum for Boys; Fort Mason Military Reservation; Presidio Military Reservation; Fort Winfield Scott; U.S. General Hospital; St. Peter's Hospital; San Francisco Ladies Protective and Relief Society Home; Mary Knoll Procure; Hahnemann Hospital

T626-206 304 to 325

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Fort Mason Military Reservation; Presidio Military Reservation, Fort Winfield Scott, and U.S. General Hospital

T626-207 326 to 350

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): Bates School; Junior League Home; Sacred Heart Convent; Hamlin School; San Francisco City and County Graduate Nurses Home; St. Brigid's Convent; Walker Home for Girls; Salvation Army (Women Women's Residence); Y.M.C.A. (Central Branch); San Francisco City/Co. Jail (No. 1); Y.M.C.A. (Chinese Branch); Convent (660 California St.)

T626-208 351 to 374

Assembly Dist. 27

T626-209 375 to 398

Assembly Dist. 27
Institution(s): San Francisco City/Co. Jail No. 1

T626-210 399 to 409

Assembly Dist. 27; U.S. Military Prison Pacific Branch, Alcatraz Island, Mission Rock Island, and Other Miscellaneous Islands.

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