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Peoria County, Illinois - - 1880 Federal Census Team Transcription

Microfilm Roll #T9-240

Township Status Transcriber Proofreader
188 Akron Township  


189 Springfield Township  


190 Chillicothe Township  


191 Elmwood Township  


192 Elmwood Town  


193 Hallock Township  


194 Hollis Township  


195 Jubilee Township  


196 Kickapoo Township  


197 Limestone Township      
198 Logan Township      
199 Medina Township      
200 Millbrook Township      
201 Peoria Township      
202 Peoria City, 1st Ward, 1st division      
203 Peoria City, 1st Ward, 2nd division Assigned Amber Evans  
204 Peoria City, 1st Ward, 3rd division Assigned Amber Evans  
205 Peoria City, 2nd Ward, 1st division      
206 Peoria City, 2nd Ward, 2nd division      
207 Peoria City, 3rd Ward, 1st division      
208 Peoria City, 3rd Ward, 2nd division      
209 Peoria City, 4th Ward, 1st division
Re-enumerated on 7 districts
District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 6, and District 7
210 Peoria City, 4th Ward, 2nd division      
211 Peoria City, 5th Ward, 1st division      

Microfilm Roll #T9-241

Township Status Transcriber Proofreader
Sheets 17‑end
Peoria City, 5th Ward, 1st division Note: This ED is split on two microfilm rolls


212 Peoria City, 5th Ward, 2nd division  


213 Peoria City, 5th Ward, 3rd division  


214 Peoria City, 6th Ward, 1st division  


215 Peoria City, 6th Ward, 2nd division   


216 Peoria City, 7th Ward, 1st division  


217 Peoria City, 7th Ward, 2nd division      
218 Peoria City, 7th Ward, 3rd division      
219 Peoria City, 8th Ward, 1st division      
220 Peoria City, 8th Ward, 2nd division      
221 Peoria City, 9th Ward, 1st division  


222 Peoria City, 9th Ward, 2nd division  


223 Peoria City, 9th Ward, 3rd division  


224 Princeville Township      
225 Radnor Twp  


226 Richwood Twp  


227 Rosefield Twp  


228 Timber Twp Assigned Amber Evans  
229 Trivoli Twp  



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