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LaSalle County, Illinois - - 1900 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilm #T623-315, T623-316, and T623-317

Microfilm #T623-315

Enumeration County Description Status Transcriber Proofreader
30 Adams Township, including Leland Village      
31 Allen Township, including Ransom Village      
32 Brookfield Township On-Line Tamra Thomas Teresa Smith
33 Bruce Township, excluding Streator City      
34 Streator City, Ward 1      
35 Streator City, Ward 2      
36 Streator City, Ward 3      
37 Streator City, Ward 4      
38 Streator City, Ward 5      
39 Streator City, Ward 6      
40 Streator City, Ward 7      
41 Dayton Township, including Dayton Village and Wedron Village      
42 Deer Park Township including Science Village and Vermilion Village      
43 Dimmick Township and Peru Township      
44 Eagle Township (part of) 2nd Election Precinct, including Kangley Village      
45 Eagle Township (part of) excluding Streator City 1st Election Precinct      
46 Earl Township, excluding Earlville City      
47 Earlville City, Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 3      
48 Eden Township including Tonica VIllage      
49 Fall River Township including South Marseilles Village, and Grand Rapids Township      
50 Farm Ridge Township including Grand Ridge Village      

Microfilm #T623-316

Enumeration County Description Status Transcriber Proofreader
51 Freedom Township, including Harding Village      
52 Groveland Township, including Dana Village and Rutland Village      
53 Hope Township, including Lostant Village      
54 Lasalle Township excluding Lasalle City      
55 LaSalle City, Ward 1      
56 LaSalle City, Ward 2      
57 LaSalle City, Ward 3      
58 LaSalle City, Ward 4      
59 LaSalle City, Ward 5      
60 LaSalle City, Ward 6      
61 LaSalle City, Ward 7      
62 Manlius Township, including Marseilles city, (pt.) Ward 1, ward 2, (pt. of) excluding Crotty Village      
63 Crotty Village      
64 Mendota Township, excluding Mendota city      
65 Mendota city (part of) Ward 1. Ward 2      
66 Mendota city (part of) Ward 3, Ward 4      
67 Meriden Township including Meriden Village      
68 Miller Township      
69 Mission Township, including Millington Village(pt.) including Norway Village and Sheridan Village      
70 Northville Township      
71 Ophir Township including Triumph Village      

Microfilm #T623-317

Enumeration County Description Status Transcriber Proofreader
72 Osage Township including Garfield Village      
73 Ottawa Township, excluding Ottawa City, and Wallace Township      
139 Institution: LaSalle County Asylum      
74 Ottawa City, Ward 2      
75 Ottawa City, Ward 3      
76 Ottawa City, Ward 4      
77 Ottawa City, Ward 5      
78 Ottawa City, Ward 6      
79 Ottawa City, Ward 7      
80 Otter Creek Township, including Kernan Village and Otter Creek Village      
81 Peru City, Ward 1, Ward 2      
82 Peru City, Ward 3      
83 Peru City, Ward 4, Ward 5      
84 Richland Township, including Leonora Village and Vermilion Township including Lowell Village      
85 Rutland Township, including Marseilles City (part of) Ward 2 (pt.) and Ward 3      
86 Serena Township including Serena Village      
87 South Ottawa Township including Ottawa City, Ward 1      
88 Troy Grove Township, excluding Mendota City, including Troy Grove Village      
89 Utica Township, including North Utica Village      
90 Waltham Township      


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